Blade Kitten Launches This Week on PSN!

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Hey there everybody, Steve Stamatiadis here again for one final blog about everyone’s favorite pink haired catgirl game, Blade Kitten. The game is just about to finally hit the PlayStation Network and you’ll be able to try it out, buy it and enjoy it. Pretty cool, huh?

Blade Kitten

We said originally that the game would be out spring this year and technically is still is since it’s just turned spring here in Australia, and it’s already been a beautiful start to the season. See, we kept our word… sort of. Why did it take so long? Well we had the awesome good fortune of Atari… yes THAT Atari, picking up Blade Kitten. Not only has that allowed us to make the game even better, but being published by Atari has a very special significance for me personally. See back when I was about 13, I got my first computer: an Atari 400 (with all of 16K of memory, that’s less than the average icon or avatar image). So as you can imagine having the Atari logo at the start of the game just makes it all that much more cooler to me. So a BIG thanks to Atari for coming on board.

It’s been an exciting and challenging time bringing Blade Kitten to life from idea to comic to final game reality. Though it’s been more than a few years in the making, it’s been a lot of fun too. Working with a great team to bring the comic world to life has been a great pleasure. They’ve been totally committed to making the best Blade Kitten game they could and as a Blade Kitten expert I can safely say, without any hesitation, that this is the best Blade Kitten game EVER made. OK so it’s the only Blade Kitten game ever made… that just makes it rare and even more valuable.

Blade Kitten

Oh snap! We should totally have charged more for it, well too late now, it’s all in the system and stuff. I guess you get to buy it at the amazingly good value that it’s set to. I mean there’s all the excellent voice action in the fully voiced dialog. When you hear the spot on voices of Kelly Fuller as Kit Ballard, Dave Mitchell as Hundert Tonne or Eliza Schneider as Justice Kreel you’ll completely believe these characters, especially when you see them in the amazing cutscenes. The cinematics alone are worth the price of admission. But you’ll get to see all this for yourselves in a week or so.

For the newcomers here’s what to expect, in a short single paragraph version. Obviously the actual game is much longer:

Blade Kitten is a full on classic side scrolling adventure in glorious HD. You play Kit Ballard a catgirl Bounty Hunter on a mysterious planetoid called Hollow Wish. Kit is tracking down a local trouble maker when she’s ambushed by a rival who is after the same bounty. So you need to track down your rival then your bounty and along the way uncover the mystery that is Hollow Wish’s darkest secret. You’ll get some help from a little alien critter sidekick called Skiffy and your uber-cool floating A.I. sword, the Darque Blade. Get ready for level after level of free flowing, scrambling exploration and intuitive combat as you find make your way through this comic based adventure.

Blade Kitten

So for $14.99 on September 21st, PlayStation owners will be the first to get your hands on Blade Kitten from the PlayStation Store and check out all the fun for yourselves. Thanks and I hope you enjoy playing the game, I know I enjoyed making it.

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19 Author Replies

  • $15 is an unfortunate pricetag launching alongside RDR content and Sonic Adventure.

    If this ever goes on sale then color me interested.

  • Damn, I want this. Bad week for this, but I might see about trading in some old games for a PSN card.

  • I thought the store was going to be updated tonight?

  • released the 21st? thought the store update was tonight?

    & any word on echochrome ii?

    it was said to be released in September

  • The store is being updated tonight. This was probably typed up before it was known to Steve that the date of the store update was changing.

  • Yeop! you guys at Krome Studios are going to want to crack that launch champaigne tonight instead of tomorrow, because the PSN is updating a day early, due to an overlapping maintenance window tomorrow.

  • good job on getting the attention of Atari with this one by the way, impressive.

  • I also feel that $15 is too high. Put it on sale and I will purchase.

    Will this game actually come out tonight? It seems the store will update tonight (monday night) because of tomarrows maintenance.

  • When will publishers learn that providing a paragraph description is not akin to providing a video of actual gameplay. Let’s see the game in action. Or better yet, a demo would be nice.

  • I am guessing these are written out a week or at least a couple of days before the actual date and then just are sent to sony for publishing.

    However, I will so buy this game. I am going to spend so much money this week on PSN games it is scary. I just bought reach to, when am I going to find the time to play everything. Full time job, wife at home and fall shows are starting this week too. Man I am going to be a really busy person.

    But keep up the amazing games.

  • I had an Atari 400 (with tape drive), too, and later updated to a 1200xl (with floppy disk). Those were the days!

  • Gonna have to wait on this. Demo?

  • A demo would indeed be nice. A game needs to stand on its own. As much as I enjoy reading about stuff like this; I’m sure not everyone cares about the make and model of this guy’s first computer.

    Unless this thing gets outstanding reviews I’m putting it in the “If I ever find myself bored enough” category of things to look into.

    • Hey that Atari meant everything to me… until I upgraded to a better one.

      Demo will be out the same time as the game. Please try it.

  • The paragraph clearly states that you will be able to try, buy, enjoy… implying there will probably be a demo guys, read the whole thing… words are good.

