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I’m baa-aack! Thanks to Jeff for covering last week while Rey and I were running around the Tokyo Game Show. It was exciting for me to interview luminaries such as Ueda-san for The Last Guardian and Kotani-san for Patapon 3. What was your favorite TGS story?

I other news, I’m trying to score my very own PlayStation Move, but the brisk sales have led to sold-out inventory at a few of my regular San Francisco haunts. I’m especially eager to delve into Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, Tumble, and Sports Champions. What do you guys think of PlayStation Move so far? Any game recommendations? You know what to do.

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Play the MAG Beta with Zipper!

Courtesy of Jeremy Dunham

  • Zipline Podcast – Episode 21 — Ed Byrne, Creative Director here at Zipper, returns to talk about SOCOM 4 in its early days, with a little dash of MAG added on the side. Plus, zombies!

UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves banner

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  • High Velocity Bowling on Move is alright, not anything to write home about, the inaccuracy of the spin design still plagues the ability to get a good throw, and I think that as a whole, it doesn’t really show what the Move is good at.

    Also, Heavy Rain is too robotic with it, definitely needed to have Move support designed around the actions you see, not the stiff, disjointed movements they put in the patch/Move version. Stick to Sports Champions and tell me how you beat Rin in the 10th stage of Gold rank in Gladiator. She’s tickin’ me off. :)

  • I was hoping for some clarification on the upcoming betas for Playstation Plus members. I know that EU members will get into the Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood beta for sure. Is US member entry a matter of chance? Also, can we expect the same for other upcoming betas? One of the reasons I bought a subscription was because you said I would get access to betas, not that I might get access to betas. I don’t mean to sound too pessimistic, a lot of the other stuff is pretty cool. It seems like Sony thinks Americans like discounts and early game access and Europeans like early demos and betas. I would rather have the demos (like Castlevania) and beta access personally.

  • Hey any word on new Greatest Hits titles?
    Supposedly MAG and Borderlands are GH status now.

  • wooo go uncharted 2

  • I’m currently playing The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask as part of LoZ: Collector’s Edition, hopefully going to get Final Fantasy IV for my Nintendo DS soon, I’ve been in a real Nintendo phase what with the Nintendo 3DS’s official announcement on the 29th.

  • Hey Sid, can you report the bug on the LBP2 Update blog post? Only half the page loads and I can’t even see the comment or even comment myself. Others have this problem as well.

    Thank you!

  • I want to see some move support in Uncharted 2, because holding X to pump just isnt akward enough.

  • Hey the LBP2 blog post is giving me an error on my laptop, but not on my pc or ps3’s, I’ve checked everything, and I’m kinda’ on top of things when it comes to plug-ins and drivers, I’ve reviewed the source code and cannot find the issue, but I prefer to post from my laptop, anyone else having this trouble?

    Oh and by the way, Keep up the great work on the blog guys, and don’t let negative bloggers scare you devs away, there is always an elegant way to word your intentions, and you guys usually do a great job of posting, just haven’t seen many of you reply lately, hopfully the negativity isn’t overshadowing the positive criticism.

    • Yeah, it’s weird, but no problems on my end. I’ll shoot a note to the web guys. I’m wondering if it isn’t the Youtube embeds — those are a little hit-and-miss…

  • Believe me,i love this blog since the day it started but Rey’s last blog post about DmC was just plain simple pathetic…it sounded like he was pretending to not being able to see the huge negative fan reaction even on the blog…Whats worst is,he was only replying the comments which talked about how good the game could be,he sounded like ninja theory PR representative : /

    I am sorry but i was hugely disappointed to see that kind of biased stuff happening on my dearest blog ! : (

  • Hahah! Yeah, you are playing Tekken 6! Epic battles last night, Sid. I’m popping in RE:5 Gold right now, I’ll let you know how I like it. ^_^

  • I’m having a problem with the LBP2 post too. Only the beginning text & the first video are showing up for me. The rest of the post & the comments are not showing..

    As for the blog, I’ve been enjoying it a lot. You guys are doing a great job! The Playstation blog is one of the first things I check online everyday! :)

    Anyway, here’s what I’m doing:

    Playing: Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions! Such a cool game.
    Watching: Tonight CSI & maybe the Undercovers on demand.
    Reading: Nothing yet. Trying to decide on a book to read. I like Sci-fi/fantasy, but also mysteries & action/adventure books. Any suggestions?

    So, the week hasn’t been too bad. I wasn’t too happy about LBP2 being delayed, but I enjoyed the Enslaved demo & Spider-man. Hmm. I wonder if we’ll get anymore cool demos the coming week. :)
    Take it easy everyone!

