Blade Kitten Launches This Week on PSN!

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Hey there everybody, Steve Stamatiadis here again for one final blog about everyone’s favorite pink haired catgirl game, Blade Kitten. The game is just about to finally hit the PlayStation Network and you’ll be able to try it out, buy it and enjoy it. Pretty cool, huh?

Blade Kitten

We said originally that the game would be out spring this year and technically is still is since it’s just turned spring here in Australia, and it’s already been a beautiful start to the season. See, we kept our word… sort of. Why did it take so long? Well we had the awesome good fortune of Atari… yes THAT Atari, picking up Blade Kitten. Not only has that allowed us to make the game even better, but being published by Atari has a very special significance for me personally. See back when I was about 13, I got my first computer: an Atari 400 (with all of 16K of memory, that’s less than the average icon or avatar image). So as you can imagine having the Atari logo at the start of the game just makes it all that much more cooler to me. So a BIG thanks to Atari for coming on board.

It’s been an exciting and challenging time bringing Blade Kitten to life from idea to comic to final game reality. Though it’s been more than a few years in the making, it’s been a lot of fun too. Working with a great team to bring the comic world to life has been a great pleasure. They’ve been totally committed to making the best Blade Kitten game they could and as a Blade Kitten expert I can safely say, without any hesitation, that this is the best Blade Kitten game EVER made. OK so it’s the only Blade Kitten game ever made… that just makes it rare and even more valuable.

Blade Kitten

Oh snap! We should totally have charged more for it, well too late now, it’s all in the system and stuff. I guess you get to buy it at the amazingly good value that it’s set to. I mean there’s all the excellent voice action in the fully voiced dialog. When you hear the spot on voices of Kelly Fuller as Kit Ballard, Dave Mitchell as Hundert Tonne or Eliza Schneider as Justice Kreel you’ll completely believe these characters, especially when you see them in the amazing cutscenes. The cinematics alone are worth the price of admission. But you’ll get to see all this for yourselves in a week or so.

For the newcomers here’s what to expect, in a short single paragraph version. Obviously the actual game is much longer:

Blade Kitten is a full on classic side scrolling adventure in glorious HD. You play Kit Ballard a catgirl Bounty Hunter on a mysterious planetoid called Hollow Wish. Kit is tracking down a local trouble maker when she’s ambushed by a rival who is after the same bounty. So you need to track down your rival then your bounty and along the way uncover the mystery that is Hollow Wish’s darkest secret. You’ll get some help from a little alien critter sidekick called Skiffy and your uber-cool floating A.I. sword, the Darque Blade. Get ready for level after level of free flowing, scrambling exploration and intuitive combat as you find make your way through this comic based adventure.

Blade Kitten

So for $14.99 on September 21st, PlayStation owners will be the first to get your hands on Blade Kitten from the PlayStation Store and check out all the fun for yourselves. Thanks and I hope you enjoy playing the game, I know I enjoyed making it.

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  • @Sarno1605
    Do you know who disappointing it is to buy Mass Effect 2 and to have it announce for the PS3 months later with all the DLC and then some? I will have to rebuy the game for the PS3 went it comes out just for the DLC alone because I haven’t purchase any for my 360

  • Yeah I bought mine for Mass Effect 2. But some recent games like Limbo have been pretty awesome. I’m sure PS3 will get Limbo in like 3 years at the nice price of 20 bucks, lol

  • @Sindred
    Were FINALLY getting an Ace Combat game! FINALLY….and no ace combat on PS3 is the ONLY, ONLY, ONLY reason I bought Top Gun.

  • @BloodyCow
    This is why I’ll NEVER buy a 360! MS pays for timed exclusives and more and more games are going to PS3. I’ve been saying it since 11/17/2006….PS3 is better than 360. Now is when people are truly seeing this happen. MS has what 2 exclusives now? Fable and Forza…cuz we all know that was Bungie’s last Halo…correction…Gaylo game. So good bye to the Gaylo game all the 360 fanboys loved so much. Their in loser denial!

  • @Sindred
    FFXIII on 360 was two discs. PS3 one disc. More people purchased it for PS3 because of this.

  • I so would like this game!!!!! NEEDS A PSP VERSION!!!

    My question is why doesnt developers (or Sony!) offer any good Game support for the PSP .. put all games in the PS Store and make as many games as possible availabale on the PSP as well … They made the PSP Go Download only, Charged $250 for the thing, and then do not give it any love or support as far as games go!!!!!

  • I agree with you guys, $14.99 is the new $9.99 and I’m not buying, sorry. At $9.99 I was buying games very often but now I hardly buy anymore. Too many games are $14.99.

  • I will be purchasing this tomorrow thanks for the update purchasing my PSN card today!

  • This game looks better then the rigid RDR and the rehashed Sonic.

  • This game looks awesome, my comments are general and not saying I won’t buy this because I might lol

  • @59

    Stronghold mode in RDR is a lot of fun. As are the PVP horse-races since they require you to actually aim while riding rather than using the auto-target to faceroll other players.

