Valkyria Chronicles II Community BliTZ Finale – DLC and Free Codes

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Long time no see, everyone! It seems like only yesterday we were talking about the original Valkyria Chronicles, the Yakuza series, and the announcement of Valkyria Chronicles II for the west. Today, we’re proud to announce that our massive 22 Mission DLC Pack for Valkyria Chronicles II is going live this afternoon on the PlayStation Store, and you can pick it up at an awesome value of $4.99!

If you’ve been following our Community BLiTZ over on the SEGA blogs, we’ve been updating almost every day with free codes to unlock new characters and tank stickers in the game. Today, because we love you guys, we’ve teamed up with Jeff and the crew here at the PS. Blog to post our BLiTZ Finale exclusively here – and with it, four brand new codes for you to enjoy!

Many of these codes are exclusive to the western version of the game. You can find all four codes in the Lotte Insider’s linked here, and also below:

You can enter these codes in the Extras section from the title screen (under “Password”), and yes, they *are* case sensitive!

Those of you savvy about the Japanese release might have also noticed that instead of charging $1 or so per mission, as was the case there, we have bundled all 22 of today’s DLC missions together and then made the price about as awesome as possible, at $4.99 – a little thank you to everyone here in the west who did their part, and who continue to support the success of Valkyria Chronicles here in the US and across Europe. There are few to no communities greater than the Valkyria community in terms of massive support and dedication, in my eyes.

Thank you guys for making all of the hard work that each of our teams – from the developers in Japan all the way to our teams in the US and Europe – worth every ounce of effort.

For all of you who have been with us from the first day a little thing called the ‘Community BLiTZ’ began, to those of you who are just reading about this for the first time – thank you for sticking with us. If you’ve never experienced the glory of Valkyria Chronicles yet – and readers, back me up here in the comments if you agree – you owe it to yourself to check one of the PlayStation’s best exclusive franchises.

As the codes go out and the DLC finally goes live, we proclaim amidst the softening roar of tanks, the echoes of fading footsteps, and the settling dust, five words that for us contain both happiness and sadness:

The Community BLiTZ is complete!

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  • Ruby, tell us the next Dreamcast game after Crazy Taxi coming to PSN! Is it Skies of Arcadia!? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease let it be Skies of Arcadia, or Sonic Adventure 2!

  • When is the DLC is avabile in Canada? on PSN

  • I’m amazed at what they did with VCII on the PSP. It’s bigger, deeper and has a ton more gameplay than the first! While in my opinion the first game will never be topped when it comes to the wonderful cast of characters & story, VCII has a stunning amount of gameplay. I thought the cut up battlefields wouldn’t feel right but I was so wrong. It all comes together perfectly!

    And big props to the people who made these characters. At first I wasn’t warming up to the new people & the slight change in art style but now that I’m into the game I really enjoy this cast too. Again, they created a great cast with some wonderful personalities. It’s such fun playing it!

    Hats off to the dev team at Sega. They knocked this out of the park big time!

    • Thank you for the great comments – the developers put a lot of love into the game, and it really shows throughout both the battles and the characters themselves.

      Glad you’re enjoying it!

  • VC2 is awesome. I am a bit miffed that VC3 does not see the series returning to the PS3 yet, but with how well VC2 plays, I’m not too worried.

    I appreciate that the DLC is bundled more effectively, but doesn’t this mean I’m paying for something I already own (the preorder bonus from Gamestop) if I buy it?

    • Thanks!

      As to the DLC, you aren’t really paying for something you already bought. The DLC was a free bonus for pre-ordering at Gamestop, but on the flip side we did also want to offer those who didn’t pre-order (or pre-ordered elsewhere) a chance to get it too.

      Beyond that though, because of the way the bundle price works, you’re pretty much getting 17 free missions, compared to what fans over in Japan paid. It’s a great deal either way.

  • The DLC is up on the store via search! Go go go!

  • Yes!!! This is awesome news. I haven’t put it down, honestly! Put over a hundred hours into it and still not even close to all 50! Thanks so much for the great game and the DLC!

    • Right on – glad you like it! Today’s DLC should also offer you a whole new bundle of challenges to complete and missions to conquer.

  • Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone reply to posts

    I have a question about the dlc. Will there be certain level requirements for the missions? (I’ve noticed the Phantasy Star stuff requires you to be lvl 30.) Or better yet is there any kind of dlc FAQ anywhere?

