Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Beta Open to All PlayStation Plus Subscribers Today

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Hi everyone,

In late September, we announced that select PlayStation Plus subscribers would be invited to participate in the PlayStation-exclusive Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood beta. Today, we are happy to announce that we have worked with Ubisoft to open this opportunity to all PlayStation Plus subscribers! Gamers interested in getting a first glimpse at the Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood multiplayer mode can access the beta from the PlayStation Plus category on the PlayStation Store.

Assassins Creed Brotherhood Beta Banner

We would also like to thank you for your continued feedback on PlayStation Plus. Your comments and submissions to PlayStation.Blog Share truly do get taken under consideration and help shape the offering as we move forward.

Be sure to visit Ubisoft’s forum page to submit feedback on the Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood beta. Enjoy the beta!

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3 Author Replies

  • Thanks Ubisoft and Sony. This and KZ3 beta for PS+ news in one day!!

  • Finally. This is how PS+ should work in the future. All PS+ members should be able to get into these types of betas regardless and the same should be for Killzone 3’s beta as well.

  • i got it 2 weeks ago

  • Woot! That’s the third BETA in a month. Dead Nation, Red Faction, now this. Here’s hoping I can grab a theme quickly enough.

  • THANK YOU plus finally plus pays off with a big on

  • BeerManMike, its not even Sony’s game. My god, this community never stops. Lost a customer? LOL once again, an embarrassment to be a PS3 owner.

  • wow, you guys do listen :)

  • thanks about time… after being missed off at kz3 beta….. now im not as pissed but just a little ticked off cuz this is the only reason i want ps plus……well that and cross game chat……..thanks anyway

  • wow nice move Sony and Ubi….nice move indeed.

  • 2 beta in 1 month and the few freebies, it should be like this each by week

  • 55 posts without complaint? I’m in the wrong blog.

    Thanks PS.

  • Trying to push me to buy PS+ without cloud saving will NOT work.

    Also, Grace Chen, where is LBP on the US Store? Euros have been able to buy it for almost 2 months, what the hell man?

  • Well played Sony and Ubisoft!

  • Thank you and Please keep it that way to all games that get betas. These were one of the many perks on why we Payed PS+. Please make sure that if there is a Beta, open it up to all PS+ users.

    thanks again.

  • Anyone else think Sony caved in on this one after all the complaints on Tuesday..?
    3rd week in of buying into 13 months of Plus and so far the only thing of use is a move add on for a bowling game I brought when it was 1st released, wow thanks Sony… good way to support your customers.


  • This is good news. Thanks Grace.

  • KwietStorm, I know it’s not Sony’s game, where did you get that from? Sony is enforcing (setting up) this whole “If you have PSN+ you get to beta test the game” thing, the AC:B devs didn’t force Sony to do it. Paying to beta test a game is stupid, do people who pay, better at testing than those that don’t? Though so. Any game that has a beta test or demo (that i wasn’t already going to buy) that is only for PSN+ members, i won’t buy on principle. So yea, they lost a customer for both the game and PSN+ as some people have principles, a silly little carrot on a stick move by Sony isn’t going to change it, even though all you idiots are buying into it for $50 a pop. (lol, rip off)

  • downloading it now, I’ve heard good things about it so far

  • Dear game company marketers:

    Please stop calling demo’s ‘betas’.

    That is all.

  • Love it Sony. I am glad you stepped up and figured out a way to make this happen for your loyal PS Plus members. This is how it should be on every demo/beta. You should persuade all game developers to grant access of their betas to all PS Plus members or at least strongly encourage it. The stronger you push the more developers will do it, and then the more PS Plus members sign up to get access. Big revolving circle that I am sure you are already aware of, but hey why not mention it just to make sure!

    Thanks again.

  • Hey, can you ask the guys at ubisoft to PLEASE release the POP collection in NA. Kind of brain dead to release that in one region when there is no real reason to not release it here. Same disc can be used and everything. Probably could even use the same packaging too.

  • they are betas, not demos.

    does that maybe explain why they’re called betas instead of demos?

  • HIP HIP HORRAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! Finally Sony might be doing something right for Plus members!! From now on Plus members like us should get into EVERY BETA!! Once that happens NO ONE WILL COMPLIANE, we will RE-SUB, and MORE PEOPLE WILL SUB that HAVE NOT!!! See how it works now Sony? Good!!

  • Yes! Thank you both! Now I wish Killzone 3 will do the same and be for all PS+ members.

  • wow very nice keep all the beta’s coming . ty

  • It’s about TIME!!

  • I get an error code every time I try to download it, all other downloads work fine.

  • Finally!!!

    I was really mad that the US PSN+ members didn’t have access to this beta.

    Thanks =]

  • Great work! Bet this will boost ps+ sales bigtime. I bought 15 months on day 1.
    Now about these NA LBP2 beta invites…….


  • I’ve already preordered AC:Brotherhood, but I’m so excited to play this, I’ll definitely be downloading it tonight! Thank you Sony and Ubisoft for listening and opening this to all PS+ subscribers, you’re making my money spent worthwhile.

  • A good item for PS+ members to be sure.

    But don’t pull the “We worked it out with ubisoft…”. It’s quite obvious you were afraid of losing your PS+ subscribers and scrambled to do damage control on the KZ3 beta among ALL OTHER FAILED PROMISES.

    But again…a good thing.

    I just wish Grace wasn’t the one running this show anymore. I have a hunch most of this mess is her fault entirely.

  • This is pretty fantastic, and I’m glad to see that(with the Killzone announcement earlier) you guys learned the lesson to be very specific as to what gives you access to the beta. You last post on this could have avoided a lot of user grief by just adding, “Select PSN+ members initially, but it will be open to every PSN+ member later this week.” Glad to see that’s being covered in future beta announcements.

  • thanks sony and ubisoft im glad to be a plus memeber again! LOVE yall

  • I’ve never had any content pushed to my system. EVER

  • will this be for non psn+ members also like maybe next week?

  • Yeahh, and my PS3 just YLODed last night. CRAAAAAAAAAAAAP

  • Freaking Awesome, thank you Grace, Sony, and Ubisoft Sweet!!! 8)

  • Badass! I’m downloading it right now, gonna be sick.

  • favian….do u have automatic downloads on? and if so you must have it set at a bad time…

  • @49
    I completely agree so. I now see that Sony really care about its costumers. With such a team, i believe psn+ will have much better stuff coming to us.

  • I have been liking PS+ better than I have for a few months. But I still want to get into the LBP 2 beta.

  • thanks sony and ubisoft as i had no plans to preorder this game!
    this is my very first assassins creed expereience!

  • Look how quickly everyone changed their mind about Playstation Plus….hmm see what happens when you give people nice things Sony? lol

  • Grace juss fed me and the rest of us alphabet soup so we can eat our words. So glad Ubi and Grace. This will keep me busy fer a good time, playing move demos can wear thin..

    thnx fer the alphabet soup and beta

  • This coupled with the day-one discount on Alien Breed: Impact are two nice indications that Plus is evolving into more than a service that gives me everything I already had months/years ago. Much appreciated – keep it coming!


  • Now I’m beginning to see where my 50 dollars went ^_^. Thank You, now can you please eventually let all playstation plus subcribers get into the little big planet 2 beta next? Playstation plus subscriber here!!!

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