Dead Rising 2: Psycho, Ninja, Sports, Soldier DLC Coming Soon to PSN

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As a huge zombie lover, I am really pumped to see us able to get Dead Rising series out to PS3 owners. Everyone deserves the right to slice a zombie in two! Developing the game for the PS3 was something that we started right at the beginning of our development process. We are not fans of porting, and wanted to be sure that we maximized the PS3’s capabilities.

Dead Rising 2 for PS3

Our development tools allow us to be platform agnostic while at the same time maximize the power of the Cell processor. The zombies are handled by the SPUs, allowing us to throw tons of them onscreen while still managing their movement and AI. We also have have lots of cool processing effects going, something that was also made possible by the PS3’s SPUs. We have tons of stuff to mess around with in Dead Rising 2, and having a huge amount of disc space to use really allowed us to get everything we wanted into the game. Installing the game definitely speeds up load times, something that made developing for the PS3 a great experience.

Dead Rising 2: Psychopath

We also have some cool DLC coming up that we got a kick out of making. We really liked the idea of customizing Chuck, so we came up with some ways to not only look different, but get some cool weapons and abilities. For example, the Psychopath theme pack not only gives you a crazed horror outfit, but you are stronger and deadlier with classic horror movie weapons like the chainsaw, cleavers, axes, and machetes. The Psychopath theme will hit the PlayStation Network on October 12th.

Dead Rising 2: Soldier of Fortune

We also have a Soldier of Fortune theme that decks you out as the ultimate action hero with increased deadliness for all firearms. Be sure to note the cool face paint — super 80’s action hero! The Soldier of Fortune pack due out on PSN a week later, October 19th.

Dead Rising 2: Sports Fan

There is a Sports Fan pack that lets you be the ultimate sports party animal. Drink as much as you want and not get sick! You are also more deadly with any sporty weapons. e sure to gamble…’cause you will likely come out a winner more often. The Sports Fan pack will arrive on PSN October 26th — just before Halloween!

Dead Rising 2: Ninja

And finally the Ninja theme….my personal fave. I love ninjas, and what better way to live out that fantasy than in a zombie-filled world? You are virtually undetectable to the undead and you are more deadly with swords and thrown weapons. You are a ninja, after all! The Ninja pack will hit PSN on November 2nd.

I hope that fans of zombie killing will enjoy some of the new gruesome ways that you can dispatch of the undead coming soon to Dead Rising 2. It’s great to finally be on the PS3 and to have the chance to spread the zombie infestation to an all new audience. Cheers!

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  • @50

    Heavenly Sword did a pretty impressive job of doing that.

  • Game graphs looks really bad compared with GoW3 , hell even Castlevania that looks bad still looks a lot better than DR2 , and the on dlc we are getting are boring costumes? .

    Why I would buy this ugly port of the 360?

  • i would love the ninja set but sadly ill be done with this game tueday when i get moh

  • I still won’t buy your game till its like $20….which I give 3-4 months at most! Thanks capcom for being a 360 fanboy.

  • @51
    I agree! And that was basically a launch game for the PS3! It’s all good Capcom…..cuz 360 is losing all it’s exclusives. So which system has no games now? I believe it to be 360.

  • Capcom clearly has no love for games any more. Instead of utilizing the advantages of the PS3 Capcom not only catered to the limits of the 360 but also gave it preferential treatment in exclusive content. I own a 360 but I refuse to buy your products until you show you have passion again for making the best games possible.

  • Wow this guy is a total [DELETED] coming on here lying about the game not being a port, like we don’t know better.

  • As a Zombie fan this game looks LAME. it’s not even scarry just corny. :(

  • Yay. Stuff for Halloween :U

  • At first I thought this blog as an apology for this:

    and you were going to give us free DLC as a “We still care though!”

    Guess not.

  • i agree with 18 and 19 WTF capcom we should have gotten the prequal too AND if you really utilized the ps3’s full potential this game would be SICK instead you gave us some costumes and didnt bother beefing the game up. i thought you were better then this capcom! what happened to you and the other video game companies???? you dont care about what we want anymore all you want to do is make your wallet fatter!!

  • Stop screwing over PS3 owners Crapcom. You guys haven’t given the PS3 an exclusive yet, while the other systems get multiple exclusives.

  • So.. do these costume packs cost money? Because I still hate the idea of paying for something that used to be an unlockable standard in games.

    Buying those standalone case files makes sense, but costumes? What happened to the incentive of getting stuff like that through skill and dedication in the game instead of just throwing down cash?

    Stuff like this is the dark side of DLC. Easy cash in.

  • @62 – Some of this packs came free as a pre-order bonus. I got the Ninja Pack as part of the Gamestop bonus. I believe the Psycho Pack was a pre-order bonus when buying straight from Capcom and the Sports Pack was the bonus for Best Buy.

    There are also unlockables in-game if you are not interested in paying more money for extra content. There’s a way to unlock some Knight Armor, that behaves like the one in “Ghosts and Goblins”, it with cut all your damage in half and once you drop down to 50% it “blows up” and you are down to your underwear and back to taking normal damage. Since it’s an unlockable reward, once you attain each armor “piece” it becomes available in the “rewards” section of your wardrobe.

