PlayStation Home Update: Dead Rising 2, Heavy Rain, Lake House & More!

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Millions of gamers around the globe are counting down the days until Capcom’s zombie apocalypse action title known as Dead Rising 2 releases for the PlayStation 3. And if you count yourself amongst the legions of players that simply can’t wait another moment to gear up as Chuck Greene and begin hacking and slashing their way through waves of undead adversaries, you can log into PlayStation Home this Thursday, September 23rd and get a taste of the Dead Rising 2 experience. Head to the PlayStation Home Mall to pick up the hilarious Dead Rising 2 costumes (for both the guys and the gals) and load up on iconic weapons from this highly-anticipated game (Knife Boxing Gloves? Check! Paddlesaw? Check!).

PlayStation Home: Dead Rising 2 costumes

After you’ve added the Dead Rising 2 items to your collection, be sure to shoot on over the Estates store to pick up the newest addition in our line of luxury personal spaces – the Lake House. This spacious, extravagant, and modern waterfront estate comes complete with awe-inspiring views and is arguably the hottest space on the proverbial block for hosting your next party. Check it out for yourself in this quick fly-through video we made for you.

If you want to take your personal space into the 22nd century, our friends over at Lockwood are offering you a full-on teleportation device that you can place at will in the personal space(s) of your choice. With the Sodium Telepad, you can zap yourself hither and thither with ease. Pick up this next generation relocation device come this Thursday from the Sodium store.

AlphabeTees fans will be stoked to learn that new additions to this wildly-popular social trivia game will be released later this week. The CalculaTees expansion pack includes numbers from 0-9 (plus a decimal point) and will add more options for the ongoing AlphabeTees/CalculaTees contests where PlayStation Home users and their friends answer daily trivia by spelling out the answer with their clothing, taking a group photo, and then uploading directly to the AlphabeTees competition entry portal (located under the Central Plaza Jumbotron). The winning entry is then shown on the Central Plaza Jumbotron screen the following day. You can grab the CalculaTees expansion pack this Thursday, September 23rd from the Threads store (just look under the VeeMee tile).

In other news, the PlayStation Home Theater will be hosting a behind-the-scenes/making-of Heavy Rain video starting this Thursday. Visit this screen to watch this awesome video and unlock a special Heavy Rain reward. When you’re done, head to the Costumes store in the PlayStation Home Mall and load up on our new, all-original costumes (the male and female 8-bit costumes are personal favourites).

See you in Home!

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  • That new space looks awesome LS, price? Is the Dead Rising costume one piece?

    • The Lake House will be $4.99. The Dead Rising 2 items will be sold as a clothing bundle, but you can purchase the different heads seperately.

  • What will the Heavy Rain item be from the theater?

  • LS can you confirm if Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light has Home rewards? That’s a rumor right now. Thx.

  • Thank you for this great update, the lake house is really a dream house.i feel a party coming up soon! greetings eve

  • will playstation home ever work with the WWE? i would love to see wrestling items for home

  • Aw boo…. limited theater item while I have YLoD…

  • Are you going to have your own party at the Lake House, Locust_Star?

  • I’m so sick of seeing Servbots in games that aren’t Mega Man Legends 3.

  • Are you going to add any Move enabled things to Home?

  • I have a question. Is the new Sodium Telepad an “interactive” item? Will I have to remove my “Brimstone poker table” or my “Playground Boombox” if I put a “Sodium Telepad” in my house?

  • LOVE THE UPDATE L_S =).. I have a question…were u guys able to find the other house thats on the estates window in the mall..its like.. and outside area but a like a dome shaped house? =)

  • How about fixing the controls, you know when you pick dance, it works more often than not?

    I’ll keep posting this until it’s fixed. :) It’s been a problem since Home was released.

    • This is the first I’ve ever heard of such an issue and I’ve been here since launch. I urge you to raise the issue on the Home Support forum. Please provide a detailed description of the issue you are experiencing. We scour this forum daily and always pass along the information our users relay to us to our developers.

  • Will you guys ever have Harry Potter stuff at Home sometime in the future?

  • DR2 costumes? Meh. Lake house? Win in my book, even more so if y’all get around to increasing the item/active item/peeps limits. Teleporter? I dunno, could be good for large spaces like the MAG spaces, but since it’s most likely an active item (for each set, of course), loss. Heavy Rain mystery item? To be determined, but if it’s an origami dog, I’m setting fire to it.

  • This looks like a pretty decent update this week. Definitely going to be getting the new Lake House.

    Just out of curiostity though, is it known if Home will be getting any more costumes from Resident Evil 5 (like Jill’s outfit for the females and some of the alternate outfits of Chris and Sheva) or Tekken and/or Soul Calibur?

  • Dead Rising 2? lol. I’m not supporting Capcom especially since they’re giving the other console exclusive content and PS3 doesn’t get any special treatment from them. In fact we got nothing for DMC4 & RE5 and then had Monster Hunter taken away. Why would anyone wanna support a company like that (especially when they won’t support you back)?

    I hope their profits continue to fall.

    Dead Rising 2? Pffft, give me Dead Space 2 instead.

  • Locust_Star the Lockwood teleportation device’s are they active furniture?

