Dead Rising 2: Psycho, Ninja, Sports, Soldier DLC Coming Soon to PSN

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As a huge zombie lover, I am really pumped to see us able to get Dead Rising series out to PS3 owners. Everyone deserves the right to slice a zombie in two! Developing the game for the PS3 was something that we started right at the beginning of our development process. We are not fans of porting, and wanted to be sure that we maximized the PS3’s capabilities.

Dead Rising 2 for PS3

Our development tools allow us to be platform agnostic while at the same time maximize the power of the Cell processor. The zombies are handled by the SPUs, allowing us to throw tons of them onscreen while still managing their movement and AI. We also have have lots of cool processing effects going, something that was also made possible by the PS3’s SPUs. We have tons of stuff to mess around with in Dead Rising 2, and having a huge amount of disc space to use really allowed us to get everything we wanted into the game. Installing the game definitely speeds up load times, something that made developing for the PS3 a great experience.

Dead Rising 2: Psychopath

We also have some cool DLC coming up that we got a kick out of making. We really liked the idea of customizing Chuck, so we came up with some ways to not only look different, but get some cool weapons and abilities. For example, the Psychopath theme pack not only gives you a crazed horror outfit, but you are stronger and deadlier with classic horror movie weapons like the chainsaw, cleavers, axes, and machetes. The Psychopath theme will hit the PlayStation Network on October 12th.

Dead Rising 2: Soldier of Fortune

We also have a Soldier of Fortune theme that decks you out as the ultimate action hero with increased deadliness for all firearms. Be sure to note the cool face paint — super 80’s action hero! The Soldier of Fortune pack due out on PSN a week later, October 19th.

Dead Rising 2: Sports Fan

There is a Sports Fan pack that lets you be the ultimate sports party animal. Drink as much as you want and not get sick! You are also more deadly with any sporty weapons. e sure to gamble…’cause you will likely come out a winner more often. The Sports Fan pack will arrive on PSN October 26th — just before Halloween!

Dead Rising 2: Ninja

And finally the Ninja theme….my personal fave. I love ninjas, and what better way to live out that fantasy than in a zombie-filled world? You are virtually undetectable to the undead and you are more deadly with swords and thrown weapons. You are a ninja, after all! The Ninja pack will hit PSN on November 2nd.

I hope that fans of zombie killing will enjoy some of the new gruesome ways that you can dispatch of the undead coming soon to Dead Rising 2. It’s great to finally be on the PS3 and to have the chance to spread the zombie infestation to an all new audience. Cheers!

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  • Thanks for starting from the ground up and not porting. You can understand how the latter tends to feel like a hand-me-down, especially with an anticipated game like this.

  • I was at the PlayStation Holiday Preview Event in Toronto with my Phat Pants and huge headphones on, being there reminded me of all the years I worked at Playdium Toronto, I saw some AMAZING stuff. This PSN update might be nice and I do love the sports champ DLC and even the Home update was cool but OMG The Fight looks and plays off the train, LBP2 is -I can’t find words.. everything there was sick, -but NOT the hip hop dj- and not DJ hero I think you guys are making fun of real DJs when I see that rig Anyway got some cool swag I hit Eb on the way home, put my pre order money DN on just about everything at the show – Thanks Sony. -Next time I would love to play, the music.

  • and playing dead rising was EXTRA WICKED!!!!!!!

  • Ninja vs. Zombies? Interested.

  • He looks more like a hooded thug than a ninja..

  • I took a break from DR2 to come see the blog and low and behold some more zombie killing fun on the way. No mention of a price though. BEYOND!!!

  • No offense, but I’m probably not going to buy this out of principle. Whether you ported or built it from the ground up doesn’t matter, you clearly don’t value the business of PS3 users as much as you do those of… other systems. What possible excuse is there for not giving us Case Zero and Case West? If anything the PS3 users that never got to play Dead Rising 1 should have access to that. But I’m supposed to pay 60-70 bucks and take your word for it, right? It’s going to take a lot more than a few costumes to win my business, sir.

  • Josh, a question, I downloaded these a week before the game launched from the PlayStation Store. Has there been a change?

  • I haven’t tried the game yet but I appreciate that you tried to make it good on PS3, unlike a lot of sloppy ports these days. The prequel being Xbox didn’t win you any fans, but whatever.

  • Great. Now how’s about Case West? ;-)

  • Agreed,how bout Case West? Is it just a timed exclusive?

