Netflix Streaming its Way to Canada Today

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Seems that now that I’ve started blogging, I can’t stop! I’m happy to announce that Netflix is launching in Canada today.

Netflix PS3

For those of you who don’t know what Netflix is, it’s the leading internet movie subscription service, which basically means that all of us Canadians can now watch an unlimited amount of movies and TV episodes for $7.99 a month.

Now your PlayStation 3 is able to stream from Netflix right to your TV, letting you chose from thousands of movie and TV episodes; watch as much as you want, whenever you want.

To get started simply look for the Netflix icon under the video icon in your XMB (cross media bar).

For all our friends in the US and current Netflix members, you’ll have to continue using the instant streaming disc for your PS3 system until the Netflix application icon becomes available for you in October.

For all our French speaking friends, Netflix intends to add French language capability over time.

Still not sure if Netflix is right for you and your PS3? Visit for your free one-month trial and see for yourself! With no late delivery fees, can your Wednesday get any better?

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  • Can’t wait for October. Another MS exclusive deal goes bye bye.

  • WOW!!!

    I may just cancel my cable!!!

  • sweet we are getting it before wow that’s a first

  • what! its only $7.99 in Canada? damn exchange rate!

  • Finally! Thanks for the heads up, I completely forgot when Netflix was coming here.

  • what! its only $7.99 in Canada?

  • I don’t have a NetFlix icon under video in my XMB? I’ve been waiting forever so we could use NetFlix in Canada.

  • You have to download the app… Look under “What’s New” for the link.

  • wth why cant we all just have the streaming app?
    why must i wait till October.

  • Sorry Ashley, 99% of Canadians have bandwidth caps that make this pointless.

    Even my 95gb cap which is easily well over the average isn’t enough for this.

  • Wait Canada is getting it with out the disc first? boo lol

  • @riclucas: Thank you! Downloading the app now and setting up 1st free month!

  • Awesome! No more streaming disc for the US in October! Can’t wait!

  • For the people who have netflix in the states how is the quality when streaming these to your ps3?

    Does the HD streaming work well?

  • Sweet no disc for NA users in October sweetness!

  • I’ll give the trial a go, but I’m gonna have to pay close attention to my bandwidth usage.

    Rogers and Bell have way too much power. The CRTC needs to give them a good spanking.

  • Just so you no, only 7% of Canada speaks french (and 18% of that live in Quebec)

  • I mean 80%

  • Oh boy, my 60gb of monthly bandwidth is not going to like this.

  • @14
    Netflix streaming is great
    mine streams w/o buffering in hd with only a 4mbs connection

  • Works PERFECTLY. Truly impressed, will subscribe.

    Now see, if you told me I get a Netflix discount if I am a PSPlus member, I’d sign up for that instantly.

  • This is awesome, like someone said above, bye bye cable.

  • Oh man thats awesome! I love how Canada gets it first for a change.

    This is for all users right? not just PS+ right?

  • YYYYYYEEEEEAAAAA, October confirmation here :D

  • Sweet Oct.

    So did you guys do Canada first so you wouldn’t forget?

  • Well, I tried four items, and it takes about 3-6 seconds to start the stream. The quality is solid depending on what you’re watching. I just loaded the old game-related flick, The Wizard, and it looks great!

    I’m in heaven right now, Netflix as well as a spontaneous PlayStation Plus subscription within minutes of each other!

  • Useless with the bandwidth caps we have over here.

  • I have a question, when I start up Netflix disc nothing loads, but it goes to the Que area, it freezes my PS3 than I have to turn my PS3 off, than when I turn it back on, it says my hard disk or hard drive may be corrupted, is it because of the disk or my PS3?, and will the no disk in October fix that problem??

  • Hi !

    I’m very happy to see that you don’t forget people who speaks french as main language in Canada.


  • Native Netflix App in October!!!! YAY!!!!

  • I saw this today, for those who are mad about the price remember 2 things. SOny has nothing to do with the price and also the selection is much less than the US version.

  • Question: Do us Canadians get everything that the US has, or are we limited?

    I ask this because when we recently got the PSN video store for Canada, there’s obviously a noticeable difference in movies that we’re able to get compared to the US. So I’m wondering if this applies to Netflix as well.

    $8 is nothing, but I still wouldn’t want to be limited from my selection because of this. Thanks!

  • @Link01

    NO its not a PS+ Subscription

    ALL PSN Gamers will have the Netflix App for free to download from the PlayStation Store Coming this October.

    Theres always a Deal for first time subscribers too.. Im sure it will be First month will be Free then after you will be Billed.

    I Hope they Reduce the Price of having Netflix.

    Really Can’t Compete with my Local Redbox when only Paying $1 for DVD and $1.50 for Blu-ray (Per Night) when most of the time I watch a Movie for 1 night anyways and if i forget to take it back its not like i have a really Big late fee eaither they just charge 1 more dollar or 1.50 sinces it per night.

    I watch Movies but not as enough to pay for a Monthly charge thing since I own a Direct TV HD/DVR Service

  • @10 “Most” Canadians have a choice of providers who offer different options. I choose to use DSL over Cable. There is a noticeable speed difference but the trade off is no cap.

    I’m really impressed that Sony (and Ashley) is reaching out to it’s Canadian customers. As a Canadian we have been forgotten for to long by many American companies.

    Hey Ashley, can you talk to the division that handles the “DASH” and tell them to get one in Canada already! :)

  • I checked a few TV series that i would want to watch and it’s not available. Also some movies like IRON MAN aren’t available that’s weird.

    I was thinking of increasing to 95gig a month but as some said here that wouldn’t be enough. I guess this isn’t an option for me then.

    We Canadians had it good on the internet front years ago but now we are getting screwed. I pay like $50 bucks for internet and only get 60 gigs.

  • @24 this is for all users

    as sony unlike microsoft would never limit the functionality of there console with a payed service

  • That’s not true Fuzzy sdb, If you have no cap, you’re lucky. Most Canadians have only Rogers and Bell as high speed internet choices and both offer caps.

    Most third parties have caps too although they are usually higher. I wish I could use Teksavvy here but It it not an option. I’m stuck paying $60/month for 10mbps with a 95gb cap. It’s insanely overpriced but at least it’s fast and works.

  • Are some shows not avaliable in Canada? I went to check out Glee and How I Met Your Mother and it says “How I Met Your Mother: Season 1 is not available, but you might enjoy these titles” for all of them……

  • I’m hoping you don’t have to sign up with just credit cards. I don’t use em, :-[

  • @37

    Thanks! I was sure it was free. Wanted to make sure. Kinda at work unable to check since the PS3 is at home

  • The great Canadian news just keeps on coming! I will definitely be subscribing to this!

  • Amazing, will try it out

  • Only thing is Netflix Canada does not have such things as Nightmare on Elm street series,Jaws,Wes cravens shocker, Ferris Burlers day off kinda dissapointing most of these movies are classic and not available in canada boooo

  • Yes, I can not wait until this comes to the states. Honestly, I find it pointless to have the one rental at a time with blu ray deal. I might cancel that and just do streaming only. If I really want to see something that is not offered on streaming I can just red box it.

  • cant wait until oct. so we get the link too, ill start my trial then

  • I just hope there will be more choice than the movie store in Canada.

  • I am thrilled beyond (BEYOND!) belief!

    Thanks to everyone @ for making this happen!

  • I love how the update addS access to xmb while streaming now! We stay logged into psn and can view our friends list NNNIICCCCEEE!

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