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I’m baa-aack! Thanks to Jeff for covering last week while Rey and I were running around the Tokyo Game Show. It was exciting for me to interview luminaries such as Ueda-san for The Last Guardian and Kotani-san for Patapon 3. What was your favorite TGS story?

I other news, I’m trying to score my very own PlayStation Move, but the brisk sales have led to sold-out inventory at a few of my regular San Francisco haunts. I’m especially eager to delve into Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, Tumble, and Sports Champions. What do you guys think of PlayStation Move so far? Any game recommendations? You know what to do.

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Play the MAG Beta with Zipper!

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  • Zipline Podcast – Episode 21 — Ed Byrne, Creative Director here at Zipper, returns to talk about SOCOM 4 in its early days, with a little dash of MAG added on the side. Plus, zombies!

UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves banner

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