NBA Elite 11 Demo Available Tonight

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Hey everyone, its Yaw here again – NBA Community Manager from Electronic Arts Canada. As I eluded to in August, we have a whole new game this year with more to offer than ever before. It’s finally demo time, and with all the changes we’ve made to the game we wanted to make sure that you got a chance to scope it all out by downloading it on PSN. Here is a sneak peek into what you can expect in this year’s demo.

One of the key changes we made this year was introducing all-new Hands-On Control. This puts the control of the player in your hands, and gets rid of the dice-roll shooting, canned animations, and loss of control you’ve experienced in past NBA Basketball video games. Like putting in time at the gym, there’s a learning curve with Hands-On Control. But once you feel the difference, you’ll know why we changed everything. To compare Hands-On Control to the old button configuration, you can switch back in your Lakers-Celtics game in the demo through Pause-> Menu -> Setting -> Control Setting. We really encourage you to put in the time in Practice Mode with the Hands-On Control and feel the difference versus our old controls.

We’ve also introduced an all-new Become Legendary – Be A Pro mode. In the demo you’ll be able to create your own legend and start your career in the Jordan Draft Showcase game. You can carry your pro into the retail version of the game and create your own path to becoming a legend. If you pre-order at GameStop, you can also get an exclusive Jordan Brand boost pack for your Become Legendary player.

This is only a small piece of what we’ve done to change the game this year, and bring you the ability to actually control the outcome of the game. With all this, Real AI, Real Physics, and EA SPORTS Basketball Association, we hope you enjoy what the development team has worked so hard to bring you this year, the next generation in NBA video gaming.

And don’t forget, when you purchase NBA ELITE 11 you’ll get three modes of NBA JAM included free.

So check out the demo soon on PSN, practice your skills in the open gym, and then bring your game to the retail version of NBA ELITE 11 available October 5.

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  • Can’t wait for the demo I see a lot of xbots coming over to ps3 complaining bout the speedof downloads and there is no cross game chat lol u bots are funny it’s been like this for a while now get use to it download in the background and crossgame chat is not that major I bearly use my mic all u xbots want to do is yell in my ear and talk bout peoples mom lol if u don’t like it go back to ur red ring of death it’s waiting on u! Yaw how come u guys don’t put videos up on for elite I check that site every 20 min and all u see is 2k stuff come on guys step up the marketing cuz 2k is killing u guys but um always a ea guy but we need people to play so step marketing up !

  • ok so… first they say the system update has been pushed back til tomorrow, and so the store update will be tonight, then they say the store will be update at 9pm PST (11pm Central, and Midnight Eastern, VERY inconvenient but w/e, I’ll bite)

    now, lo and behold I JUST downloaded the 3.50 update, and wouldn’t ya know it? it was useless like always, but wait! what’s this? STILL no store update? awww, did u sneaky little turds switch it up on us AGAIN without saying anything? :)

    Sony… MAKE UP YUR MIND!!!! >:(

  • The day NBA Elite outperforms NBA 2K is the day Kevin Butler ceases to be awesome.

  • I believe October 5 is the release of NBA 2K11 and not NBA Elite 11.

  • Both release on the 5th

  • Any word on a eta mate? I refuse to sleep until I download this baby.

  • What time does the demo drop?

  • its 11:25 here in chicago still no demo !

  • where is the demo

  • Where is it? I got class in the morning. I wanna get the done now.

  • 12:26am eastern time and all i’ve gotten was a software update where’s NBA Elite Demo…Yaw

  • Cladun PLEASE!

  • Where is the store update?

  • Rabble Rabble Rabble!


  • i think we’ve been fooled people smh…

  • Grab your pitchforks! We’ll have our demo one way or another!

  • POS – Come on. We have been totally waiting. Where’s the demo!

    Any know what was in the PS3 OS update today?

  • Bluray 3d support, and a grieving feature,,,,, I think

  • does anyone have the elite demo yet?

  • No one has nothing yet…..

  • It’s up now, search Nba Elite

  • The demo is now up. If you search for NBA ELITE 11 in the PlayStation Store you will find the NBA ELITE 11 demo.

  • so what made you post that the demo would be out tonight if u wasn’t to sure @Yaw

    • We knew it would be out tonight, we don’t know what time it would be posted. That’s up to the fine people at Sony, not us.

  • nice yaw i want to work with ea after i leave college how do i go about that???

  • sony is making EA fans impatient lol well i can wait til tomorrow i’m buying the game no matter what @Yaw

  • Sweet. Elite > 2k this year? I’m gonna find out…

  • It’s up… Search elite

  • It’s here finally.

  • computer science im a freshman and i live in nyc

    • Very cool man. All I can say is if there’s a game company near you, look into opportunities if there are any. The key is getting your foot into the door. If you have passion for gaming and programming you should be fine.

