Coming to PlayStation Plus: Free Downloads of Bloons, Burn Zombie Burn, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee

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Hi everyone,

The fall season is notoriously known as a busy time for gamers. With games like Gran Turismo 5 and God of War: Ghost of Sparta releasing in the next month, PlayStation Plus gives gamers an opportunity to revisit some other PlayStation classics. Check out the upcoming items below and happy gaming!

PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive free downloads for Bloons, the highly addictive flash game turned minis, Burn Zombie Burn and Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee. Finally, any PlayStation Home visitors looking for PlayStation Plus items? After you have downloaded Burn Zombie Burn, be sure to check out the free Burn Zombie Burn Home item.

As always, a quick friendly reminder to check out the free downloads of Echoes – minis, Zen Pinball, and Syphon Filter 3, which will be pulled off of the PlayStation Plus section on October 19.

PlayStation Plus retail card: 3 monthsPlayStation Plus retail card: 1 year

Also, look for the new PlayStation Plus membership cards in a store near you! The new PlayStation Plus cards bring all of the subscription benefits to your fingertips quickly and easily and provide access to the special discounts, automatic downloads, full game trials and exclusive content available to PlayStation Plus members. The cards will be available this month at Target, GameStop, Walmart and Best Buy. The new PlayStation Plus cards make a great gift for the holidays and are available in designations of $17.99 (3 month membership) and $49.99 (1-year membership).

PlayStation Plus Highlights for 10/19:

Free Games

Discounted Games

  • Everyday Shooter (50% off)
  • Everyday Shooter (PSP Game) (50% off)
  • Shienryu (Japanese PS1 Imports) (50% off)
  • Tall Unlimited (Japanese PS1 Imports) (50% off)

Free Themes

Last Chance, Get Them While You Can – Coming down on October 19th:

Free Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers

  • Echoes – minis
  • Zen Pinball
  • Syphon Filter 3 (PS one Classic)
  • Shades of Autumn Theme

Discount Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers

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  • As for the question of betas, it is very much true that if you show interest, your chances go up. I’m in the dead space 2 beta. Did I demand it? No, I was a fan of it on facebook and showed interest in their feedback contests. They see that as a good qualifying factor, hence beta pool invite.

    If say a specific retailer enters an agreement with the publisher(like gamestop) then it gets harder to send out pools to larger groups to test for area lag testing. Since no EU retailer has such a deal, they can hand it out on mass. We in NA had something like that with MAG as it was being tested. Nothing has been mentioned of LBP, but there is no nessesary promise of it. They did it in the EU and they might be able to cobble data for the NA release based off of that data.

    You also got to consider the “I got in” factor. But thats another post altogether.

  • I find I am spending less and less on content from the PSN because of plus. This should be a concern to Sony as I really don’t want to buy anything that weeks or months later becomes free. I have owned the majority of the free games offered, which is a good sign for plus users as they are offering some really good free games.

    My main issue is I have bout these games before they are free, the weeks they are free on plus I don’t get any value really. Could we get some kind of voucher code for another title? I know it must be a dilemma for the Sony team too. But I am really reluctant to buy any new PSN content as I don’t want to get burned 4 or 5 months down the road when its free. Slippery slope, I’d love for Sony to come up with some creative solution.


  • Oddworld = Great

    The other stuff? Meh.

    I’m not one of the PS+ haters (I’ve already gotten my money’s worth, and we’ve got many more months to go), but I am one of the folks who wonders if Grace Chen / Sony actually reads these threads, because it’s pretty clear that many subscribers are getting angry.

    I understand that Sony can’t make good on its beta promises with 3rd party publishers, but PS+ could surely be improved by:

    1) Offering top-tier games for download.
    2) Offering a better crop of PSX games. (Oddworld = Good. Syphon Filter 1 & 3? Meh. How about SCEA titles like Intelligent Qube, Twisted Metal, FF VII or Legend of Dragoon?)
    3) Offering more themes that are game-related (such as this 10/19 update) and fewer that are chintzy Disruptive media junk.
    4) Fostering some sense of community (Perhaps via Home?) instead of bringing people together to yell at you.

  • @MrSignal – I just meant why the discrepancy…

    And though i like fellow PSN’ers helping each others… It would be better if SCEA comments too… It encourages you to come here and comment.

    This 2 posts are my only till now as i saw SCEA been verrrrrryyy Selective or sometimes no comments at all.