    Also, awesome dlc price is awesome. Tis a pity the PS3 DLC wasn’t priced so well.

    Thanks for answering.

    • No point in a comments system if it’s not two-way communication, right? :)

      Some of the missions do have certain requirements, as we don’t want any newbies to jump right into a really challenging mission and get blown away in two shots. I’d bet the FAQs will show up shortly, now that the DLC has gone live.

      Awesome DLC price is indeed awesome.

      As to responding – anytime!

  • Please tell me your bringing Valkyria 3?? loving the Valkyria series but so far im stuck at chapter 4 ( April ) of VC2 :(

  • Well Mr. Webber,

    I sincerely appreciate you replying to my post, but we’re going to have to agree to disagree.

    Just know that having DLC in your game cost you a sale.

    And from someone who not only bought VC1 new, but *wanted* to buy this game.

    It’s the principle of the thing.

  • “the flip side we did also want to offer those who didn’t pre-order (or pre-ordered elsewhere) a chance to get it too.”

    Yeah, I can understand.

    “Beyond that though, because of the way the bundle price works, you’re pretty much getting 17 free missions, compared to what fans over in Japan paid. It’s a great deal either way.”

    True. I was just hoping that, since I got those two for free, it’d be less money I’d have to spend on the DLC. But for $5, I’m really not gonna complain too much (especially since I bought most of the VC1 DLC at $5 for a lot less missions (albiet longer missions)).

    I suppose my actual preorder bonus was being able to use the awesome shocktrooper weapon that the ace drops in one of those missions. That weapon is seriously a beast, every shot is a head-shot, shoots thirty times, and kills a V2 unit in 7 shots. Heck, my ‘trooper killed a V2 with interception fire with it…. :)

    • There are some pretty hefty items to pick up in those missions – I haven’t actually grabbed the one you’re referring to, but suddenly I have a huge desire to get it.

      Those V2’s were a serious pain before I started sending in Fencers to mow them down. :)

  • ah cool DLC 22 mission for $4.99 That a great deal! i give my best regert to Sega team who put their effort on this VCII. Great work guys! :)

  • hoho thx, just a big jump from 17 to 22, hum :D

  • You guys at Sega really did a spectacular job with the localization of VC2. This is the most I have seen a video game company reach out to the community and keep them engaged. It’s amazing that RubyEclipse takes the time to respond to comments here and at the Sega blog and that ValkyriaTribune responds via Twitter. Seeing the effort Sega has put into involving the community in this and with Sonic 4 has rekindled my faith in Sega.

    • Great to hear it. Many of us at SEGA are really passionate about what we work on, and that’s a feeling I hope even more fans will bolster as they begin to find jobs in the industry.

  • One thing i never understood is i remember being told that if i preordered VCII that i would get certain codes and extras. I never got them. Is there any way that I can get them? And if not was there a last minute change that happened upon the release of VCII that I wasn’t aware of?

    • Pre-ordering at Gamestop would net you two of the DLC missions for free, and a month in advance. Pretty sure that’s the biggest difference; all the extras like codes are free and we’ve been giving them out to all the fans as thanks for supporting the series.

  • If #57 needs assistance with a mission in April it would probably be the chapter mission with Baldren. Not to imply that one can’t get stuck on the other missions leading up to that one, but that mission had a noticeably sharp learning curve, at least from my perspective.

    It is good to know that the downloadable missions are out, and I’ll get them as soon as I get home from work. Regarding the MIA characters thank you for taking the time to look into the matter. It is very nice to see this level of direct support and communication and I think I speak for many when I say it is greatly appreciated. I’ll keep my eyes posted on further developments. Here is hoping that your organization brings in enough revenue to license the third installment as well.

    • Ah, yeah – that Baldren one is a pain the first time. Took me about three tries to get it right and finally beat it. My advice on Baldren is to ignore him and simply try to keep him running around while you take the other camps – just make sure to leave 1-2 people at your own base.

      No problem on the second part – any community manager worth their salt not only involves themselves directly with the fans, but fights on behalf of them, too.

  • Crowpup the extras were a couple of the missions that were just release now. You would have had to type in a code printed on your GameStop receipt into PSN to download it. But now that all of the missions have been released, you don’t need to do that.

