Enslaved: Odyssey to the West for PS3: Your Questions Answered

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Hello again! Judging by the reactions we’ve had to our recently released demo of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, many of you are eager to join Trip and Monkey on their epic adventure this Tuesday, October 5th. Early reviews have been fantastic: Joystiq awarded Enslaved a 4.5 out of 5 and calls Enslaved “a fine reminder that if you have talented people and a little respect for your audience, great storytelling in games can be not only possible but profound”; Destructoid awarded Enslaved Editor’s Choice (9 out of 10) and proclaims Enslaved to be “one of the very best experiences on a console in a long, long time.”

Recently, we began a Q&A segment here on the PlayStation.Blog. Hundreds of you sent us questions about Enslaved, and we’re never ones to shy away from a great opportunity, so here are the answers to some of the questions we’ve received.

  1. What gameplay elements in Enslaved will help players become as emotionally invested in Trip as we will be in Monkey?

    Now that you’ve played the demo, you’ve probably seen how Trip and Monkey meet. Their relationship starts out as a harsh one; Trip hacks a slave headband and places it on Monkey’s head. If he tries to leave her or leave her in danger, then he feels the consequences. Basically if she dies, he dies.

    But despite the intensity of this initial meeting, you’ll learn over the course of the story that Trip has her own motivations, fears, and complexities. She’s not a weak woman by any stretch of the imagination. And as she and Monkey take their journey to the West, they also begin to bond and learn more about one another. As much as this is about a physical journey, the characters are also taking an emotional one as well.

  2. Do the playable characters have a leveling system where you can enhance your abilities? If so, how does that work?

    Definitely. As you play through the game, Monkey can collect “tech orbs” that can then be used to upgrade items or abilities. As you accumulate enough tech orbs you can give those tech orbs to Trip and she can upgrade the skills that best suit your play style through what we call the “Trip Shop.”

  3. As you progress through the game, will there be any other high-profile cities that Monkey and Trip might pass through?

    The world of Enslaved is a rich and vibrant one, and as you’ve no doubt seen in our screenshots and videos so far, a lot has happened to Earth since the great wars and events that devastated it. Vegetation has started to reclaim popular landmarks and the world as we knew it has been consumed by nature itself. New York is the starting point because it’s so recognizable and is a great “anchor.” That said, we are taking a journey West… so there are definitely some other locations they will come across.

  4. What types of weapons or special abilities can we expect to see the main characters use in the game?

    Monkey will use his signature staff throughout the adventure, and it’s not only a melee weapon but a ranged weapon that can fire different types of ammunition. Plus, in certain areas, Monkey will have access to his trusty “cloud” which is a hoverboard-like device which he can use kind of like a surf board to maneuver around.

    Trip doesn’t come empty handed either: her dragonfly can scan an area to help identify potential dangers. She is also able to get Monkey out of hot water by using her decoy device to draw fire away from him. Plus like I said above, she’s tech-savvy and resourceful in ways that Monkey is not.

  5. How long is the game? How much replay value is there?

    Given the comments the development team at Ninja Theory had received on their previous title, Heavenly Sword, and the relatively short length, they took the feedback to heart with Enslaved. Enslaved is on par with other action-adventure games and with the care and focus that Ninja Theory put into creating an incredible story, we’re confident that you’ll feel fulfilled by your experience. Enslaved is also a well-balanced experience that includes a bit of everything – fighting, clambering, puzzle solving and of course engaging characters, gorgeous graphics and a story that benefits from top-notch talent.

  6. How many side story post-launch DLC packs are currently planned?

    We’ve recently announced that we’re going to be offering a post-launch premium DLC starring Pigsy, the comical porcine character that Trip and Monkey meet in their journey. We will have more information on the Pigsy DLC in the near future. Please stay tuned for more info!
  7. Will there be a limited version or pre-order bonuses?

    Yes! We’ve got quite a wide range of bonuses that are available to people reserving or buying the game from certain retailers. All you have to do is pick out your favorite! GameStop (and EBGames in Canada) is offering pre-order customers a special “Ninja Monkey” outfit that gives our hero a dark and mysterious look, but also grants him unlimited stun and plasma ammo for his staff. Walmart and Walmart Canada customers can get the game with a download code card for a special “Classic Monkey” costume that is inspired by the original Journey to the West novel, and also grants Monkey double melee attack power. Or, if you prefer your women scantily clad and gorgeous, you can stop by your local Best Buy store in the U.S. or Canada and pick up a copy of the game with a download code card for “Sexy Robot Trip.” Plus, you’ll also get an extra stunning boost, with double duration for any stun moves in the game including Monkey’s stun attacks and Trip’s EMP blasts.

