UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Game of the Year Edition coming October 12th

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It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly a whole year since UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves was released! Since then we’ve sold over 3.8 million copies worldwide of UNCHARTED 2, hosted more than 125 million online multiplayer matches and won more Game of the Year Awards than we know what do with.

Not exactly a bad problem to have.


To commemorate UNCHARTED 2 as the definitive Game of the Year in 2009, we’re proud to reveal the UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Game of the Year Edition!

UNCHARTED 2: Game of the Year edition

On October 12, 2010, copies of UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Game of the Year Edition will start hitting retailers all over North America. For just $49.99, you’ll get the regular retail Blu-ray of UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves along with a “super voucher” for the PlayStation Network Store that lets you download ALL of the following DLC content:

Sparing me the need to bust out a calculator, I’m told the total value of all the content we’re including in our Game of the Year Edition comes in at more than $35.00 if you purchased it all separately — and some of the content isn’t even available for purchase separately, so the bonus just got even better.

Releasing our Game of the Year Edition in the same week as our one-year anniversary of release is not without benefits – we have set aside Saturday, October 16, 2010, as the date to join us online for some awesome anniversary festivities!

We’ll be running a special one-day only playlist which compiles a “Best of…” selection of gametypes we’ve chosen from previous episodes of “The Lab.” We’ll also have plenty of Dogs online nearly all day in that playlist to play against. But that’s not all – we’re not ready to reveal everything yet, so please check back on NaughtyDog.com in the next few weeks. We’ll be posting more details on all the awesomeness we have in store for our fans!

And last but not least, head on over here to check out the IGN exclusive interview with our very own Evan Wells and Justin Richmond for an inside look at how they are feeling a year since launch, multiplayer stats, accolades, and more!

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  • MOVE support?

  • That’s kinda doodoo of you guys. I buy the game the day it comes out for full price, and then everyone else gets it for 10 bucks off and $35 in free DLC? I didn’t get any of that and bought it full price!

    • Value-packed releases and price waterfalls (meaning things like Greatest Hits releases) are pretty standard and long established in the gaming industry. We’re not doing anything radical or new here — however we do have to find ways to sweeten the deal over time to attract new players to our games and these ways are effective at doing so. The positive side is that you’ve had a year head start (on MP cash, levels, skill, Trophies, etc.) on everyone else joining in at this point.

  • Is there a separate code card for the golden guns? I already purchased everything else.

  • I have the original, but never found the time nor had the money to buy the second.

    Looks like I might get this version instead.


  • …and the new cover art is nice.

  • really glad that GREATEST HITS isn’t slapped on the cover..

    I absolutely hate game covers with the GREATEST HITS logo on it and i avoid it like the plague..lol

  • Do you guys think you can add a game status update on the xmb like Modern warfare 2 that tells you what mode your friends are playing, Super Street fighter 4 done it with a patch so i was thinking maybe Uncharted 2 could do it aswell. thanks

  • so, it does all fit on the disc…

  • That’s a pretty sweet deal, now release a collector’s edition of it so people who didn’t win the collector’s edition last year can get a Phurba dagger replica and I’m sold :)

  • Naughty Dog, I you guys ROCK, this game was Spectacular, I also loved first Uncharted and I can’t wait, just can’t wait to see what you are hiding up your sleeve. I know it’s Uncharted 3, but I just don’t know how SUPERB it’s gonna be, cause it will be.

    I got all my friends hooked on this game, as well as Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. Will be checking NaughtyDog.com daily. I am going through single campaign 2nd time around and have only 1 chapter to go.

    And October 16th I will fire up multilayer and kick some ass. Once again thank you for creating such an amazing game.

  • Thanks Arne! I really would like a copy of that picture. I was told at the event they would post it on the blog, but it never was. I just want to post it to my FaceBook to brag to my friends that I won the tournament. Thanks again!

  • @B-RadGfromOV

    I totally agree. If this keeps happening, what is even the point of buying it when it comes out? We should all just wait a year for a better edition to come along with the freebies.

  • PULLLLLLLEAZZZZZZ!!!! Game of the YEAR? Try game of the CENTURY!!!

  • Look like I’m giving my original game to my bro and I’m so getting this one for me. Now, that there 2 Ps3 at grandma home :)

  • So this doesn’t include the Sidekick skin pack?

  • I’d also still love to have a LAN patch for this game, or at the very least consider adding LAN to Uncharted 3 while it’s in development.

  • I love Uncharted. NaughtyDog is the best of the best!

  • Really happy for you guys but for us who supported you all the way you could show us some love. For example I own every piece of that DLC but didn’t buy the limited edition. So I suggest you give the golden guns for free to the people who have been supporting you trough all the way or at least make them available for purchase in the PSN store. This is all I’m asking.

  • WOW, THATS SOME CRAZY STUFF FOR $50. considering that i didn’t but U2 yet, i might actually get it now

  • This game is one of my all time favorites. Anyone who has yet to ride this train( pun definitely intended) should not hesitate to pick this up.

  • Sweet! I was going to buy Uncharted 2 now after finishing Uncharted 1 on normal, but this makes me want it a lot more. Great job and a game that actually has the right to put “Game of The Year” on it as many other games have a edition the same, but wasn’t game of the year.

  • i really loved this game and i would really like the Naughty Dog team to bring back Jak and Daxter on PS3….if you noticed the story isn’t over at the end of Jak X

  • Would you consider offering a “super voucher” to be sold separately for those who already have the game?