  • @ #30: D**n website had their information wrong. Ok, so it’s a PSP release! Since VC2 got such a good reception on PSP they’re keeping it on that format. I’ll still buy it when it comes out.

  • Hey Aaron I have a question. Since the Lotte Insider posted above is issue 22 and the last one posted on the Sega Blog is issue 17, are you planning on putting the remaining issues up on the Sega Blog even though BLiTZ is over?

    • Yes, I’ll be posting those up, along with a DLC announcement and another link to the Freshman Cadet Guide – it will probably go up this evening, Pacific time.

  • I don’t see any replayability for VC1, add in Trophy support and ill pop it back in immediatly.

    • There are lots of things in VC1 that add replay value – as much as I’m for Trophies too, I think the DLC packs, the in-game medals, and simply trying to A-rank all missions on all difficulties is a ton of content and a challenge that few have ever actually managed to complete.

  • @47 (or more specifically, the reply to it):

    WOW – I didn’t even know about that guide or the Edy detachment codes! I’d been following the Blitz but must have missed that one. Now I can have Humanitarian Susie refuse to shoot someone standing right in front of her just like the original! Ah, good times, those… :D

    Just want to echo some of the other comments on here, that you guys did a fantastic job on this game, and in no way does it give less of an experience than the original. I was of course a little disappointed that III wouldn’t be making its way to the PS3, but I think the series is finding a nice niche on the handheld. It’s amazing how few features were cut/changed from the PS3 game, and how many more were added.

    Thanks for the great game, SEGA!

    • Hope you like the Edy Detachment codes! Susie got kicked from my active VC1 roster so fast when she pulled the pacifist thing on a really crucial shot for me.

      Marina, on the other hand…

      Glad to hear you really enjoyed the second game. I’ll pass these thoughts on to the developers. :)

  • Thanks Ruby for the final code
    DLC missions gonna be awesome :D

    I’m sad that BliTZ is over now :(
    Gonna meet you again when VC3 is over here right?

    And I’m still waiting for Ramal, Alicia(TV), Julius and Mintz!
    Hope they not get removed…

    • No problem!

      I’m a little sad the BLiTZ is over too, but it was a lot of fun and I hope to use it in the future to show just how much can be accomplished with content built and given exclusively to the fans. If VC3 comes west (it’s too early to say currently), I do hope to be here again and to raise the bar even higher.

      As to those other characters, I should have more info very soon.

  • awesome news! just picked this one up a bout two weeks ago, i’m sure i’ll nab that dlc once i finish the single player as is.

  • LOL At the haters.

    I bought the first Valkyria Chronicles without knowing anything about it, I simply bought it because it had an interesting cover and the word Valkyria in it’s title, it quickly became my favorite game, and it’s sequel is among my favorites too. I was worried that it would never see the light of day here, but I’m glad it did.

    The weekend before the release of VC2 I spent a lot of time trying to get A rank on all missions and skirmishes in the first game, I’m glad to say I succeeded in that task!

    As for the DLC, I really appreciate that they included the pre-order missions, since the game was never available for pre-order here.

    The community BLiTZ was awesome, and something I feel many more developers/publishers should adopt. I hope this isn’t the last time!

    Speaking of that… How many copies of VC2 do I have to buy so that VC3 gets released here? Not much people here are interested in those games, so if have to buy all of them I will, I just want to see VC3 here!

    • I haven’t heard any exact numbers, and we’re still not to the point yet of discussing VC3 in the west, but the more copies of VCII that are sold, the higher the chance if/when those discussions do happen.

      It’s not a meeting I’ll be a part of, but if fans like yourself are going to buy more than one copy, I love passing on that info to our teams to show them just how dedicated many people are.

  • Thanks so much for the codes and DLC updates. I’m still incredibly disappointed that the next Valkyria Chronicles isn’t on PS3, but I’ll keep buying them no matter what system they’re on.

    • Thank you for supporting the series, regardless of platform. Someday I hope we’ll see another Valkyria on PS3, too. :)

  • Good stuff… Will the USA ever see the Valkyria Chronicle anime? Also, when will we get an announcement to Valkyria Chronicles 3? :)

    If you’re looking for Dreamcast Classics votes, I vote for Sakura Wars I-IV, Jet Grind Radio, Jet Set Radio Future, Chu Chu Rocket (with PSN support) and Skies of Arcaida Legends. :)

    • There is a slight possibility that the anime might show up in the US – no real news on it yet, but I keep pushing our licensing team to see what they can do. (It’s actually often up to the anime publisher or dependent on what deals were signed in Japan, etc.)

