Killzone 3 and PlayStation Move: See it in action

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With PlayStation Move in the hot little hands of gamers around the world, it’s time to set our sights on the future of PlayStation Move. In those sights: the glowing red eyes of the Helghast army.

When Killzone 3 drops on February 22nd 2011, Sev and the ISA troops will be packing some state-of-the-art firepower in the form of PlayStation Move. So how does an elite first-person shooter map to the PlayStation Move control scheme? And how does it stack up to the traditional DualShock controls? We went hands-on to find the answers with Steven Ter Heide from Guerrilla Games.

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  • Best news is that you won’t have to play with Move guys in multiplayer.

  • Killzone is not known to have the best controls, does Killzone 3 fix this, and does move enhance this?

    • Speak for yourself, buddy!
      Guerrilla has refined controls for KZ3 – between that and Move, you’ll have a lot of choice.

  • I’m hoping Killzone 3 is at the PlayStation event here in Toronto. Would love to try it with Move.

  • Feeeebbbbrrruuuuuaaaarrrrrrryyyyy. Hmmm with LittleBigPlanet 2?

    Uh oh. D: Lol. Gaming ftw.

  • I can’t wait to play the single player mode.

  • How about some Move sales numbers…hmm…

  • Question? Is the UI better in KZ3 because I hated the UI in KZ2? UI= User Interface or menu. It was slow & just ugly.

    • I think these things are not yet finalized. The beta I’ve played in does see changes to the menu system, however.

  • go all the way and do keyboard and mouse while you’re at it.

  • I’m still playing KZ2 online even now! KZ3 with Move controls should be interesting.

  • i got to say i didn’t think i really be into the move controller but after i played with it for a couple days now it works really well got to try it with a shooter game.

  • So if Move players and Dualshock players are split up in multiplayer does that mean one controller option is better than another?

  • must see more of killzone 3 out of pre alpha

  • Will they have an option to not use a bounding box and just keep the reticule in the center? Or will it be bounding box style only?

    • Again, the team is still working on it, so everything is still TBD. They’re off to a great start, however. Drawing a bead on a headshot is quite natural.

  • Can I have your job?

  • Any news on a beta and if so will the beta be compatible with the ps move and dualshock 3

  • Are we going to see a Killzone 3 move bundle?! that would be pretty cool. PSeye, Move controller, Nav Controller and KZ3 all for $120 ;) make it happen SCEA!

  • You still have to point too far away from the center of the screen in order to turn the camera!
    Epic fail if this is not addressed before release in my opinion.
    I thought the move controller was supposed to make things quicker, more precise, and “for the hardcore” for more “gamer games”.
    The gun should be locked in closer to the center of the screen so that it doesn’t fly around all crazy and slow down the turning.
    Geurilla please don’t let me down. Killzone 1 controls were atrocious. don’t let KZ2 suffer the same fate out of both control schemes. color me cautiously optimistic….

  • ooops!
    I meant KZ2 controls were atrocious!
    Sorry for the double post.
    I’ll go ahead and backhand myself…NOW!….

  • any word in special edition ?

  • I’m expecting more

  • when will there be a killzone public space in Home? this year? 2011?

  • Works well in MAG when I played it with Move. Very sensitive and takes time getting sued to, but not bad. Can definitely tell who is using move because their gun is wandering around everywhere and their aim is off. Can’t wait to play KZ3 with it though!

  • Woo, Holland represent.
    Steven could work on his accent a bit, but I guess work on Killzone 3 is more important.

    I hope people can calibrate the aiming to their liking, like in the Conduit for Wii you could really customize everything about the pointing controls.

  • wow that’s not realy kool what about cod black ops they should do the same

  • For the love of god, please don’t do what MAG did and make up turn ALL the way to the side of the screen to turn. It makes multiplayer a HUGE disadvantage.

  • This looks like it could be pretty cool, but I’ll prolly stick w/ the ds3 for this game. Ill still try it out only cuz it’ll be fun to play a good game other than sports champions for the move. All the other move games aren’t all that good right now.

