Killzone 3 and PlayStation Move: See it in action

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With PlayStation Move in the hot little hands of gamers around the world, it’s time to set our sights on the future of PlayStation Move. In those sights: the glowing red eyes of the Helghast army.

When Killzone 3 drops on February 22nd 2011, Sev and the ISA troops will be packing some state-of-the-art firepower in the form of PlayStation Move. So how does an elite first-person shooter map to the PlayStation Move control scheme? And how does it stack up to the traditional DualShock controls? We went hands-on to find the answers with Steven Ter Heide from Guerrilla Games.

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  • thanks for the update.. my goal is to clear out all my games on my shelf so i can dedicate my time to killzone 3 and portal 2..

    the only sad part is having to maybe take a break from mag..

  • So many games to get!!!

  • This game is gonna be awesome. Gonna play it with my DualShock3, though.

  • I WANT THAT SHIRT JEFF!!! please??

  • The only problem I have with the Move and Killzone 3 is that the crosshairs are detached.
    I don’t like how you need to aim at the edge of the screen so you can turn the camera. I hope there is a setting/option, where the crosshairs work the regular way, like when you are using the analog sticks, but with the Move.

  • Give us the Killzone 3 Beta news! I want to Beta test this game!

  • You shouldn’t fragment the multiplayer. Keep everyone together… perfect your weapon of choice. Dual Shock vs Move.

    Also to the clowns that say Killzone’s controls wasn’t good… Killzone’s controls were meant to have realistic speed and motion. If you want to float like a feather play that horrible game called Modern Warfare.

  • killzone on the wii is a terrible idea. give me a good ol dualshock, thanks

  • Hope it works better than MAG….

  • YAAYAY!!! ! ! !! KILLZONE 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • That looked incredible! I can’t wait to try this out with Move!

  • Killzone 3 is going to be awesome. oh and it’s orange eyes not red!

  • The lack of talk about split screen and co-op is VERY worrysome, it’s a 2011 title, if it doesn’t ship with those features…..:/

  • I’m really hoping there’s an option for Move players and “Dualshockers” as he put it in one room

  • ThreeLeggedFreak, there are still many games without split screen and co-op not every game needs it and if that’s really a deal breaker then alot of psn games aren’t for you

  • I don’t think it should be divided up though. Really, if one controller is really much easier than the other then those players will rank up, and direct matchmaking will be avoided.

    As long as the matchmaking system is well done, you’ll be playing against people of a similar level, and probably the same controllers

    It’s not like the Move players will have Situational Awareness or anything

  • So here’s the real question for the KZ3 team. Do I rent this game because you will have that trophy where u have to be in the top 1% to actually get a plat or are you making it fun to play multiplayer and not an insane grindfest?

  • @GreyLynx

    It’s sad you think this way. Not every game need co op or split screen, yes, The Last Guardian doesn’t need it, Demon’s Souls doesn’t need it, this NEEDS it.

  • I think I’ll stick to the DS3 controllers for KZ3. Although, I do love playing with the Move controls.

    I just hope that they don’t change the controls again for the COD crybabies, because they are not just like COD. KZ2 beta was 10 times better than the patched release of the game due to the controls. It’s sad to see a bunch of crybabies ruin a good thing.

  • I played Mag with the Move for about five minutes before turning it off and using good old dualshock. A lot of options in the new skill tree, maybe too many.

  • I’d like to know how the control layout looks- the T, Move and face buttons as well as how extensive the gesture commands are- after playing through the Heavy Rain demo, I’m slightly less than fond of specific gesture-commands (though, to be fair, a decent amount of time was spent in that demo figuring out just what the hell each symbol meant- after that, it definitely felt more natural than the DS3 layout).

    Obviously, getting hands on time is what would seal the deal. And I don’t think I need to tell you that a great deal more than the enjoyability of KZ3 rests on the successful implementation of Move here. Plenty of people are watching this to determine whether Move is worthwhile at all. (Though if Sorcery gets that graphical facelift people are hoping for, it could fill this gap.)

  • @Jeff Rubenstein – You should let that guy try doing your job as he can hardly make more of a mess at it than you have. Really Jeff, blatantantly insulting a longtime fan about the controls. Very unprofessional and uncalled for. For someone who is by the very nature of your job supposedly dealing with the public you have no clue how to do so. The mere fact that you’ve done this more than once is indicitive of a serious management problem somewhere in Sony.

  • will it work for left handed people cause on mag its only for right handed people which made me mad cause im left handed even though i play right handed except for guitarhero and psmove

  • the lght thing on the psmove i have an idea when you play helghast it’s red when you play ISA its blue

  • rewrite the light on the psmove.i have an idea for it when you play the helghast it’s red when you play as ISA it’s blue

  • Ugh, people really need to shut up about the Killzone 2 controls… they were fine to begin with, but someone started complaining and everyone decided to jump on the bandwagon and so they gave you the changes you asked for. Now you’re still complaining about it. Just STFU up already — if you don’t like it, go back to playing COD or whatever you were doing, but it’s getting really old. I guarantee that 99% of the people making that complaint don’t even know why they’re making it.

    If I had one complaint about KZ2, it was the cover system. It just didn’t feel right. I’d like to see the Killzone series adopt the cover system used in Rainbow Six Vegas, which really felt natural.

