UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Game of the Year Edition coming October 12th

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It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly a whole year since UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves was released! Since then we’ve sold over 3.8 million copies worldwide of UNCHARTED 2, hosted more than 125 million online multiplayer matches and won more Game of the Year Awards than we know what do with.

Not exactly a bad problem to have.


To commemorate UNCHARTED 2 as the definitive Game of the Year in 2009, we’re proud to reveal the UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Game of the Year Edition!

UNCHARTED 2: Game of the Year edition

On October 12, 2010, copies of UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Game of the Year Edition will start hitting retailers all over North America. For just $49.99, you’ll get the regular retail Blu-ray of UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves along with a “super voucher” for the PlayStation Network Store that lets you download ALL of the following DLC content:

Sparing me the need to bust out a calculator, I’m told the total value of all the content we’re including in our Game of the Year Edition comes in at more than $35.00 if you purchased it all separately — and some of the content isn’t even available for purchase separately, so the bonus just got even better.

Releasing our Game of the Year Edition in the same week as our one-year anniversary of release is not without benefits – we have set aside Saturday, October 16, 2010, as the date to join us online for some awesome anniversary festivities!

We’ll be running a special one-day only playlist which compiles a “Best of…” selection of gametypes we’ve chosen from previous episodes of “The Lab.” We’ll also have plenty of Dogs online nearly all day in that playlist to play against. But that’s not all – we’re not ready to reveal everything yet, so please check back on NaughtyDog.com in the next few weeks. We’ll be posting more details on all the awesomeness we have in store for our fans!

And last but not least, head on over here to check out the IGN exclusive interview with our very own Evan Wells and Justin Richmond for an inside look at how they are feeling a year since launch, multiplayer stats, accolades, and more!

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  • You guys should release UNCHARTED 1 ON PSN!

    I would so totally buy it

  • My Favorite Game and first game of all time Uncharted, I will never sell it or borrow it to anybody, but i will sell uncharted 2 and get this awesome GOTYE! Naughty Dog Are The Boss!!
    first ps1 game- crash bandicoot!!

  • Already got all the stuff, but that’s a good deal.

  • Finally, a GOTY edition for a game that was actually considered GOTY. I bought this game day one, but I think Im gonna have to get this again considering I traded it in for GOW3. Yeah baby.

  • Only 3.8 million copies sold?

    Absolutely criminal. Sony marketing fail.

    • We’re in the Top 10 of all PS3 games sold, and second/third highest first-party title — I don’t think that’s too shabby! ;)

  • Are the extras on the game disc or is they voucher codes packed with the game?

  • Haven’t played for a while but I’ll definitely drop in for a few hours to celebrate. See you online Arne!

  • My PS3 broke in January so I never got the chance to buy any DLC so this is a great option for me. I already have the game though so the only real good reason to buy it again is if it has a different set of trophies. I’d be spending the $35 on DLC either way, and $15 for a new platinum is a great deal. So are the trophies the same?

    • It’s the same version of Uncharted 2 it always has been — with the same original set of Trophies plus the additional Trophies available from the DLC.

  • wow, good thing I waited to buy this game :P

  • Congrats Naughty Dog! I haven’t played a game that I was this passionate about in a long, long time. Uncharted 2 was like this perfect little treat in the fall, and then the multiplayer was something that I played as if it was a lifestyle choice for months on end.

    I’ll be online to celebrate with everyone else and hopefully I’ll get to run into a few Dogs!

  • Uncharted 3!! :D

  • Out of all the accolades and superlative remarks you’ve received from the press at large for this masterpiece of a single player game (we all know MP is garbage now), you decided to quote FOX NEWS of all sources???

    LMFAO wonderful.

  • I was able to take my son (13) to the Uncharted 2 “Exclusive Sneak Peak” in Bellevue, Washington last year. Can’t believe it’s been almost a year already.

    Needless to say, we had a blast (and he kicked Dad’s you-know-what in the process). We have 2 PS3s, so each of us getting our own free disc that night capped off a wonderful evening. What a fabulous game that we’re still playing to this day.