  • @8 I was wondering the same thing.. maybe these are for the single player campaign while the other free dlc was for coop only

  • ebayed my inferior ps3 copy and bought the pc version for 39 bucks, solid 60fps, ACTUAL HD resolution. I dont expect pc quality from console games, but Dead Rising 2 on ps3 was completly substandard.

  • awesome, I mean…really…who the heck pre-orders from Amazon? I always hate it when they have good DLC or even interesting DLC that I would buy and I never see it on the PSN.

    I hope we see Case West and more DLC soon…I got a $20 PSN card waiting for this already…CAPCOM, GIVE US MORE!


    Never thought I’d see a non-Sony employee say that ;-)

    Sony have got you talking the party line have they, Josh? :P

  • @8 that was a pack so when you played with someone via co-op that already had the pre-order DLC, they would show up…like if I had the Ninja outfit anf played with you and you didn’t download the DLC you did…I would show up as regular Chuck

  • looks great woohooo

  • “Developing the game for the PS3 was something that we started right at the beginning of our development process. We are not fans of porting, and wanted to be sure that we maximized the PS3’s capabilities.”

    So why was the PS3 version so inferior to that of the XBOX 360, subpar resolutions, if you really did design the game from the ground up, I’d have expected to see a equal if not better looking game.

    “We also have some cool DLC coming up that we got a kick out of making. We really liked the idea of customizing Chuck, so we came up with some ways to not only look different, but get some cool weapons and abilities”

    So all where basically getting are some themed character customisations that give us slightly different abilities, yet on the 360 they get 2 DLC one a prequel to DR2 the 2nd after the events of DR2.

    Somewhat a difference there, its bad enough you didn’t even release the first game on the PS3 but you think that themed character DLC is something amazing.

    Sorry but I won’t be wasting my money on this.

  • Capcom, do you really think you can come to the PS Blog and try to claim this game isn’t a port? Really? How come it’s inferior to the 360 version? You’re on here claiming disc space helped, yet it’s the EXACT SAME GAME AS THE 360 VERSION. You didn’t utilize disc space at all. PS3 owners, don’t fall for this nonsense. WE know better.

    That’s not the only slap in the face. How about announcing DLC for a game that just came out? Capcom is the worst offender when it comes to this practice. If u don’t believe me, just check out all the alternative costumes for street fighter 4. They are the worst nickel and diming company on Earth.

    This generation has truly pissed off hardcore gamers. What happened to unlocking content instead of buying it for $2.99?!? That’s garbage, what’s the point of becoming better at a game just to buy stuff that should have been unlocked for completing a goal?

    Also, Why did the 360 get a timed exclusive prequel? Nice way to introduce your series to the Playstation crowd.

  • 7 and 18 are correct.

    Inferior, sub HD port and exclusive DLC for a multiplatform game on one console. No thanks.

  • Seems this is also on the Xbox 360

  • Awesome to see members of the actual development team posting on the blog and talking to the fans.
    Anyways, just wanted to say that Dead Rising 2 has so far been a pretty incredible installment to my game collection and am really glad to see Capcom allowing the jump over from the 360. Hopefully we’ll see Case 0 on the PS3 at some point, but just right now I’m enjoying the balls outta this game.

  • ALSO, you think we forgot about MOnster Hunter 3 coming to the 360 only?!?!? That game was born on the Playstation and you neglect us. You think we forgot about Lost Planet and how god awful that port was?! CMON!!

  • @22

    You’re not going to see Case 0/West on anything except for the 360. Microsoft moneyhatted Crapcom for exclusive DLC that won’t appear anywhere else which is ridiculous for a multiplatform game.

    Not that it makes a difference since this game isn’t even 720p, or runs below 30 FPS. I have no idea why Blue Castle was even bought after this hack job of a port was made.

    Josh, you may want to update your tags to include $$, nickel and dime, port, sub HD, etc.

  • “Everyone deserves the right to slice a zombie in two!”

    What about Case 0 and that other expansion? I’m not going to support a game that treats my system of choice with a “why bother” attitude.

    Also I played the demo and it was really boring and lackluster, so forgettable in fact that I forgot that I even played it, my girlfriend had to remind me that I played it.

  • Not buying your crappy game. its been 4 years, 4 YEARS!!!!!! Since the launch of the PS3, yet you Devs DONT LISTEN. Lead on PS3 or get left behind. Im not going to buy a port of a game that looks like crap on the PS3 compared to the 360 version. We Know the PS3 is capable of so much more (see 1st party games).

    first it was


    now this crap.

    on top of that we are not getting the same content that 360 owners are getting (Case Zero and Case West)WTF?

