Dead Space Extraction: Hands-on (and Limbs off) with PlayStation Move

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EA’s Tokyo Game Show event was stuffed with more games than we could count, but when we saw the first playable build of Dead Space: Extraction running on the PS3 with PlayStation Move, Rey and I made a beeline for Visceral Games’ upcoming horror shooter. Dead Space: Extraction is a prequel to the original Dead Space, and chronicles the discovery of the dreaded Necromorph on Aegis VII by planetary colonists.

Dead Space Extraction for PS3 and PlayStation Move

Playing Dead Space: Extraction on PlayStation Move makes for a fine demonstration of the motion controller’s precision and versatility. Aiming is quick and accurate with virtually no discernible lag: small, subtle movements of your wrists translate precisely on-screen, giving you the feeling of aiming with a computer mouse. One nice touch is how you twist your wrist 90 degrees to the left or right to flip your Plasma Cutter’s firing plane from horizontal to vertical, which can help you find the ideal angle for snipping off arms, legs, tentacles, and other protrusions of the vile Necromorphs. There are other weapons, of course, including a Rivet Gun and a Force Gun. The “wrist twist” will activate these alternate fire modes as well.

Dead Space Extraction for PS3 and PlayStation Move

Using the PlayStation Move, you fire your current weapon with the T button (aka the trigger). Pressing the Move button activates a quick Telekinesis blast, which you can use to pick up ammo and items hidden throughout the environments — or use to hurl objects at the marauding Necromorphs. It’s your choice! Melee attacks are gesture based: you press and hold Circle, then rapidly slash back and forth to fend off nearby Necromorphs. Melee isn’t much use for inflicting damage, so think of it more as a way to dissuade nearby enemies.

Dead Space Extraction for PS3 and PlayStation Move

Dead Space: Extraction running on the PS3 looked extra sharp in HD, with moody dynamic-lighting effects and a rock-solid framerate. This build of Dead Space: Extraction primarily showed off the Challenge mode, a survival-type arena where players can battle ever-toughening hordes of Necromorph grotesqueries. Dead Space veterans already know that strategically dismembering the Necromorphs is a valuable tactic, and this is doubly true in the Challenge mode if you want to beat your partner’s score. If you don’t have a PlayStation Move, Dead Space: Extraction will be compatible with the DualShock 3 controller (for you old-school types) and will also feature optional support for the PlayStation Move navigation controller, though it’s not required.

Dead Space: Extraction will ship on the Dead Space 2: Limited Edition Blu-ray disc on January 25th, and will be available separately as a PSN download. Once we land back in the States, we’ll sync up with the Visceral Games team to get a deeper look at Dead Space: Extraction on the PS3. Including, hopefully, some luscious new video. Stay tuned!

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  • Dead Space is one of my FAVORITE games to come out of this generation. The fact that we get Extraction WITH the normal edition of Dead Space 2 (or rather, Limited edition!), is probably the second greatest thing I’ve heard in all of TGS (Team Ico’s stuff would be first)!

  • its gonna be fun!

  • so this is an on-rails shooter like Time Crisis? will the normal DeadSpace2 game use Move? or is Move limited to Extraction only?

    • Yeah, it’s on rails, though there are sections where you can choose which way to go. No word on DS2 Move support, EA/Visceral Games would be the guys to ask.

  • Hey Sid, which one will you be playing first? Extraction or DS2?

  • This is going to be great! Can’t wait for Dead Space 2 and Extraction.

  • I’ve played the first dead space game watched the movie and watched six of the comic episodes. Hopefully dead space 2 and extraction will do well. Thank god you can play dead space extraction with the dual shock besides im not paying like $60:00 or higher for a wii rip off system for the PS3.and i already have the ps3 eye i should be able to play any ps3 move game with the controler. All they’re doing is making you pay for another electronic device that you dont need. then pretty soon they’ll make another and the old one will be out of stock for ever and besides x-play on g4 gave the ps3 move a 1 out of 5 stars that means it sucks.

    • I respect your opinion but hope you give the Move version a shot. If you already have an Eye, it’s only $50 to grab a Move. Give it a shot at a friend’s house — for a game like Extraction, the precision makes a big difference.

  • Hey Sid, a quick question please

    will extraction be inside the game as a voucher code or inside the dead space 2 blu ray disk itself?

    thanks in advance

    • Sure! I’m pretty sure it’s right on the Blu-ray disc of the Dead Space 2 Limited Edition. It will be available on PSN as a separate purchase as well.

  • can we use a dualshock to play DS: Extraction.

    • Yup! By its nature, though, it’s going to be a bit trickier to play (though I can’t say much, as I didn’t try out the DualShock controls).

  • I am more excited for this Dead Space than Dead Space 2. Ever since Dead Space 2 multiplayer was announce, my level of excitement for that game drop.

    • I’m open to it, and I like that the multiplayer seems to be objective based — like mini co-op missions. I’m intrigued and want to know more.

  • Day 1! Can’t wait for this.

    Gonna great with the new MOVE I just picked up.

  • @6
    “x-play on g4 gave the ps3 move a 1 out of 5 stars that means it sucks.”

    good job trolling idiot. stop saying BS thats not true.

  • FANTASTIC! This game is one of the key reasons I’ve invested in Playstation Move to such a large degree.

