High Velocity Bowling for PS3 Ships Today on Blu-ray with PlayStation Move Support

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Do you have some hankering for some over-the-top bowling action? Well it’s time to dust off the old bowling shoes and meet the High Velocity Bowlers! Over the last few years, lots of High Velocity Bowling add-on DLC has been released and we’ve collected all the content in one convenient Blu-ray Disc package, including over 20 unique characters and themed alleys, trick shot packs, and other fun content.

In addition, the game also supports stereoscopic 3D and PlayStation Move functionality included on the disc to really simulate a genuine bowling swing. The game’s a blast to play and lets up to four friends play offline, or go head-to-head online to see who the better bowler is.

High Velocity Bowling for PS3 with PlayStation Move supportHigh Velocity Bowling for PS3 with PlayStation Move support

If you already own the original High Velocity Bowling game on PSN, you can get the PlayStation Move add-on functionality for free if you are a PlayStation Plus member. If you aren’t a member of PlayStation Plus, don’t worry: the PlayStation Move add-on is planned to be released in the near future.

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  • Is there going to be a Move-enabled demo?

  • That must be a rich family…

  • I hated the game before Move support. Move does actually make this game a lot better.

  • @ riclucas

    I’m not sure there was ever a demo in the first place.

    Unfortunately, I can’t tell- for whatever reason, my PS3 (after updating to the latest firmware) is telling me that the PlayStation Store and Account Management aren’t ‘available in [my] region/country.’ Perhaps a fleet of giant airships moved my entire town to somewhere in South America.

    Anyway, while at first this whole thing sounded a bit overpriced, when you put together everything the devs offered over the past few years, it comes up to a pretty good value. Slowly but surely, they’ve been building a full(ish) title right under our noses.

  • Wow, a $40 price tag? I realize there’s lots of DLC included but that’s a hefty price tag considering the bulk of the game can be downloaded for only $10. I’ll wait until this goes down to the $20 range.

  • Yay! Move supported for the PSN version and I have Plus, but still have to get a Move! :(

  • The patch isn’t working …… The game doesn’t recognize Move at all..

  • I can’t believe you’re making this exclusive to Plus members only. It’s like Sony is trying to alienate as many people as possible a la Xbox Live and time-exclusive content. Was this your team’s decision or some other management moron at Sony?

    I also love the “planned to be released in the near future” piece. Please be more vague next time, thanks.

  • how about re enabling the playstation store and giving the blazblue dlc?

  • @CerealWasTaken

    If what I read is correct, the store will be down all day. Ironically, this makes it so that the “early” update done last night for many will be an unacceptably late one.

  • I’m having trouble with the High Velocity Bowling trophies. When I click to view the trophies it says “There are no trophies”. It still says 28% before I click it and if I view trophy information it says I have six but I can only view them when I compare with friends. If I earn another trophy will it fix it? This is on my new 320gb PS3 so it doesn’t have the save.

  • Awesome game. I already own it, but I must say that I love the move controls that have been added. Thanks for adding move support.

    • Awesome! That’s what we like to hear. Thank you for the support. Enjoy, and don’t forget to tell your family and friends.

  • @I3rand0

    The Move add-on will be available to everyone on October 26th. It said it would be exclusive to Plus until the 25th of October on the latest episode of Pulse.

  • Why the hell do you have the Move support PSN+ when European gets it for free for EVERYONE? this is the most idiotic thing have come up with just to lure people into thinking that PSN+ is really beneficial when in fact You guys do NOT know how to plan out a service. :|

  • its absolutely ridiculous to shaft those who purchased the game in the first place.. we paid for the game, we should get the Move functionality.. absolute rubbish…

  • @ 14

    PLUS Users are special lol

    im loving PlayStation Plus as i speak :)

  • @Brandon Akiaten

    I’m sorry why exactly am I entitled to this before everyone else? Shouldn’t PS+ members be getting the DLC free and a discount on HVB instead of giving us a patch that everyone is rightfully entitled to day one of PS Move release?

  • The game is $40 on Amazon. Are you kidding me?! You cannot tell me a PSN game, even with additional DLC, is worth anywhere near $40.

