High Velocity Bowling for PS3 Ships Today on Blu-ray with PlayStation Move Support

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Do you have some hankering for some over-the-top bowling action? Well it’s time to dust off the old bowling shoes and meet the High Velocity Bowlers! Over the last few years, lots of High Velocity Bowling add-on DLC has been released and we’ve collected all the content in one convenient Blu-ray Disc package, including over 20 unique characters and themed alleys, trick shot packs, and other fun content.

In addition, the game also supports stereoscopic 3D and PlayStation Move functionality included on the disc to really simulate a genuine bowling swing. The game’s a blast to play and lets up to four friends play offline, or go head-to-head online to see who the better bowler is.

High Velocity Bowling for PS3 with PlayStation Move supportHigh Velocity Bowling for PS3 with PlayStation Move support

If you already own the original High Velocity Bowling game on PSN, you can get the PlayStation Move add-on functionality for free if you are a PlayStation Plus member. If you aren’t a member of PlayStation Plus, don’t worry: the PlayStation Move add-on is planned to be released in the near future.

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  • Everyone is right…..a game patch should not be held back from people…game dlc yes, but not a patch. This is just wrong on so many levels. I mean it’s nice and all that you are trying to give those idiots extra stuff for paying you more money but to hold back game patches is not one thing that should be included. Next you will say this system update is exclusive to PS+ for 1 month so all you other people won’t be able to access this or that until then. It’s just wrong to hold back a game patch..and I hope this decision is reconsidered and soon.

  • Well, this patch would have been the thing to get me to buy some more characters and ball packs since the family might actually play it now. We weren’t particularly fond of the wonky sixaxis controls. We’ll just have to get our bowling fix elsewhere. *glances at Brunswick*

  • Delaying Move support when this is clearly a product which needs support. I got a Move, I paid 150 bucks for two Move controllers + navigation controllers + EyeToy, now I also should buy PSN+. Sony, why are you hating your customers so much?

  • I downloaded the Move suport add on last night and I’m not a Plus subscriber. Just started the game as normal and it downloaded the 64mb data. Version 2.00 I belive.

  • Playstation Plus is all about getting some games free and early access for certain things. O blame Sony at time but for this I don’t see the point of crying babies who want this without to be a member.

    You want some early access and you love your ps3? Then support the PSN and become a member. Otherwise just calm down and wait.

    The only thing I don’t understand is the 40$ price tag for the retail version. Its too high for a PSN game that cost 10$ 3 years ago.

  • Lots of whining going on…Plus members PAY for it, period. If you don’t like it, sub up or wait.

  • @54: The disc version contains all the DLC, that’s a lot of extras.

  • Can’t wait to try it!!

  • Is this version going to have new trophies including a platinum since it won’t be considered a PSN title?

  • To all complaining about the delay, I should point out that this is DLC, not just a patch. The patch has been made available to everyone that may also contain more updates beyond Move support. The DLC that unlocks Move support has not. You still have to download something from the store, at least in the US, in order to get Move to work with HVB. I have yet to see a patch that you have to download from the store.

    While I think it might not be the best decision by Sony in regards to making the game catalog look bigger, I have no problem with only offering it to Plus users. We paid for this early access and should you want it, get Plus. Those whom are complaining about what they spent on Move are just throwing your costs around thinking because you spent X.XX dollars you should get something for free. Should you get a free game when you buy a PS3 system for $299? It would be nice, but it just doesn’t happen. Just because you buy hardware doesn’t entitle you to access to games before the developer decides to give you access.

  • How can you do that to the people who BOUGHT the game?
    Waiting until Oct 25th is pathetic!!!

    Wow it’s almost makes me want to forget about the game entirely.

    Give the betas, and the free games etc but to time this update for a product that I just spent $250 on and can’t play this game I bought years ago???

    That is low!!!

  • that look fun!!!!

  • I didn’t buy the game, got it for free.(Qore subscriber and it probably on there right now for free)and I got the free MOVE support because I’m a PS+ subscriber. If you’re still on the fence about PS+ you can stay on that fence or you can hop off and come on over to where the grass is greener. The value is starting to pay off and with 3 free months for 50.00 you can’t beat that. Don’t keep thinking about it and ….just do it. As you can see it’s well worth it.

  • What, you mean they DONT WORK for FREE at Team Ramrod?

    Next time you goto a fast food place, order and then tell them the Person who made your food is paying for it… See how that works for you, and the person who made your food!

    I know i sure as hell dont work for free… So i wouldnt expect others either.

  • It’s not DLC it’s a small free patch. When you boot up the game you are instructed to download the Move patch. Plus subscriber or not. It’s less than 50 mb from what I remember. What’s in the PSN store is actually a 100 KB key which unlocks the patch.