    And if cool new outfits aren’t your thing, you can always pick up the game on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca and get the game’s official soundtrack , or stop by Kmart (or Future Shop in Canada) and get the game with a copy of the Enslaved mini comic book, which was created by Marvel.

And now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for! We promised to select one name at random to win a limited edition 12” resin statue of Monkey. These won’t be available in stores, and will only be offered through special promotions we are doing. So we’d like to give a big “Congratulations” to MistaGQ, who was our lucky winner for the statue!

In addition, we’re also going to be giving out redemption codes to 10 other lucky folks that we drew at random. These codes will give you access to all of our pre-order DLC, so you can pick and choose from your favorite costume selections! Those lucky winners are: Elite_Panda, azezsama, WFMMK, Swimmingninja, Grouken, MarinerBlu, SPIKEBOT, jenifer82, MonkeyMoon22, and Cyber-Gladiator.

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is an adventure that you won’t soon forget, and we can’t wait for you to try it out when it launches next week. U.S. and Canadian gamers will be able to play it on Tuesday, October 5th, and our European fans will have a chance to get their hands on the game on Friday, October 8th. We hope you enjoy the latest offering from Ninja Theory and Namco Bandai Games America!

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5 Author Replies

  • 1.Why is there screen tearing every second of the game?

    2.Why does your previous game look exactly like this game?

  • im a huge Heavenly Sword fan “made my top 10” so ill be getting this game for sure

  • a bit similar to Prince & Elika in PoP, don’t u think?

  • I have a question. Does the full game have a better framerate than the demo?

    I was quite looking forward to this game, but the demo ran poorly on the PS3. I don’t think I’ll but it if the full game is the same.

  • Why did Namco Bandai never bring Tales of Vesperia to PS3 in the West? Is there any plan to do this given a lot of people ask this question. Instead of just ignoring the issue maybe Laili, you could address this question?

    It is a shame the PS3 version of Enslaved is inferior with more technical problems than the other version. I wonder if this is the fault of NT whose previous effort was infamous for its screen tearing or Sony who don’t provide sufficient support to multiplat developers to ensure parity.

  • Do you really think they are going to answer a question about why the Ps3 version is inferior? The answer is pretty obvious. They didn’t take the time and effort to make a good port. It’s expensive to make a game run well on the Playstation 3. Yes, we know the hardware is superior than the 360’s, but its a matter of having the time and funds necessary to do a good job porting the game. Luckily we as gamers have a choice, and we don’t have to make the effort to buy the game just as they didnt have to make the effort to create a good port. It’s a shame really, because I think enslaved would have been a great game. Instead, much like Bayonetta, I will probably miss out on a good experience due to time constraints and an overall poor effort.

  • Game is Unreal engine which I think just always has not ran quite as well on PS3 just because how that engine works in the first place… but honestly I didn’t notice any problems in the demo for PS3.

    I’m planning on picking this one up for sure!

    Can we please have another Heavenly Sword? I miss Anna Torv!!!

  • No buy, I’m finished with you Ninja Theory until you get your stuff sorted out. Inferior PS3 versions are unacceptable, especially from the maker of the exclusive Heavenly Sword.

  • Strange. Batman: Arkham Asylum used Unreal Engine 3, and it ran just fine for me.

    I guess that game is the exception rather than the rule…

  • This blog post says “your questions answered”, but the ONE question that your fans deserve an answer to we know you won’t answer. How can you guys go from making a superior game like Heavenly Sword to giving the ps3 fanbase an inferior version of Enslaved?

    Did you guys not see what happened with Bayonetta? Even with the PS3 getting the inferior version it still outsold the 360. Had they actually had the PS3 one running up to standard then they would have gotten more sales for sure. And as a result of the poor programming and loss of sales on the PS3 version of Bayonetta, it’s now considered a flop even with the good reviews. And a second one is in Jeopardy of not being made. All because they gave the PS3 fans the crappy end of the stick.

    The very same fate will probably befall Enslaved. And if you don’t think the PS3 fans are educated on when they’re getting the crappy end of the stick, just look at comments around the net. THAT is money walking that you willingly shunned via your disrespect of the ps3 fanbase.

  • I’m very disappointed to read in every review that the PS3 version performs worse than the 360 version. I may buy Castlevania instead. It sure would be nice if you tuned it up via downloadable patch but I won’t hold my breath.

  • Already pre-ordered mine.

    Will we be able to purchase the other costumes on the PS Store?

    …OH and give us back the REAL Dante. No one likes your new “cool” version.

