NBA Elite 11 Demo Available Tonight

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Hey everyone, its Yaw here again – NBA Community Manager from Electronic Arts Canada. As I eluded to in August, we have a whole new game this year with more to offer than ever before. It’s finally demo time, and with all the changes we’ve made to the game we wanted to make sure that you got a chance to scope it all out by downloading it on PSN. Here is a sneak peek into what you can expect in this year’s demo.

One of the key changes we made this year was introducing all-new Hands-On Control. This puts the control of the player in your hands, and gets rid of the dice-roll shooting, canned animations, and loss of control you’ve experienced in past NBA Basketball video games. Like putting in time at the gym, there’s a learning curve with Hands-On Control. But once you feel the difference, you’ll know why we changed everything. To compare Hands-On Control to the old button configuration, you can switch back in your Lakers-Celtics game in the demo through Pause-> Menu -> Setting -> Control Setting. We really encourage you to put in the time in Practice Mode with the Hands-On Control and feel the difference versus our old controls.

We’ve also introduced an all-new Become Legendary – Be A Pro mode. In the demo you’ll be able to create your own legend and start your career in the Jordan Draft Showcase game. You can carry your pro into the retail version of the game and create your own path to becoming a legend. If you pre-order at GameStop, you can also get an exclusive Jordan Brand boost pack for your Become Legendary player.

This is only a small piece of what we’ve done to change the game this year, and bring you the ability to actually control the outcome of the game. With all this, Real AI, Real Physics, and EA SPORTS Basketball Association, we hope you enjoy what the development team has worked so hard to bring you this year, the next generation in NBA video gaming.

And don’t forget, when you purchase NBA ELITE 11 you’ll get three modes of NBA JAM included free.

So check out the demo soon on PSN, practice your skills in the open gym, and then bring your game to the retail version of NBA ELITE 11 available October 5.

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  • How about releasing the TGS 2010 GT5 demo today?? :)

  • Stop telling us what’s coming out tonight and just update the store already!

    • It’s not going to happen until later (somewhere in the neighborhood of 9pm pacific).
      Of course, that’s like 20 hours early.

  • ^^^

    you’re commenting on an EA Sports post…

    Anyways the game looks pretty good. That shot of Ray Allen almost looked like I was watching it on TV, I’ll give it a go.

  • So hyped for this. I can’t wait to snag the demo tonight. TONIGHT!

  • Well finally time to what EA got up their sleeve. Any chance the Online Leagues have been revamped?

  • Will NBA Jam for the PS3 support trophies?

  • Yaw,

    You should edit your post for additional clarity to mention that people who are suckered into buying this game only receive a demo of NBA Jam.

    • The game will have three FULL game modes of NBA JAM. Trust me man, try it for yourself and you will see you’re getting a great NBA JAM experience.

  • Any chance NBA Jam gets a Move patch like Heavy Rain?

  • Also is NBA Jam a code I enter to play and saved on my HDD? Or do I need the actual NBA Elite disc inside the PS3 to play NBA Jam?

  • Will NBA Jam ever come to the PSN for download???? Obviously, this wouldn’t happen until NBA Elite 11 has been on store shelves for a while.

  • 9 PM Pacific tonight? LOL

    Is Grace allowed to work that late?

  • I’m wondering if NBA Jam will be available to d/load on the same date as the release of Elite 11? I’ve heard Elite 11 comes with a d/load code for NBA Jam, but not if it will be available on the same day.

  • 9pm pacific? WTF?!! Anyway 2k11>Elite because of Michael Jordan

  • @Jeff

    Thanks for the info! That’s a bit later than I expected, so now I don’t have to keep waiting around… Looks like I’ll just boot up Sports Champions for the rest of the night and maybe play some Dragon Age :)

  • I guess the PSN team is really out to abuse the California overtime rule for full time employees this week. Maybe it’s time to oursource PSN to India.

