PlayStation Home Update: Dead Rising 2, Heavy Rain, Lake House & More!

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Millions of gamers around the globe are counting down the days until Capcom’s zombie apocalypse action title known as Dead Rising 2 releases for the PlayStation 3. And if you count yourself amongst the legions of players that simply can’t wait another moment to gear up as Chuck Greene and begin hacking and slashing their way through waves of undead adversaries, you can log into PlayStation Home this Thursday, September 23rd and get a taste of the Dead Rising 2 experience. Head to the PlayStation Home Mall to pick up the hilarious Dead Rising 2 costumes (for both the guys and the gals) and load up on iconic weapons from this highly-anticipated game (Knife Boxing Gloves? Check! Paddlesaw? Check!).

PlayStation Home: Dead Rising 2 costumes

After you’ve added the Dead Rising 2 items to your collection, be sure to shoot on over the Estates store to pick up the newest addition in our line of luxury personal spaces – the Lake House. This spacious, extravagant, and modern waterfront estate comes complete with awe-inspiring views and is arguably the hottest space on the proverbial block for hosting your next party. Check it out for yourself in this quick fly-through video we made for you.

If you want to take your personal space into the 22nd century, our friends over at Lockwood are offering you a full-on teleportation device that you can place at will in the personal space(s) of your choice. With the Sodium Telepad, you can zap yourself hither and thither with ease. Pick up this next generation relocation device come this Thursday from the Sodium store.

AlphabeTees fans will be stoked to learn that new additions to this wildly-popular social trivia game will be released later this week. The CalculaTees expansion pack includes numbers from 0-9 (plus a decimal point) and will add more options for the ongoing AlphabeTees/CalculaTees contests where PlayStation Home users and their friends answer daily trivia by spelling out the answer with their clothing, taking a group photo, and then uploading directly to the AlphabeTees competition entry portal (located under the Central Plaza Jumbotron). The winning entry is then shown on the Central Plaza Jumbotron screen the following day. You can grab the CalculaTees expansion pack this Thursday, September 23rd from the Threads store (just look under the VeeMee tile).

In other news, the PlayStation Home Theater will be hosting a behind-the-scenes/making-of Heavy Rain video starting this Thursday. Visit this screen to watch this awesome video and unlock a special Heavy Rain reward. When you’re done, head to the Costumes store in the PlayStation Home Mall and load up on our new, all-original costumes (the male and female 8-bit costumes are personal favourites).

See you in Home!

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