    They should respect the Gamers

  • I would also add — the problem with PS+ is that it discourages people from buying stuff PSN exclusives since they know they’re likely to wind up on PS+ for free sometime. It’d be nice if some sort of voucher system could be set up to reward those who paid full price initially.

    Me? I’ve learned to just wait for the sales, because there have been few PSN games I’ve wanted that haven’t eventually been half-price or more. For example, I just picked up the Monkey Island games super cheap because I waited for the sale instead of buying them when they came out.

    Also, I have yet to play a PS mini that I’ve found fun for more than 5 minutes. I shudder to think that people are paying for these games.

  • Not only is the content being put on plus more and more limited (it was weekly now it’s bi-weekly, yet we are getting much less then before), but the content itself has gotten worse. People who paid for plus want their money’s worth and most of them want new demos, inclusive beta invites (like plus in EU), price reductions on dlc (on a variety of games), try before you buy on newer games (not 2 year olds on the bargain bin), and unique content (what’s the point of putting a theme or avatar that will be or is already available to anyone else). Plus HAS to be a seperate more exclusive experience. As of today, I can’t recommend PS+ to anyone. I’m a full year subscriber but the more updates PS+ has (for the time being, yesterday’s update has to be the worst to date), the less I’m inclined to subscribe again.

  • Ill pass.

    Sony, if you guys can read, you might wanna pass up on those PS+ cards too.

  • Well abhishek83, there are issues with just giving betas over plus. I mentioned the “I got in” factor as one of them, in which the person plays, but doesn’t give enough feedback.

    There is also potential pool size. Looking back at history, when Valve was a pioneer of online distribution they had issues when they started. The first few days were a failure due to the demand and strain on the server. Same thing happens on free to play games and networks.

    As for responses from Grace and some of the other posters, its a PR thing. Sure you can post what you want, but being representitives of a corperation means being mum on specific topics. Mostly for legal reasons but to avoid broken promises as well.

  • awsome robot@

    scea and eu are two different comapnies, yes there sony but there rules and hype of psn + are differ.. we get alog ogood stuff for fre and dlc free and etc.

    You can get new games at a discount price. if you want to buy it you get it a discount price.. If already have it dont buy it, simple.. nothing to complain about

    as far as betas. SOme of them youw illhave to sign up for at the dev’s of those games website, join there mailing list etc. You will get demo earlier and when they go live for ps3 andpsn the betas. your application willbe up front b4 joe blo’s// .. Psn+ is very new, if u adopt a dog he fetch a stick 1st go .l let them learn what they can do b4 u critize and call the dog stupid.

  • I cant say i hated this update. But, i want my key to assasins creed?No fair that they got it all. Can i change mine to EU or something please?

  • I still don’t know if I’m a gamer enough to do this.

    $50 is a lot – it’s almost a whole game but it disappears after a year! I don’t like paying Rent for the same reason – it disappears and so does your money.

  • “He wont fetch a stick the 1st try.”

    sorry 4 the typos. psn + is very new. let them understand what they can do b4 you play critic. There will be popular games out on psn plus and etc. It will get there be paitent.

    I also have a idea for psn +. which is allowing psn+ sub to choose a game to trail. but ehrn they do it they void the other free trials for the month.. Some Already have those games and really dont need to redl them.. But there free avi and themes and ps1 and mini saty the same . they can sacrifice there free games trials for 1 game of choice to trail for same period of time. Also get it at a discount price

  • Sweet, I was thinking about picking up Oddworld now I just have to wait it out and I’ll get it for free…

    I also don’t know why people keep complaining….we’ve been given over $50 worth of content in the past 3 months…and I took advantage of some of the discounts which gave me extra value..not to mention the full game trials (I’d like to see more of those)

  • it’s garbage day again folks
    the day sony unloads all unwanted or not selling at all products on us
    thanks sony
    where’s my killzone 3 beta that rubenstein’s been enjoying before any of us plus members

  • 5 Psn games for free and I’ve got to download 2. The 2 I downloaded I didn’t want and would never buy.

  • I want my money refunded for PS+ rushed out to get it and through the months I feel VERY cheated.

