Enslaved: Odyssey to the West for PS3: Your Questions Answered

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Hello again! Judging by the reactions we’ve had to our recently released demo of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, many of you are eager to join Trip and Monkey on their epic adventure this Tuesday, October 5th. Early reviews have been fantastic: Joystiq awarded Enslaved a 4.5 out of 5 and calls Enslaved “a fine reminder that if you have talented people and a little respect for your audience, great storytelling in games can be not only possible but profound”; Destructoid awarded Enslaved Editor’s Choice (9 out of 10) and proclaims Enslaved to be “one of the very best experiences on a console in a long, long time.”

Recently, we began a Q&A segment here on the PlayStation.Blog. Hundreds of you sent us questions about Enslaved, and we’re never ones to shy away from a great opportunity, so here are the answers to some of the questions we’ve received.

  1. What gameplay elements in Enslaved will help players become as emotionally invested in Trip as we will be in Monkey?

    Now that you’ve played the demo, you’ve probably seen how Trip and Monkey meet. Their relationship starts out as a harsh one; Trip hacks a slave headband and places it on Monkey’s head. If he tries to leave her or leave her in danger, then he feels the consequences. Basically if she dies, he dies.

    But despite the intensity of this initial meeting, you’ll learn over the course of the story that Trip has her own motivations, fears, and complexities. She’s not a weak woman by any stretch of the imagination. And as she and Monkey take their journey to the West, they also begin to bond and learn more about one another. As much as this is about a physical journey, the characters are also taking an emotional one as well.

  2. Do the playable characters have a leveling system where you can enhance your abilities? If so, how does that work?

    Definitely. As you play through the game, Monkey can collect “tech orbs” that can then be used to upgrade items or abilities. As you accumulate enough tech orbs you can give those tech orbs to Trip and she can upgrade the skills that best suit your play style through what we call the “Trip Shop.”

  3. As you progress through the game, will there be any other high-profile cities that Monkey and Trip might pass through?

    The world of Enslaved is a rich and vibrant one, and as you’ve no doubt seen in our screenshots and videos so far, a lot has happened to Earth since the great wars and events that devastated it. Vegetation has started to reclaim popular landmarks and the world as we knew it has been consumed by nature itself. New York is the starting point because it’s so recognizable and is a great “anchor.” That said, we are taking a journey West… so there are definitely some other locations they will come across.

  4. What types of weapons or special abilities can we expect to see the main characters use in the game?

    Monkey will use his signature staff throughout the adventure, and it’s not only a melee weapon but a ranged weapon that can fire different types of ammunition. Plus, in certain areas, Monkey will have access to his trusty “cloud” which is a hoverboard-like device which he can use kind of like a surf board to maneuver around.

    Trip doesn’t come empty handed either: her dragonfly can scan an area to help identify potential dangers. She is also able to get Monkey out of hot water by using her decoy device to draw fire away from him. Plus like I said above, she’s tech-savvy and resourceful in ways that Monkey is not.

  5. How long is the game? How much replay value is there?

    Given the comments the development team at Ninja Theory had received on their previous title, Heavenly Sword, and the relatively short length, they took the feedback to heart with Enslaved. Enslaved is on par with other action-adventure games and with the care and focus that Ninja Theory put into creating an incredible story, we’re confident that you’ll feel fulfilled by your experience. Enslaved is also a well-balanced experience that includes a bit of everything – fighting, clambering, puzzle solving and of course engaging characters, gorgeous graphics and a story that benefits from top-notch talent.

  6. How many side story post-launch DLC packs are currently planned?

    We’ve recently announced that we’re going to be offering a post-launch premium DLC starring Pigsy, the comical porcine character that Trip and Monkey meet in their journey. We will have more information on the Pigsy DLC in the near future. Please stay tuned for more info!
  7. Will there be a limited version or pre-order bonuses?