  • I love how unlockables from years past are all DLC anymore.

    More reason to cross it off and go buy a complete game.

  • Wake me up when Case West and Case Zero comes out for PSN.

  • I hate to sound like a baby, but the whole mentioning of power from the PS3, really doesn’t sit well with me in terms of Dead Rising 2.

    I love my PS3, and i spend most of my gaming time on that console, and i know its capable of mind-blowing graphics and performance.

    But Dead Rising 2, does not run that great on PS3, there are constant frame-rate drops, and not to mention tear lines. Plus the low resolution it runs at on PS3.

    I guess you are still learning the PS3 tool set, so i’m not going to trash talk here, i just think that stating the marvelous wonders of not porting goes out of the window when you compare it to the same piece of software thats on the XBOX 360.

  • I’m not the kind of person to complain about graphics but this game on PS3 vs 360 it’s so different I have no choice I have to say that your PORT, because it is one, is really really bad. The main game is great.

    Both interesting DLC should be released on PS3 for money. CAPCOM are you guys still japanese?

    Now make RE6 from the ground up for PS3 and I may forgive you.

  • I love Dead Rising 2 and cannot stop playing. Need to kill all zombies I see.

  • “wanted to be sure that we maximized the PS3’s capabilities”

    Considering you failed to produce a polished, progressive product with Dead Rising 2 and Capcom has a history of producing unpolished products on PS3 and made similar claims with Lost Planet 2, you’ve got a cheek writing this.

  • Not getting a single penny from me this gen Capcom.

    You made your idiotic choice of using some junk PC based lowest common denominator engine that you dump on the PS3.

    PS3 fans are treating you with the same respect you are treating us.


    Capcom just go away.

  • @24:
    “You’re not going to see Case 0/West on anything except for the 360. Microsoft moneyhatted Crapcom for exclusive DLC”

    Just like they did with GTA4, Fallout 3, and countless other DLC packs? MS gets -timed- exclusives. We’ll get Case 0/West, we’re just gonna have to wait a little longer for it.

  • “Capcom has re-evaluated its financial earnings forecast for the financial year ending March 31st, 2011 following less than expected sales of the title Lost Planet 2”

    And the gaming world is laughing at you idiots at Capcom.

    You acted like sleazebags by taking bribes from Microsoft and giving the finger to the gamers and platform that you supported you for the past decade.

    And now your moneybag friends at Microsoft are giving up trying to make new Xbox hardware to compete with Sony and the PS3 and instead are trying to pull a Wii with their junk Eye Toy ripoff Kinetic.

    Hope those Microsoft bribes were worth it idiots. Gamers have a long, long memory. We will never forget you spitting in the face of gamers this gen. Sony and the third fastest selling console the PS3 are going to be here for a long, long time after Microsoft is nothing but an unpleasant memory.

    20 first party studios cranking out mind boggling amazing PS3 exclusive after exclusive. We don’t need you Capcom. Go hock your junk games somewhere else.

  • I’m a zombie fan things but i dont know this game doesn’t look to be that fun. I’ll pass

  • @35

    Just like we’ll get Dead Rising 1 on PS3? Right…

    It doesn’t even matter as it stands right now anyways. This game runs so badly compared to its multiplatform brethren. I don’t even want to see Case 0/West attempt to run on the PS3.

  • Wow, too bad I was looking at buying this game for the gameplay but I too noticed how average it looked when i played it yesterday as the Sony Preview Event in Toronto.

    Now i see what’s been happening with support.

    CAPCOM I guess you know this but you should have invested time in the PS3 version and not cheaped out on this lousy port.

    I will be passing, too bad i was really interested in this game.

  • i saw this inthe store and started to buy it, my good firend slapped my hand like a angry mother told me it was port and was dim looking.. content withheld, and etc.. I looked at him and said at least there bringing something here.. He replied” It would have been better if they just keep it on x box becuase they will catch grief for doing it even if its the right thing to do//

    He is right// i really appricate the facts you guys are trying to learn the ps3 and bring it popluar titles to the console and try to make things right. But with holding exclusive content is the same thing gta4 did and they caught grief just like your catching grief.. Ps3 gamers feel cheated and neglected, but dont let that discourage you in bring your games here, just make sure that they are original titles ..

