Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Beta Open to All PlayStation Plus Subscribers Today

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Hi everyone,

In late September, we announced that select PlayStation Plus subscribers would be invited to participate in the PlayStation-exclusive Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood beta. Today, we are happy to announce that we have worked with Ubisoft to open this opportunity to all PlayStation Plus subscribers! Gamers interested in getting a first glimpse at the Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood multiplayer mode can access the beta from the PlayStation Plus category on the PlayStation Store.

Assassins Creed Brotherhood Beta Banner

We would also like to thank you for your continued feedback on PlayStation Plus. Your comments and submissions to PlayStation.Blog Share truly do get taken under consideration and help shape the offering as we move forward.

Be sure to visit Ubisoft’s forum page to submit feedback on the Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood beta. Enjoy the beta!

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3 Author Replies

  • @grissfam you should buy a one year before the extra 3 months is gone

  • I guess I’m getting that plus suscription now :)

  • Man No play time for me this weekend lol my ps3 died last Sunday got send in to fix by gopher mods by Monday they got Wed. Now it’s on way back to me by Monday :) Can’t wait for the beta. Please Sony give access beta to DC Online since it got delay early 2011 thanks.

  • I hate this series & could careless about this beta. I just want the KILLZONE 3 Beta.

    • There was a blog post about KZ3 beta today… be sure to get the details because that beta has a limited number of invites.

  • aww man i pre-ordered the game my code wouldn’t, work beta started,
    i dont have PS plus but i really want this beta

  • how much does PS plus cost?

  • $17 for 3 months……$50 for a year

  • This is a TEASE from Marketing to sell more PS+. The rest of Beta’s will be SELECTIVE as SONY ALREADY STATED.

  • @BLUETOOTH365 my 1 year was 53 with tax the 3 month is 17.99 plus tax

  • alright sony yesterday i got my deadspace 2 beta and now ac brotherhood yeah boy

  • thats more like it sony , thanks a lot , oh and Kizzy 3 is first party game so… you know what im going to say lol

  • thank you! made up for the weak update this week

  • Thank you, Sony. As I plan on picking up Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and wanted to have a hand in how the multiplayer shapes up.

  • Sounds pretty cool. I guess I will be jumping on that beta right now even though I’m not much into the assassins creed games…

    I hope as a PS+ Memeber I can get more future use from being a member.

    I would like added support for first generation 60GB console buyers for protection against the YLOD, or at least be able to pay a lot less for getting it repaired.

    I want the automatic downloads to automatically check every single PSN download game I have, and update ALL OF THEM while I’m sleeping using the Auto Download feature.

    I want a Firefox type web browser that actually works with most websites.

  • I would like to see my PS3 console get a patch to fix Silent Hill PSOne (disc) playback to fix the sound glitch with the handgun already. I’ve been waiting since launch date to get this issue patched up.

    I would like to get more 50% off deals for the good PSN titles. I’m hoping to see some pop up one day that I haven’t already paid full price for in the past. For example, giving us Swords and Soldiers to test play a week early was nice, but $2 off the price tag would have been better as I didn’t even play the demo, I just flat out bought the game. Being a PS+ Member didn’t help much, other than I was able to buy it a week early at it’s full price. :P

    Now that I’m a PS+ Member, I WANT CROSS GAME CHAT!! Are you guys listening to us here??I would like to see my PS3 console get a patch to fix Silent Hill PSOne (disc) playback to fix the sound glitch with the handgun already. I’ve been waiting since launch date to get this issue patched up.

  • I also REALLY want the ability to install ANY GAME I WANT to the HDD like the 360 is able to do, so that way games like SONIC the Hedgehog, don’t take 5 years to load. I think being a PS+ Member should give me that ability.

    As a PS+ Member I think I should also be able to set the PS3 to not only download all my PSN titles in the background, but also to install them afterward while I’m away from the system. I HATE having to manually install the games after downloading all of them. Do you know how many freaking games I buy from the PSN? It’s ridiculous to wait that long after waiting to download them all. Speed things up for PS+ members please.

  • HOLY CRAP, this was a surprised. Kudos to SONY for actually listening for once.
    Now only if you guys would do the same for Killzone 3 beta and LittleBigPlanet 2 beta

  • Thanks very much Grace.

  • yes betas are the shi…

  • Awesome stuff.

  • Woot! Go PS Plus! Finally we are getting Beta tests!

  • This is what we payed for! Thanks Sony and Ubisoft!

  • @Grace Chen

    Thanks for pointing out the obvious, I already knew that, so maybe I should rephrase my question as you didn’t understand what I was inferring. We want LittleBigPlanet on the US PSN Store, Japan and Europe have it, so we want it as well, will you please work on getting it on the US PS Store?