    The patch that is also not delayed for non Plus Station Plus subscribers in other regions. It’s a way for Sony of America to give Plus subscribers the illusion of getting bonus content without actually doing so. It’s a poor move for a lot of reasons. Plus Subscribers are not in any way getting bonus content by this and it delays a Move patch to people that already payed for the game when Sony should be trying to get as many people as possible to buy and try out the Move.

  • The one thing i don’t see in all this complying is just make a EU account and download it form there.
    wow now that was easy!
    now go on and play HVB with your ps move.

  • I’m all for Plus Subscribers getting actual bonus content like discounts on PSN purchases, betas, themes, demos and avatars. But denying or delaying or charging for patches to games is something we as gamers should not be willing to support. This could set a really bad precedent for future game patches.

  • @Zombie9 the 2.00 update when you start the game does not contain the move support. I just tried it.

    @Chopper731 that is a very good question. I would definitely like to see this game get a platinum. I would be double disappointed if that was only on the retail version.

    @Overtaker That is a great Idea, but sadly it doesn’t work. I tried it last week and again today. Unfortunately the UK patch only works with UK copies of the game. My copy is from the American store. DLC is apparently region specific.

    The patch that you download when you start up the game, is just for the menus and stuff, it doesn’t have the move support. Now the first screen you see is the Move warnings about always using the strap-on for the Move controller, but you cant use the move unless you have the Move patch.

  • PS… How many other people on this thread got the game for free from the Subway Fiery Footlong contest???

  • The 126 mb patch we are all made to download IS the Move support as well as 3D. What you download from the PSN store is only a 100 KB key to allow you to use the patch you were made to download. The Move support is now there but you just can’t access it without the key.

    Also the EU key will not work. The patches and keys are region specific.

  • I did not get this game for free. I paid for it as well as a lot of additional DLC for it.

    Not only has Sony of America’s poor judgement on deciding to delay this free patch other regions have access to has really soured my enthusiasm for the Move, it also has me questioning future game purchases if am going to have to continue to contend with being delayed or access to game patches.

  • i don’t understand the complaint for the move addon. seriously, we ps+ members paid for the service. why can’t we get some good stuff first? that’s what we paid for…

  • JoyedCurse, you are not getting anything first.

    Delaying a free patch is not a bonus. Plus Subscribers are not getting any real benfit from this. Instead of actually giving Plus Subscribers any actual real bonus content Sony of America is delaying a patch to give you the illusion of bonus content.

    This is not about Plus vs non Plus. It’s about Sony of America’s poor decision of delaying a free patch to give Plus Subscribers a fake bonus. No gamers should be happy with this. It also sets a really bad precedent of Sony of America denying people and or charging for future game patches. Again, none of us should be happy about this.

  • I have HV Bowling already, but there is NO WAY I am going to pay for the very poor Plus service so far in order to get that add-on!! I don’t care that it won’t be free, just make it available outside of Plus, PLEASE.

  • The decision to restrict access in North America only to the PlayStation Move support is extremely disappointing to me. As an early adopter of the PlayStation Move technology, it seems quite unfair to be asked to pay money for a subscription to a service that I’m currently uninterested in in order to access content that is available to the rest of the world. This decision makes no sense to me, the launch library for PlayStation Move is not that big. I’d even be willing to pay for the support now.

  • @64 LOL just saw move pictures on start of the game. :) they tricked me. I got a qustion though all plus members got the move suport correct but I dought more than 50% of those plus members have MOVE so there given a feature they can’t use. LOL GOOD JOB SONY. what a joke.

  • Purchased HVB in 2007, when it came out. Subscribed to Qore, when it came out. Purchased the Move controller, just yesterday. You can consider me a pretty avid fan of Playstation and PSN. BUT, I saw no reason to buy into PSN Plus, fact is Qore lost my interest, and the free items or “discounts” are not even enticing. So, NOW your just pissing me off!

    “If you aren’t a member of PlayStation Plus, don’t worry: the PlayStation Move add-on is planned to be released in the near future.”

    Near future, better be tomorrow! I’ll NOT buy PSN Plus now, or possibly ever, now based on principle. Look! Stop the money pit offerings, that is the current PSN Plus, and give me something to talk about, and I might. But, hold simple updates for games already purchased HOSTAGE for “a time”, and all your doing is making me curious about an XBOX 360. Seriously!

  • I like how there are only 3 replies on this thread and none of them address any of the major concerns we are talking about here. They are obviously avoiding the issue. Answer the real questions here, don’t just add to comments about how people haven’t gotten their Move yet, or how much people love the new patch.