  • It went multiplatform so I’ll pass

  • So, the basic message I’m getting is that you guys *don’t* like the multiplatform/delay/price-point combo they came up with? You’re mad, I tell you, mad!! XD

    Normally, I’d give you all a tongue-lashing, but I actually honestly think you’ve made a good case here. With the multiplatform move and the new publisher, the price could’ve been lowered, and when taking that into account that we had to wait longer because of those facts, they *should’ve* lowered it as a sign of good-will. Especially when you consider that many/most owners of both systems prefer to work on their achievements rather than trophies, thus instantly lowering the potential PS3 sales.

    Well-argued. Now would be a good time for the developer to pull a Sucker Punch (a la Cole) and earn back the people’s love.

    • The price is decided by the publisher based on the amount of content and the cost of developing and marketing the game. THey don’t do it to gouge you or annoy you it’s a simple matter of numbers. Same goes for delivery platforms.

      Me I would have been very happy to see the game come out at $9.99 back in May. Hey PS3 still gets it first – by a few days at least.

      At least try the demo to see if the game looks like it’s worth it rather than just dismissing it on numbers.

  • The developer that posted here clearly doesn’t care enough to respond to our concerns though.

  • I’ve been waiting on this for a while now, I will be picking up this and Death Spank 2 this week. Glad to see BK finally coming out

  • @bobbydharrell

    I so would like this game!!!!! NEEDS A PSP VERSION!!!

    My question is why doesnt developers (or Sony!) offer any good Game support for the PSP .. put all games in the PS Store and make as many games as possible availabale on the PSP as well … They made the PSP Go Download only, Charged $250 for the thing, and then do not give it any love or support as far as games go!!!!!


    Agreed I would download this to my Go for $14.99 as well, easily!

  • Just need to be patient of what many critics says of Blade Kitten. The most important I want to read in critics is how long is this game? I would have buyed Shank, but because everyone says the game is finished after 4 hours and its a 15$ game… That is incredibly EXAGERATED for a price. If they will have a half price week eventually, maybe get it.

    You read my message, hope Blade Kitten is long for 15$!!!!

  • I passed on Shank for the same reason.

  • Didn’t buy Shank, or Castle Crashers…..due to $15 price tag.

    The same logic applies to this game.

    The fact that no replies are given supports the idea that the developers (of this game) do not care about the Playstation folk.

    • Sorry but onmy side of the world it was sleep time :)

      If you were buying this game on disc it would be about $30 so $15 is pretty fait. Especially for the amount of content you get it in. HUGE level, fully voiced cinematics, unlockable costumes. $10 would get you a pretty bare bones game.

  • Picked up Castle Crashers & DeathSpank and they were both worth the $15 in my opinion. Passed on Shank after hearing how short the game was.

    Going to pick up Blade Kitten tomorrow regardless of the $15 tag since I have been waiting to play this since it was first announced. It’s just disappointed they delayed this for PS3 so they could develop for M$… that just shows disrespect to the Playstation fans.

  • The PSN is getting a lot of interesting games, keep them coming!

  • Sarno, THE PRICES ARE UP TO THE PUBLISHERS/DEVS, NOT SONY! Get a clue! At least SONY allows their pubs/devs to release games at LOW price points like 5.99, 7.99, etc. Microsoft doesn’t even allow that. Minimum price lately has been $10.

  • Will this be launching in the EU this week aswell?

    please say yes! D:

  • @55
    Actually, significantly more people bought the PS3 version of FFXIII because it was widely known the 360 version was a technical mess in comparison, something I confirmed with my own eyes I’m sorry to say. And it was on 3 discs on 360, not 2 :)

    You guys need to get a clue if you think it’s Sony setting the prices on these games. It’s down to the publisher, not Sony. Should Sony do more to push them to keep prices low? Sure, but blaming Sony for publishers fleecing you is pure stupidity.

    Which would you prefer though guys, no games or slightly more expensive games? Because that’s what it’d come down to if push came to shove.

  • will their be a demo for this game?

  • Blade Kitten has been sitting on the periphery of my radar for months – I do like a lot of what I see with it, but without a demo I’ll have to rely on reviews.

    Also, doesn’t the new DeathSpank come out tomorrow? That’s a guaranteed purchase.

  • guess im with you on that will be looking forward to a good review hopefully

  • I lost interest in this game when they lied about it being exclusive. Now I’ve saved my money for much better downloadable games like Dead Nation, Explodemon, Pixeljunk Shooter 2, Malicious, & Journey just to name a few.

    I wouldn’t buy Blade Kitten even if it dropped to $5.

  • Steve, is there any word for a Japanese release for this game? I think this game would really appeal to the Japanese audience even among otaku (even if this game is not made in Japan). But the way you designed the game could really appeal the Japanese over there. Why not get Capcom or Square Enix to release the game in Japan? Also when you advertised the game get a anime studio to do a promotion for the game, that would be something for the Japanese.