    Yes! We’ve got quite a wide range of bonuses that are available to people reserving or buying the game from certain retailers. All you have to do is pick out your favorite! GameStop (and EBGames in Canada) is offering pre-order customers a special “Ninja Monkey” outfit that gives our hero a dark and mysterious look, but also grants him unlimited stun and plasma ammo for his staff. Walmart and Walmart Canada customers can get the game with a download code card for a special “Classic Monkey” costume that is inspired by the original Journey to the West novel, and also grants Monkey double melee attack power. Or, if you prefer your women scantily clad and gorgeous, you can stop by your local Best Buy store in the U.S. or Canada and pick up a copy of the game with a download code card for “Sexy Robot Trip.” Plus, you’ll also get an extra stunning boost, with double duration for any stun moves in the game including Monkey’s stun attacks and Trip’s EMP blasts.

    And if cool new outfits aren’t your thing, you can always pick up the game on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca and get the game’s official soundtrack , or stop by Kmart (or Future Shop in Canada) and get the game with a copy of the Enslaved mini comic book, which was created by Marvel.

And now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for! We promised to select one name at random to win a limited edition 12” resin statue of Monkey. These won’t be available in stores, and will only be offered through special promotions we are doing. So we’d like to give a big “Congratulations” to MistaGQ, who was our lucky winner for the statue!

In addition, we’re also going to be giving out redemption codes to 10 other lucky folks that we drew at random. These codes will give you access to all of our pre-order DLC, so you can pick and choose from your favorite costume selections! Those lucky winners are: Elite_Panda, azezsama, WFMMK, Swimmingninja, Grouken, MarinerBlu, SPIKEBOT, jenifer82, MonkeyMoon22, and Cyber-Gladiator.

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is an adventure that you won’t soon forget, and we can’t wait for you to try it out when it launches next week. U.S. and Canadian gamers will be able to play it on Tuesday, October 5th, and our European fans will have a chance to get their hands on the game on Friday, October 8th. We hope you enjoy the latest offering from Ninja Theory and Namco Bandai Games America!

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5 Author Replies

  • Why did you decide to make this game multiplat when Heavenly Sword was only on PS3?

  • I’m buying this on day one, I loved the demo.

    • Glad to hear that, gettinmoney! If you enjoyed the demo, the full game has a lot more surprises and excitement in store for you.

  • This looks good, I wish developers took more chances to make new titles like this.

    • Thanks, pickupdoctor. Working with Ninja Theory has been wonderful, and we’re very proud of the story and experience we’ve been able to deliver with Enslaved: Odyssey to the West.

  • Played the demo, any chance of fixing the horrendous screen tearing that takes place almost every second?

  • My question is why you release a rather unpolished PS3 version when it was Sony who saved your company back in the Heavenly Sword days?

  • I liked the demo, it’s like Uncharted, and God of War in 1 game

  • It looks like it has very good story aspect of it. I like a good story in my games, so this’ll be on my ‘to get’ list

  • Why is the PS3 version inferior to the “other console” version?

    Why the Unreal Engine? Everyone knows the Unreal Engine have performance issue on the PS3.

    Why isn’t there a jump “button”?

  • Once she said “Wind Farm” in the demo, I was definitely out of the storyline at that point.

    Ohhh I can’t wait to return her to her lovely Wind Farm! Seriously?

  • I’m gonna play the demo. It looks great!

  • @BloodyCow
    I thought X was Jump, X+Square was the spin hit.

    Yea the graphics were here and there, colors were great but the overall quality was dated.

    What chances? same gameplay style in tens of other games this generation. Story is an adaptaion/modernizing of another story, not really original.

  • im not buying. theres no excuse for a dev to make a game that looks inferior on PS3 compared to the 360 version, especially when that dev made a game exclusively back in 2007 which looked good.
    what makes it worse is the engine you used, the UE3, aka NOT PS3 friendly.

    same with the fail dmc game you guys are making.

  • Why is the graphics worse than Heavenly Sword released years ago.

