Dead Space Extraction: Hands-on (and Limbs off) with PlayStation Move

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EA’s Tokyo Game Show event was stuffed with more games than we could count, but when we saw the first playable build of Dead Space: Extraction running on the PS3 with PlayStation Move, Rey and I made a beeline for Visceral Games’ upcoming horror shooter. Dead Space: Extraction is a prequel to the original Dead Space, and chronicles the discovery of the dreaded Necromorph on Aegis VII by planetary colonists.

Dead Space Extraction for PS3 and PlayStation Move

Playing Dead Space: Extraction on PlayStation Move makes for a fine demonstration of the motion controller’s precision and versatility. Aiming is quick and accurate with virtually no discernible lag: small, subtle movements of your wrists translate precisely on-screen, giving you the feeling of aiming with a computer mouse. One nice touch is how you twist your wrist 90 degrees to the left or right to flip your Plasma Cutter’s firing plane from horizontal to vertical, which can help you find the ideal angle for snipping off arms, legs, tentacles, and other protrusions of the vile Necromorphs. There are other weapons, of course, including a Rivet Gun and a Force Gun. The “wrist twist” will activate these alternate fire modes as well.

Dead Space Extraction for PS3 and PlayStation Move

Using the PlayStation Move, you fire your current weapon with the T button (aka the trigger). Pressing the Move button activates a quick Telekinesis blast, which you can use to pick up ammo and items hidden throughout the environments — or use to hurl objects at the marauding Necromorphs. It’s your choice! Melee attacks are gesture based: you press and hold Circle, then rapidly slash back and forth to fend off nearby Necromorphs. Melee isn’t much use for inflicting damage, so think of it more as a way to dissuade nearby enemies.

Dead Space Extraction for PS3 and PlayStation Move

Dead Space: Extraction running on the PS3 looked extra sharp in HD, with moody dynamic-lighting effects and a rock-solid framerate. This build of Dead Space: Extraction primarily showed off the Challenge mode, a survival-type arena where players can battle ever-toughening hordes of Necromorph grotesqueries. Dead Space veterans already know that strategically dismembering the Necromorphs is a valuable tactic, and this is doubly true in the Challenge mode if you want to beat your partner’s score. If you don’t have a PlayStation Move, Dead Space: Extraction will be compatible with the DualShock 3 controller (for you old-school types) and will also feature optional support for the PlayStation Move navigation controller, though it’s not required.

Dead Space: Extraction will ship on the Dead Space 2: Limited Edition Blu-ray disc on January 25th, and will be available separately as a PSN download. Once we land back in the States, we’ll sync up with the Visceral Games team to get a deeper look at Dead Space: Extraction on the PS3. Including, hopefully, some luscious new video. Stay tuned!

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  • Can’t wait. This game was part of the reason I bought a wii and it also made the decision to sell my wii when I heard about ps move a tougher one.

    I really hope DS2 has move support. I’ve played through the original DS on PC with wiimote and nunchuk and even with the figity functionality of the wiimote, the game just feels more natural with motion controls.

    I’m still trying to decide between the PC version and the PS3 version of DS2. Leaning towards the PS3 version because of extraction, but lack of move support in DS2 could be a deal breaker for me.

  • I’m glad I didn’t purchase it for my Wii. I’d like to get the entire series on the same console if possible. So good thing I put it off for so long.

    It’s a great deal.

  • I’m curious as to why no one recorded some video. You weren’t allowed to or something?

  • Kung fu ragdoll with move support

  • I got the move yesterday and I have to say: Dear Playstation, Please include some pain killers and a couple of muscular relaxation/healing stuff with the move sports champions bundle. My arm and my back hurts from playing table tennis yesterday. Yes it hurts, but I don’t care… It’s so awesome that I’ll continue playing every day no matter what.

    In table tennis at least the controller is so awesome and accurate that I can replicate those tricky reverse rotation effect shots that I used to do when I was in college… you know those that make the ball jump back when it hits your opponent table… ok.. just that. The move is awesome, and if you think different it’s probably cause you haven’t used it or that you have never done in real life what you are doing with the move… means you don’t really know how accurate to real world the move gets.

  • Awesome series and I’m glad to get to play Dead Space Extraction again on the PS3 using PlayStation Move (and in HD!). Thanks for making this happen!

  • This sounds so cool. I need to pick up a copy of the original Dead Space. I love the PS Move. I have played Resident Evil 5 and Sports Champions with it. Does anyone know if Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles and/or Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles will make an appearance on the Move? I hope so!

  • If you were not scared then you have ZERO imagination, and need to upgrade your home entertainment system to full 1080P resolution monster size tv of atleast 50 inches to punch you in the eye with amazing necro Skull FU#*NG and some crazy loud surround sound to squirt you in the ace while the violin music starts to creep up on ya when your bonbarded by the horde of mutalated and undead! I mean really you thought that was boring? Right I guess I’m just a chickin shaaaaaat 29 your banger who frightens easily. As for the move! Nothing WII rip off here at all! Love the full HD, love the TRUE 1 to 1 motion whatever you do, whatever the game! I gotta say sports champion is a favorite for now. Bocce is surprisingly fun and Gladiator Duel is off the chain! But for a more relaxing game I have been favoring the PSN exclusive Download Tumble! Its like a 9 different ways to play Jenga! LOVE TO LOVE TO LOVE MOVE! Sony keep it comming! Later, goping to get back to MOVE!

  • I really cant wait for this. I played halo for a long time and then my 360 blew up. And i’m a real fan of dead space so this will be badass

  • what i had no idea this game supports move!!

  • BOOYA! This is the best news I’ve heard in a while! I rented DS:E for the Wii, and I couldn’t finish it because for me the Wiimote is difficult to use. This is fantastic news that you’ll be able to use the Dual Shock 3 controller, I presume in that mode it’ll be just like an arcade game, using the control sticks to aim. Just another reason to add to the list of reasons that I’m saving for a PS3! :D

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