    I look forward to seeing what you guys have to bring to the ps3 brand, best of luck to your games and company and god bless

    mcbuttz78-vp of psn legionaires..

  • Love watching Crapcom reap what they sowed.

    Payoffs from Microsoft
    PC based graphics engine

    Golly Crapcom, wonder why everyone hates you and you are having trouble selling your POS games this gen?

    Oh and golf clap at your PC/Windows developers bragging about ‘running some stuff on teh SPUs’ What a joke.

    Your POS game looks like Wii title.

    Crapcom, not even buying your garbage games out of the bargin bin.

  • You should have admitted this was a hasty port rather than claiming it was built with the PS3 in mind. That would have made me at least question your competancy as developers.

    Also, thanks for the downloadable skins.

  • I love this game, Except for one thing. If you are “using the PS3 Maximum capabilitys” then why is there so many darn loading screens. Come on really? Please add a patch tat removes these sometime in the near future.

  • Hey Josh I love dead rising 2 is the best but I have 1 ?….. Why won’t you guys bring out the other dead rising titles? 3 years ago when I heard about dead rising is was phsyced until I heard it was 360 only, man I was pissed but later on when it came on to the WII but after an hour of play I was crushed by the fact that graphics were low, no camera, missing bosses (a.k.a. Phsycos), no leveling up, can’t carry multiple weapons, can’t jump, and no multiple endings just sucked. Now that DR2 is on PS3 shouldn’t be easy to bring Dead Rising 1, Case Zero, and soon Case West to the PS3 and not just the Xbox 360, I mean you are even bring out DR1 on to iPod touch, phone, pad, and even the BlackBerry. I mean u brought RE 1-4 on ps1, gamecube, ps2, Xbox, ps3, psp, 360, and IPod stuff

    Plz cut a guy a break. From fan ….. Josh

  • Dear Playstation
    Capcom is full crap and is trying to suck up to the Playstation community even though they screwed us with an inferior port and DLC what should we do?

    Kevin Butler Response
    Well my brother from another mother don’t buy there crappy games and instead support developers like EA and games like Medal of Honor because they treat the Playstation community with respect and don’t view them as second class citizens.

  • I am actually surprised Sony allows such false information on their official website.

    It clear this game is a port and a bad one at that, and yes I do own the game (2nd hand) and while I do enjoy it, its clear that shortcuts where taken.

  • i dont think its right to bash capcom, I understd the exclusive dlc contracts and etc.. Dont blame them, blame xbox they are the ones that offer it to them.. its hard to say no to free development in hard industry such a gaming.. While i do feel its wrong to except such offers and make a port with bad graphics.. I feel if your going to dumb down a version of the port . dont do it at all.. save face..

    I cannot blame capcom , I understnad they have families to feed and etc. I think they should learn to keep exclusive games on that console, and not excpet money just for free development unless it remains a exclusive title. if that contract expire and want to port it , make sure its done better or the same . release everything with it/Dlc etc

  • This Game is freaking amazing. Video reviewers try to make it look bad by keeping the ps3 in limited instead of full RGB also they have the gamma set to high I find the gamma at bar 2 works the best, this Wicked graphics and such a huge amount different types of gameplay especially once you level up chuck, I have never seen so many enemies on screen,and the Terror is Reality online events own! ,got my friend to rent this so we could do co-op… he is now buying it today! Also awesome news on the DLC costumes I will be getting three of them already have the wicked sports pack! Any Thank you capcom for such an amazing game and for not porting it from 360. Maybe now all these fanboy wars will come to an end, I have a few questions though, will we be getting infinte free roam with no time limit for DLC? Also will we eventually get the Case Zero DLC?

  • I wouldn’t buy a Capcom game base on their business practices over the past few years.

  • “We are not fans of porting, and wanted to be sure that we maximized the PS3’s capabilities.”
    quick look at Uncharted 2 and God of War 3…yep, this game look like a PS2 game compare to those two games.

    “having a huge amount of disc space to use really allowed us to get everything we wanted into the game”
    I guess that why the PS3 edition is lack contents that is ONLY found in the other version of this game…

  • Too All the Complainers about the Graphics and running below frames name one game that has as many enemies on the screen completely rendered? I mean you can shoot a zombie from across the other side of the map that’s pretty amazing stop complaining and be thankful we even got this
    Amaing game! P.S. Capcom would it have hurt to throw dead rising one on the Ps3 disc?

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