Valkyria Chronicles II Community BliTZ Finale – DLC and Free Codes

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Long time no see, everyone! It seems like only yesterday we were talking about the original Valkyria Chronicles, the Yakuza series, and the announcement of Valkyria Chronicles II for the west. Today, we’re proud to announce that our massive 22 Mission DLC Pack for Valkyria Chronicles II is going live this afternoon on the PlayStation Store, and you can pick it up at an awesome value of $4.99!

If you’ve been following our Community BLiTZ over on the SEGA blogs, we’ve been updating almost every day with free codes to unlock new characters and tank stickers in the game. Today, because we love you guys, we’ve teamed up with Jeff and the crew here at the PS. Blog to post our BLiTZ Finale exclusively here – and with it, four brand new codes for you to enjoy!

Many of these codes are exclusive to the western version of the game. You can find all four codes in the Lotte Insider’s linked here, and also below:

You can enter these codes in the Extras section from the title screen (under “Password”), and yes, they *are* case sensitive!

Those of you savvy about the Japanese release might have also noticed that instead of charging $1 or so per mission, as was the case there, we have bundled all 22 of today’s DLC missions together and then made the price about as awesome as possible, at $4.99 – a little thank you to everyone here in the west who did their part, and who continue to support the success of Valkyria Chronicles here in the US and across Europe. There are few to no communities greater than the Valkyria community in terms of massive support and dedication, in my eyes.

Thank you guys for making all of the hard work that each of our teams – from the developers in Japan all the way to our teams in the US and Europe – worth every ounce of effort.

For all of you who have been with us from the first day a little thing called the ‘Community BLiTZ’ began, to those of you who are just reading about this for the first time – thank you for sticking with us. If you’ve never experienced the glory of Valkyria Chronicles yet – and readers, back me up here in the comments if you agree – you owe it to yourself to check one of the PlayStation’s best exclusive franchises.

As the codes go out and the DLC finally goes live, we proclaim amidst the softening roar of tanks, the echoes of fading footsteps, and the settling dust, five words that for us contain both happiness and sadness:

The Community BLiTZ is complete!

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  • Awesome! Thanks!

  • Yay! VC2 is amazing! :D

    That is all! …oh, UK price? :)

    • VC Fans in the UK, worry not – you’ll also be getting the DLC soon. Look for an update on the SEGA Europe blogs with that date soon!

  • Bring Valkyria Chronicles back on PS3 please.

    I’m glad the PSP is getting some love, it needed it, but really? Come on, this series needs to come back to the PS3…here’s to hoping VC4 isn’t on PSP (exclusively anyway).

    • There are many of us who would love to see the series return to PS3 someday. I’ll continue passing on those requests for you guys!

  • Please keep the VC series on the PSP. It is the best PSP game ever and I love that I am not tied down to a TV. Playing it anywhere FTW.

    • I must admit, I was expecting more comments asking for it on PS3! It’s good to hear that there’s a dedicated fanbase growing from the PSP launch – but if you haven’t yet, I highly recommend checking out the original, too. The power of the PS3 and the CANVAS engine are absolutely stunning.

  • Thanks for the last passwords! So it looks like the characters from the anime and manga really were removed… Is there a specific reason why?

    • Actually, the anime/manga tie-ins might still be around. (Or at least, they were localized at one point.) I’m investigating this right now. :)

  • I’m still playing through the first one! The second one is waiting on my gameshelf to be played and I have to resist the urge to play it.

    • There are some big spoilers for the first game at the start of the second, so yes: definitely beat VC1 first. Then cry man tears at the final scene.

      Worry not though; nobody will think less of you – we all did the same.

  • My game sessions at home are not long enough or frequent enough to make any SRPG worthwhile for me, even as much as I wanted to play the first Valkyria Chronicles.

    Putting it on the PSP saved this franchise for me. This is a go-to for my commute every day, and the combination of Sleep Mode and Save Game on the PSPgo means I don’t ever have to worry about where I can stop.

    Thank you for putting it on the PSP.

    • Thank you for picking it up and supporting the series!