  • Dido:

    Purchased HVB in 2007, when it came out. Subscribed to Qore, when it came out. Purchased the Move controller, just yesterday. You can consider me a pretty avid fan of Playstation and PSN. BUT, I saw no reason to buy into PSN Plus, fact is Qore lost my interest, and the free items or “discounts” are not even enticing. So, NOW your just pissing me off!

  • Is this staged release being done to avoid overloading HVB’s online servers? If so, could non-Plus owners not be given Move support for offline-only until the server traffic dies down?

  • Wow, I almost got this game last night to play with my Move set up. It is actually in my cart as we speak. Glad I picked Tumbler(awesome game BTW) over this. I would have been pissed. Really guy? Delay the move support to a majority of the potential customers?
    I can wait a week for Brunswick Pro bowling. Thanks but no thanks.
    I will be removing this from the cart when I get home from work today.
    This is worse than the demo of that golf game on PSN that is in the move section and when you start it up says “buy full version to enable move support” haha! They wont be getting my money either.

  • lmao. Way to go Sony. well i (emphasis on I) hated Nintendo Wii for 2 reasons. crappy remakes and crappy graphics. not even the Wii bowling game would make me buy the system. I’m an avid bowler. even got a PINZ membership. all the talk about HVB being move compatible at launch made me buy the bundle. i would have sold the move sports game disc (lucky i did not). (my opinion) aside from tennis and Archery its complete garbage. Now i have another paper weight from sony on my shelf (flame on fan boys). i could wait for a month. yeah sure. you (sony) can wait for (can’t find infinity sign) as i’m returning the move.
    Kinect is gonna suck (not even considering it) i know it but i don’t need motion control. its was a frivolous buy and it’ll be a smart return.
    i’m willing to shell out 60bucks a year for XBL. why? have you used it before? its well done.
    Sony boasted “our PSN is free” for a long time and finally when its paid it’s not worth the money sony.
    gamers are not suckers. did you hire Bobby Kotick to help make decisions?

  • i’ve nevr been bowlin be4, this’ll be GREAT practise ;D

  • Absolutely awful controls with Move. I continually foul. The camera angle is absurd, and why do I have to wait for the character to finish their approach? Why can’t I just step forward?


  • Is this a joke?!?! I bought the PS3 in it’s first year, not the first in line, but had it before most. I bought HVB the first day it was out. I also bought my MOVE plus 1 controller ($150 total) on the first day… and their going to give people who have plus a crack at this before everyone else?! Once again Sony alienates it’s biggest supporters. I’m not against PS Plus, I think it’s an OK idea, and it’s fine that people who subscribe get specials. But when your trying to get the MOVE off the ground and everyone that spent money on it within the first few days aren’t even able to play a game that’s out there without paying more money for added service is just stupid. There’s only a handful of games out there. All your doing is keeping sales down and if I have friends over, you should want me to have as many games as possible so I can show it off and maybe convince others to pick it up. Once again Sony, your marketing sucks.

  • In hopes that the devs and publisher see this. I did in fact take your game out of my shoppingcart and picked up Brunswick pro bowling for 20$ less than its been listed for everywhere..
    Thats cheaper than your disk based version and I don’t have a bad taste in my mouth. Id suggest anyone interesting in bowling on the PS3 do the same.

  • I got the 2.00 patch and it doesn’t work with my Move controller! What’s the deal. There’s the Move startup screen but no support? I’m not willing to pay for +. So is this a delayed feature or what? Why doesn’t it work?!?!

  • y is ps move getting re-released?

  • The way that this game is advertised on the Playstation Network(Playstation Store) is misleading and deceptuive. It is listed in the “new releases” section under “Playstation Move”games. I paid for ($9.99)and downloaded the game because it was showing a promo with both 3D and Playstation Move support. What I got was a game that had 3D support, but no Playstation Move support. If you want that(move support), the only way to get it is through an add on that is available as a Playstation Plus member ($49)only. Classic bait and switch………

  • I’ll admit that I have entertained the idea of becoming a Plus member. Each week I cruise through the plus section of the PSN to see if there is anything that will seal the deal.

    Now this? I just spent $190 on new equipment…I WILL NOT BE EXTORTED INTO PAYING MORE TO USE THAT EQUIPMENT ON A GAME I ALREADY OWN! Yes yes, I now know it will be available in the near future…

    LESSON LEARNED: I will no longer be an early adopter of anything SONY. Bastards.

  • Oh snap…should I assume that all future PS3 games will have Sixaxis support on release? ….or will I need to be a Plus member? I know I’ve paid for the system, game, and controllers but I don’t want to be a prick and assume I’ll be able to use any of them.

  • Still no MOVE support/patch for non-PLUS members!!! I refuse to buy the disc game when I have already invested $20 plus on the downloadable version along with the available DLC.

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