    My only complaint with Capcom and the DR series in general, is that the original Dead Rising is exclusive to the X360 platform only. The prequel to DR2, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero and the upcoming DLC Dead Rising 2: Case West are also X360 exclusives only. I really hope these are “timed” exclusives and will eventually hit the PS3 platform, because I really want to play those DLCs… =)

  • @8: The ones you downloaded were so that you could play with people who got those packs as part of their pre-order. They don’t actually let YOU use those items. These new releases, however, will let you use them.

    I’m a little surprised they’re being released one week at a time, but the Psychopath one looks really good! Hoping they’re not going to be ridiculously priced.

  • Inferior version of game + two 360 exclusive add-ons I’ll never be able to play = no buy, nice try


    Those pics are -NOT- PS3 screenshots! They are very misleading!

    How do I know? There is no visible screen tare! Screen taring (or framerate) is SO freaking terrible in this game I tossed it.

    It’s an insult to PS3 gamers to be expected to pay full price for such a low quality product.


    To all those who claim graphics or frame rate is not important…

    Then what are you doing with a PS3 and an HDMI enabled HDTV with 120Hz/240Hz TruMotion technology? STFU.

    If you need some, I can lend you some tissue to wipe that brown crap off your nose.

    Oh, btw complainers (yes, that’s me too); Remember this game was -NOT- developed by Capcom. They only published it. If you want to scream at anyone about such a crappy looking PS3 game, then yell at the developers “Blue Castle Games”. Haven’t heard of them? Well they’ve worked those great popular titles like; The Bigs and MLB Front Office Manager!

  • You fail capcom! you ported the xbox version to PS3 and it got awful! Dont f*** lying to us! I will never buy this game on PS3. God awful port.

  • I hate to join the legion of complainers, but I have to say that I will only buy this game used, due to the Case Zero/Case West fiasco. I am not boycotting Capcom or anything, in general, as I’d miss out on some great fighting games and the Resident Evil series, BUT in this one case, the complainers are 100% right. You neglected the PS3 version, so you shouldn’t get any of our money. Release CW and CZ and then I’ll buy this.

  • I take back the appreciation I expressed for your focusing on making the PS3 version good, as I’ve since learned that the PS3 version is quite bad. This is just unacceptable.

    “it is very difficult to avoid criticising the developer for not giving the PS3 version of Dead Rising 2 the same sort of love that the 360 game clearly received. Clearly and measurably we have a conversion with a big resolution hit and mildly toned down visuals that still can’t match the Xbox 360 game in terms of basic performance. It’s not often that we see a PS3 version so technically behind these days, but Dead Rising 2 is something of an unfortunate exception.”

  • Please fix this game, as i bought this game and started playing it on story mode i thought cool kill zombies :) but now theres one issue thats keeping me from playing this game, sorry i have in all caps below but im really annoyed by it!


  • if you havent purchased and you dont like it… then dont purchase… problem solved . if a game dev doesnt make business decisions in your favor dont purchase games from them … problem solved . Going online and claiming video gaming is a “right ” and devs are legally bound to selling their souls for your entertainment ??? That just makes you look stupid … grow up and do what free enterprise encourages all consumers to do … take your money elsewhere .because CAPCOM doesnt have to explain squat to you .

  • DANG, why all the hate? I am loving DR2…DR1 was the reason I bought a 360 in the first place when the PS3 was out of my budget. But when I traded my 360 in for my 60GB the only tear I shed was for DR1…I am happy with the quality and would LOVE to see more DLC come the PSN way to DR2. I <3 CAPCOM

  • Remember when Capcom said no to exclusives?

    Oh wait, they only seem to have said no to “PS3 exclusives” seeing as how every other console has been getting lots of them from Capcom.

    I also hear Capcom’s profits have plummeted and it’s likely because of the terrible decisions they’ve made this gen. I for one will be extremely happy to see Capcom go bankrupt. I hope it happens soon.

  • @74 They’ve opened the door to complaints and criticism by posting on the Playstation Blog and directly addressing PS3 users while making claims that appear to be bogus.

  • then put your money elsewhere .

  • Here’s hoping the frame rates are better for the ps3 version as currently I’m playing on the Pc, and even with a pretty hefty up to date system, the game tends to lag out with a lot of zombies on screen. I heard the same from the 360 version.

  • Hey Josh I just took a look at the sales on the game and I noticed that the ps3 is selling more copies of Dead Rising 2 than the 360 version by a long shot. So that brings to mind that Dead Rising, Case Zero, and Case West would sell better On the PS3 than 360 don’t you. I think you do if your bringing out these costum packs out on ps3 and not 360. And if you are going to bring out the first dead rising on iPod and you have the WII version you should bring out a version of Dead Rising on to the PS3.

  • I cant not wait for thoese updates to come out. but i have one question why will Dead Rising 2: Case Zero not come out for PSN download?
    I really would like to play it and hate that it is only out for XBOX 360…

  • Damn! I’m will have to wait until november 2nd(NINJA)…but I have a question, it’s will be free or I have to buy…and if i have to buy how much will cost?

  • What time is the Psycho Pack DLC going to be available? I checked this morning around 7:00 am CDT and unfortunately it was not online yet… =/

  • I hope they make game of the year edition or a gold edition with all the costumes and the DLCs including the prequel and epiquel Dead Rising 2: Case Zero and Case West. It will be great for all of us Playstation Player, but it might be a pain in the A$$ for those soulless X-bots.

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