  • cant wait ill be gettin this for my birthday lol
    just got my move controller last week now i gotta just wait till kz3 comes out

  • hey Jeff, you must have a PlayStation plus account if your playing the killzone 3 beta
    oh wait, i don’t think I’ve received a beta since i subscribed to plus
    you must have the PlayStation plus gold subscription

  • hope there is online co-op

  • im never going to buy that retarded playstation move its a complete and total rip off of the wii and i already have one of those. if i do buy move im pretty sure that ill get bored of it within 3 months and ill wish i could return it when i wouldnt be able to. but i still love killzone 3 i cant wait for it to come out i will be excited as all hell.

  • I cant wait for this game!! However, if the PS Move support is not implemented better than in MAG (if that is even possible), I wont be using the PS Move to play Killzone 3(not online thats for sure!!). The PS Move adds nothing but frustration to MAG with general orientation problems and a horrible turning mechanic, even with the binding boxes set at the tightest. Close quaters combat is just way off in MAG with move. I am sure this game will look fantastic on my 3D TV, but as for Move (especialy in a competetive arena), I just cant see it working too well, I do hope I am wrong. At the moment for me I can only see Move being fun in shooters if its an “on rails” type of shooter. My favourite move game at the moment is Tumble.

  • I have to go back to KZ2 and play it again, after watching this video. Killzone is one of the very few instances where I care just as much about the campaign as I do about multiplayer.

  • Great video. They sure knew what to show you to get the viewers interested. I look forward to playing this game. I hope you can stand more than 3 feet away. MAG has still not perfected the whole distance thing. It’s funny you can stand 8 feet away with Sony games but games like MAG, you can only stand no more than 3 feet. I hope Killzone 3 will have longer distance than MAG.

  • I dont get why they’re trying to dumb down the move so there is no advantage. They want to make the more precise controller, which is what anyone who is into shooters, or any game period, should want play on the level of a DS3?! Are they stupid? If the controller is better, why make it worst then separate the 2 types? If DS3 users cant keep up to a Move user it would prove the point of the controller being worth the money to pick one up… If there was no difference between them, then that would mean Sony as a whole failed. The controller is amazing and needs some games to help show it, but if the devs are as stupid as these guys, there is no way it will take off due to them trying to not upset anyone. If you’re really good at the game you should be able to beat anyone no matter what controller they use. Like playing a fighting game DS3 VS Arcade Stick etc. If it boils down to controls in the ends, then it’s time to upgrade if you’re Hardcore. If not, you wont care if you cant be top tier online. Dev for this game = Stupid.

  • I’d like to add that you absolutely CANNOT keep the controllers separate online. Advantage or no, you’re reducing the cross-section of potential games from “people with Killzone 3” to “people with KZ3 with Move AND actually use it.” Eventually, the Move servers will be dead because no one wants to wait anymore for enough players to join.

    You’re basically hurting the Move install base by imposing restrictions upon it, in a way quite similar to separating “people with mics” from “people with no mics” because it “gives them a tactical advantage.” (This logic is flawless. I hope you guys read this and come to the correct decision.)

    You’re trying to make a case for the usefulness of the Move, and thus increase sales. This would be a seriously counterproductive… move. See my previous post (72) if this isn’t clear.

  • I hope we can map any gesture to a button.

  • Im always hyped for anything Killzone woohooo. But in this video, why in the world does the shotgun in the end have a red dot sight? It looks awkward and doesnt look like it was meant to be attached to it.

  • what #86 said

    Preach!… to the choir. lol

  • Killzone sucks, end of story.

  • You know how tiresome it is to hold and point controllers at a TV screen for a long period of time? How about trying that for a couple of hours? What fun.

  • can we get a release date for a possible demo??

  • Will you have to buy a seperate Move copy of the game if you want to use it or is it something you can just go to the settings and change?

  • I don’t see them making Black Ops compatible with the Move. Move is PS3. Seems like the CoD franchise favors the Xbox. It bothered a lot of people having to wait 30 days for the DLC. Move should be for PS3 exclusives only. I think KZ3 will have a better user experience with Move then MAG.

  • fantastic job with the interview professor playstation! great questions asked. thanks so much for putting this on the blog.

  • who ever gets good fps controls with move has so much potential for a good game. im going to have to practice in mag.

  • kz3 and ps move mix PERFECTLY!

  • Killzone sucks

  • Can you please make a Killzone 3 bundle with the Move? I’ve been wanting to get move, but nothing has really enticed me so far, but KZ3 seems to be the one. Thanks

  • Everyone is missing the point! Move compatibility for Killzone3 is A BIG DEAL. This will be the first high def FPS ever made on a console to support motion control. The FPS genre is so crowded. If any genre could use an alternate way to be experienced it is FPS. 2 different forms of controls means increased replay value for campaign modes.

    I really don’t think it’s a bad idea to have optional ‘move only’ parties. Otherwise it might be like taking knives to a gun fight. People who want to use the Move might be a significant handicap in multiplayer. Using the Move in multiplayer may actually guarantee getting your ass kicked by DS3 users. If that’s the case gamers will have to choose between getting owned or using the DS3. Optional segregation reassures players when they get owned it’s because they suck and not because their controls suck.

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