Coming to PlayStation Plus: Free Downloads of Bloons, Burn Zombie Burn, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee

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Hi everyone,

The fall season is notoriously known as a busy time for gamers. With games like Gran Turismo 5 and God of War: Ghost of Sparta releasing in the next month, PlayStation Plus gives gamers an opportunity to revisit some other PlayStation classics. Check out the upcoming items below and happy gaming!

PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive free downloads for Bloons, the highly addictive flash game turned minis, Burn Zombie Burn and Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee. Finally, any PlayStation Home visitors looking for PlayStation Plus items? After you have downloaded Burn Zombie Burn, be sure to check out the free Burn Zombie Burn Home item.

As always, a quick friendly reminder to check out the free downloads of Echoes – minis, Zen Pinball, and Syphon Filter 3, which will be pulled off of the PlayStation Plus section on October 19.

PlayStation Plus retail card: 3 monthsPlayStation Plus retail card: 1 year

Also, look for the new PlayStation Plus membership cards in a store near you! The new PlayStation Plus cards bring all of the subscription benefits to your fingertips quickly and easily and provide access to the special discounts, automatic downloads, full game trials and exclusive content available to PlayStation Plus members. The cards will be available this month at Target, GameStop, Walmart and Best Buy. The new PlayStation Plus cards make a great gift for the holidays and are available in designations of $17.99 (3 month membership) and $49.99 (1-year membership).

PlayStation Plus Highlights for 10/19:

Free Games

Discounted Games

  • Everyday Shooter (50% off)
  • Everyday Shooter (PSP Game) (50% off)
  • Shienryu (Japanese PS1 Imports) (50% off)
  • Tall Unlimited (Japanese PS1 Imports) (50% off)

Free Themes

Last Chance, Get Them While You Can – Coming down on October 19th:

Free Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers

  • Echoes – minis
  • Zen Pinball
  • Syphon Filter 3 (PS one Classic)
  • Shades of Autumn Theme

Discount Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers

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  • nice keep it up

  • Thanks for the update, Grace.

  • Free stuff = always good.
    No idea why anyone complains about subscribing to Plus. I think it’s totally worth it.
    No one’s making you buy anything day 1.

  • Why not the Halloween theme EU is getting…?

  • 1ST…and 1st…Sorry to say, but this next Update is not a good update for us PS+’rs, there is not 1 thing listed, that I want, or REALLY WANT. And I am sick and tired of these PS Mini’s…

  • WHOA! 3 positive comments in a row on a plus blog entry! Maybe all the usual d-bags are somewhere complaining.

  • Ahh…there we go.

  • I know it’s not your fault Grace, but PlayStation Plus is such a disaster.

    When are Sony going to upgrade PlayStation Network, PlayStation Plus and the integration with the XMB to the standard of Xbox Live?

    Ever time a conference comes around you think “this is it! Sony’s going to do it!”…but they don’t. Such a shame.

  • More random content no one wants, welcome to the world of PlayStation Minus. Keep it up Grace!

  • Burn Zombie Burn have it from +
    Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee (PS One Classic) got it way back
    Bloons – minis not my type of game

    thank you anyway

  • I want my Assassins Creed Brotherhood BETA Key.

  • wow what happen to plus this week? just one mini why you guys talking about plus 2 weeks from now when we didnoit even get nutting this week plus update

  • Much better than yesterday’s PS+ update.

    I just wish the Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Beta was available for all US PS+ subscribers.

  • PS+ Seems like a fail so far. Seemslike better stuff on the EU or JP. Nothing seems interesting. We get old crap that we all ready have. Lets get some new stuff!

  • the justification of giving away crap for free (you’ll be too busy playing new games!) was slick.

    i’m really not being sarcastic when i say that i really want to sign up for PS+, but, i’m just not seeing the follow-through, here.

    not trying to troll, just voicing opinion.

  • Why do the ps1 imports all have to be sidescroll/top down shooters? How about some damn variety…ex. kings field, silent bomber, etc

  • i just want betas like i was promised when i signed up for Plus…

  • Awesome. Plus is really starting to roll. Zen Pinball is fantastic, fingers x’d you’ll give us some of the DLC tables for free too sometime?

    I dl’d Syphon 3, but haven’t played it yet, Syphon 1 was pretty unplayable with the sucky controls, I hope that isn’t the case with 3, but I’m not optimistic.

  • I’m really liking how PSOne Imports are all half off for Plus members at launch. THAT’S how you get my attention: launch day rebates for great games.

  • this was a nice month if you guys would have got some of us plus members in the beta..


  • Oddword ftw!! that is all….