  • @Namco Bandai

    Why the heck are you guys not releasing the PS3 Tales games stateside? For cripes sake, don’t use that other consoles crappy sales numbers in your decision to localize games for the PS3. We want our JRPGs, NAOW!!!!

  • I am buying the game too! But I have a huge question!! I wanted to pre-order this a Best Buy for the special exclusive, but they did not know anything about the code! Is it something I get packaged in the game if I buy it at Best Buy?

    • The codes should come with the pre-order box that you use to reserve the game at Best Buy. If your local store isn’t able to answer your question, you can always use the Best Buy link in the post above and pre-order online. Online orders still get the DLC exclusive!

  • will there be a Enslaved Home public space coming soon?

  • Hi there,

    I’m really looking forward to this game after playing the demo! I want to pre-order the european collector’s edition but I cannot find it listed anywhere, could you let me know when and where the collector’s edition will be available to pre-order?

    Many thanks in advance,

  • I have to commend the art direction
    really cool.
    the demo was awesome btw.
    good job

  • Wow, I submitted a great question and you guys didn’t even pick it? I’m gonna ask here again and see if you guys do…

    What inspired you guys to make this game? Why did you guys drift away from Heavenly Sword to Enslaved? And did Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 2: Among Thieves inspire you guys in a way? Because the game has some elements that give me that Uncharted vibe.

  • Crummy port on the PS3, destruction of the DMC series, and a very unimpressive/unenjoyable demo to top it all off. It’s disgraceful to say the least.

  • Please don’t give thos Ninja Theory hacks any more projects to work on, the idiots are ruining Devil May Cry, I don’t want them to ruin anything else.

  • why you guys keep on beggin namco to bring a tales of games to america?its useless,because they just dont care and also because the franchise doesnt bring them enough money!

    so, its time for us to move on or just to import the games from japan.

    i personally, have move on since they just dont freaking care!

  • I think its funny how your avoiding all the serious questions.

  • Meh im sorry the game looks good and plays good but im not supporting it, untill you guys release some of the tales titles that are out for PS3 or are coming like Tales of Vesperia or Tales of Graces F for PS3. once you start listening to your fans and release these games thats when i’ll support you

  • @15

    Laili Bosma | October 1st, 2010 at 3:53 pm

    The codes should come with the pre-order box that you use to reserve the game at Best Buy. If your local store isn’t able to answer your question, you can always use the Best Buy link in the post above and pre-order online. Online orders still get the DLC exclusive!

    When I went to my local Best Buy, there was no pre-order box at all! I went a few times in the past few weeks wanting the code. Every time I went, Best Buy employees knew nothing about an Enslaved pre-order box. Is it something when I buy the game from Best Buy it comes packaged with the game?

    • Yes. If your Best Buy store doesn’t have pre-order boxes, then the pre-order DLC should come with the game on Tuesday.

  • Yeah, what’s up with the crappy PS3 version? Went from must buy to no buy, sorry NT.

  • @25

    Laili Bosma | October 1st, 2010 at 4:19 pm

    Yes. If your Best Buy store doesn’t have pre-order boxes, then the pre-order DLC should come with the game on Tuesday.

    Sweet, then I am buying 2 on Tuesday from Best Buy! One for me and one for a friend!! :)

  • lol way to dodge the length of game question. how about a real answer.

  • Dear Ninja Theory… Please make Heavenly Sword 2.

    Lack of ps3 user base and poor marketing is what caused the first game to not sell well.

    The first one was great. The Kai Stage with the bow and arrow shooting is sublime!

    I’ll pass on Enslaved however.

    Kai will find Nariko like Nariko found Kai!

  • Any word on the localization of the Tales series? Can we at least know NamcoBandai acknowledges that people want the Tales games?

  • @unworthyBOZO

    of course they’re going to dodge it. it shows that they are not listening to the consumers/fans who are going to put $60 into these games.

