Netflix Streaming its Way to Canada Today

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Seems that now that I’ve started blogging, I can’t stop! I’m happy to announce that Netflix is launching in Canada today.

Netflix PS3

For those of you who don’t know what Netflix is, it’s the leading internet movie subscription service, which basically means that all of us Canadians can now watch an unlimited amount of movies and TV episodes for $7.99 a month.

Now your PlayStation 3 is able to stream from Netflix right to your TV, letting you chose from thousands of movie and TV episodes; watch as much as you want, whenever you want.

To get started simply look for the Netflix icon under the video icon in your XMB (cross media bar).

For all our friends in the US and current Netflix members, you’ll have to continue using the instant streaming disc for your PS3 system until the Netflix application icon becomes available for you in October.

For all our French speaking friends, Netflix intends to add French language capability over time.

Still not sure if Netflix is right for you and your PS3? Visit for your free one-month trial and see for yourself! With no late delivery fees, can your Wednesday get any better?

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  • When do we get the update that uses DTS for the streaming audio?

    Can any Canadians confirm what audio codec and bitrate is being used by the disc-less netflix client? (Press the select button while a netflix stream is playing to see that info on the top.)

  • I find it kind of funny that Dexter is in the picture you used but we don’t get Dexter. I will wait for more content but I am happy this is happening.

  • finally something kool for canada. ok next up comics store.

  • @50
    Video: X-High / HD
    Audio: English /Stereo (PRIMARY)

    That appears to be all that’s listed. However, the stream is rather old movie.

  • wow nice thanks

  • hhhmm i just tried to use a pre-paid CC and it says i cant use those cards, I guess im outs for netflix as Im not using my normal CC for online stuff…oh well

  • Wow! this is amazing news!

  • will there be a PS+ discount for netflix? i’m curious to know that much can you answer this sony.

  • So does that mean the US gets rid of the Netflix disc on October 1st? I can’t believe Netflix ever made that stupid deal with Micro$oft.

  • People asking about discounts on Netflix for PSPlus should stop. No, that’s Sony and Netflix isn’t Sony. Netflix gives you a free month if you get a friend or family to sign up so get everyone you know to sign up and maybe you can get free Netflix.

  • Will we be able to pay via PSN store wallet? :S

  • While I am happy that we can finally get Netflix, the selection is rather disappointing. I hope they expand their library.

  • Don’t worry my Canadian friends. You weren’t missing much. The streaming selections on netflix are crap. It doesn’t seem to be getting any better..Definately can’t replace paid TV with this.

  • Wow Canada is finally getting some love

  • Ironically, of the 5 shows pictured Air Force One is the only one that is actually available in Canada. I’m glad to have the service available, but will wait for better content solection before even bothering with the free trial.

  • Very cool. It’s definatley making me think about canceling my cable subscription (dont watch too much tv anyways).

  • Sweet. I will finally subscribe to NetFlix whenever the disk-less version is available in the US

  • Nice one Sony. I’m not even in Canada, but it’s nice to see the service expanding.

    Is there any chance that video streaming or download services will come to other regions? I’ve got money in my PSN wallet and I’m ready to spend it on quality content.

    It’s surprising the number of people who complained about the Netflix disc over the last year, and never bothered to look into why the disc was needed. Anyway, it makes little difference now as the XMB Netflix icon is coming to NA

  • i love you!!!!!

  • From what I’ve seen from the Netflix blog where they announced the service in Canada, EVERYONE is saying the selection is very poor, less than 1/10th of what is available in the US. All the popular series and recent movies are not on Netflix Canada. I don’t know if this has anything to do with canadian regulations (CRTC) but I do hope they add a lot more content if they want to get subscribers on board. I would suggest having at least half what the US have if not more before I sign up for my free 30 days and see if I keep paying for the service.. Take a look for yourselves, search for the blog entry called “Netflix Launches in Canada” on the official netflix blog and you will se all the complaints.

  • even though it has a disc-less netflix app is it still the same old raggedy interface or did they update that?

