Introducing the PlayStation Move EyePet Bundle from Toys “R” Us

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The cutest virtual pet on the planet will now comes in a special edition! Introducing the limited edition Toys “R” Us PlayStation Move EyePet Bundle, the perfect PlayStation Move starter kit for kids and families looking to experience a little EyePet magic this holiday season.

PlayStation Move EyePet Bundle for PS3

The PlayStation Move EyePet Bundle is a North American exclusive (US and Canada) and will retail for $99.99 at Toys “R” Us. The bundle will include:

EyePet is already receiving highly positive word of mouth from the press:

IGN – 8/10: “That’s why EyePet was the most exciting PlayStation Move game to me, and for the most part it delivers a more satisfying experience than any of the pet games I’ve played to date.”

NowGamer – 8.4/10: “It’s cute and lovable beyond belief”

So get your living rooms ready, make sure the family has plenty of space, and say hello to EyePet — your next best virtual friend.

The EyePet Bundle will be available at participating Toys “R” Us stores and online starting Friday, September 24th. Demand will be high, so call your nearest Toys “R” Us or go online here to check availability. Pre-order yours today!

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  • what is eyepet why have i never seen this horrible marketing? gotta youtube it

  • @35, you have no idea what you are missing! Move is where it’s at!

  • Eyepet is pretty cute, but I’m happy that the initial bundle included Sports Champions instead. Besides this isn’t Sony’s fault.

  • In Hong Kong I’ve already seen Sports Champions, Kung Fu Rider, and Start the Party bundles. The more the merrier, I say

    I’m hoping they’ll release a Resident Evil or The Fight Lights Out bundle, with Move+Navicon or dual Move controllers

  • Eye Pet Needs Patch ASAP
    I have hit a lot of bugs

    Some challenges that are unlocked will not load. I go to click on the first photo challenge (where you take a photo with your eye pet) and it will just show a sort of turning arrow and won’t let me start the challenge. I thought maybe it was just a long load time but I waited half and hour an still could not start the challenge.
    Have not found a solution for this yet.

    Camera randomly gets stuck zoomed in. There are moments when the picture on screen zooms in to show you and your eye pet up close but then it doesn’t zoom out to full screen. None of the buttons then work on the move controller and you have to quit the game. Then restart.

    The magic changing toy. When using this toy, you can change from the squirt gun, jumping hoop, and so on… using the move button. The bug I encountered here was once again the rest of the buttons on the move controller would not work except for select to calibrate the controller. Again, the only way to fix this was to quit the game. Then restart.

    Every so often, the sound will go out and the only way to bring it back is to quit the game and restart.

  • I know it when I see it Chris, when Eye Pet popped out of the TV screen every guest at the birthday party were EYES WIDE OPEN.
    Eye Pet bundle is a very good Move.
    Eye Pet is very promising.

  • Early Adopters Get SCREWED! I didn’t want Sports Champions but since it was the only one offered as a bundle I pre-ordered it to show my LOYALTY and commitment to buying Sony Products. Then LESS than a week later this is announced. Not to mention the fact that in Canada This bundle is already on Store Shelves. And I really didn’t feel like forfeiting my deposit just to get Eye Pet so I sucked up the cost and bought it.

    Thanks Sony. You really impress people when you do this. But I’ll go and chew the cost now, and reconsider future purchases on Launch Days.

  • I’ve already picked up the sports champions bundle, but also picked up EyePet. It’s awesome how you interact with the pet. I’d suggest that anyone who wants a move bundle go for the EyePet bundle over the Sports Champions one.

    What you should really be bundling though is a move controller, navigator, and charge dock. I know a lot of gamers and no one wants to pay for a separate navigator.

  • Sports champions is a great game. I am planning to get EyePet for my daughter this christmas.

    People asking for the Demo disc???

    I bought Start the Party and noticed that the demos are on that disc also. Under game icon you see two disc icons one for start the party and for the demos.

    I am really enjoying the psmove and so are my 2 and 4 year old daughters. I will be brining it to a party on friday and show some more people what the psmove is about.

  • Ok no offence to these games and all, but I would much rather see a Socom 4 Move bundle. I really hope SCEA/Sony (or whoever is in charge of it) make that bundle an option, I for one would pick up the PS Move much faster if it is bundled with a game I would actually buy separately

  • at 64 , Socom 4 is still a long wait to be released , i think this bundle is aimed to kids , i mean it would be a very good present for kids this holidays dont you think ? i know im getting my little nephew that bundle , oh by the way im really loving Heavy Rain with the PS MOVE is even a better experience than before , on the other hand im having a hard time trying to mastering MAG with the ps MOVE , its as hardcore as the move will ever get lol , man it hasnt been easy but i’ll keep trying until im ready for Kizzy 3 and Socom 4 ( which btw i have already played it with the MOVE back at E3 ) and it wasnt as hard as MAG is , oh boy

  • Early adopters have always gotten screwed… why are some people surprised? It’s not like you didn’t know what you were buying.

    More bundles is good. Like I said before, we already have three bundles here in Hong Kong, and that’s without EyePet. Sports Champions and EyePet are perfectly good bundles and are worth the price. Start the Party is not bad, but in my opinion the Kung Fu Rider bundle in Hong Kong is not worth it.

    Kung Fu Rider would only just manage it as a PSN game, not full price retail, and would actually be infinitely better on DS3… anyway, I digress

    More bundles = good

    Keep ’em coming, Sony

  • guess i found the eyepet we promissed our daughter for christmas. we have an eye already but hey, when you consider the price of the move and the game seperate, it’s pretty much a freebie. too bad it aint two moves though lol

  • I want to say no matter which way the bundle was offered there would be complaints. Sports champions is fun and the two controllers is diffinatly the best way to play it. Eye pet is kid friendly parent approved trust me. Getting used to petting thin air can be tough though

  • Exactly what I wanted!! What am I thinking now Sony? Peanuts? Dangit Sony you’re good.

  • The PS3’s biggest supporters already purchased the Eye toy camera. Now that there is finally a good use for the peripheral they don’t provide a bundle that is fair to their most loyal customers.

    May be time to take some “move” money and move to a different console.

  • Sports Champion Bundle is a MUST but equally so Eye Pet Bundle.
    Both are great but Eye Pet is the Moves answer to Pokemon. Kids love the critter! He will be Sony’s Tickle me Elmo.
    1000% positive about this.

    Nuff Said!

  • WOW! dat looks AMAZIN XD

  • Hi, guys. Just got this today and it’s excellent. However, it doesn’t appear to come with a demo disc. Is mine weird, or does this one just not include it?

  • That just really sucks that Sony has not released any bundles that cater to current Eye Owners. I mean what the frack am I going to do with multiple Eyes? And if I buy everything separate I feel cheated cause everyone else is basically getting a $35 freebie right while I pay full price. Well anyway to make a long story short… I haven’t bought the accessories yet mainly because that reason. If a bundle was made for current Eye owners I would have purchased day of release. As it stands right now I prolly won’t purchase until a really good sale happens or a bundle for us current Eye holders. Thanks a lot Sony for pulling a Xbox move.

  • looks better then lbp 2

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