    People want quality on their favorite games, mainly PS3 games. this is not going to cut it.

  • On Amazon.ca there isn’t anything about the soundtrack. I’m interested in that, so is it just a code inside Amazon copies that I use to download it on PSN or what?

  • Game runs terribly on PS3…but I will buy it if I pass an upcoming exam

  • Next Time I Hope Bandai Namco Send Someone who can Answer The Serious Questions

  • There are differences in the perfomance compared to the demo?

  • As I’m not getting much out of Sexy Robot Trip, I thought it would be fair if we got some sort of Sexy Monkey costume. I personally don’t like the two costumes he got, his first costume is more appealing to me. :(

  • picking this up on tuesday, caaaan’t wait.

    congratulations to all the winners. /jealous

  • Will the pre-order dlc be released later? If I prefer to purchase from Amazon but want both Amazon and Best Buy content, how can I get it? Hopefully, I didn’t miss this answer.

  • I don’t buy multiplatform games but good luck with this project.

  • I was looking forward to this game until I learned that the PS3 version is inferior. Bandai must be learning from Capcom….it’s a shame.
    I will pass for sure

  • Its hard to believe that developers are so lazy to learn to correctly code for the PS3 so they take the low road and make a inferior product. while the other “platform” get a higher degree of attention… because its “easy” to code for. I always state the same….how come Devs like ND and GG and santa monica studios seem to have no problem creating masterpieces for the PS3….. shame shame

  • The demo killed it for me. Yeah, there might be a good story, but what about the gameplay??

    The platforming was pointing in a direction and hitting X, X, X, X with no fear of dying. Everything was so damn automated and required zero skill. The fighting was more of the same. It was really kinda boring.

    Heavenly Sword from 2007 looks much better than this game… I wonder why that is? Things that make you go hmmmm.

  • sounds interesting ^_^

  • I enjoyed Heavenly Sword ad the positive reviews for Enslaved have definitely piqued my interest. Plus there can never be too many Action/Adventure games when we’re overloaded with shooters.

  • …. because I’ve read Journey to the West by Wu Cheng’en and Arthur Waleys. I wanted to know how much TO-The-Story is this game?

  • Answer this question. Why does the 360 version look better?
    Oh yea cause you are trashy developers that will also put the final death blow on the devil may series with your trashy skills.. this game not even worth pirating on 360.

  • @Laili Bosma

    I’m glad that Namco has taken the time to publish Ninja Theories newest title (and I wish you guys would give as much care to the Tales Of series including bringing the PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia to the united states, but that is an issue of itself). However I’m gonna have to say the Demo and Reviews were both very disappointing for this title regardless of what Joystiq gave the game. In fact the metascore for this title was 79 out of 100. Not bad by any means of course, but not good enough to over look some of the blemishes.

    Including the surprise poor performance of the PS3 version over the X360 version from a former PS3 exclusive company. Honestly it shows in the demo and I felt Ninja Theory did learn anything from their first PS3 outing after 3 years have passed sense.

    More so the controls were sluggish and awkward and I found myself frustrated with them at times.

    The game is very pretty, has an interesting story, but the cons make this not a day one purchase as there wasn’t much care put into the animation, frame rate, or controls.

  • @laili Bosma

    A quick edit to make myself clear, “Honestly it shows in the demo and I felt Ninja Theory didn’t learn anything from their first PS3 outing after 3 years have passed sense.” Things actually seemed worse compared to heavenly sword (A favorite of mine, but not without complaints).

  • i might rent it from gamefly..

    this title is just ok and that DMC reboot yall working on next is just a silly move..

    make heavenly sword 2 next time.. Heavenly Sword is one of my top ten games of this generation..

  • Hahaha, gamer nerds blowing things way out of proportion like usual. I didn’t notice any screen tearing or whatever because I’m not nerdy enough to care about any thing so insignificant like that. And as for DMC, hahah, who cares? Losers.

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