  • I’m just wondering where our full game trial for this month is, Warhawk was last month, so where is this months. I’m loving PS Plus though :)

  • Can we please get a sorting feature in or download list? And whatever happened to the thousands of PSone game catalog? Wheres MDK, Die Hard Trilogy, Soul Blade, Return Fire, Loaded? And when will PSN get a real upgrade? It still feels like a tacked on service, rather than having its own identity like the competition. Its been a while since a firmware feature set was a big deal, as far as PSN moving forward.

  • OMG more junk selection of content. Who decides this stuff every month? They need to be fired ASAP.

  • thanks for the dead space invite,,, you guys check your pm on psn


    Playstation Plus is for dedicated Playstation fans. Dedicated Playstation fans have already purchased a lot of the older PSN games. So if you release THOSE as the free things for subscribers, a lot of us subscribers will already have them. You should, INSTEAD, release DISCOUNTS on NEW games. That’d make way more sense. OR, you could do BOTH, and please BOTH types of subscribers (new fans and dedicated fans). All I’m saying is, if you just keep releasing free stuff I’ve already paid for, I won’t renew my subscription, and I feel like that’d be a perfectly reasonable decision. That being said, even though I DO already have Burn Zombie Burn, I’m excited that I can now play Abe’s Odyssee on my PSP, and I guess another mini…

  • @50 ESPN3 is why they just jacked the price up on LIVE subscriptions. Good luck paying $60 a year for something you get through cable, or should be getting for free.

    Gotta give a shout out to Sony (and then PSN team) for making Plus happen this month. All three titles are things I’ve held out on buying, and I couldn’t be happier to have done so. I would have been cheesed if I gave in to Oddworld and Burn Zombie Burn ahead of time. THANKS NA PSN TEAM.

  • @70 You’re just dumb, they did release a discount on a new game… YESTERDAY. Alien Breed Impact?

    They have already done what you have asked.

  • What happen to the full bluray games? Warhawk is the last one release.. playstation plus is getting really bad now.. Europe blog manager response to people on blog constantly… People run this blog need be a little helpful..

  • Yawn, another old PSN game. If next months PSN free game is something not released in 2010, I will cancel. I understand that you can’t give out new releases every month. But this is a joke.

  • You guys are funny, saying “I’LL CANCEL”. Sony doesn’t care, they already have your money. If you cancel you’re only canceling the renewal, not erasing the service from your account. Sony would be more than happy to have you cancel and pay full price for this content.

    This one post listed over $30 in content, get the sand out of your panties.

  • I like this update, everything listed is stuff I don’t have already. Score.

  • First off I’m happy with this update because we finally get a good PSOne classic. I’m disappointed that bought Burn Zombie Burn when it came out but I’m not mad about it. It is a good game to put in Plus for Halloween. It is a fun game. I’d say it’s the best game Plus has got since it’s first month.

    Second I need to say QUIT SAYING THIS STUFF IS FREE! If the games, add-ons, themes, avatars and stuff is free then what are we paying for? Automatic Downloads is not worth $50 a year. We pay for all this stuff. So please quit saying it’s free.

  • There is STILL nothing here to get me to get me to buy into Plus! How about free Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection? Free Siren: Blood Curse? Free Death Track: Resurrection? Free Heavy Rain DLC episode? Do I need to go on? These are just a few of the items that would make me buy Plus right away.

    Instead, we get treated to monthly barrel bottom scrapings.

  • Playstation Plus has given me a lot of great content so far. Wipeout HD, Critter Crunch, Mushroom Wars, Syphon Filter, half off SSD HD dlc, almost half off Soldner-X bundle, some nice themes and avatars. And I still have a full year left. My only “complaint” is the quality of the PS1 games. Syphon Filter is awesome, but the rally game and 2Xtreme are not. Wouldn’t mind seeing MGS, Resident Evil 1-3, Castlevania SotN, or some of the other greats pop up. Regardless, I am satisfied so far.

  • Sidebar: If you already owned a vast majority of PSN games along with other content (PS1, dlc, avatars, etc.) and still bought PS+ thinking it would be “worth it”, please stop talking.

  • I’m decently happy with plus, i mean i get some stuff every once in awhile has it made up for the money i’ve spent i don’t think so at least not yet since i’m on the year long thing……at some point i’ll get something i really want or at least hope so……my point is why do you guys keep putting out games that old as hell….zen pinball with no dlc added theres only like 4 tables lol i’ve had a lot of the past stuff already such as BZB which comes out in 2 weeks so the past 3 updates have been pointless…..i thought plus was being aimed for people who already actually spend money on the store and was looking to add to features to which i haven’t seen one except hulu which you have to pay for so F that lol…….why hasn’t there been a new game yet? what bout costume quest instead of BZB it sticks with the halloween theme plus idk if thats online but BZB is not which sucks but thats a whole other point…just give some of the newer stuff out for free, (DLC, games w/e unlike warhawk…..or res 2)

  • Where are the promised betas? Why is it for a select few? Everyone pays the same price for the service, yet some get betas while others don’t? This isn’t fair at all.