  • Hoping there is a patch for the tearing I have heard the reviewers comment on(UE3 just never preforms that well on PS3). I still think the story will be wonderful and plan to get it if not at launch soon after. I really do enjoy the fact that Ninja Theory is willing to create new games rather than falling back on making sequels. Keep it up.

    Also hopefully for your next project you use a engine that works better across any and all platforms you put it on.

  • Friends, don’t forget all the trash talk they said against the PS3, during and after Heavenly Sword’s release, and even more trash talking of the PS3 was done, during the development of this P.O.S.

    I can’t believe PSBlog is even featuring this game. These jerks at Ninja Theory/Namco Bandai love punishing PS3 fans, b/c they can’t help but accept the millions of cheques M$ throws at them.

    We PS3 fans deserve equal service and reward. After the debacle of Bioshock, Mafia 2 and now this, we DESERVE better (especially since they are demanding a FULL price for this P.O.S).

  • I actually like/don’t mind the new Dante- I understand what “reboot” means, something apparently beyond many. If it were the same Dante, it might as well be the same game. We don’t need more HD-ified remakes. We need imagination.

    All the same, my opinion of Ninja Theory, given what NT’s said and what I’ve seen and experienced, is suffering. Caving to the rut-loving, sequel-craving, multiplaying masses on DmC might be in your best interests, change being bad and all. Can’t say my opinion will improve much, but at least you’ll stay in business long enough to try.

  • I agree Band2eto… Look at Batman Arkam Asylum or Call of DUTY….. Both are multiplats that are virturally Identical! yet there are too many Inferior ports coming on the ps3 when we buy more games than anyone else! we need to take a STAND! I was so hopefull that this would be a great game until I saw all the tearing and I wont pay for an Inferior product!

  • I liked the demo. The female looks a little like Nariko from Heavenly Sword. What’s interesting is that HS has better graphics quality than this. I hope they improve on it before release, and this isn’t another case of a game being downscaled to work on multiple platforms.

  • I’m incredibly curious to know if this journey will stay strictly Stateside. Because if the name is any indication, New York should be just the beginning.

  • I thought that the camera controls were absolutely atrocious and that the combat was mediocre at best. At least the facial animations were nice.

    I truly fear for DmC…

  • Is there going to be a version that includes all the DLC?

    I’m not buying an incomplete game.

  • The funny thing is that the PS3 will sell worse than the 360 version due to the lazy port making Ninja Theory probably care even less when doing the DMC port.

  • i have a few question for mr.namco bandai brand manager :

    1.will there is patch for fixing the framerate and screen tearing issue in PS3?(according to many review PS3 are suffering worst framerate and are more inferior than X360

    2.WHY CAN’t you LOCALIZE TALES of VESPERIA PS3, and why there is still no confirmation of TALES of GRACES F PS3 will coming to state also we want the new unttitled Tales for PS3 to also come to the WEST.

    IF NAMCO BANDAI PUBLISHING (inferior version of) ENSLAVED that developed by outside studio, WHY can’t you Localize Tales of Series on PS3, Tales both made and own by Namco Bandai (namco Tales studio)

    at least give us straight and clear answer whether will you localize tales of vesperia PS3 and Tales of Graces F ps3, and new untitled Tales of PS3! a simple yes or no will be better rather than this hanging “no plan & no comment” attitude!

    I still hope you announce localization Tales of Vesperia PS3 and Tales of Graces F PS3 with (dual voice option), maybe you are to busy with enslaved for now but can you please announce something after enslaved released!

    (and don’t forget to fix frame rate issue in enslaved)

  • Tales of Vesperia is not yet localized and yet, this Namco Bandai, PR person has the gall to address? On top of that, it seems that the game has a lot of technical issues. I’m so glad the game is doing badly critically – 76% on metacritic.

  • Will buying this game make Tales games come out in English? It will, right?

  • I’m still waiting on Tales of Vesperia ps3 version. Any word on that? I think your tales fans in the west are getting tired of being shafted….

  • @49

    Um…you don’t have to be a ‘nerd’ to notice all the stuttering, slow down, frame jumping and Unreal Engine shine to this game.

    It sounds like an interesting story but I don’t buy multiplat Unreal based games at full price…there are always issues.

    I’ll buy it at 19.99 like I did Bioshock.

  • Why does Heavenly Sword a 3 year old PS3 only game look better than this game for?

  • I didnt like the game much, it misses originality from what ive played

  • Heavenly Sword was why I was committed to pick this game up at some point … The demo and some of the Behind the Scenes with cast and crew made it a release day purchase. I’m looking forward to it. I won’t be surprised if its on par with Uncharted … It just doesn’t have the Hype.