      Some good choices there for Dreamcast games. : )

  • Will there ever be a Valkyria game that will leave the Japanese voice? I loved how the first one had the option to chose. I know the PSP is limited in size[1.2GB] but couldn’t they offer the Japanese Voice game on the PSN and maybe release it early[Valkyria Chronicles III]. I’m sure there are some people out there who enjoys the original Voice actors even some Jpop. At least that way Sega wouldn’t have to worry about making UMD that wouldn’t please to other who prefer only English. Can’t say people won’t like it, Yakuza 2 & 3 are perfect example that people don’t mind if it is not in English Voices or original theme music just as long as the game is fun.

    • The team actually really wanted to do this with VC2, but they had already filled the game to its limits with all the content existing inside.

      Voice files can be huge, especially in VC as you have 30-40 cadets all with a few lines, plus your regular storyline, voiced cut-scenes, etc.

      I agree though – having the option to choose between English or Japanese with subtitles was a huge win for the original game, and something I wish more Japanese-developed games would offer.

  • I noticed that it says “DLC Pack 2” in the store, but I don’t see a Pack 1. I must be missing something, because no one else seems to have asked about it. Can anyone bring a noob up to speed? :P

    • The pack was so awesome we decided to simply skip DLC Pack #1 and go straight to #2.

      (I’m not actually sure why it says this, but I tested it and it’s got all the missions working fine, so no major problems here.)

      If you’re new to the series – welcome! You’ll have some amazing times with both games.

  • Uh, disregard my last question asking about the missing issues. I see that you just have to click the links above to be taken to them…

  • Awn VC3 is also not on PS3.

  • Hey Aaron,

    Is there an easy way then having to download each individual mission? It’s a bit of a PITA to download/install each one, one after the other.

    Other quick question is… Is there any hope of any Valkyria Chronicles PSN avatars being released in the future? I’m using the VC1 theme currently on my PS3 and would love to use an avatar from either VC1 or VC2.

    • I downloaded them all individually – will check to see if there’s any other way to do it.

      PSN Avatars… hmm, I’ll see what we can do!

  • @JakeJoe85: I wrote something about that on my blog a week or so ago… I would love to see more games, that are on the PSP, that offer alternate audio tracks on the PSN in the case that it does not fit on the UMD.

  • @79: You can use either Media Go or your PS3 to do bulk downloads. No way to queue up a bunch of download a bunch of stuff directly on the PSP, though.

    On a side note, I don’t suppose there’s any chance of characters as DLC? I got Marina in the Edy squad, but I still don’t have Freesia </3

    • Ah, there we go on the bulk download – thanks!

      The last few characters that I am checking on now are mostly anime or manga tie-ins, like Ramal and the TV version of Alicia. I haven’t heard any news of Freesia, but she would be cool to have – Vyse and Aika were also two of my favorites from the first game.

      Oh, and Ted. Go Ted!

  • @81: I don’t think Freesia was part of the Edy’s detachment squad in Valkyria Chronicles 1’s DLC pack of somewhat the same name (Enter the Edy Detachment)…

  • Wow, $4.99? Impressive.

    Also, I implore that you find out about anime Alicia and the other manga/anime characters faster than you’re promising, Aaron :P

  • Ruby, you are awesome for responding to quite a number of fan comments no matter what they say!

    Thank you so much for all the fan support! It’s greatly appreciated. I love Valkyria Chronicles and I do hope to continue supporting the series! (Heck, I bought the Japanese version of VCII just for the heck of it. >_>)

    As for that Shining Hearts suggestion someone made, I highly approve. 8D

    Also, this might be random but I’m also a huge fan of Sakura Wars after NISA’s release of the fifth game! Just showing some love to the series to let you know that there are some American fans of it. 8D

    • Not a problem – thanks for being among the many fans who are helping this series succeed in the west! (I bought a JP version of VCII with my own money as well!)