  • Hey Sid, just want to say I’m lovin the move. My arms a killin me, Can’t seem to get enough of Sports Champion. The Bocce feels real good as well as Disc golf, But love the archery and gladiator. As for High Velocity Bowling, It is a fun way to play, How ever as stated above the spin is lacking the proper feel and direction.

    Waiting for a good boxing game for the move.

    • Definitely keep your eyes peeled for The Fight: Lights Out. We’ve been playing the latest build this week and the 1:1 punching is awesome. We were laughing hysterically while playing it — I did one of those big wind-up windmill punches, and the guy on-screen was doing the same thing.

  • @9 altair_killer

    I sure hope you don’t expect him to be 100% un-opinionated, after all devs and community managers, and PR guys etc, are people too, often they’re actual gamers as well which is nice… some just pretend to be.

    On a side note, Why haven’t Sony and SE milked the millions of dollars they could be making off of a PSN release of FFXI? Think of the millions of people who don’t touch mmorpgs out of principle or fear, that if offered a 100% no strings attached free 30day trial with/without a credit card or wallet balance, would be hooked… I’ve personally logged over 300 earth days in that game, and whenever I try to sell it up to people for it’s awesomeness, They go “I can’t bring myself to pay monthly for gaming etc… blah blah blah!” They just don’t realize you don’t get that gaming experience anywhere else, and need to try it first hand, I went and played WoW, and several others as well, they have nothing on FFXI.

  • Hey Sid? Can you please answer my question for me…?

    I heard some people on different message boards/forums that on, there are selective users who have “PSN Beta” section…?

    I mean, when you go to, under your PSN ID- you know, Your Account, Trophies, Friends, My List, etc- that is where “PSN BETA” section comes in….

    I wonder what that is for? Is that for selected PSN Users who were selected to be in upcoming beta test? Such as AC: The Brotherhood, and something like that? Because I don’t see my “PSN BETA” section under my PSN ID… What’s up with that?

  • FFXI PSN release necessary…

  • Dude you are super lucky to play MvsC3 ..i envy you! as for the MOVE ..its very accurate..but the games are kinda lame ..for most anticipated game for the MOVE would be SORCERY but that game isnt out till next year so im going to get TIME CRISIS and LBP2 as soon as it comes it..for nw im njoying the demos..and the games i already own with the MOVE UPDATE :p

  • @7

    This made me laugh…haha

  • I’ve had a pre-order on LBP2 since May, and switched it to collector’s edition in July, and what do they do? Delay it for 2 months! They’re gonna lose millions o’ dollars cause of them missin’ Christmas, but I guess it’s better than being cancelled.

    I’m playing: Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time, Assassin’s Creed 2, Sly Cooper stuff (for old times sake! Can’t wait for the collection!)
    I’m watching: Survivor: Nicaragua
    I’m reading: Playstation Magazine,The Hunger Games, and this blog
    I’m listening to: Linkin Park’s new album: A Thousand Suns

  • Is there going to be a trophy features update coming in the upcoming firmware update? the ps3 needs one badly. the trophy comparing section is still a mess .

    Lool—> [[ “Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce” trophy set ]] beat its way to the top of the trophy section. this is ridiculous and should not be encouraged. fix this to [[ Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce ]]

    Look—> [[ STREET FIGHTER IV trophy pack. ]] looks stupid. fix it. if you dont care for it then hire someone who does and will take the time to fix it at least on your server side.

    also where are the free avatars? may i supposed to pay for it? its just cheap. give users free avatars or update the avatar section too.

    don’t tell me about blog.share as no deals with it as the features user ask for r never dealt with.

  • UNCHARTED 2 FTW! Vote for UC2!

  • when excatly is the MAG update 2.0 coming?

  • HELLO!

  • Netflix is awesome, stupid Rogers bandwidth cap however is not.

    God I hope 10 million Canadians go over their cap and raise hell forcing this cap business to be fixed.

  • Highly recommend Tumble. It’s 10$, takes advantage of the Move very well and has a ton of variety in its levels which you will be returning to because many have alternate objectives once the main one has been completed. Not to mention the multiplayer which I haven’t touched but you really cannot go wrong with it even with just the single player. IGN was totally off with its review of 3.5.

    Resident Evil 5 is also fun but only if you play co-op. Single player is still good but having to constantly deal with managing her ammo and her not realizing that bullets don’t pass through me when aiming for the enemies gets frustrating. Move or not, just find someone to go through the game with.

    I’m satisfied with the Move so far but still struggling with a few calibration issues which I hope will get sorted out. A jittery cursor is not fun, especially not for shooters!