  • Do you think they’ll bring down the price to encourage more people to buy it or is it going to stay pricey. I’m still waiting for it to go down in price.

  • A quote from Fox News? Of ALL the media publications you had to pick THAT one? :p

  • It’s been four months since I bought PS3, but I didn’t bought Uncharted 2 because I always had feeling that a GOTY edition where all the DLCs included will be available. And the time has finally come. Thank you very much NaughtyDog Devs. You deserve all the glory for this great game.

    I have a question: Will this come to Europe?
    I don’t mind to import it but if it comes to EU, I’ll wait since it’ll save me from the shipping cost. And thanks again.

  • ok, Arne Meyer while you answering some answers, can you explain to me, why is uncharted 2 unplayable for a few players, and for me especially. i bought skins and maps and when i get online to play it tends to freeze my player until i get killed. its very annoying which was the main reason why i never played the game since; i still have it because its a awesome game but its just collecting dust…. shame =(

  • Absolutely awesome! Too bad I already have this amazing game though(since day 1 :D). I would have loved the GotY edition, either way congrats on an awesome game! I see what you guys did thar, you guys are releasing the game exactly a year later again. I will definitely be on with all the special playlists and here’s hoping Uncharted 3 comes out soon and raises the bar once again.

  • There never was a more deserving game. Congrats ND! I’d buy this again if I hadn’t downloaded most of the content already. :)

  • Oh and one more thing, cant wait for the new Uncharted dlc! Hope its a mini campaign or at least 1 or 2 more co-op missions!

  • Suddenly that golden gun pre-order bonus I received doesn’t feel so special… But not really a big deal, this game is awesome enough that I can’t really hate on it…

  • Thats great to hear, I’m sure with Batman, Fallout 3, and Borderlands having their own GOTY editions, it was inevitable to have Uncharted 2 with its own GOTY. I really want to try out siege mode, but people i know didnt play U2, hopefully they’ll buy this. Actually I just want the Fortune Hunter edition ;)

  • One of the best games I have ever played. 3.8 million seems not too bad for a PS3 exclusive, however of course you deserve a lot more, hopefully this edition will help with that.

    I can’t wait for some of this new content I have been hearing about, or third instalment…

  • Very nice to show off all these awards you won but now make new maps and new boosters.

  • I am going to give my copy to local child care center (yep, they have ps3’s there) and get GOTY :) This cover is so awesome.

  • The entire *point* of a GOTY edition is to put all the DLC content *ON THE DISC*.

    You guys totally dropped the ball on this, ND.

    No sale.

    • We were originally trying to do to put everything on the Blu-ray but it turned out that wouldn’t be possible due to some technical reasons.

  • just wondering, are you guys gonna have it in 3D by then….. because that would just be the icing on the cake

  • someone please can tell me where i can pre order this game I live in chile and i want it now please tell me


  • So it’s the same game but with a voucher inside? Really? You couldn’t just put the content on the disc?

  • which games are in the top 10 best selling ps3 games? where are the numbers and where does Unch 2 AT fall?

    • I don’t have specific numbers, it’s a pretty solid estimate based on all the various figures reported by the various publishers and developers (press releases, financial statements, announcements, etc.). As such, it wouldn’t take too much for some games to swap places on an ordered list.

      Digging through some internet searches some more, pretty certain we’re actually the third best-selling first-party game on the platform. Still happy about it!

  • Can you get the golden gun options without getting The Game Of The Year Edition?

    • Nope – it was only previously available as a pre-order bonus and we’ve brought it back only for the GOTY Edition. There are no plans at the moment to make it available separately.

  • looks like i will be trading in another outdated copy, tired of shelling out more money for the same game but i will do it for you Naughty Dog.

  • So THIS is your excuse for no Greatest Hit title for Uncharted 2! I get it! Hi Arne? Do you know of any plans for Jak 4?

  • At least allow the Day 2 Purchasers like me to purchase the Golden weapons :”(

  • Well Im happy NDog are happy with Unc 2’s sales. Maybe Unch 3 should include CTF online match. i love CTF. If there is CTF online mode in Unch 3 then I’ll buy it day one. promise.

    Unch 3 set in the amazon rainforest or in a busy Thailand city and jungle will be kool I feel.


  • Question: I live in Canada and was wondering if I’ll be able to pre-order this from Amazon(dot)ca. I looked on the American Amazon site and didn’t find it there either though, so am I just being premature?

    Basically I just want to know when I’ll be able to pre-oder this game, and from where :]

    • I don’t see it on Amazon.ca yet either, however it is available at the US Amazon.com store if you include game of the year edition in your search. We just announced this morning – I’m told it can take anywhere from minutes up to a couple of days for all the retailers to have their product pages up.

  • Mr. Meyer – you can make the best looking game of last year, but you can’t put skins on a disc??????????

  • I already have the Siege pack, so if I bought the GOTY version, the super voucher would still work to unlock the rest of the stuff right?

    I only ask because sometimes when you buy a single map pack on the PS Store, it locks you out of buying bundles that include the pack you already bought.

    • It should — nothing was mentioned that you shouldn’t be able to download the rest of the content if you already owned part of it, but I’ll double check.

  • Damn just got the game 3 weeks ago, now I hoping for a special deal on the dlc to make my collection complete.

  • hey everything here is awesome but what about the uncharted 2 dynamic theme? i want that please do something!!!!

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