  • The EU blog has 26 replies to its comments on the post for PlayStation Plus. They also reply to negative comments. Lets see how many we get.

  • *spelling fail… Oddworld

  • Very good update! ^_^

  • Same here, i was already and willing to sign-up but i just don’t see the the value it gives. All these games you get free are mostly old and limited.

    For paying a membership one would hope to get access to a lot more things then just a few. Just like netflix you pay the monthly fee and get access to everything, you stop paying and lose it all…

    If you get to the point of that being the case then i will gladly join.

  • Sucks how now its selected pple for Betas. Whats up with that

  • @24 in order to get in beta’s you have to sign up at the dev of the games website.. If you have psn plus they put your application in front of joe blows application in the selction process onthe psn side for the beta selection.. But in most cases you have to sign up for these beta’s at the dev’s web site.. If its a sony exclusive title there will be no signing up .. understand..

  • Can We Get A New Plus Feature In Firmware 5.0 ???

  • PS+ i really think, should have taken the EU’s – LBP free with 1 year content + 90 days free (Wht extra US get? only 3 Months)

    And then most disgusting :- EU and other territories have AC3 Brotherhood PS+ download directly no Key whatsoever Download link available in PS+ section – I dnt und wht’s happening

    I am feeling bad and shunted as if US is no brainier for SONY.

  • home content at last (: good job there , but take it up a notch Homelings Rock!!!

  • I just got an invite to the Dead Space 2 Multiplayer Beta… Assassin’s Creed always seemed to get boring about 1/4 of the way through, so I’m glad I got this beta instead of the junktastic Assassin’s Creed invite. But it seems PS+ is paying off!

  • @12 psn plus is updated every other week, not every week like psn games and etc update. The games are old becuase. they giving each dev a fair shake at a sale.. I also think psn plus is very new, If already have it dont dl it.. Nothing wrong with psn+ its very affordable plan that help gamers who are in a financial bind.. 60$ a game is alot of money..

    You will alwyas get dlc for free or next to nothing with new or old games.. Pying 5-20)$ for a game with a discount on that is nothing to complain about. it might be old , but use your logic dont dl it.. Ifs it not 4 u

    mcbuttz78- vp psn legioniare

  • Burn Zombie Burn isn’t a bad choice, and something I don’t already own for a change. I approve.

  • I’ll buy the one year subscription when PS+ really gets good.

  • never played Oddworld before

  • cross game chat and I’m in!

  • last update was a huge disappointment.. just cause “select” members get into the beta doesn’t mean you can skimp out on the content for the rest of PS Plus subcribers

  • Ill buy another US+ subscription when the comments from SCEA start happening like they should…SCEE is doing things the right way.

  • So many great deals its hard to find time to take advantage of them all… so now I just have a butt ton of downloads waiting for me to have time for them lol. Good job.

    I’ve had a savings if 91 dollars thanks to PS+. I’m ready to buy another year.

  • Thx for the great update. So far, I’d say the + membership is definitely worth the price….Hopefully the LBP Beta will be added to this great list.

    I’m looking forward to the remaining 12months of the subscription :-)

  • @ 33 .. odd world is considered one of the best games ever made.. Its in the top 50.. It funs stuff. Trust me they even have cult following :)

  • As I have mentioned before the automatic downloads should give us more options as to what we want it to download instead of it just downloading “select content”. I want it to download demos and game trailers so I don’t have to.

    A poll on PSN that is only shown to PS+ members would be nice. We could vote on what betas we are interested in or what game trials we would like to see, etc

  • Did I see a Killzone 3 theme for free? That would be awesome!

  • Another good idea is working out deals with recent games.. for example a Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Full Game Trial instead of giving us Game Trials for old games… even game trials to PSN games like Joe Danger would be good

  • Grace, what is the PSNBeta option under my username at ?

  • When will the PS+ cards show up in Canada?

  • Great news, wil be looking forward to Burn zombie burn, always liked the demo, but never wanted to fork out the money for it.
    Any word on when US LBP players are getting thier emails for the beta. Read on Mm tweet that you guys have the list and the beta, they just need to be sent out.

  • Wow, that will be a fantastic update. Great job!

  • @ abhishek83
    They got the regular edition of LBP(no free DLC). We get a bunch of differing games from different genres in an attempt to hit everyone at least once in a specific time frame.

    Take Oddworld for example. I’ve been interested in playing it for a bit, and hey, its up in two weeks. Burn zombie burn, High velocity bowling and wipeout are all three different genres. All three didn’t interest me when they came out and now I get a chance to try them. Same with the minis, despite the high hit or miss nature of them.

  • Hopefully they will add espn3 and other channels like xbox is doing!!! Then I will buy!

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