  • I just want to put what I am playing to let the community know haha.

    Playing: 3D Dot Game Heroes, Worms 2 Armageddon, Resident Evil 4 (first time since 2006 when I beat it), and Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker.

    Watching: Nothing.

    Reading: Whirlwind.

  • when will there be a update to the trophy feature on the ps3? it needs major clean up. separate psn titles vs disc titles. also the naming of games needs addressing by the devs. do not let developers do for example… “dynasty warrior: trophy set” … or watever to get to the top of the trophy list because of the “.

  • Playing RE5 Gold Edition and loving it with the Move. It does take some getting used to but once you do it makes headshots a breeze..been playing well..all the demos on the US/EU PSN store and really love EyePet and Sports Champions! I am a very satisfied customer in regards to Move and am really looking forward to other games/patches coming out since for the most part what is out now seems gimmicky to me, more of a novelty than anything. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Move but games like LBP2, Sorcery (demo please)and Fight Nights, Socom 4 will help sell the Move more than anything.I could actually talk about this topic for quite awhile but I will just say that if you can afford it, get it. You won’t regret it once.

    NOW! What I really want to know! FFXIV Beta..any news? Oh and I got a code from Gamespot for Lara Croft TGOL but when I try to purchase the full game I get an error. Since the demo came straight from the store why isn’t the purchase option available? Um..Money. Do you need it? You can have this. Sorry..leftover FFXI remnants..

  • I was on the fence about The Fight, but you just made a definite sell by letting me know that Danny T. is in it. I’m pretty impressed with this site, the feed back and blogger interaction is first rate and refreshing. Keep up the good work and thanks!

  • Any holiday plans for The Blog? Halloween? Thanksgiving? And all the other holidays are fast approaching.

  • I’m looking for some new Killzone news, I haven’t heard of anything new for a while except the M66-SD is going to be in the game.

  • Hi Sid,
    I have playstation move(I Love it)!
    Plus I Resident Evil 5 when it 1st came out with all the add-ons. why doesn’t it have playstation move support. but Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition does?

    • There was some Move code that wasn’t in the original RE5 that was added to RE5: Gold Edition, and it apparently can’t be patched. I know the Capcom guys well and they explained that it is a legitimate technical issue, hence GE being the version to support Move.

  • doubt you guys are still reading this but what happened with the deal you made with coca cola to advertise the PS move?

  • I got the move and i think it was totaly worth the 170.00 i spent on it. Frisbee colf is sweet and gladiator also. hope fight night lights out is as good as it looks.

  • hey man you guys need to fix this new update messing up the fat ps3’s because after 3 years of having one i got ylod and then a month and a half later after i got it refurbished, right after the update my ps3 started to turn on and off by itself and then i got YLOD again!!
    they better fix this :/

  • Hey Sid,
    Another great week of PS3 news. I just wanted to know if there was any news regarding the official Ps Blog podcast. I just wanted to know if this was going to happen this year.
    Also, any news reagarding a feature laden PS update this year?

  • Dear Sid,

    Is it all possible to force someone at banana-point to put FFXI(Online) on the PSN as a downloadable full game? … Because Sony and SE could strike a deal that would have them making millions, all they need to do is give it to the whole playstation community (anyone with a registered payment method under transaction management), for a 30 day free trial, they’ll be raking in the cash-ola,
    Regular fees are $12+, subscribers of FFXIV will be getting a discount on FFXI monthly fees taking it to roughly $7 for, or roughly $20 to have both games on tap at once, The only reason why not a lot of ps2 players play anymore is the amount of hoops you have to jump through to keep playing on ps2.

    worst case scenario using a regular build of FFXI no upgraded graphics etc.
    100,000 subscribers from PSN at $7 to $12+(dependant on their subscription to FFXIV or lack thereof) = $700’000 to 1’200’000 per month into SE and Sony’s pockets… all this to bring one of the greatest online experiences ever created to the best most hardcore audience in the world? How in the heck could this be a fail?

  • Dear Sid

    Can you hold someone at banana-point to bring FFXI to the PSN as a full game download?
    Not only would SE and Sony have the opportunity to bring one of the greatest online experiences to the hardest of core gaming community known to man, but they’d stand to make a pretty penny for the ordeal/offering.

    Worst case scenario using a regular build no updated graphics or sounds etc.
    step 1 – release a free 30day trial to each and every active PSN member with a registered payment method on account. (This should gaurantee approx 100’000 subscribers post-free-trial.)
    step 2 – charge the regular monthly fee of $12+ and $7(FFXIV subscription discounts FFXI monthly fee from $12+ to $7)
    step 3 – tell Square/Enix and Sony to sit back and rake in that sweet $700’000 to 1’200’000 per month. on top of the 5-10mil SE already rakes in per month for the title across all platforms atm.

