PlayStation Home Update: Dead Rising 2, Heavy Rain, Lake House & More!

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Millions of gamers around the globe are counting down the days until Capcom’s zombie apocalypse action title known as Dead Rising 2 releases for the PlayStation 3. And if you count yourself amongst the legions of players that simply can’t wait another moment to gear up as Chuck Greene and begin hacking and slashing their way through waves of undead adversaries, you can log into PlayStation Home this Thursday, September 23rd and get a taste of the Dead Rising 2 experience. Head to the PlayStation Home Mall to pick up the hilarious Dead Rising 2 costumes (for both the guys and the gals) and load up on iconic weapons from this highly-anticipated game (Knife Boxing Gloves? Check! Paddlesaw? Check!).

PlayStation Home: Dead Rising 2 costumes

After you’ve added the Dead Rising 2 items to your collection, be sure to shoot on over the Estates store to pick up the newest addition in our line of luxury personal spaces – the Lake House. This spacious, extravagant, and modern waterfront estate comes complete with awe-inspiring views and is arguably the hottest space on the proverbial block for hosting your next party. Check it out for yourself in this quick fly-through video we made for you.

If you want to take your personal space into the 22nd century, our friends over at Lockwood are offering you a full-on teleportation device that you can place at will in the personal space(s) of your choice. With the Sodium Telepad, you can zap yourself hither and thither with ease. Pick up this next generation relocation device come this Thursday from the Sodium store.

AlphabeTees fans will be stoked to learn that new additions to this wildly-popular social trivia game will be released later this week. The CalculaTees expansion pack includes numbers from 0-9 (plus a decimal point) and will add more options for the ongoing AlphabeTees/CalculaTees contests where PlayStation Home users and their friends answer daily trivia by spelling out the answer with their clothing, taking a group photo, and then uploading directly to the AlphabeTees competition entry portal (located under the Central Plaza Jumbotron). The winning entry is then shown on the Central Plaza Jumbotron screen the following day. You can grab the CalculaTees expansion pack this Thursday, September 23rd from the Threads store (just look under the VeeMee tile).

In other news, the PlayStation Home Theater will be hosting a behind-the-scenes/making-of Heavy Rain video starting this Thursday. Visit this screen to watch this awesome video and unlock a special Heavy Rain reward. When you’re done, head to the Costumes store in the PlayStation Home Mall and load up on our new, all-original costumes (the male and female 8-bit costumes are personal favourites).

See you in Home!

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  • Dead Raising 2 on Home sounds nice but i was wondering will you guys from SONY ever bring Dragonball Z or Yu-gi-oh experience to playstation Home please? Because i really would love to see Dragonball Z or Yu-gi-oh apartment, game spaces, costumes, and virtual items, and some full length episodes of Dragonball Z or Yu-gi-oh to watch in the movie theater or atleast bring Yu-gi-oh the trading card game to Home. I beg of you SONY please bring Dragonball Z or Yu-gi-oh to home because i will like Home even better if you guys make it happen.

  • Cool stuff.

    Any Halloween-themed goodies coming in the next few weeks? :-)

  • Personal space looks pretty cool but as long as the item limit stays at 50 I will not be getting it

  • man no one has care about being a moose but u kno wat we really be wanted is dat vampire Ed from da twilight fo halloween and maybe u can add some scary costumes like amy whinehouse shes freaky man if u add amy whinehouse costume i sorry but i gonna be too scared to go back on da home i be waitin until christmas if u do dat mhmm u kno. and by da way peeps u kno is lyke no one cares if u say wahhh if dey not gonna do wat i want den i not comin back on home i mean cmon yeah we kno u still sayin if dey dont be addin more den 50 items u not comin back so go hide unda your bed and hug yo teddy bear and cry some more gosh go look up da definition of beta one more time gosh every week wit dat

  • nice to see another update keep it up! I like what LZ_D_BZ was saying also needs more dances/actions etc… but keep up the good work!

  • It seems i spend less time in home now than i used to,hasnt home reached its limit yet for personal spaces,i havent seen a mod in months people do and say whatever they like.I liked the bag but $5 for a bag jeez i can buy a fake louis vuitton on ebay for that.And now all the games seem to be pay to play,is this the way home is going im suprised you havent started to charge people for standing on the bench in central plaza.Other than that sometimes it can be fun i have laughed so much,but i think it was better about a year back.

  • boring update..another week of crap..yayyyyyyy.

  • like I said b4 and I will say it again.. Home is a piece of garbage.wheres the new features ??????? bring WWE INTO HOME, new dances.Our own music in to these boring apartments. taking people Money, thats all you all been doing for weeks after weeks. Sims 3 going take over.