  • I absolutely loved VC1. Since I only owned a PS3, I was irritated when I first learned that VC2 was on PSP. And a little sad (in a manly way) that I wouldn’t get to play the sequel to a game I liked to much.

    After VC2 came out, I kept hearing about how great it was. The talk convinced me, so I went out and bought a PSP just to play VC2. So basically, it was a $200 game for me – and I honestly say it’s totally worth it. The PSP is cooler than I thought it would be, and VC2 is pretty awesome. The story isn’t as good as VC1, but the gameplay adds some nice new features and is really engaging.

    I’m excited for VC3, just tell us what needs to be done to get it localized and the diehards will make it happen.

    PS – Just bought the DLC :)

    • That’s an awesome story – and one I think many of the fans wondering about VC2 should hear. I got my PSP largely just for Valkyria and Phantasy Star, and, like you, found that even just one or two games can be totally worth it. (That said, there are some other awesome games for PSP as well!)

      As to VC3, the biggest way to encourage the localization is to see good sales for VC2. Whether that’s telling your friends about the game, picking up a second copy, or even just commenting on message boards about how much you like it – all of these things can directly help.

      As a number of people have actually told me they bought two copies of the game, I’m considering trying to promote a specific week where fans grab a second copy, either for themselves or a friend, and then let us know in return for a special thank you or piece of Valkyria merchandise. That’s something I could directly use, number wise, to show some people here just how influential fans can be on the sales of a game.

  • Mr Webber,

    It appears I left room for misinterpretation of my previous comment, when i mentioned the Edy detachment code, i meant to ask if there will be any codes simillar to it, not if that code will be released.

    My apologies for any confusion.

    PS: Thank you for replying, it’s…unique to see someone who does something like this and actually replys to people.

    PPS: Would you happen to know the release date for this pack of missions in the UK?

    • Hey Eternal,

      No worries – the Edy code is a special case, but there are some other VC1 cameos in the game, too. The rest of the codes can all be found on our BLiTZ over on the SEGA Blogs.

      PS: No problem. : )

      PPS: I’ve heard it will likely be next week! The SEGA Europe Blogs should have this information for you soon.

  • I have a question Aaron. Will Valkyria Chronicles ever get trophy support? I bought my copy way back in January for $15 at Best Buy and still haven’t played it. The sad part is that I REALLY enoyed the demo. I just keep forgetting to play it when I have the chance.

    • I have pushed for trophies now for a couple years – I’m told it’s actually really difficult to implement, if not borderline impossible. But I’m still pushing it, even at the risk of the dev guys being rather annoyed at me. : )

      Boot it up and give it a whirl – even without trophies, you’ll find it to be one of the richest and most engrossing PS3 RPG’s you have ever played. If you already liked the demo, I can say without any hesitation that you are in for one of the best rides of your life on the PS3.

  • Talking about the VC series.. i’ve never been much into the strategy type rpgs, but i took a chance on VC and I fell in love, however… (not trying to bash) I gave up when I tried tried to finish the mission where the princess is kidnapped and you have to stop the car… i spent many hours just there.. got fed up. VCII looks amazing and i believe it could be what my psp needs to get the dust brushed off… but I havent finished the first one.. and don’t think i have the heart to try that mission again :( But keep up the fantastic work.. Yakuza.. love it. Can’t wait to see what kind of Dreamcast love you guys show next.. I still have my DC and still play it, Silver is the game… I think i have beaten it probably 20 times over since its release!

    • There are actually some great guides out there to help when you have moments like that – Shocktroopers, for example, are a great choice in that mission, and many FAQ’s can give you a play-by-play on what to do to get past it.

      Definitely pick up VCII if you loved the first, but my suggestion is to also beat the first one before you start the second – you’ll really enjoy the ending, and that will let you appreciate VCII all the more.

  • Aiming on getting my PS3 fixed first before dling all 22, but this really seems like an amazing pack. The price is also something within a threshold that a majority of people can get which is a good sign.

    Been a fan of the series since VC1 came out, and here’s hoping that the success of VC2 helps out VC3 and many other future releases.

    • The pack is pretty awesome in terms of both content and price. I’m still trying to get all A-ranks, and the fact that it’s still fun instead of tedious is part of the magic of this game. : )

  • Whatever happened to this strategy?

    By the way, those “neo geo” and “pc-engine” folders are still empty on my psp. What gives? I want to fill them up.