  • Atari? i have a question. wtf were you thinking when you made this game, judging by the trailer, the dialogue is crap, the gameplay is also crap, and the story is even “____”. and your asking for $15?

    very good point and well said.

    • Maybe they’ve seen more of the game than just a trailer?

      You’re making some pretty harsh judgements based on snippets of fotage cut together aren’t you?

      At least try the demo before you hate it. :)

  • I think $9.99 is the sweet spot price for download games… that said, if a demo is available I’ll gladly see if the $15 is worth it.

  • Will you [people acting like] cheap jobless bastards complaining about the SUPER expensive price tag of $15 please take your disrespectful comments elsewhere? What’s an acceptable price for a game? $10? What would you do with the extra 5 saved? Blow it on something stupid? Stop buying all of those 60 dollar games you only play once then trade into Gamestop for 20 dollars 2 weeks later and maybe this won’t be such of a major financial issue. Would you be happy if they don’t put any game up at all?
    Tired of seeing folks sitting on top of $300+ gaming machines and complaining about the prices of the actual CHEAP games. If you don’t want the game, fine pass the article up and don’t post it’s not that hard.
    Leave constructive comments and criticism, but that other stuff has to stop. It gets really irritating when I see developers come to the blog to announce their game or news of it and it’s flooded with idiots complaining about prices with promises (lies) of phantom sales if only the developer would lower the price by 5 dollars among other dumb things. Seriously think, how would you feel if people did that to you?

    On topic:
    I’ve been waiting for the game Krome and can’t wait to play it, congrats on getting it done.

  • YAY! Been waiting for this game :). Will be buying it once it’s online!

  • I think people worry too much about the length of the game opposed to the quality of said game. Id happily pay $15 for a short game just as long as the quality of the experience makes up for the cost.Just like if you go to see a movie in 3d your paying around $15 for a 2 hour or so experience. So why shouldn’t the same logic apply to games. At least with a $15 game purchase you can experience it as many times as you like. But when you go pay the same $15 you can only experience it once for every $15 paid. Just saying lol

  • LOL @ $15 being a lot of money. I guess McDonalds is still only paying minimum wage huh? Puts a damper on what games you guys can buy.

    I personally think PSN quality games like Deathspank, Blade Kitten, the new Tomb Raider game, and many others should be 19.95…to max out revenue.

    Keep the prices high enough and you filter out the whining fans who think that because they purchased a PS3…Sony should cater to them. Chances are, they bought a refurbished one from Gamestop anyway. LOL!

    I spend at least $200 a month on new games and I NEVER trade anything in. It’s nice making enough money that I can live comfortably and have money for recreation. :)

  • Game looks cool, glad to hear there’s a demo.

  • So by this week is it today/tonight?? i’ll probably get it

  • $15 to the first person who can defend the $15 price point without making sweeping, offensive generalizations about those who don’t care for said price point.

    Resoundingfate and SKeRJ are out.

    • Check my post above.

      Look it’s not a battle.

      The buyer always gets to win just buy checking out the demo and deciding if you want to pay the price or not. That’s why we made sure we had a demo you can try before you buy.

      I think that’s pretty fair.

  • Glad you could join us, Mr. Stamatiadis. The thread is a much more interesting one now.

  • I wish my cat had super powers…

    and was half human…

    and had female *ahem* features…

    and came from Japan…

    and could wield a sword…

    and…. i forgot where i was going with this.

  • @ResoundingFate: Cool story bro. You should assume some more about everyone in this thread, you don’t seem quite ignorant enough yet.

  • I haven’t played it yet, but I will try it out tonight. Good luck with the game.

    Oh, and hats off to the animation, Kit is SMMMOKING HOT!

  • The Demo I meant, not the game. I need to try it out first, then next month, I’ll buy it.

  • Steve,

    I’ve been excited about Blade Kitten for months. I cannot wait to play it. From what I have seen $15 is a bargain. I plan on buying it off of both the PSN and STEAM! That way I can enjoy it on my PC when my family is watching TV. Thank you so much for cloud support <3

  • God some ppl on here im trying the demo, but i would buy it either way 15$ is still a good price and i figure it had to do something with content and making of the game, been waiting along time for this and yeah cut the guy some slack sleep is something we all need especially when their timezones apart, don’t jump to conclusions ppl it makes u look like the jerks lol. Can’t wait to try it! It look Epic!

  • Steve – thank you for the link to the website and pointing out that there are some videos of gameplay available. I found a whole bunch on youtube as well.

    Regarding the price, personally I don’t think it is too much especially in light of the fact that you can play the demo first to see if you’re to like it. I may understand the criticism if a demo was not available. But as is, I think the price is fine.

  • Thank you for your response. I look forward to now trying the demo.

  • In the second blog post, it was said that the game is divided into episodes. Is that still the case? Is it $15 for each episode or is it $15 for the complete game?

  • Played the game at the Brisbane SupaNova con earlier in the year. It’s good fun and well worth checking out.

    And the model they had there dressed up as Kit had the sexiest tummy I have ever seen :)

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