  • They already posted a game video in an earlier posting. It is located here

  • Not to mention new DeathSpank today too… hmmm… decisions (:

  • I played this at PAX on the 360… it is AWESOME! Going to wait for the 360 version though, since that is my primary platform.

  • WOW SERIOUSLY!!! Another $15 game? I’m done buying PSN games if their all gonna be $15 and I hope EVERYONE BOYCOTTS THESE $15 GAME SPIKES!!! PATHETIC SONY VERY PATHETIC!!!!

  • I did read the whole thing. But unless I see the specific word “demo” used I don’t get my hopes up.

    • fair enough I’ll use it in a sentence here.

      There will be a demo for you to try available today.

      Hope you have fun with it.

  • Unlike #17 there, I will spend $15 on games that are worth it. But a shot in the dark is a hard sell… A demo is kinda necessary for anything not in the $10 or less price range.

  • ^^Well ur a MORON!

  • It’s almost like different people value their money differently.

  • Does nobody see this NEW trend of charging $15 for EVERY GAME since PS+ came about? Hmmmmm? SONY IS PATHETIC!!!

  • Too bad the *REAL* reason it took so long is because it went multiplatform.

    Just tell the truth and don’t make it sound like the game improved because of this.

  • well I do kind of agree with you 22 Sarno1605, there does seem to be a steady increase in price tags on PSN titles, I know that Sony & individual publishers put the most reasonable price they can on some things, but since PS+ launched it looks like a bit of a ‘get the (would have been)price for a 50 subscription’ situation, and everyone not paying for PS+ is just paying more for everything than once upon a time.(I know this probably isn’t the case, I’m just sharing a feeling as a faithful and hardcore member of the PS community)

  • Let me ask you something Sarno1605, since you are calling people Morons for their choices in spending money on games.

    Why do you feel 15 bucks is too much to spend on a PSN game? Is it because it’s digital and not a disc game? Because there are disc games that clock as shorter, and in some cases, less valuable than 60 bucks, but that’s what people pay for them.

    Do you think that Wipeout HD is worth 30 bucks, because that’s how much it was at launch, but carried more value (and was highly rated) that most games on PS3 at its time.

    If the game shown here, like Deathspank, and Bladekitten (which provide hours of gameplay, “I know, I haveplayed Deathspank), then why does a developer have to mark their price down that significanly from a Disc release?

    Honestly, if these games were on a disc, would you be willing to spend more? Because if so, I think the title “moron” has been misplaced.

  • It sux that 90% of the games that start on 360 take years to get ported over, but the moment a game is revealed as being PS3 exclusive it always ends up being Multiplatform by its release date.

  • Yes! Im a PS+ member since the FIRST 10mins!!! Have 100 blu ray games….50+ PSN games….and I’m DONE paying $15 for every game released! Like Worms just released for WHAT? $15!!! When the first one was only $10. This is getting PATHETIC….and IM A SONY FANBOY ALL DAY. AND BTW PuppetShoJustice name a game recently that was WORTH $15! none lately in my opinoin EXCEPT Top Gun (which I bought day 1).

  • So wait, this game isn’t going to be Episodic anymore? If not, that is really good. although, the 15 dollar price tag seems a little steep. Can we expect to see a Demo? maybe some hands-on time would show me it’s awesomeness.

  • Deathspank. An Action RPG which hours of gameplay, professionaly-recorded dialogue, multiplayer, huge overworld map, dozens and dozens of weapons and armor to find. That’s worth 15 bucks to me. And from the reviews, I’d say it’s worth 15 bucks more than Top Gun was.

  • YES! I’ve been waiting for this game since your first post here on the PS blog.

    So I suppose it will be up on PSN tonight since the maintenance is scheduled tomorrow and they’re doing the PSN update 1 day earlier?

  • Ok maybe DeathSpank…but when every game released lately is $15….thats not a good sign.

  • no thanks. I would have gladly purchase this game back 6 months ago before you guys decided to delay it on the PS3 so you guys can release it on the 360.

    The PS3 version of this game was delay once the announce it for the 360.

    They are backtracking on their words now. The came out and said it was delay on the PS3 because they wanted to release it day to day with the 360 version

  • Australia is more than 12 ahead of us, hope that explains the time thing. I hope there will be a demo, cause this just makes me think of Borderlands the more that I look at the pictures.

  • Yeah, it’s not that I WANT to pay 15 bucks. No one does. But I don’t mind giving 15 bucks to a developer if they make a great game. In fact, in the case of Deathspank, I have gotten enough value that I didn’t end up spending 60 bucks on a game that might have given me less play time.

    Castle Crashers didn’t get my 15 bucks, though. After I heard that their next game was starting on 360 once again, I decided that two-year-old hand me downs for 15 bucks are not that valuable.

  • If u don’t want to pay 15$ plus tax then don’t stop complaining bout it ! I stop buying any psn game because I fear they will have it for free or discounted for ps+ ! I just want to know is the nba elite 11 demo coming today I need that anybody know?

  • @BlooodyCow

    See, now this upsets me. Whenever games come out on 360 first, we never see this kinda thing, but whenever a game is started on PS3, this happens. And it happens more often than not.