  • Hello L_S, I was wondering if you could provide any input on what the situation is with IREM currently? A lot of users, including myself have been scratching our heads over the lack of updates; any information you can provide would be well appreciated.

  • Nice to see a new space. Is there any chance of a conferece call option being added, so we can talk to more then just 1 friend while in public areas? And what’s with the EA Sports Complex being gone along with Fight Night. I’m still ticked on losing the Sing Star VIP room. Please LS fill me/us in.

  • “You’re almost guaranteed to reappear.. perhaps at your intended location!” – Lol, can’t wait to check ’em out!

    The new personal space looks hawt too!

  • p.s.: Any Dead Rising 2 clothing for females??

  • Hey? Can you please put up Halloween and Christmas Themes/Costumes from last year and two years ago in PS MALL? I missed both when I should had this opportunity to purchase them all. I would like to have this opportunity to do so during Halloween and Christmas month(s). Please make that happen for all of us for us who missed those opportunities from last year and two years ago!!! Thanx!

    • Good news: We will be re-releasing our Halloween items in a couple of weeks, so if you missed out last year, you can make up for it!

  • will we ever get an IREM update? there’s so much clothes i want to get from there and will we ever get the games like Spelunker or pachipara?

  • Also, by the way, no Castlevania: Lords of Shadow goodies for PS HOME?!?!? :-( Hope you make that happen for Castlevania fans like myself! Please? Thanx!

  • Very cool update, could we have a contender for my new fav personal space :O

  • really lookin forward to this awesum updade.. specially that new space as well as the new Sodium Telepad

  • LS: Was there a issue with the lost spaces (EA Complex/Fight Night/singStar VIP room). Or did they get the boot for little traffic???

  • Coolz.

    Gotta say though, i would be on Home a LOT if it just just let me listen to music while in it. Its so boring running around in silence…
    Most of my PS3 time is spent on the XMB listening to music anyway.

  • The Lake House looks very promising. One the item cap is raised I’ll buy it.

  • Any new hairstyles for the ladies of home? I saw on an update for EU they are getting the lockheed hairstyles but with different headbands.

  • will Home be Move compatible?

  • Locust_Star Any news on Plus users for discounts on home stuff? Reason I haven’t been in home while because stuff to much I’m kinda broke right now after buying eye pet and nhl11 and move lol And GT 5 in Nov :) Oh Is there going be space for GT 5?

  • That new personal space looks cool. Thanks for the update!

  • The Telepad is OK…i was hoping for a BIKE or a UNICYCLE ..something that im sure everyone would be surprised to see.It can also start races or tricks..something different.:/ anywho..i hope there is going to be a DEAD RISING 2 space..or atleast a RED DEAD REDEMPTION we can use the western outfits available.. NONETHELESS..HOME is still AMAZING and its only gettin BETTER..keep up the good work ;)

  • Still no God of War anything? Why do some games take forever to get Home items then a game Sony doesn’t even make get stuff right away? Sony doesn’t reward people with home things for buying games enough.

  • What happened to Cydonia?

  • Any word on when we will get to go inside that closed off entrace in the LBP Playground space?

  • any info on a gt5 home space? not an apartment space but a public space free for home users to visit.

    i hope when gt5 release you just dont throw a useless gt clothing in home and say “gt5 is coming to home this thrusday!!”


  • You`re not just gonna re-release past Halloween costumes are you? While I did miss out on them and am glad for a second chance, I really want a WEREWOLF COSTUME (FOR GIRLS).

  • It’s all fun and games until the moose people and lego people start breeding. Thus creating an evil, mutant, zombie, hybird creature I call the Legoose. I’m sure not gonna clean up that mess. Don’t call me when they start teleporting all over the place breaking into people’s poker games and taking their shark fin tshirts. Back to the angry dome!

  • Locust_Star are we going to get the alternatives street fighters in Noth America home soon?

  • i love the lake house! Can you please hook me up for such a place in real life?

  • Nice upate for Home! I like the new lake house, looks beautiful.

  • What are the new costumes??

  • Well” i must say i been on playstation home since it frist came out in i thought by 2010 we could be albe to do more things on here . now i don’t understand why they got all these nice outfits on here in we can’t do nothing with them . but im truly disapointed in the whole game now. we spends real money on here in we dont have no type of movements or any new dances we can’t even hug or hold hands. in I Don’t understand why they sale wedding dresseson here when we can’t even go on honeymoons or share a home together. i think the house’s should be like the clubs. how we can have a list of ppl we wanna share our home with . i think if they made psh just like the sims3 or better!. i think alot of my friends will be back on home instand i know for sure i will never get back on playstationhome. but hey i been with them this long so im not goin no where . but i can tell how i feel in give good ideas . that could make our time on psh more funer in more willing to play things has gottin bored on there now. beside our every thursdays updates thats what make us wanna see what New”. hope things change over there years to come . thank you 8) From Mercedes8)

  • Nice update guys, good work!

  • it looks like LEGO. :)

  • When are the shrinking potions and other such goodies coming? Home party voice chat too?

  • add-on downloaded from US Account, will it work on Region 3 Blu-Ray Game Disc?, need some help here, i dont want to waste my money. thanks.

  • Gotta love the lego head

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