  • ^ if not even much higher profit than mentioned above, I kinda’ went worst case scenario for successful PSN launch.

  • Sid, could you “invite” BioWare on the Blog to talk about Mass Effect 2: exclusives contents, how will work without Mass Effect 1 and other things about this version?
    The game will be out on January and we don’t know anything.
    Or maybe there are some plans about this in the near future?

    (C&P from Blog EU :-P)

  • i played Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light demo yesterday whit my son at multiplayer mode, and the game is amazing. The control is very nice to aim and shoot , coop puzzle is easy to figure.
    i’ll definitively buy this game for me and my son!

  • Tumble is a let down. I was hoping for a Boom Blox challenger in HD with 3D using Move and all it basically amounts to is a Block stacker with a couple of fun destructive levels thrown in. The multiplayer is a huge let down with just “who can build the highest the fastest”.

    It needs to go back to the drawing board and play some Boom Blox and Boom Blox Bash Party. Add in a throwing mechanic to be able to knock things down and concentrate on making cool levels to both take apart piece by piece (making sure the rest of the tower doesn’t fall) and ones where you bring multiple blocks together to make big explosions.

    Sony and Supermassive games can do significantly better. Hopefully they wise up and make a true successor to boom blox with the precision of Playstation Move.

    PS: Sports Champions is great with my favorite event being Table Tennis in single player mode.

  • Can we please get some new features going on ? Lets focus more on that.

  • I completely disagree, the Move support in Heavy Rain is brilliant, one of the best Move titles, along with Sports Champions, Tumble, Echochrome II and The Shoot.

    The rest of demos I tried were not nearly as impressive as these, although Start the Party is much better than expected if you’re in the right demographic. TV Superstars is a disaster though. Hustle Kings support feels tacked on. Racquet Sports feels and looks like a bad Wii game. Tiger Woods seems playable enough, though it could have done more with the Move. Time Crisis is quite decent though very chaotic. Eye Pet is fine for kids only. Beat Sketchers is am embarrassment that should have been left off the demo disc. Kung Fu Rrider is better than the reviews portray it, but nothing to get excited about, and High Velocity Bowling I can’t even try yet because there is nothing else on Plus that interests me enough to spend $50 on a sub.

    Still trying to get my hands on Brunswick Pro Bowling, and Aragorn’s Quest, and I’m really looking forward to Dead Space Extraction, The Fight, and many others.

  • Got Deathspank: ToV and love it! Also, love the new Grief Report function with messages. Hopefully this will reduce the amount of spam we all get.

  • sorry for double post a while back, I guess I didn’t get my point across the first time, hah!…
    Fact of the matter is, my post seemingly disappeared for a short time, so I thought I’d repost and shorten it up a bit.

  • i meant to say for plus usrs sony should give us 25% once a month on entire store that would be nice and econimically do able for sony, and mybe 50% for the holidays if you like idea help spread the word,

  • k sony read this if you are gonna come out with some amazing hardware , im talking about the ps move just bought it the other day. why wouldnt you make a better camera to go with it the picture is horrible grainy and the color is off sony you failed! ill just keep playing my xbox and halo reach until u can refund everyone for a cheap camera you put in the bundle and make a new one

  • @CitizenInsane27

    Try twisting the controller before you bowl the ball… I mean actually before the swing. If you follow the games instructions the ball will go anywhere but where you want it to go. Give it a slight twist, then bowl the ball, and you’ll get good spin


    Sports Champions is actually really good. Is there any chance that they will add these features:
    Online multiplayer
    Using PS Home avatars as in-game characters

    I think that would really add a lot to the game. Could you exert some of your infinite influence over the devs just this once, please :D

  • @NewYork214

    Good point

    Sid… where’s our Move-a-cola?

    Are you waiting until the [coughs] launch of the buttonless one?

  • @xpapox and @Sid

    I get why Move can’t be patched in to the original RE5 code, but why don’t they just compile a full game download of Gold Edition, and make it available to RE5 Standard Edition users for a small fee? I’m sure many people would pay $5-10 to play it again with Move… but they sure won’t pay full-price to buy the Gold Edition after they purchased all the standard DLC

    Sony/Capcom could authenticate that the user owns the RE5 Standard Edition by requiring the disc to be in the drive when playing the downloaded Gold Edition.

    Seriously PlayStation dudes, there is no reason why this can’t be done. Unless there’s something hiding in the GE code that prevents a full-game download compile

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