    I dunno if it’s Microsoft’s usual insecurities (“We can’t stand on our own games, so we have to buy out all of Sony’s exclusives, so you like us more”) or simply the developer wanting to spread their seeds (which doesn’t make sense, because you could still release the game on PS3 and later on 360, the way every other developer does on 360), but it does influence my purchasing decision. Especially in a week when Red Dead Redemption has an expansion and Deathspank’s sequel is coming.

  • I read about this a while back. I’m gonna pick it up tonight , if only to support independent game designers like you & some of my friends. It’s hard right now, and a lot of independently wrought games are the most ingenious, clever and original. Thanks for all the hard work.

  • As long as the price is the same on the 360. I would understand about the complaining about the price if the 360 version is going to be cheaper, but when they are the same price then there is nothing you can really do about it, but wait. I’m sure there were alot of people who complained when games went to 60 instead of 50, then people got use to it. The same will happen with this.

    Maybe this is a plan conceived by Sony to make all there new games 15. Which would make less people buy them, then next year offer them free with plus giving more value to hardcore gamers. Then since Sony has the prices at 15, Microsoft did not want to be without money so they just increased their prices too.

  • If this was PS3 exclusive I could have justified the 15 dollars. Sorry, but a cross platform stance shows me you don’t need the 15 dollars at launch. Maybe when PS+ gets a discount or just a discount in general.

  • Worms 2: Armageddon – $15 WTF?
    TerRover – $15 WTF?
    Castle Crashers – $15 WTF?
    Shank – $15 WTF? Seems to be a trend growing…
    Death Track: Resurrection – $15 Seriously?
    DeathSpank – $15 Maybe worth it FINALLY!
    Joe Danger – $15 but that WAS worth it!
    Lead and Gold – $15 WTF?
    Rocket Knight – $15 and only 16 reviews in 4 months! Not Worth It!
    Section 8 – $30 WTF? SERIOUSLY? Gotta be a joke right?
    Smash Cars – $15 WTF?
    Wheel of Fortune – $15 WTF?

  • Gamefan did an awesome writeup on this game a few months back. It really looks good. I just think it’s lame that we could have had it back then, but because of the usual M$ influence, another game gets held back for this.

  • I agree with the above comments. I don’t appreciate the slide to $15 for the digital games. Some times it is justified, and I’m not singling out Blade Kitten- but there have been some questionnable price points over the past 2 months.

    I’ve put a halt on all PSN purchases over $10 for the time being to see how this pans out. Vote with your wallets people.

  • Gotta agree with you on TerRover, Sarno1605. It was a cool little game, and well-made, but it’s play mechanics are likened more to a 5 bucks Iphone game, than a full-fledged retail purchase.

  • @Sindred
    I don’t really don’t have a problem with the game being on the 360. The developers have to rights to create the game on which system they may want to create their games on.
    The problem I have is when they announce it for one system and give us a release window but then delay it 6+ months because they want to release it on another platform also. On top of that, they lied by telling us it was to make the game better when they already came out and stated that it was delay because of the other platform.

  • Its just the $15 games list is QUICKLY catching up to the under $10 games list. At least I got PS+ and I’ll be getting games for free. This is why, though, I’ve also put a hold on PSN games priced $15 UNLESS they are worth it. IMO

  • @BlooodyCow

    Yeah, that’s what I mean. I’ll gladly support Deathspank, even if it’s on both systems, because it was planned this way. But going back on an exclusive, and then adding insult to injury by delaying the once-exclusive to port it to 360 and release it at the same time is a completely different matter.

    I’m still checking out the demo to this, but it’s getting to the point where situations like these do affect my purchase, especially when there are other options.

    And I swear, I do honestly have a 360, but I just hate MS’s sleezy tactics (like putting all their Halo and Gears Machines right next to Move’s displays at PAX, totally out of place). My 360 is a Mass Effect Machine, and that may soon be obsolete if ME3 comes to PS3 also.

  • ME2 coming to PS3 this has been confirmed. Suck on that MicroSoft! LMAO

  • I’m just strange. Loyalty and confidence are very important to me. Sony and MS are both corporate giants, and they obviously thrive on Money. I ain’t pretending otherwise. But Sony seems comfortable standing on their own games and franchises, while MS seems to be hell bent on buying everyone’s loyalty (like the rich kid on the baseball field buying his teamates because he sucks as a player and but his dad has money). That’s why PS3 didn’t get an Ace Combat (A series that started on their system).

    In some ways, this inspires no-confidence in Microsoft, because this is an indirect way of saying, “Our first party games aren’t enough to keep you happy, so we are securing these other games.” This is in regards to timed exlcusives, not full on exclusives. Sony is starting to do that, and it kinda sux, but they had to do something, otherwise Microsoft would buy all the best players on the baseball field. But if you notice, Sony’s exlcusives always turn into Blade Kitten (Like FF13 did). Exclusive at first but then MS steps in and says “No fair.”

  • @Sindred
    I myself also have a 360 but that has been missing for the pass month after I lend it to my brother because his RROD :(
    I buy only xbox 360 exclusive for my 360 and is about 2 games a yet tops. I haven’t purchase a 360 game since Mass Effect 2 8+ months ago.

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