    And with multiplayer, he’s still kicking my…

  • I’m eagerly awaiting this title to get a greatest hits release. So this to me means that I’ll have to wait longer, oh well.

  • I play Uncharted 2 every day since it came out , it’s a great game ! Have you planned to make new DLC or is it over?

  • I knew I shouldn’t have used the Siege code I won from the Subway contest.. >_<

  • Wow! Thanks for answering my first question so quickly! Now I have a different question:

    Will the vanilla Uncharted 2 be sold at a discounted price, or will it be slowly discontinued so the GOTY edition will eventually be the only edition?

  • Wow Naughty Dog, you’ve really outdone yourselves this time. It’s a pretty sweet bundle. I especially like the fact that you bundled the motion comics into it.

  • Woo hoo!
    So awesome. :)

  • congrats naughty dog i knew this was coming hhmmm and the upcoming
    news cough”uncharted 3″cough lol

  • Why didn’t you guys put all the DLC on the disc with the game? some people have slow ass internet and just downloading demos takes for EVER, a GOTY Edition should be the original game with all patches and DLC on the disc.

    also, what if we already have the original game? is the disc inside the GOTY Edition the same disc? so if we upgrade, from orignal to GOTY, we just keep our game date and save data and download the new stuff?

    Thanks, ND has my respect!!!

    • We looked into it but it wasn’t possible to have it all on disc, which is why we went the “super voucher” code route. And you’re correct, if you upgrade from the original to the GOTY — all the game data and save files are the same and work with either version.

  • So is this is the new Sony business model?

    Game sells millions of copies in 9 months. Should be given Greatest Hits status. Instead let us put DLC in the box make a GOTY edition and charge full price? Wait another year until we lower it to a family friendly price (IE GH price).

    I look forward to next year when I can play Heavy Rain GOTY.

  • A sale on the DLC for existing owners would be nice. I’m having a really hard time finding any games set on the Siege maps. Plus, I wouldn’t mind picking up the remaining DLC.

  • Lol that’s alot of awards think i will buy it

  • we dont have avatar pack 3 and 4 on the store, are they exclusive to the GOTY edition?

  • @72 (TwinDad), you’re forgetting that the DLC they’re packing in is also something you’d otherwise have to pay for. So couple that with your perceived loss-of-value for the game itself, and you are still getting your money’s worth. And as we just saw in a previous blog posting, they are definitely still doing the “Greatest Hits” for most games that sell decently.

    On another note, I am NEVER selling my copy of the game, since I got the inside of the game’s insert signed by some of the development team at the Spike VGA meetup last year! :)

  • Awesome, I Cant Wait

    Im so glad I got my platinum trophy on Uncharted 2, and than went back and got my platinum trophy on Uncharted… now with the GOY Edition, no one should have any excuse not to have Uncharted 2.

  • Congrats to the industry’s best developers! It’s because of your games that I want to get into the gaming industry! Uncharted 2 revolutionized gaming, period. With it unrivaled single player campaign and the best multiplayer I’ve ever played, anyone who misses out on this game is only fooling themselves.

  • I can’t wait for more n00bs to beat in MP!

    Sadly, I already have all of the DLC that’s offered on the PSN, save for some skins, and I can’t justify this as a new purchase. But, I do have a good friend getting a PS3 Move 320gb system, and I’ll make sure this is his first game purchase.

  • Naughty Dog are one of the few developers out there that care about their fans! Amazing job with Uncharted 2 and this is a GREAT deal! I have all the content and the games, but for those of you (the very FEW of you who don’t have it), GET IT!

    Thanks, Naughty Dog! You guys Rock!

  • About time :) Bought the game day one of course but this is great news for late adopters!

    Still remember going to the store that day, excited to finally pick up my copy. It’s quite rare that a game hypes me up like Uncharted 2 did and it also lived up to that hype. What an amazing gaming experience that deserves all the awards it received. I cannot wait to see what else is to come for this game and of course, Uncharted 3 ;)

  • Very nice. Not really worth getting if you already have the game but if you dont already have it you are crazy as the game is a masterpeice!