  • Im glad they made it so all us PS+ subscribers could get it…but apparently everyone is downloading it right now because its taking forever!

    Thanks Sony and Ubisoft for being awesome

  • finally a game that make it worth it to have got the ps+

  • @124…

    Amazing that she answered you in such a way. Complete and utter failure.

  • That was pure win Sony…. glad I’m a PS+ subscriber!!!

  • I just turned on my ps3 and seen the portal for the beta in the “our picks” section . . . My eyes lite up *_*

  • Sony listen to me do this for killzone 3 also you will get way more PlayStation plus subscribers trust me alot of people want to get their hands on killzone 3 that will be a great way to get more subscribers if u did that… also bring the gta collection to ps3 gta3, sa, vc and the kingdom hearts 1 and 2 also those will sell like hot cakes

  • just a Uncharted 2 Rip-off..doing the MULTIPLAYER THING..only part is they forgot to add GUNS! so im alll good with my need to go crazy for this beta..i already own a full game..thats betta..:p now when the LBP 2 or the Twisted Metal betas are near..THATS when i shall be a PLUS MEMBER..but only for a short time.I dont understand how people dont see the SCAM in the PLUS..they allow you to download free games and stuff..but as soon as your time is up you NO LONGER OWN ANY OF IT so your 5o buks..was like a year or months of RENTED rather get something that i can KEEP with my money but thats just my opinion:/

  • Awesome news. Thanks Sony and Ubisoft!

  • This is what PS Plus should be all the time!!! Now I feel like my spent money is worth it, now I just need the LBP 2 beta…

  • omg think you so much for this beta

  • I have PSN+. Will I also get Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep?

  • For the PSPgo that is

  • @99…AGREED!

    Though I have to say, the drop-out players are getting on my nerve. I’ve already had 6 targets within a single play-session drop-out the instant I initiate an assassination. I lose the kill count, they…I don’t know what they gain. I don’t think you lose points for being assassinate. Really annoying! Ubi needs to institute a point loss for disconnects and drop-outs…maybe ban the folks (come the final product) that are persistent balers!


  • Very tempting. . . But I still can’t justify getting psn+.

  • NICE !!!!

  • Thanks Grace Chen, I appreciate this. With this AC beta plus next update’s free game being Burn Zombie Burn I’m feeling more satisfied with my Plus subscription.

  • Is this available for new subscribers as well? I.e if I sign up now, will I get the beta?

  • Woot, I just subscribed to PlayStation Plus today and this was a nice surprise. I was playing the game earlier, it’s a blast, and lots of fun to mess around with.

  • @ 69 That guy is just poor or something..

  • @109 NcDesertViper | October 7th, 2010 at 6:31 pm

    This is a TEASE from Marketing to sell more PS+. The rest of Beta’s will be SELECTIVE as SONY ALREADY STATED.

    Totally agree, thats is one of many reasons i dind’t re-new my PS+ 4 days ago.

    @ 69 totally agree with you
    @ 144 if you like to pay for an unfinished game go for it. It’s not he’s poor, it’s like what Sony telling us since day one, PAY and you’ll get what we think you should get … lies, lies, lies.
    Poeple forget about Sony saying couples weeks ago that you will not get what they were saying at the begining. 1 psn game…1 ps1 game… Old games, old demo, old stuff … poor browser, no cross chat… Not listening to gamers. Forgot no new avatar and theme… About 90% of PSN games dont have Demo (look at Microsoft…), how can you buy something you dont even have a clue if your gonna like it.Now thay have removed the Game trophey game list compatibility on the PSN. Stating you on the top of the world…Sony look at Toyota….Money talk, and customers dont forget. Nothing new from Sony will enter my house. I feel i’ve been robded. I do run a little business, and if i promise something to my customers, i do it.

  • This is a worthy mea culpa. But Grace, you really need to consider, as a contributor to this ‘blog,’ communicating WITH us rather than continually marketing AT us. I suspect you may hold an MBA, and I realize that business school tends to brainwash its inductees and reprograms them to use a particular brand of douchey English that spins a happy face onto everything the merchant does. However, I think that approach only serves to draw ire in this forum.

  • Thank you!!!!!

  • It can’t see it on my plus account!

    Is it avalible for British ID?

  • I tried the beta’s for both Assassins Creed and I didn’t really care for it. However, this is a step in the right direction.

  • @VIP8JB

    europe plus members got beta two weeks ago. it disappeared from the store last week. but game is crap anyway

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