  • Huzzah! I’m off to invent half fly, half boi, half idiot spray. This will revolutionize the pest control industry!

  • good update! any word on the possibility of adding more “active item” slots? 2 just isn’t cutting it…and please DON’T bring the WWE or titan ent. anywhere near home :) there’s enough of that garbage on ps3 as is. get your dose of sweaty-man-grunt-and-grab ANYWHERE else but Home.


  • when is the under construction part of the lbp space going to be finished?

  • Truly lame. The past several months have been very lackluster.

  • Home is one of those concepts that seemed great when I first heard about it but never truly panned out the way I had hoped. For instance, why can’t we use our Home avatars in any outside games? Why isn’t Home integrated seamlessly with other functions in the PS3? Too bad, as more people would login and spend money on Home and avatar items if we could display / use them in other applications….

  • Where are you hiding the “making-of Heavy Rain” video? May I get a hint?

  • I thought there was supposed to be a “making of heavy rain” video in the theater?

  • @ fly-boi… takin things a bit personal there eh? what makes you think anyone cares what YOU say? just sayin…not to mention your the first person i’ve heard ask for WWE stuff on home to begin but it’s cool, if you like dudes in their undies that’s on you. the rest of us tend to like video games…as for CP being redesigned, why? we have about, what?, 10 times the spaces UK does? 100 times the content? and P.S. screaming at no one on the update blog won’t get your ideas heard…just a suggestion but you might want to try the forums, they actually read those :)

  • Translation of Post #54 by HollyWoodCeleb:

    “I do not, nor in my opinion do the entirety of the other devoted users of the PlayStation Home environment, care about replacing the head of my avatar with that of a moose. We would rather be a glittery vampire from the movie adaptation of a book that only 14 year old girls and your mom have ever read/seen. If you want to add scary costumes, since Halloween is approaching, you should add an Amy Winehouse costume. Although, if you did this I may be too scared to come back on Home. I would most likely not come back until I could dress as an old bearded man and give gifts to children who sit on my lap. Furthermore, it doesn’t seem as if you care about the concerns of your users. A great number of members in the active community have expressed concern that not enough quality content is being released, and it seems as though there’s nothing we can do to change it. It is also absurd that you lable PlayStation Home as a “beta”. My justification for such being completely and entirely….not mentioned…at all.”

  • (@Fly-boi_2009)(@57)
    “A boring update” and a “Home is a piece of garbage”
    What the hell man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You can not use that bad comment in that update look: we got Dead Rising 2,Sodium Telepad (A teleport), and a AlphabeTees Updae!
    You can not hate PlayStation Home for noting!?
    If you hate Home…get a life!

  • Does anyone know anything about this hidden Heavy Rain video? Help..

  • da lakeside is too similar to logside cabin (i forgot da name)

  • @70 dONT BE surprise when Home shut down..LMAO

  • is it just me, or are the Sodium Telepads busted…i can’t get them to work…

  • nm…i was doing it wrong =__=

  • Ok, So I had work and life to deal with, and didn’t get a chance to come onto Home till today, and I do not see the Heavy Rain movie @ the Theater anywhere. Did I miss it, or am I overlooking it somewhere?

  • Yeah, I can’t access/find the Heavy Rain video, either. I’ve checked back a few times since Thursday, but no luck.
    Anyone figure this out, yet?

  • If SCE would spend as much time working on fixing all thats wrong with home as they do with their pseudo-troll they’d have a lot less negative responses to worry about. Does nobody in SCE realize dissatisfied customers are not repeat customers or that word will soon spread further deflating sales?

    Take the hint SCE, Home is a big online promo for you and your not only cheating your customers but wasting what little is left of your reputation.

    On a final note as others have stated, its long past time proper moderation was introduced on home. Even the former lackluster half ***ed moderation is long gone.

  • I have a suggestion or question about the ps home games i have bout the pool table the dart board the poker table and i love them all when will the chess board be coming? i know that the mall and the plaground have one but there always busy and many of friends and i would love to play. any info?

  • … I have stopped using / buying home items about 9 months ago… and I won’t be back either I don’t think. Yea, sure it was fun for a few months, okay I lied, at least 1 month. But then got old real quick with the lack of support and the false advertising, which forced us to file complaints after complaints to get the items we paid for. Well, I think my boycott is going well. My only question is, what are you all going to do when home shuts down next year, as the rumor on the net suggests?

  • Will the costumes and Home Spaces come to Asia as well? They look great!

  • Hey, so I’ve been in the Heavy Rain theater for over an hour already and still no reward! Anyone get it yet?

  • hey LS,has there been a heavy rain place in home yet? If not,ADD ONE PLEASEEE! i just thing home needs SOME kind of rainy space :)

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