  • i subscribed, thank you for this Sony


  • Very cool. No disk is a big plus in my book. It’s nice to see Canada get something before us for a change

  • Wow, signed up and I’m now browsing the content!
    Two days in a row, Ashley Beaulac, you’ve got me hyped. Very good work, making us Canadian Playstation users feel more welcomed. :)

    (Especially since I’ve been a Playstation user since the Playstation and PSOne)

  • Im happy. Now that we have netflix rogers and Bell will be forced into providing fair prices in order to compete.

  • It’s great that there is a free trial… this is something I was very unsure about…

  • Interesting. I enjoyed Netflix when it was available for the PS3 whilst I was in the US, though Canada has its own video delivery/streaming service, I think. Canflix, I believe. Of course, it lacks a PS3-support streaming service, and perhaps that makes all the difference… apart from the depth of their library, perhaps.

  • I wonder if the stuff in that picture is actually available to stream in Canada.

  • Can US residents make a Canada account and get the Netflix App now?

  • @80

    Yea, just make a Canadian account, and you’ll be able to download the app under Video, then you can use it from your main US account.

  • I checked the website:

    ‘>insert and program/movie made in the last 5 years<' is not available but you might enjoy these titles.

    There's no responses on the PS Blog or the Netfix Blog regarding the very poor selection and when/if it will ever be improved.

    I may get the free trial to see if the real selection is any better than the website, but I'm almost thinking it's a waste of a free month at the moment. Huge Potential – Huge Fail.

  • Finally we get something… AWESOME

  • Thanks for including Canadian news in your blog…it’s very much appreciated. This is one service that should make the PS3 that much better!

    Looking forward to using NETFLIX soon!

  • Sweet, love free trials.

  • I made a Canada account and the Netflix App wasn’t there? I didn’t even see a Video tab like in the US store.

  • Has anyone successfully downloaded the app from the Canadian store, that lives in the US?

  • There is not a Netflix icon under the video icon and I’m in Canada! It still isn’t working!

  • hmmm it’s been a fairly good week for the canadians. that’s good. they earned it. thanks for the timber and beaver pelts y’all!

    and and damn’t! you guys got the xmb app before we did?!

  • I just tried to download the app and it didn’t work I got an error code (80023….I didn’t write it down). Anyone else see this?

  • haha too funny, i JUST notice the netflex icon under my videos on my XMB, i was like wtf? installed the software and signed up for the 1st month trail… it streams super fast HD content, menu interface is nice and easy to navigate… sadly the selection of content is utter crap!, pardon my french. 95% of everything i saw is stuff i never even heard of, like low budget movies. sad…. the PS store has way better selection, though the price of only $8 per month unlimited anything is nice!

  • Love the new app, I’m using it right now. It’s only 19MB and says “Netflix Instant Streaming” under your PSN if you’re signed on. Now I wish they would add Blu-ray XMB access too.

  • I signed up for the trial, but the first movie I tried had a screwed up aspect ratio which made it unwatchable. It was 500 Days of Summer. Netflix, can you fix this movie? I certainly hope this was an isolated thing. It’s not my TV, the movie should have been showing black bars at the top & bottom but was stretched to fill the height of the screen.

  • NVM I found it…..its under videos on the XMB. Duh! lol

  • Great news. Going to check out very soon today.

  • Congrats! Canadians are finally getting stuff haha hope you guys enjoy it, I’ll be eagerly waiting till October. Cheers to halloween!!!

  • Anyone living in the US…DON’T WAIT TILL NOVEMBER!!!…make a Canada account and you can stream Netflix to your PS3 DISC-LESS RIGHT NOW! I’m in the US and I’m streaming Netflix to my PS3 Disc-less right now!

  • Update from my previous post. The Netflix site says to click on the Netflix icon in the “What’s New?”. This gives the error 80023111. I then used the icon on the XMB under video and it downloaded the app and works.

    As for selection – this is day one, give it change. I found a few movies I want to see so even if I find 5 movies or TV shows I like, the $8 is well worth it. If Netflix shows a commitment to increasing what is available in Canada, I’ll keep subscribing. I don’t expect parity with the US for a long time.

  • Why is there always a PS3 model in the picture next to something like this? Is it in case we forget we’re on the PlayStation Blog and, perhaps, accidentally think we’re on IGN, so it could instead be an Xbox or Wii?

  • ^^It’s free Advertisment. Duh!

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