  • Yaw, you seem pretty optimistic about the new controls. Obv you have a lot of experience developing this game. Now, this is probably the wrong place to ask this, but do you think once and for all EA will take “back” the basketball regime from 2k gaming?

    • One step at a time. That’s the eventual goal but it takes time and the game team are working hard on recreating how we all play basketball games. It starts with the new controls and the groundwork that has been laid with the physics engine. From here the game will make further improvements building on what was done this year.

  • Yeah i love Gaming since i was little i got every sony system out so im going to do my best and hope to work with you one day or any developer

  • just put nba jam on psn/xbla. it will sell like hot cakes

  • I like the political statement Yaw. And you answered my question. Clearly you think NBA 2k 11 will still have the edge. But to be honest I think the whole Jordan in the video game thing was like a plee of help. Knowing NBA elite 11 may be a better game they went out a limb and pulled this feature. Hopefully Im right, because I like elites new game control concept.

  • Crap update.

    No Valkenhayn R. Hellsing like Japan got day one is pretty stupid.

    No Arc the Lad still is pretty stupid.

    Next week better have those or at least Valkenhayn or I’m going to be ticked. I’ve been waiting for Valkenhayn for over a month now. Same with Arc.

  • I wish yall will stop your crying. If you want a stand alone NBA Jam get a Wii. Buying Elite isn’t the only way to play it. It is more of a bonus to have it as a feature added on to the disc. As for NBA elite if it controls as or better than Live 04 or 05 then I’m sold on day one.

  • EA all I can say is that you guys really f ed up this year thegraphics are lie I’m playing a ps2 game and the announcers sound fake the game play is kind of stupid but the dunks are ok anyways I’ll give it a 1/10 for trying.

  • I played the demo and I’m impressed I will be getting it the week it comes out

  • I noticed there was no turbo button in the new controls, so I was glad to see the old button layout was available. So I changed to it, and noticed the turbo button was removed from that too. How come a turbo button wasn’t included? Every basketball needs a turbo button, because there are times when you need to sprint faster. Will a turbo button possibly be included in the old button layout for the final version?

  • Just tried out the demo. Gotta say, you guys trumped 2K this year. Their (2K’s) demo played exactly like all the other games in the series. I’m not a big NBA fan or sports gamer anymore (minus MLB 10), otherwise I’d get Elite over 2K if I had to choose. Gameplay is better, graphics are loads better and you guys really tried rather than rehashing the same old, same old. For the first time since Live 2005, you guys are officially back in the saddle in my book in terms of basketball. Hope the game is received/sells well.

  • Okay Yaw, you’re not going to be happy with what I have to say LOL!

    To start off let me say I spent two hours on the tutorial alone. I wanted to make sure I had full control of the player, so that I could remove doubts in anyone’s head that I didn’t have a handle on the control scheme. Hands-on-Control in this game is following the Fight Night series Total Punch Control. And even though it worked well in Fight Night, it has some problems in NBA Elite.

    Let’s start off with the tutorial.

    I created a character, made a Left-Handed shooter and yet he still shot the entire time with his Right hand.

    Ball Handling: Very well done on offense. It’s easy for novice and experts to dive right into it. Crossing-over, spinning, etc with right analog combinations was very easy. You guys did a good job on the offensive side of the ball, but on the defensive side it was a train wreck. I’ll get to that later, since I’m still taking about the tutorial.

    (part 2 coming)

  • Shooting: I didn’t like it, because I’m more of a “square button” guy, but it does grow on you. You have to adjust the peek of your jump for an accurate shot. I found that if I shot the ball earlier, instead of at the actual peek, it’s more consistent. So accuracy was slightly off, but I understand what EA as trying to do.

    Animation: On some Dunks the player was still stiff. Coming from under the basket, from the baseline, on a reverse Dunk was very stiff, almost robotic. Not every Layup is controlled by the user when using the analog. And yes, Dunks changed into Layups are twitch animation. (Doesn’t Flow) Certain Dunks (In the cylinder, two-hand/Gorilla Dunk) caused slow down in the game.

    The tutorial didn’t have free throws, and I was never fouled during the game, so I can’t judge it.

    Ball Physics: Too bouncy! I Dunked the ball once off of a vertical and the ball bounced down and shot like a missile to the right, after the Dunk. It didn’t roll, it just fired right over there, in which I had to go and retrieve it. Then another problem arose! When my guy did retrieve it, he did a full 360 glide across the floor without moving his legs.

    (part 3 coming)

  • Pro-Hop covers too much ground and can be done anywhere. Even when you’re not facing the basket it can still go in. I’ll get into more on that later.

    Defense wasn’t hard for me, but I see other users having a problem with it. Stealing the ball by hitting the analog down on an angle can be tiresome at times, (once again, buttons worked fine) Hitting up on the analog makes you jump, so if you want to put your hands up, you have to hit up on an angle to prevent a jump. I can see some getting confused.