  • 11:59pm counts as Tonight 9/20/2010

  • Midnight? Really? :(

  • Sad Panda…

  • Wow, this is going to be such an awesome Store update

  • Will we get a demo of NBA Jam? Or do we have to buy Elite 11 to get that?

  • I demand an end to timezones!!!!!!!!! Curse you california people and your pacific times zome & your sandy beaches & sunshine & hot girls & hulla hoops.. *grumble*

  • I’ll just wait or Jam to be released as a stand alone PSN download next spring.

  • Will Sonic Adventure be released with tonight’s PS Store update? I read that it was supposedly coming out tomorrow, and also read it was also coming out on the 22nd. Was hoping for a definite answer. Thanks in advance.

  • So much for waiting… going back to play some Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions

  • Honestly guys, STFU about NBA Jam being a DEMO. It’s 3 modes of NBA Jam (the classic stuff), leave the guy alone! If you don’t want it, don’t buy it, simple as that!

  • Yaw:

    No, it is not the full game. In reality, there isn’t a “complete” version on any HD or Wii console.

    Wii – No online
    HD – No Remix Tour

    I am not trying to hate on you as you’re only the messenger, but I am tired of your employer deceiving hard-working, honest people.

    Looking forward to lackluster sales of both NBA Jam on Wii and NBA Elite on all platforms. Thanks.

  • Jam on PSN please? Also why does it seem like every version on every console is gimped in some way or another? Waiting for a GOTY edition or something? This post WAS about Jam right?

  • why dont u fix ur servers it shouldnt take whole days to dl i stopped dl demos cuz they take so long i have fastest inet and still slow wat is up! i dont want to see ads while im playing a games ok?!fix and update wat matters to gamers faster dls is one stop saying wat available and just update when u turn on the console the playstation store tells u wat new!!

  • well, there is a bunch of unhappy people on here….and 2k fanboys like l3rand0 up there ^^ but I’m really excited for this game and I’m happy to here that Jam has trophy support!! thats Awesome, I am definitely pickin up Elite 11 though. I just wish Sony would get it together and update their store on time! For the past month its been late, and now they say it is early but its at freakin midnight! Forget that, I’m not staying up till midnight, and I wont be able to get it tomorrow because PSN is going to be under maintenance.

  • NBA live o I mean elite suxs NBA 2k11 is wayyyyy better n plus it has mj my fav of all time considering I’m from Chicago NBA elite aka live will never beat 2k

  • Will there be a demo for NBA Jam? I really want to see what the hype is about.

  • Getting my PS3 back from repairs on Wednesday. Can’t wait to try this out as well as NBA 2K11

  • Thank you for the notice Jeff.

    Nice to hear about NBA Jam I enjoyed playing it at PAX.

  • for some reason it feels like nba elite is jocking nba 2k style with this new elite game idk maybe its just me but i quit live i mean elite back in 2004 nba live 04 was they best game ever

    • NBA ELITE 11 is very different from any basketball game EA has put out. Try out the demo and check out the new controls for yourself.

  • Do you know if NBA Jam is going to be a code to download via the PSN, or is it on the disc itself? I don’t really care much for sports games. I am thinking of picking this up just for NBA Jam, and will just sell the Elite game disc on Ebay or something if it is not needed to play NBA Jam.

  • So Yaw shows his face here again, after the previous NBA Elite/NBA Jam discussion? You asked me to explain to you exactly the problem with NBA Elite/Live and after I took the time out to explain (a couple of posts actually) you NEVER answered.

  • NBA Jam is going to be a downloadable game?

    And… 3 more hours until i can start downloading Enslaved demo? (It’s confirmed for today rigth?)

  • Nice NBA 2k11 felt the same as last year hope NBA Elite 11 is different other then the name

  • PS3: 9 p.m. U.S. Pacific time for North American consumers.
    Xbox 360: 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. PDT on Tuesday, for worldwide consumers.
    PS3 Europe: Wednesday, 9 a.m. to noon.

    From Kotaku.