      I found myself doing the same – and I now have a new favorite game to play when on airplanes. (This is also great news for Jeff, because it means I won’t be draining the battery on his PSP Go!)

  • Are the pre order exclusive missions included in this dlc?

    ps – Hell Yeah!1!! More VC is always a good thing.

  • THANK YOU SEGA! Thank you SO much for Yakuza 3 (cannot wait for Yakuza 4!!) and the original VC. Now having VC2 on my PSP and playing it for well over 60 hours (and still haven’t completed the story mode yet) I can truly say Valkyria Chronicles is one of my all time favorite franchises. I’m sooo glad the team was able to make this wonderful game on the PSP. It’s been great fun playing it and I couldn’t be happier! Thanks again Sega!!!

    • You’re very welcome – fans like you support the future of series like Yakuza and Valkyria Chronicles. As long as people continue to show their love for these games, my hope is that the series will continue for a long time to come.

  • Oh wow! Didn’t that DLC cost 100 yen per mission in japan? $5 is a steal :D Good show Ruby, good show. Segas treated this games localization far better then PSP2s.

    Keep the PSP localizations coming guys! PSP2 Infinity, Valkyria Chronicles III, Yakuza portable… and Shining Hearts if you’re feeling up to it :)

    • Yes it did – we gave western customers an awesome deal for their money, so you’re essentially saving about $17 with the bundle.

      I’ll pass on the love and requests for the other titles you mentioned!

  • Awesome, I’ll be picking that DLC up ASAP. Now, guys, don’t keep us waiting, announce Valkyria Chronicles 3 for the US!

  • I’ve given up on this series since the cut corners leave from the PS3… I have a PSP, but this series, its just dead to me…

    If it ever makes it back to the PS3 great, but until then I just don’t care any more.

    • Take it from the fans here – there are no corners cut in VCII. If anything, they actually improve on the game in just about every way possible.

      I’m among the many who would personally love to see this series return to the PS3 someday. But if you pass up VCII solely because of platform, you truly are missing out. Give it a chance, read some of the many reviews, or even just ask others here: it’s well worth it.

  • Odd. There seems to be characters missing from the US version of the game that were unlocked by passwords in the JP version of the game.

    • A number of characters are actually unlocked via gameplay and meeting certain achievements or requirements in-game. As to the other two you might be mentioning (Anime version Alicia and Ramal), I’m checking into how you can get them. :)

  • … valkyria back on ps3. until then you will not get my pennys… damn … need that yakuza 4

    • The second game is very well-done: the reviews and fan comments should speak for themselves. If you liked the first game, supporting the series by picking up the second can actually have an effect on where the series goes in the future.

      On a side note: Yakuza 4 is awesome. I’ve been playing an early, mostly untranslated version recently. Great stuff.

  • Sad to see the awesome support for this game since launch end but at the same time, it was AWESOME! All of the codes given out on the Sega blog, the new codes here, and the sweet deal on the DLC.

    Too bad this is the exception in post launch support when it comes to the PSP and not the rule. Awesome job on the BliTZ, it will be sorely missed.

    • Glad you enjoyed the BLiTZ, and thank you for following it over the last month! It was a challenge to update every day and our teams all put a lot of work into it.

      Hopefully our efforts will prove that there is a lot of value in supporting games, especially after launch. :)

  • I loved the original and love the sequel. I do wish it had remained on the PS3, but I think the portability factor is great, so it’s a fair trade off, to me. And I love how supportive the Sega team has been with the free codes. Sure, most of it is just tank stickers, but it’s awesome to see the fan-love.

    • Thank you – we had a lot of those Tank stickers, like the Skies of Arcadia logo, the Crazy Taxi logo, and many others, custom made exclusively for the west.

      Special thanks to our developers for helping us make that happen. :)

  • Awesome! I loved VC and I’m loving VC2… Please announce VC3 for the west, an VC4 for the PS3!

  • next time put these games out on PS3!