    Passing: Passing with L2 is uncomfortable, and doesn’t always put you in the position to pass the way you want to. If I want to bounce pass, on a fast break, I’ll have to slow the actual transition of the game down in order to do it. Most bounce passes I saw came when passing down low to the big man, only when posted up.

    (part 4 coming)

  • Okay, let’s jump into the Jordan Brand Showcase/Classic. (Draft)

    Opening up into the arena, Jordan Showcases are NOT like NBA introductions. There aren’t dramatic lights and crowds of thousands coming to see a Jordan Showcase. If anything, you guys should have made it when starting out you have low attendance. After drafted the more popular you get, THEN the crowds start filling the seats. There was also many skips in the crowd, but I understand it’s a repeat animation.

    Controlling only your character was good, however that’s about as far as it goes.

    Speed: Player speed STILL feels the same. Everyone is running on the same speed, on a fast break as a Guard, Centers shouldn’t be able to catch up to me. And in momentum off a steal while heading to the basket, the Center caught up and I stopped on a dime to score. That’s impossible in a real game when going that speed. You do that in a real game and you’ll either fall forward, or hurt yourself in the process.

    And before anyone thinks I’m just nit picking now. No, this game is supposed to represent realism without playing in real life. It’s only right to criticize since that’s EA’s goal.

    (part 5 coming)

  • A.I.: Absolutely horrible! I still feel like I’m playing against both teams (opponents and my own) The A.I. still doesn’t defend down-low. Opponents were taking off for Dunks and the animation actually pushed the defender to the side, which resulted in gliding without moving his legs. I had to help double team constantly (a guard helping a center) just to get an opponent to miss down-low.

    When the A.I. decides to a defensive rebound from a miss, at times the guy would walk the ball out of bounds to inbound it, even though it was a clean rebound. It should have been a fast break, but it was just another thing that hindered the consistency.

    A.I. isn’t aware when you’re open, you have to call for the ball (make the comp pass it to you) EVERYTIME. And what happens when I call for the ball? The A.I. throws it out of bounds! The A.I. should be intuitive and realize when you’ve shook a guy, or off a pick to get open, especially if it’s a backdoor pass in the paint.

    A.I. crosscourt passes too much, instead of using the swing man method, which results in a common turnover. I shouldn’t have to come to the comp all the time, to get the ball.

    (part 6 coming)

  • A.I. Palms the ball to much without a call. They go wide for a cross-over, and then the animation stops and resumes regular dribbling. As if that animation never happened, which is in real life, a turnover.

    So after the Jordan Showcase I played “Play now.” Many glitches in the game, Rondo actually stole the ball from me while in the middle of jumping off a ball fake. But I’m not going to get into all the glitches. Matter of fact I’ll show you one major glitch that is on Youtube. I can’t link you due to blog rules, BUT if you type in…


    At the 2:24 mark you will see Andrew Bynum standing in the middle of the court for a long time shaped as a “T,” while the game resumes. They even try to pass it to him. Also there are others like Carlos Boozer jumping from the foul line. Even the trailer imbedded into this blog, at 00:27, that is impossible to do in real life in two separate motions, if you’re plugging real physics.

    (part 7 coming)

  • The game still feels too arcade-like. And if I was a consumer for this years title, this is only worth 40 bucks tops since EA likes to come out every year with one. You guys are in a rebuilding year with a new system in place, so it’s going to take a while to iron out the bugs.

    It’s a good start, but if you compare my comments in this blog, from the previous one you’ll see the problems are pretty much identical.

    I haven’t begun to speak about what I feel can be corrected and should be in this game to drive sales and prolong its life cycle. I gave you some idea last time, which you said were solid, but this time if you guys want those ideas, you’ll have to put me on to a consultant job LOL!

  • Im not an EA or 2K fanboy, I buy both games every year just to see if EA has fixed the game and it just never lives up to 2k. the new controls with Elite I believe is a great start in the tutorial I actually got excited and thought wow this is great and this may be the yr EA makes a run at 2k until i got into the actual gameplay. it is so robotic and the AI is terrible. Im the type of gamer that for example i want to get a realistic game from the cpu…in Elite the players just kind of shuffled around just to look like their moving around and its just a cluster in 2k players where actually setting screens and players like Ray Allen where actually fighting to get open just like real life…then in Elite everyone has the same looking jumpshot and i hate that because kobe and rondo’s jumpshot shouldnt look the same thats not 2k they did a great job with signature dribbles and shots of the players …Anyone who truly watches bball knows how KG’s turn around jumper looks and 2k has it down packed ..where as in Elite it looks nothing like KG’s jumper ..same as kobe we all have seen kobe’s jumper enough to know what it looks like and 2k has it down packed but in Elite its nothing like the real thing

  • did they make any changes to dynasty mode? I like that mode. they only problem with it is the whole free agency and off season part of it. can we re-sign players during the season instead doing in the off season.

  • If Jesus Bynum is going to be an unlockable character, I’m buying Elite!!

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