  • I got this game when it was on sale for $4.99 a little over 2 years ago and it was well worth it. This game has the only good use of sixaxis motion controls to date. $40 is pretty steep though. When PAIN was released on blu-ray in europe with almost all of its DLC (and we all know how much DLC PAIN has) intact it was only priced at $20. And heck, DLC or not this game is almost 3 years old. In any case I hope this re-release sparks a new era of HVB updates (online leagues… you know you want to!) & DLC. Keep up the good work!

  • It would be nice to include Planet Mini-golf with this. No other comment.

    Thank you.

  • If I had enough money to buy a house like that, a 3D tv, 4 pairs of glasses, PS move, plus this over-priced re-hased garbage, I think I would have enough money to play as much real bowling as I want…

  • Lmfao. 39.99? XD XD XD

  • That family is rich.

  • 40 BUCKS????????????????????? >:O

  • All the DLC does take it near the $40.00 mark folks!

  • I’ve already got High Velocity Bowling as a download. Great game, and it looks to be even better with Move. I applaud the decision to release it as a disc, as it’ll give additional exposure to the game, and attract people who won’t or can’t obtain it as a download.

    However, I must question the decision to make the Move patch exclusive to PlayStation Plus for a month. I myself am a Plus subscriber, and I like many of the benefits it brings…but really, this type of update should have been made available to all PS3 users. I mean, Move just released a few days ago, and this could have been an awesome opportunity to convince HVB owners to purchase a Move controller–or sell new Move purchasers on the HVB game. Limiting the update to Plus subscribers only serves to irritate those users who don’t have Plus.

    Oh, one more thing while I’m on my soapbox. Please consider unlocking the saved data file so that I can back it up to my USB drive. Thanks.

  • Oh look another comment whine-fest. Guess all we need now is some cheese. Kids these days.

  • got the update already and I am not really enjoying so far but I will give it some more time

  • Yeah I guess Plus just wants to create value by delaying a widely available add-on in other regions and making it an early access offer.

  • Sony, this is just wrong. I am one of the original owners of HVB from when it was first released, bought tons of the content and just dropped $180 on The Move Bundle, a Navigation controller and an additional Move controller and now I have to either pay for a $50 membership to Playstation Plus to get the HVB Move update or wait until end of October? That is just wrong on so many levels.

    Obviously my purchase of the new controller is showing my support of your products, how about you show some support of your consumers and help them out and make this update to a game they already own available to all?

    Please rethink this strategy with your new controller and existing games that can support it… I beg of you.

  • “If you already own the original High Velocity Bowling game on PSN, you can get the PlayStation Move add-on functionality for free if you are a PlayStation Plus member.”

    ok, someone up there needs to get fired, NOW.

    you guys just put off potential PS move owners from buying the controller because of this.

  • I played it tonight with the move support. Like the control better now. Love this game. Love my move…. I just love you man! LOL … But yes im happy with my move.

  • As if you didn’t look goofy enough when playing the PS Move, now add 3D glasses!! I love High Velocity, and I really like the Move, I will try this out, I just can’t stand how everything now has to be 3D!

  • I guess this is going to happen forever now. ‘Waaaah, PlayStation Plus gives people stuff first, booo hooos’

    Well, PlayStation Plus members are paying for special treatment. You can just wait awhile and it’ll come to you too for no cost at all. If you don’t want to pay for special treatment, then you don’t have to. However you have no right to complain about getting stuff for free later when those who get it earlier are paying for it.

    You people would fail at business. ‘Hey, pay money for the same treatment you get for not paying. derp’ Yeah, they’re not going to do that.

    Get used to this. It’s not going to change. Get some patience.

  • I think everyone needs to stop complaining, it’s only a month that you have to wait, there is very little value to being a PS plus member, updates only bi-weekly, every little bit extra counts, thanks play station!

  • nice i have a couple of voucher for the hvb on psn

  • I don’t understand why a Move patch would be exclusive to only Plus members. I am a Plus member and I did download the patch but it baffles me as to why Sony decided to do this. What does Sony gain from withholding it from the masses?

    Is the Heavy Rain Move patch only available to Plus members? What about Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition? I am just wondering.

    I hope this doesn’t become a trend.

  • thumbs up!!