  • Indeed Superfrick. We are missing 4 characters. It seems like it would be more work on their part to remove characters rather than just keep them in. If I had to choose between having all the characters the Japanese version had and getting exclusive tank stickers, I would have to pick the characters. Tanks stickers aren’t a substitute for characters. I hope someone explains why the characters were removed. I would understand if it has to do with licensing issues with having anime and manga characters that didn’t appear in the US in the US version.

    • Licensing was the only thing that came to mind for me too, but I actually saw these characters playable in an earlier version of the game.

      While it is possible that they got removed at the last minute because of licensing, I doubt they’d localize them completely if that were the case. More news soon!

  • Guess We’ll see you guys again for VC3?

    • If VC3 comes west, absolutely! VCII’s success or failure will probably play a big part in that decision, so we’ll see how the game is doing soon. The launch week was good, but the weeks after are also still important.

      Hopefully the DLC will also boost support a bit and get the game back on people’s radars – every copy and DLC bundle helps!

  • Are the Pre-Order DLC Missions Included in the PSN Bundle, Aaron?

    My EB games was lame and I didn’t get them.

    Said it was a Gamestop thing. Even though they one and the same….

  • ValkyriaTribune on Twitter said Anime Alicia is in the game, and RubyEclipse on the SEGA blog said there are more unlockables than this…So I have faith we’ll get those last 4 characters eventually… Just sad that it wasn’t today, and I’m especially sad that one of the codes on here is for something that could be unlocked by other means(Emelia)…

  • Was hoping VC3 would be for the PS3, maybe more PS3 love in the near future?

  • Yes! The trophy patch is finally…….oh, still not listening eh? Oh well, back to playing EVERYTHING ELSE. My loss, right? You guys make me laugh. Later.

  • Chill out all of you whiners! Valkyria Chronicles 3 was just announced at the Tokyo Game Show, for the PS3. I’m glad Sega brought over VC2, and I’m hoping that White Knight Chronicles 2 gets brought over-yes, it’s on the PSP.

    The release method (PS3 then PSP) keeps people from complaining that there is “no love” for the PSP.

  • Thanks for bringing that to my attention TheRootBeerKing. It looks like it may be too early to give up hope.

  • SGTquig, VC3 is for the PSP, not the PS3.

  • Thanks for the codes, Aaron. Can’t wait to see what Valkyria Chronicles III brings.

    Though I hope the series makes its way back to the PS3 someday.

  • @25 SGTquig

    Um, no it wasn’t. Valkyria Chronicles 3 was announced for PSP at TGS.

    …and “whiners”? Really? Ok, I simply made a request for another entry in the series on PS3, I even asked nicely (hence the PLEASE in there). It doesn’t bother me that it’s on PSP, but I don’t see why they can’t develop the series for both platforms, it’s not unheard of.

  • Yes. The Pre-order missions are part of the DLC. Personally I wish I would have known this, because I would have much rather gotten the game via PSN so I can play it on a Go.

  • It wouldn’t surprise me if VC4 was for the PS3. Given that the developers said that they want to revolutionize the game play before returning to the PS3, it’s only a matter of time before they go back.

  • Thanks for the codes and price drop for the DLC, but the extra characters like Ramal that are in Japanese version would be much appreciated. I hope there’ll be a way to play with them as well.

    Oh and please try to get VC3 to western audiences as soon as possible once it launches in Japan!

  • It’s possible that Ramal and the other anime and manga characters are still in. People have been assuming that they’re out because Ramal was listed as one of the characters that Isara likes in the Japanese version, but not in the US version. It could be that they simply removed Ramal from Isara’s like section since for those that only played VC1 and not watched the anime, they wouldn’t knnow who he is. We still have no reason to believe that Mintz, Julius, and Anime Alicia are removed. Given that ValkyriaTribune (The Valkyria Twitter) says that he’s played as anime Alicia and seen Ramal, gives us more reason to believe that they’re still in rather than removed. Coupled with the statement by Sega saying that nothing would be removed and by RubyEclipse saying that there may be more secrets besides what’s revealed today, it’s too soon to give up hope.




  • Oh wow. That’s pretty cool. I bought Phantasy Star Portable 2 and Valkyria Chronicles 2 at the same time. Haven’t started VC2 yet because I’ve been playing PSP2 online with my friends, but it’s cool to see the games cross over and such.