  • im happy VC 2 came out for the psp it gives a chance to play VC to those that dont have a ps3 and SWEETNESS for the dlc i gotta get them soon :) but im still in october in it lol iv been playing PSP2 a bit more and are PSP2 dlc coming out too? if so a time estimate

    • I haven’t heard any word on PSP2 DLC, but I have been checking into that for a couple weeks now. If you frequent some of the PS fansites, I’ve been updating them to let them know. : )

      Enjoy the DLC – if you’re in October, you should be well-enough in to give them a whirl, and you can save the hardest to complete after you beat the game!

  • Other than Avan’s occasional ‘AHAHAHAHA’ moments, VC2 is pretty fun. ^_^ VC3 seems to be going to a more epic direction though, which is nice.

    I would like to see the game back on ps3 myself. But I thought in the recent interview the dev team pretty much brushed off the possibility of coming back to ps3 already?

    Pretty sure they said something along the line of… ‘PSP portability is great. Only 1 game on ps3, and it is already over 2 years ago. If it’s back on ps3, we need more time and innovation. But if we innovate, it won’t be a VC game anymore.’

    To me, it sounds like they intend to keep the game exclusively on portable from now on… =(

    • The dev team actually commented a while back that they’d like to explore the possibility of the franchise on both the PSP and the PS3 – VC2 and, in Japan, VC3, are definitely pushing the bar higher and higher in terms of what many of us expected, even being on a handheld system.

      At the same time though, PS3 games do cost a lot more to produce and so the risk from a number perspective is notably higher on PS3. But that’s where fans can help: the better Valkyria does as a series, the more likely that someday, if the dev team would like to, they can make that choice once more.

  • VC2 is game with great [long] game play (60+ hours), its a great improvement to the orginal VC (20+ hours).
    Still I hoping that VC2 gets DLC like ‘Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- Dreamy Theater’ (PSP-to-PS3 connectivity add-on) – to play VC2 on PS3 with improved graphics [using CANVAS engine].

    • That’s a pretty cool idea – I haven’t heard any news on it, but I was really impressed by what they did for Hatsune Miku.

  • To the guy telling people who are upset about the series not returning to PS3 to play the demo before we judge…uhhh…

    That’s kinda hard to do if you don’t own a PSP.

    I’m not disputing that it’s probably a quality game. The first one is still the best game for this generation. In fact, if I was worried that 2 and 3 were bad, I wouldn’t be upset that they weren’t on PS3. It’s that this is such a great series and the developers have totally brushed off the wishes of the original fans of the series. And that’s disgraceful. If they went PS3 then PSP, then back to PS3, that’d be fine. But just ignoring the PS3 makes me very angry.

    The type of anger that could only be fixed, outside of them making a full-on VC4 for PS3, if they release VC2 and VC3 on a single PS3 disc one day. Otherwise, the series is dead to me and I will just have to treat it like an ex-girlfriend whose very memory hurts me.

  • Thank you Aaron for the great DLC and free codes. I have been logging in VC2 for over 22hours and still in April ( The one with Baldren? so Hard >_> ). Even thought I haven’t play the first one but I am loving VC2. Also Can I dreaming about Shining Hearts , Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity being localise to US one day? :D Keep it up Aaron and your team ^_^ you’re doing a great job.

  • In terms of getting both Japanese and English voice tracks for Valkyria Chronicles 3, one possibility is to have a special edition with dual-UMDs. One UMD would have the game dubbed in English while the other UMD would have English subtitles with the original Japanese voice track.

    That’s actually what NISA did when they localized Sakura Wars V: So Long, My Love for the PS2 (I wish Sega would have localized it themselves years ago, but it’s all good. I’m just glad I got to play it!).

    I know that Japan has seen a few dual-UMD releases and I’d definitely be interested in such a special edition!

    …In regards to Avatars, I hope you guys release some too. I’d totally buy an Edy or Anisette one!

  • for Valkyria Chronicles 3, please go a special edition with an action figures :) Oh ya Sega know we want it here.

  • Thank you for the great games and for inspiring this:

  • Aaron, I realize you mentioned trophy support already, I would have thought it wouldn’t be all that difficult since the game already has “trophies” in the form of medals. I figure if there was a way to just have the trophies related to those it would be an easy job…

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