    Expect the demo at 12am EST (correct me if I’m wrong :P)

  • 2K let me down so this is your one chance Elite

  • When Yaw? Because I’m looking right at it and all the problems I explained about NBA Live (posts 166-170 all in a row) you never said anything. You never came back, care to try again?

  • No, look at those posts first in the previous blog, about NBA Live since I took the time out to present them to you. It’s what you asked for, you could’ve atleast looked at them. I already gave you the post numbers, all you have to do is read them.

    • I read through your posts. I thought I had read through them but I didn’t so I went back and took a look at what you wrote. That’s a very solid post of good information to improve the game. I can tell you that this year the focus was on the new Hands-On Control and laying the groundwork with the physics engine.

      Some of your suggestions such as shoe sponsorship deals are in the game this year. You have a number of suggestions such as creating your own shooting form with the Eye Toy that would be interesting to see in the game (just not sure if that’s going to be feasible, but hey I’m just the community manager).

      Sorry I didn’t see your original post but I’m glad that I got to check it out now, you definitely put a lot of time into that post and you offer a number of good suggestions of how the game can get better.

  • Jeff, thanks for the heads up on the store update time, much appreciated, as I’m on the east coast and probably won’t stay up until midnight (though I’ll probably check 1 last time before going to bed around 11). Fortunately I do have until 11AM tomorrow morning to download stuff before the big long whatever it is you guys are doing all day. Looks like it’s going to be a huge update too, maybe I better get up early.

    PS = Nintendo was about 5 hours late updating their channel today, and they put up last years episode to boot, if anybody is keeping score.

  • Will NBA Jam be available be downloaded from a code with the game, or is it on the NBA Elite 11 disc.

    Please clarify this

  • yaw the point is alot of people want nba jam on its own, and don’t want to buy elite to get it. i am in that boat too. i was pumped about jam making a comeback, until i found out about how i had to get it. i am not buying elite; i’m not really a basketball game fan, there are good games, both ea and 2k, but the last one i owned was live 04 (or 05, the one with melo on the cover) after all of the backlash and uproar in your last post and online about the jam purchase, you might think ea would change the strategy and listen to the people buying the game(s), but nothing has happened. i know it isn’t your fault and you just work there, but you are losing alot of sales just by bundling it. i’m not spending $60 on a game i might like, so i will wait until jam is standalone, or buy something else.

    • I understand where you’re coming from. I do feel that with NBA ELITE that you’re getting a solid package of two different basketball experiences. You have vintage arcade action of NBA JAM and you have a simulation experience with NBA ELITE. There was a lot done with ELITE this year to not only appeal to the hardcore fans but also to casuals who may normally not play basketball games such as yourself. I hope that you try the demo for yourself and try out the new Hands-On controls. If you put in the time I think you will find that the game has a lot to offer.

  • Thank you Yaw, like Badnewsliar said we understand that you just work there. It’s nothing personal, but as a consumer I am going to look into the product as much as possible, before I decide to buy what you’re trying to sell me.

    As for if one of the options are feasable, I understand if it’s not, especially if the developers haven’t had the time to work with the tech. I feel it’s possible, but of course I don’t know the developers time frame. (each game is different)

    I will checkout the NBA Elite demo when it comes out tonight. (Granted I know it’s a demo, but it’s what you use as a selling point) I played the 2K 11 demo and they did a number of things right, but equally a number of things wrong as well.

    • That’s all we can ask. Try the demo out, spend time learning the new control scheme as it’s different than anything EA has done in the past. Let me know what you think once you have the demo as I’m curious as to what you think of the game.

  • after all i just said i thought you would try and sell me on all the new stuff that should make me want to buy nba elite. or at least update on if nba jam will be released as standalone…

  • I think the new controls look awesome and I’m just curious as to how long it takes to get used to

    • It takes practice but if you’re diligent you should be able to pick up the new controls. Spend your time in the shootaround mode in practice to get a semblance of some of the controls.

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