  • It’s so funny when I say somethng bad about Plus they delete my comment. Oh well…

  • what happens if i already have a year but and i redeem one of these cards on my account? will it say invalid or will it add on to my year?

  • Im not one to complain that much.. but im right along with the rest of the PlayStation Plus Subscribers Where is our Beta Invites to Games?

    The Last Beta I was in was Dead Nation.. even tho I enjoyed the Beta it didn’t Last that Long :(

    ** KEY NOTE **
    In Every Beta Given out Should have Shortcut Link within the Email to Visit the Forum Page of that Beta to give Feedback because Feedback is Very Important

    Hate Digging throw websites to find that games website.

    @PlayStation Please do like you did in Dead Nation Beta and have the Links within the Beta email sent out to give our Feedback Thank You for Reading if someone Reads this :D

  • It’s not even a service, it’s a goodie bag every two weeks. Why can’t anyone just say what they are working on and that’s it. I don’t even want an approximate date, that’s how miserable you’ve made me with this plus “service.” Just tell me if you’re working on more stuff or not, that way I don’t have to waste another 50 bucks.

  • @8: You mean you want them to downgrade everything to be terrible like it is on the 360?

    No thanks.

  • Why does PSN+ offer discounts/free offers on things that have been out for so long? Chances are anyone who signed up for PSN+ and have any interest in them would have already bought them. This is just a sick joke.

  • My 154 cents…

    Not a great update for me, but I’m very pleased to see a PSP discount!

    Free stuff:
    Burn Zombie Burn $0(own it)
    Oddworld $5 (1/2 value because I own the PS1 disc (but haven’t played it, but now can play on PSP)
    Bloons $1.50 (1/2 value cuz pleased but wouldn’t have paid full price)
    Themes $0 (pleased, but wouldn’t pay for them)
    Total: $6.50

    Everyday PS3 $0 (own it)
    Everyday PSP $5 (yayy!!!)
    PS1 improts $3 each (can’t resist)
    Total $11

    So this week, my 154 cents gets me $6.50 in free stuff and $11 in discounts for $17.50 total or a 1136% return so I guess it’s not *that* bad a week for me after all.

  • Please start integrating more Move stuff into Plus. Tumble discount? Brunswick Bowling demo?

  • Another [DELETED] PSN game I already own. This is exactly why I won’t re-subscribe to this crap service.

  • I’d happy I’m getting Oddworld, why can’t we all get Brotherhood Beta though?

  • what ? I saw in the card VIP beta access? It is new because I have no beta yet, it must be the card for PSN+ for EUROPE.

  • And yes, like someone said before, where is the full retail PS3 game download you prommised every month? Last game was Warkhawk and it was already on the store to buy it. You simply make an hour try. What’s the next game now? Burnout Paradise? I hope its not this one because it will be very bad.

    PSN+ become very bad for time to time. The PSN didn’t improve since the automatic download, now no more full PS3 games, old PSN games and so on. It is not a great service and its going badly months after months.

    Qore was a better value for 20$ than this seriously.

  • ‘m am sick and tired of these spoiled complainers. you get stuff for free or you get discounts on games. stop trippin’ people. This is just the first year. give it a chance.

  • since youre making more cards. why dont you make one for $10. i hate how we have to get 20 or 50. i dont buy stuff from psn much and when i do its usually a $10 game or dlc. i dont need that other 10 sitting in my wallet for a half a year.

  • While I don’t expect to be getting discounts on Move games right away, many of us are Eye owners for the first time as a result of Move.

    How about some discounts on the existing Eye games and interactive art?

  • Did anybody else notice that beta invites was left out of the post?

    “provide access to the special discounts, automatic downloads, full game trials and exclusive content available to PlayStation Plus members.”

    No mention of getting beta invites with the purchase of Plus..

  • Wow, a PlayStation Plus update that isn’t completely awful!

    Now how about some add-ons like we were promised?

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