  • that sucks i wanted 2 kill some move owners if we can take it in back in MAG we can take it in killzone 3

  • @Jeff
    PLEASE OH PLEASE TELL ME WE GET THE SHIRT WITH THE GAME?! Oh and a Helghan Action Figure in a Collectors Edition KZ3 set? PLEASE! :-D We can play KZ2 MP against each other to determine if we get it or not :-D

  • YES. Looks awesome. Great video Jeff. You asked the good questions. Looking forward to possible BETA news? I heard GameStop will be involved somehow with beta keys…

  • Can the deadzone with the move controller in KZ3 be optional. I dont like having to move the controller near the edge of the screen just to look who is not on my screen currently.

    I know how it is because I have a wii and what I liked about the conduit is that I did not have to deal with that deadzone problem because I could change the deadzone and make my sensitivity super high so I can instantly see who is around me like a mouse.

  • This will be a good buy! Yet another epic-win exclusive for the best system out there. :D

  • Holy smokes!
    The first 2 months of 2011 alone are going to be insane for PS3, let alone 2011 as a whole.

    January: LBP2, Mass Effect 2, Dead Space 2.
    February: Portal 2, Killzone 3, BulletStorm.

    thats just to name a few. then there is Infamous 2, Twisted Metal, and even more. 2011, Year of the PS3. No Question.

  • Sad to say I haven’t played KZ2 yet.

  • @32 forgot socom4 lol

  • Looks like it controls good enough. But really hope they show something more exciting soon.

  • @32 and 34

    How on earth could possibly forgot ICO/Sotc and The Last Guardian? Or Arkham City? For shame.

  • I knew that they would wind up doing some sort of Move/DS3 separation in mp. Move makes this game really easy judging by the vids.

  • Best fps this gen

    a meta of 97-98 is on the cards

  • I always thought it would be cool if you could shoot at off-screen enemies. The PS Move is smart enough to trangulate where you’re “aiming” even when you’re pointing in a completely different direction from the TV… C’mon Guerrilla, make it happen!

  • YAYYYY :D sounds and looks AWESOME, I love PS Move

  • looks great cant wait loved KZ1 AND KZ2

  • Jeff thanks for covering the question r: if playing with the Move might cause some disorientation/dizziness. Initially I thought that playing with the Move was going to make me queasy but I’m now glad to hear that there is a bit of a lag, for lack of a word, that would counteract that.

  • Man, we have LittleBigPlanet 2 in January, Killzone 3 in February, and a whole bunch of other excellent titles coming out next year. 2011 can’t come fast enough already.

  • I just got my PS Move last weekend & I’m totally excited for this!

  • I’m a big proponent of the Move, but I’m not impressed with how they are integrating it with KZ3. The use of the side-screen method of turning and a lock-on aiming system by pressing the T-button/trigger (as laid out in this ign video: is perplexing. Why not make it a mouse-based FPS style of aiming? Also, the use of a lock-on is beyond me seeing as I believe the Move is quite capable of mouse dpi accuracy. I understand they are going for a broader audience with the Move controls (the dev even says so in the linked ign video), but I don’t see how a mouse style of control would be an issue.

  • Um, why isn’t the square button reload anymore? Also, segregating the user base day one with filtering options for move? Wow, just when I thought GG learned their lessons from the last game. I guess I will have to wait and see how everything turns out, but after looking at all of GG past mistakes last time, Im not holding my breath.

  • penguin united eagle eye is better…

  • Great video guys! Can’t wait for release date!

  • Ughh…Another shooter with move controls.

  • Multiplayer gaming community has been ruined by matchmaking and voice chat. I’m playing halo reach since it came out and there’s pretty much no communication at all, no one has talked with me and only a few times have people had mics on. There’s even less chat with most ps3 games and I only like to mic chat with friends not strangers. Coice chat is distracting and annoying.

    If radio commands and text chat are on everyone will use them and benefit and it will feel like a human multiplayer instead of bots. Radio commands aren’t hard at all to put in, select and the digital pad can be utilised to quickly make one of sixteen commands with only 3 button presses. See metal gear online for a game with good community features.

    In reach, the lack of servers means you never play with the same people twice, there’s no way to make friends unless you randomly add people or through forums. If it’s a server, you can get to know people and it gives the game longevity when there’s a strong community and friendships forming. In hundreds of hours of matchmaking I’ve never made a single friend, I’ve made too many to count from games with servers and text chat.

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