  • What about those of us who already have the game? Don’t we get anything? I knew I should have waited for this edition.

  • I was going to get this game(UC2)next week,,but I will wait now,,so with the extra’s anything for ppl that do not play MP on console?

    This game is great,I only played the first.It was an adventure with a nice story line(a good story line is 50% of a great game,IMO)..

    Keep up the good work N.Dog,,,,cheers

  • Any chance you guys will have a sale for the dlc on the store sometime? Since this GotY edition is more for people who don’t already have the game, how about giving some extra value to everyone who already has the game in the form of a sale? I’m looking at the maps and skins, specifically….

    Anyways, congrats on Uncharted 2’s success, it’s well deserved.

  • How do we unlock Golden guns? Game rocks play almost every day:)

  • Best game of last year & KillZone 2 as well :P

  • There’s one word that’s repeated everywhere you read about Uncharted 2, and that is “BEST”.

    Uncharted 2 is the BEST game this generation. Until Uncharted 3 that is :-D … but seriously, the “best” Uncharted 3 could do is to tie Uncharted 2’s “best”. I don’t think anybody would complain if it does.



  • hey. i sold my copy after 150+ hours online. but i was intrigued to hear more coop dlc might be comming, is this true?! if so, i might have to go out and get this edition.

    • We haven’t made any announcements regarding whether there will be future DLC or not — anything else out there so far is speculation.

  • This is pretty awesome even tho I own the normal game and more the half of the DLC, this is still pretty awesome.

  • I’ve been a gamer since Pacman, and Uncharted 2 is one of the best games that I have ever played… especially the single player, which is so cinematic and well made.

    I hope now that there’s this Game of the Year Edition that we’ll get more people playing the DLC. I still sometimes find it hard to get into certain multiplayer game modes, especially ranked games and some DLC modes.

    Naughty… is there any chance that you could just default multiplayer games to “no preference” unless specified, so that we can get a good mix of DLC and non DLC games?

    Also, any chance of a game mode that doesn’t have boosters… well, namely Situational Awareness, but a general booster-free game mode would be nice. I just think that SA kinda messes up the dynamics of the game at times. Just a thought on an otherwise amazing game.

  • I have a friend in Europe, and he asked if this GotY edition will be released there!
    He also asked if the US version voucher can be redeemed on an EU region account!?

  • A Game of the Year Edition?!
    Thanks Naughty Dog! ^_^
    Now I can convince my friend to buy this game though he’ll have the golden guns….in other news: I’ll definitely stop by on October 16 to join in on the fun. No power weapons was great! I hope Plunder w/Pistols makes it. Never got to try it. Keep up the hard work!

  • The Game of the Year Edition of the game should includes the DLC content on the disc and not via a separate voucher.

  • Question for Arne Meyer:

    Does this GOTY edition include all the latest software patches? I would assume it does. I know for experience it’s quite a hassle to (try to) jump into the MP part of the game only to be greeted by a enthusiasm-killer long download and then even more waiting for the game to sync…Newcomers to the game shouldn’t have to experience that, and you guys should have a workaround for that problem for Uncharted 3’s multiplayer. Your game is as perfect as any I’ve seen or played, but you need to iron out some of those details for future titles.

    • No — the version of Uncharted 2 on the disc is the same as the original retail version — none of the DLC or Title Updates are included on the disc — as I’d mentioned before, we looked into including this type of stuff on the disc and it wasn’t possible to pull off.

  • Uncharted 3 please!!

  • Hey again Naughty

    For the GotY buyers, will DLC and original multiplayer levels be separate options, or will they be grouped together?

    Also, will any new DLC be released soon?

  • The best game ever made! Way better than Call of Duty.

  • Are there Portuguese audio/audio subtitles available in region 1 (NTSC USA) copies? I’m a Brazilian possible buyer.

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