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I’m baa-aack! Thanks to Jeff for covering last week while Rey and I were running around the Tokyo Game Show. It was exciting for me to interview luminaries such as Ueda-san for The Last Guardian and Kotani-san for Patapon 3. What was your favorite TGS story?

I other news, I’m trying to score my very own PlayStation Move, but the brisk sales have led to sold-out inventory at a few of my regular San Francisco haunts. I’m especially eager to delve into Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, Tumble, and Sports Champions. What do you guys think of PlayStation Move so far? Any game recommendations? You know what to do.

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Play the MAG Beta with Zipper!

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  • Zipline Podcast – Episode 21 — Ed Byrne, Creative Director here at Zipper, returns to talk about SOCOM 4 in its early days, with a little dash of MAG added on the side. Plus, zombies!

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  • “I get why Move can’t be patched in to the original RE5 code”

    It can, they just dont want to

    I’ve been submitting ideas to the share site every day for weeks and its getting infuriating that none of them have been accepted when ideas like “a snes emulator” have been. Could we get some more feedback when our ideas are rejected? I hate feeling like I’m putting all this work in for nothing.

  • That just really sucks that Sony has not released any bundles that cater to current Eye Owners. I mean what the frack am I going to do with multiple Eyes? And if I buy everything separate I feel cheated cause everyone else is basically getting a $35 freebie right while I pay full price. Well anyway to make a long story short… I haven’t bought the accessories yet mainly because that reason. If a bundle was made for current Eye owners I would have purchased day of release. As it stands right now I prolly won’t purchase until a really good sale happens or a bundle for us current Eye holders. Thanks a lot Sony for pulling a Xbox move.

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