Introducing the PlayStation Move EyePet Bundle from Toys “R” Us

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The cutest virtual pet on the planet will now comes in a special edition! Introducing the limited edition Toys “R” Us PlayStation Move EyePet Bundle, the perfect PlayStation Move starter kit for kids and families looking to experience a little EyePet magic this holiday season.

PlayStation Move EyePet Bundle for PS3

The PlayStation Move EyePet Bundle is a North American exclusive (US and Canada) and will retail for $99.99 at Toys “R” Us. The bundle will include:

EyePet is already receiving highly positive word of mouth from the press:

IGN – 8/10: “That’s why EyePet was the most exciting PlayStation Move game to me, and for the most part it delivers a more satisfying experience than any of the pet games I’ve played to date.”

NowGamer – 8.4/10: “It’s cute and lovable beyond belief”

So get your living rooms ready, make sure the family has plenty of space, and say hello to EyePet — your next best virtual friend.

The EyePet Bundle will be available at participating Toys “R” Us stores and online starting Friday, September 24th. Demand will be high, so call your nearest Toys “R” Us or go online here to check availability. Pre-order yours today!

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  • Excellent marketing!

  • I’m glad I haven’t picked up Move yet, because i would rather have this than sports champions (no offence to SC dev team). I will hopefully pick it up soon.

  • One week after official launch… Why ?
    It sucks to be an early adopter.

  • I’d love to see Motion/Navigation Controller bundle since I bought my Playstation Eye camera about 2 years ago…

  • Well what do you know, just what I was waiting for to get my kids. I was blowing off the Move b/c I’ve been playing Wii Sports for 3 1/2 years and I need the Eye but not the Sports Champions bundle, so I guess you can count us in now.

    PS – Today’s PSNn store update was epic.

  • lol I’m already a sophomore in college and this would be perfect to play with my girlfriend.

  • And I knew something like this would happen, which is why i’m holding off on getting a Move.

    Watch….. a bundle will come out that includes the Nav and either EyePet, Sports Champion, or some other game at $100.

  • PS- Does it include the demo disc? Or does it not matter as most if not all of them are already on the PSN?

  • Thanks for telling me this after I bought the other one.

  • Why not make more bundle deals without the camera for the ones of us that already have it? I mean I am not willing to pay $100 for any of these bundles for something that I already own. Its stupid and pointless.

  • W

    You should have offered this from launch i literally JUST got the other bundle and would have preferred to have gotten this one -____-

  • My five day impression of PlayStation Move:

    The hardware is terrific. The accuracy is spot-on. And the potential for immersion far surpasses anything I’ve seen on that little white waggle console.

    As for the software: well, that’s another story (at least with the first batch of games and demos).

    Sports Champions is a surprising delight. I was expecting a shallow Wii Sports ripoff, but I’ve sunk more hours into it in 5 days than I have in a couple years with the Wii game. Table Tennis is amazing. Volleyball is also awesome (especially with two Move controllers).

    The rest of the stuff on the demo disk is pretty spotty though. I certainly won’t be buying any of those games (except maybe EyePet for the kids).

  • While I guess this bundle and its timing couldn’t have been avoid, still seems like a poor move in terms of customer relations.

    Of course, Sports Champions owners shouldn’t be too bummed. It’s a good game.

  • #6
    And to add on to why people should wait instead of doing day one purchases: PSP Go.

    One of the biggest mistake of my life. Could’ve been playing KHBBS but i’m sort of over that.

    And before that: EyeToy followed by buying a HDD for my PS2 when it had very little support.

  • #13

    In the long run, the “wait and see” approach is what kills products like the Move. If everyone waits, then few Moves are sold, and developers abandon the platform.

    If you want Move to be a success — and have it end up with a huge library of games — then you need to go out and buy the Move as soon as possible.

    The tech is there. It’s solid. It’s impressive.

    Now we just have to show our support.

  • You guys need to bundle a game and controller only. I already have a psEye :\

  • @5 You thought the PSN update this week was epic? What about last week with the huge monkey island and megaman sales? After supporting the PSN for 2 years, that was the biggest sale I’ve seen. Not to mention the new content that was posted as well.

    This week there was barely anything worth getting. RDR is rigid as hell, and Zen Pinball was likely bought by every Plus user already. This week sucked compared to last weeks Plus-less update.

  • if you already have a pseye sell it on ebay or trade it in at gamestop on the bundle

  • I want this move thing

  • I’m glad I held off picking up the Move. Going to continue to hold off a while longer until I see a bundle that’s more appealing to…what you marketing people like to refer to as “core gamers”

    Maybe have a talk with the guys over at EA and consider a Dead Space Extraction bundle? Or a Socom bundle. I never really planned on picking up Socom, but if it came bundled with the Move which I wanted anyways, you’d get an extra sale from me =D

  • I submit an idea to the PS.Share blog every day, and many dont get posted. They dont tell me why. But when stuff like “Add a Super NINTENDO” emulator gets added it’s very disheartening to see things you cant possible do get chosen over my legitimate ideas.

    Can you please force them to tell us why our ideas dont get posted and show where are ideas are in the queue to be read?

  • It would be nice to see a bundle without the camera but oh well, could always use the extra camera for my PC lol. What I would like to know is why EyePet has become a Move exclusive when its been out for some time over in the UK without Move support.

  • yeah, happy with Sports champion!

  • lol, this is the best move software so far. I must admit it’s the one I want the most.

  • Thanks Sony! This is the Move bundle I wanted. EyePet is all I want from Move right now.