  • this is the dumbest $h1t i have ever heard holding back a patch on a game that people already own because they are not a Plus subscriber.. so what if a non MOVE owner is reading this and sees that they have to buy a bundle for 99.99 additional move controller 49.99 and now 40 dollars for the high velocity bowling and 50 dollars for plus to get the move support…or just wait a month..this could seriously throw off future sales by showing time exclusive content being geared towards the move…idiots

  • Just to be clear: I’m a Plus subscriber, a Move owner, and NOT an HVB owner.

    I kind of identify with both sides of this argument: you’re not really winning anyone over by holding this patch back from the entire community, but Elvick_ is right in stating that we’ve payed for special treatment and, so far, we haven’t really gotten it in the way we’d all like- this is as close to it as they’ve gotten. And, frankly, the way regular member smack-talk subscribers, at times calling us outright stupid for buying into the service, this sort of feels like a justified jab back at them.

    All the same, I think in this case it’s just bad business, though, then again, waiting a few weeks never killed anyone… that I’m aware of… >.>

    Perhaps if enough Plus members say it, they’ll just release it en masse.

  • If there is a company that knows how to better alienate its fans, please let me know. Sony sure seems to have cornered the market on this.

    It is utterly absurd that a patch for the move is only available for Plus subscribers while us “commoners” get some non-descript “its coming out sometime” message.

    This is just as bad as putting the minigolf gave demo in the Move section of the store, only to be told after downloading and installing the demo, that the Move controls are not available in the demo version. WTH!

    Oh well, the only way this trend (incompetence?) can be stopped is with the power of my wallet – neither games will be purchased.

  • 1st off I would like to say I don’t leave to many comments here on the blog. But i am very upset with this move. I bought HVB over a year ago and have enjoyed it. I bought Playstation Move a day after launch. I am loyal and only own Sony products when it comes to gaming. I did not buy Plus but not for the reasons i read on here i just have bought over 75% of the games on PSN so i feel i dont need Plus in the long run. Now why do i have to wait on getting the patch to make this Move compatible? Makes no sense to me, there might not be to many out there in my position but i definitely feel wronged by this i want my Move support now.

    PS: sorry for the rant. Hides back in shell

  • Oh man, why do we(Playstation minus) have to wait to to play this with Move. Every other playstation store region(UK,JAP,HK) has had this patch available for FREE for at least a week. I just got this game like a 2 weeks ago, and I refuse to play it until I get Move support. BTW how much do they expect to get for this game at retail anyway? $40? The game is only $9.99 online anyway, and I doubt there is $30 worth of DLC on there. I will be very disappointed if they try to charge for the Move patch when it is released to the rest of us. Hopefully sooner than 10/25/10.

  • Wow……whining about not wanting to support Sony’s PSN +, and waiting to for a update for a couple of weeks..Lets all forget all the other general free perks and services given to us that some (XBL users) don’t get. I heard they may have to pay more even….The complaints are a prime example of how ingrates pounce the first chance they get.

  • I wish i had a move it seems like you could use it on any game!! :(

  • Delayed Move support is completely lame.

    This game needs Move, the SIXAXIS control was always wonky.

  • Really, really, I mean really idiotic making this ps+ exclusive when europe got this 1 week ago and totally free for all! Unfair is what its called, no your not getting my money for a ps+ suscription if you work that way.

    when is the patch coming for us without psn+? and how much money will you rob form us comparing to the european store?

  • I regret buying this game, but aside from that… I have been complaining to my friends lately that PS Plus has been lacking in good content, so I have every reason to be pleased with this Plus exclusive patch. That said, I think it’s a terrible move by Sony and only pisses off everyone who owns the game and is not a Plus subscriber. I wouldn’t have expected a move like this to come from them, Capcom definitely but not Sony. At least it’s just a month, but come on the damage has to outweigh any benefit. Nobody is gonna sign up to Plus to get this patch a month early and good will among fans is being destroyed.

  • If you’re looking for a house to rob, there’s $400 of 3D eyewear in this family’s place!

    Quick question… does High Velocity Bowling have online play?

    It must be pretty hard to advertise a bowling game because… well… it’s bowling. As an event that is part of a game like Sports Champions it might be very popular, but as a full price game it probably won’t sell that well

    Still not sure about this one though

  • @ pitythefool yes this game has online play. ps, all trophies are based on online play.

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