    Can’t wait to get started.

    Sega has been on a roll recently. I was also really happy to see Sonic Adventure hit the PSN store last week. Is there any hope that Skies of Arcadia will soon follow? :o

    • There’s no news of one currently, as that team is actually working on the Valkyria games now. I would do some crazy things for a Skies of Arcadia sequel though.

  • Sorry if it’s a bother, but about what time will the PSN store be updated to allow download of the DLC?

  • Thanks SEGA for your support on VC2, and I hope you do the same treatment to VC3 when it gets released over here.

  • Great!! Thanks. Just got my two codes from Gamestop for pre-ordering. Have to echo some other comments that I hope this stays on the PSP. Between this and MGS:Peacewalker I have endless hours of fun to look forward to anywhere. Hopeful for what is coming in the future with VC3.

    • Enjoy the codes and the DLC! I’m working on getting perfect A ranks on all missions in VC2 now – quite a challenge!

  • When will you guys import the Valkyria Chronicles anime over, i haven’t bothered to download it because i want to watch it in crystal clear bluray…..a must buy =)

    • I’ve been asking about the anime and any chance for bringing it over here.

      If you’d like to see the VC Anime in the west, let the anime publishers here in the west know!

  • Sega. I love you.


  • Is this going to be released on the PS3 at any point in my life. I really enjoyed the First one.

    • VCII is a PSP-exclusive, but the Japanese dev team has stated that someday they would like to consider bringing it back to PS3 again.

  • Handheld games do not need, nor should they have, DLC.


    I want to support this franchise because the first game was great, but DLC for handhelds?

    It’s bad enough on consoles.

    • I think DLC can be awesome and enriching if done in the right manner. The only problem with some games, as I think you’re referencing to, is that they try to nickel and dime you for that content.

      As you may have read above, we actually made a special bundle for customers here in the west that saves you about $17 compared to the Japanese cost of this content. Having played through it, I can also confirm that it’s very fun content – often DLC is stuff that devs wanted to add in the game, but didn’t have time for given the schedule. For Valkyria, the challenge and new strategies required for these missions is also what makes it very fun.

  • When VC3 was announced for PSP, instead of PS3, I was actually angry all day. It completely ruined that day for me. I find it very sad that no love is being shown to the original fanbase of the game. As was said above, I feel like the franchise is dead to me after all the word of mouth, after all the buying of the game for Christmas gifts for my friends. No trophy patch and then two sequels in a row on PSP. I don’t think that’s right and I don’t think it’s fair. After how much I loved the original, it saddens me to think that I will never play the next two games in the series, but I guess I won’t.

  • I love the cameos of other SEGA franchises. VC was my first PS3 game and it was a sweet choice, I’m picking this up but I am a bit sad it doesn’t have to power and capabilities the PS3 offers but still a great game. Fingers crossed that VC4 will grace the PS3 with some CANVAS engine love.

    • Same here – the Skies cameos in the first game made me really happy, and now seeing some of my favorite VC1 characters in VC2 is having the same effect.

  • Mr Webber,

    Having kept up with the BLiTZ since article IV on SEGA’s blog, i was wondering if anymore characters would be added as passwords/dlc etc, such as more characters from vc1 e.g Marina and the Edy Detachment?

    Not to disrespect what SEGA and…Yourself? have given us thus far, however personal preference leads me to say i would rather have an extra character (Or Ten…) than a variety of tank stickers (Albeit rather helpful stickers, Auto-correct anyone?)

    Also, while i may have been skeptical of VC2 on psp at first, having tried it, i’ve come to the conclusion that it’s actually very good, and i would say to anyone who throws a fit over it not being on ps3 to do the following: At the very least, try the demo if you can, don’t bother acting like a child until you do so.

  • That’s great news to hear about the anime and manga characters. Thanks a lot for replying Aaron. I really appreciate that you took the time to respond to all of these comments and I was especially glad to see that you responded to mine. ^_^

  • thanks for bringing more dlc for the game. cant wait to download and play it. Heres hoping more valkyria games will be coming to the US!

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