  • I’m pleasantly surprised with the early support Sony has provided already with the Move’s release. First off, the demo disc alone is good enough reason to buy the Sport’s Champion Bundle. It has so many of the more intuitive games which have yet to be released- as a result of that demo disc, I have a lot of confidence in the future of the Move.

    Secondly, as a result of that Demo Disc, I am not able to formulate an opinion about EyePet and I really do think that it is great! I don’t have that much room in room to play it, so it was a bit sketch to play, but the fun it had was there and the little mini-games you can play (for example when you draw the plane, you have a mini-game where you fly the plane and EyePet and try to pop a certain amount of balloons) are fun and make it a little bit more than a standard pet game. (Not to mention, they have DLC available for it, giving it some more depth as well.

    I’m really looking forward to the future of the Move, and if any of you have a chance, when/if you pick yours up, you have to purchase Tumble from the PSN Store… if you ever need a reason to show your friends why it is much more than a Wii-clone, than that is your game… and it is fun and challenging as well!

  • Huh, I saw this on Saturday at a Toys R Us in Edmonton, AB, Canada. It surprised me because I hadn’t heard about the bundle anywhere, and I figured I must have just missed it. Guess I should have snapped a photo while I was in the store!

  • Perhaps this should’ve been announced EARLIER? -_-

    Anyway, I’m perfectly happy with Sports Champions. I know what palladino is now, so it counts as somewhat educational, and gladiator duel has LITERALLY left me sore, so I’ve got exercise out of it. (And I think if I ever find myself in a duel, I’ll be better prepared, so educational again) Seriously, it does a better job than my Bowflex. I’m going to have to take a day off to recuperate. Bravo to Zindagi- if you guys need a user-testimonial for a commercial, count me in.

  • Kirkpad – the update was epic to me b/c I got about 4 free and enjoyable hours of demos and minis – an hour each for Blade Kitten and Deathspank, 40 minutes for Enslaved, 20 minutes for S&S, plus Echoes which was fun for a bit. They also had Pulse, an NBA demo, some Japanese imports and some Move demos.

    I don’t simply equate quantity with goodness (PS+ stuff usually sukcs) but this week had a lot of free stuff. Sure, no AAA stuff, but I’m vieiwimng this week more as what they had than all the stuff they could’ve had, which is infinite. [And this is coming from a bitter PS+ subscriber who already owned Zen Pinball and Mushroom Wars.]

  • im happy for my sports champion with demos

  • you should have offered this at the launch, though i would still pick up the SC bundle. Well, better than never I guess.

  • This should have been out on release day! I love EyePet and would suggest it to any-and-everyone!

  • Camera-less bundle, please. Stop screwing us early adopters over. I’m not selling my camera to GameStop for $10. F that.

  • sorry, no move for me. even if its a great bundle I’m going to stick with the wii for motion control games.

  • @34 AaronD12

    Thats what Im saying. I got my camera years ago with The Eye of Judgement.

  • Is the EU version getting a move patch?

    Not that it will make much difference as my gaming room doesn’t have enough light for the game to look properly. It took me forever to get the little guy to pounce.

    I also wish you could use a table setup like in the original trailer.

  • I really need to agree with @15 on this. Tumble has really shown how much potential is in this technology. I was in gamestop and they had a controller so I immediately bought one, because I know they won’t be dropping in price anytime soon. I didn’t buy Sports Champions cause I heard it’s better with 2 controllers in multiple games. Instead I went and bought tumble for $10 which has a lot more levels than I expected.

    I urge you all to check out tumble if you weren’t impressed by anything else.

    @29 I guess you are right.

  • Ooh, I want this, glad I haven’t purchased the Move controller yet. Thanks :D

  • How about introducing a Move Bundle for people who already have the PS Eye?!?!

  • Still waiting for basic Move+Game bundle… Bought an Eye a year ago to save some cash this time, bros, but I’m still spending as much if not more than everyone else just to get a game with it…

  • We are getting this for my little sister all she does is play with the demo but she gets pissed off when it has to end.

  • This isnt worth it in my opinion the Europe bundle was i think 60$? and that only had the camera and game you guys should have released that kind of bundle for people who dont want move.

    Ive tried move and in my opinion it doesnt work that well. I guess i wont be enjoying this game like i waned to be, but wasting 100$ for some stupid attachment doesnt seem worth it in my opinion.

  • My kid loves this game with a passion and all we have is the demo that came with my bundle. She plays it for hours on end. Lets it fall asleep and screams to wake it up. Chases those ballons all night long. She loves this game. I will need to break down and buy it soon.

  • I want this one, since I have no interest in the Sports Champions game and I want EyePet.

    @43; Then import it. The card thing is not as accurate as the Move controller. If you feel like an inferior product is worth saving money on then have at it. Just buy the DLC from the EU store otherwise it won’t work.

  • How about a Start the Party bundle? I think I fell in love with that game the most! I don’t know why the bad press for Start the Party, but it me it a lot of fun!!

  • well i already have Eyepet but i know what my nephew is getting for the holidays lol , yeap that Eyepet bundle and little Big Planet 2

  • I’ve purchased the move, didn’ go for the bundle liek a lot of others I had purchased the eye in preperation for the playstation move, thinking I would save money, turns out I saved nothing.. I’d liek to purchase one of those gun move attachments I saw in the epic commercial and also in that time crisis bundle someone posted

  • Is Eyepet that good? I just got the PS3 320 GB bundle.

  • yes coolwhip is really good to play it with kids , fun

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