  • demo is nice, just fix control when you walk and run. soo annoyin :D

  • LOL @ outcries of screen tearing.

    I am all over this game. Not gonna miss out on something this epic.

  • Hi Namco!
    Enslaved is such a good game, I might buy it. =D

    My favorite series is the “Tales of” series, I love them to death. Can you please localize them, I will not ask for every Tales game to get localized (Though, I really wish you can do it. But I know you can’t =), I’m just asking for the newer ones (Which are: “Tales of Graces f”, “Tales of Vesperia PS3 ver.” and another Tales game that may release in 2011 if not 2012). And after you localize them, you will see good sales that will make you localize the other Tales games.

    Can you do it please! Please Namco! Please!

  • WHY make the PS3 version inferior!? Is this some kind of backwood’s loyalty you have? First, you make it so the main female character is a tool, then you make the game not even look better than Heavenly Sword (a 3 year old game), and you give the PS3 version the shaft?

    How can you justify screwing your fanbase like that? When I played Heavenly Sword, it was AMAZING. The visuals were top-knotch, the characters were great, and I actually wanted to finish it. The controls may have had some slight problems (Enslaved is way worse in my opinion), but the combat was really fun and interesting. And both characters had their spotlight. I won’t judge your story ability, because I haven’t played the game. But game development is about more than just spinning a great yarn. It’s about incorporating the player into that yarn. Which means gameplay. Which you jumbled. I know you probably won’t respond back, but I ask one more time : Why?

  • For Namco Bandai,

    One thing that I would REALLY like answered, is a very simple question. Who is holding back the localization of Tales games? Is it you guys? Or might it be Bandai Namco Japan? I wish that I didn’t have to take up the space of your Enslaved spot with this, but every time I send an e-mail, I get an almost robotic response. So I will try and get my voice heard here as well.

  • I won, I won, I wooooon! Whoo-hoo!

  • Do you think I’m going to buy your game after what you did to Devil May Cry? You insulted, destroyed, and killed one of my favorite video games series. I’ll never forgive you for that.
    And who knows, Namco Bandai might consider localizing Tales of Vesperia if it’s not for your ridiculous game.

  • Forget about my previous post, I didn’t read clearly, I thought you’re from one of the Ninja Theory staff.
    Anyway, my question is: For how long do we have to wait until you localize some Tales games? And what makes not localize Tales of Vesperia? You already localized it on Xbox 360, it’s not hard to localize it again on PS3, you only need to work a little for some of the extra stuff in the game (just like what you did to Eternal Sonata). You should localized Tales of Vesperia instead of Eternal Sonata from the first place.

  • It’s amazing how many people can complain without knowing anything. Capcom approached Ninja Theory and asked them to change Dante. They had multiple variations and the ones that were too close to Dante’s original appearance were rejected by Capcom. How can you blame Ninja Theory for that?

    Not that this should even come up given that this post is about an entirely different game.

  • I already have it pre-ordered, I loved Heavenly Sword and from what I played of the Demo, and have read on reviews I know you guys won’t let me down with this one!!! I can’t wait to play it, thank you guys for your hard work!!! 8)

  • Localize Tales please!

  • Any new news on the localization of Tales games (Vesperia PS3, Graces F)?

  • @Tinaray
    I’m not complaining about DmC (I actually like how the new Dante looks), and I figured that it was Capcom that was to blame. but I directed all my frustration towards Enslaved. Others may try and use Dante as a foothold, but I understand they are two different things entirely.

    The new Dante looks amazing, and so far DmC looks great. But you had BETTER NOT screw up again and mess up the PS3 version just for the 360 version. I would like to believe you are more than that, and wouldn’t resort to something so childish.

  • Hey thanks for drawing my name! =]
    I really love the demo and have the game preordered. I can’t wait!

  • crappy ps3 port.

    Not buying sorry.

    Work a little harder next time.

    Quit being lazy. Its pathetic

  • My how quickly one can change their mind in just a few months. When I first heard about this game, I was excited, now I rather purchase Vanquished.

  • Played the demo, then read the reviews online. Tell me why I should buy an inferior version? No buy OR rent.

  • Also, PS Blog shouldn’t be featuring multiplatform games that are this inferior on the PS3. Shows no respect for the readers.

  • Heavenly Sword isn’t too short. It’s fantastic in every way.

    I’m disappointed in all the different preorder bonuses at different retailers. I want two of them, the soundtrack and comic book. Lame.

    HOWEVER, thank you for putting them all in the Canada stores as well. That makes me happy.

  • lol @ complaining.

    What the hell demo were you playing? It ran -perfectly- for me. Settle down.

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