    I am much more excited for Move than Kinect at this point in time, even though I am primarily a 360 gamer.

  • Also Sid, you are way too polite to the trolls! :-)

  • G4 is the least “Gamer” of any source I have ever seen. Anybody who refers to G4 is detached. Their not nerds, their dorks.

    The only time I’ve been sucked into that rubbish is when they have exclusive premiere stuff, which is maybe 4 times a year.

  • Dead Space 2 needs to support Move!!!

  • Will there be trophy support for Extraction?

  • Add move support to Dead Space 2 a la Socom 4, and RE 4,5. Please Please Please.

  • @6

    I watch G4, they certainly did not give it a 1/5?!? They said the tech is great, just wait for a better line-up of games to show its true potential (like DS extraction!).

  • So what is the benefit of using the Navigation controller? Also do you by any chance know how you reload? I love the old-school, point off screen, way :P

  • Imma get my ps move later like next month

  • Yo Sid!!!

    Thx for answering our questions,
    Im all pumped for DS2 + Extraction + Move

    Im playing RE5 with the Move, and even a game like that with questionable controller schemes is rocking with the Move. Extraction will be insane (just like the demo of Time Crisis), and if DS2 uses the Move (and it should) it will only triple guarantee my pre-order for this game. Kudos to Sony for landing the sweet limited edition deal, and the precision of the move has me drooling, even though i watched on videos before, is not the same to have the controller on your hand and see the level of detail this affordable controller can achieve.


  • Oh I forgot to ask, this has co-op right? Does that include co-op over the PSN?

  • So much for not porting Wii crap on the move!

  • @madhi
    It may be a port, but it’s not crap. I didn’t get it on Wii because I thought this might happen.

    Also, points for releasing it separately on PSN. I hope that’s done with NBA Jam too, or it will be a no sale for me.

  • I played this game for the wii, and I loved it so much, dammit, I’ll play it for the ps3 as well… I really like Dead Space games… and trophies…

  • One of the few move games that i would like to try out.

  • Does it have trophies also?

  • I really want to hear more info on if Dead Space 2 supports Move too. It’s been mentioned a few times but there’s no %100 confirmation. I really hope they do have it :). Just got Move today though and I’m really impressed. Just waiting for the hardcore games to roll in. BTW, I heard that at the GameStop conference they confirmed LBP2 has FULL Move support, any news on that?

  • its funny because i was actually gonna check out the wii just for this because i like the ds franchise, but since it will be blu-ray packaged…you know where im going with this right : ) oh i got Move today..INCREDIBLE PRECISION! I APPLAUD THE TIME AND THE EFFORTS EVERYONE WENT THROUGH TO PLAY THIS..

  • @Sid Shuman
    “Once we land back in the States, we’ll by syncing up with the Visceral Games team”
    I think there may have been a typo bro XD(not being a know it all, just trying to help lol)
    Or perhaps you’re trying to trick us all into INSANITY!… Doubtful, but still.

  • I had hoped that they would add Move to DS2 as well a Extraction but the chances of that seem slim, still going to pick up the DS2 limited edition though. Oh and could we get some info on how move works in the upcoming Tron game? I’m really curious and interested on how that’s going to turn out (I’m a big Tron fan/geek)

    • I played some Tron at PAX actually, and want to play more. As for Tron’s Move support, believe me, I’m on the case (^_^)

  • I’ve having trouble signing into Playstation Blog due to the java script for the past 3 months.. when i’d try, the sign in section would completely disappear and in order for it not to i would have to disable the java script and refresh the page …… anyone else having this problem?

  • Hmm, I might have to pick this one up. I’ve already played it on that other system. Perhaps with the Move controller I can get through the game without dying a gajillion times. Plus I am looking forward to the updated graphics.

    It is neat to make this available on PS3 since the events in DS:Extraction lead up to not only Dead Space but also Dead Space 2. Funny how it worked as a prequel to both games. Anywho I’m not picking up Move until more games come out for it. Just wasn’t all that interested in the launch line up but definitely on edge for Move 2011 and beyond.

  • This is a little off topic, but since its Move related and a recent post I want to ask Sony. Are you guys really charging $39.99 for a disc version with a patch of High Velocity Bowling when its only $9.99 on the PSN? Whats the deal with that?

  • If DEad Space Extraction going to be downloadable, does that mean its going to be a short game?

    • It’s actually pretty long. I’ve heard 6-8 hours for the campaign, with a full storyline, and then a bunch of separate Challenge mode levels that have the toughest combat in the game.

  • @Rene_Led (35)

    Back when it was ugly, it was full Wii game, so… a full game by Wii standards? (Taking into consideration the audience and level of competition it faced before) I’d assume just looking at the Wii reviews would give you an idea.

  • I wasn’t thrilled with the first dead space, I thought it wasn’t scary at all and was way too easy (even on “impossible” mode I picked up more health packs than I could ever us). The only way I’m getting this is if they announce that Dead Space 2 itself will use the Move.

  • I’m so glad I did not buy the Wii version. Man I am super stoked with Dead Space 2 and Extraction!

  • oh wow. this is one of my favorite wii games.
    if i ever get a move ill be sure to pick this version up

  • Too many titles to choose from.

  • whyy are there two different box arts for move games? theres one with the blue line and the other one where its a blue semi circle.

  • And the move “isn’t a Wii rip off in the slightest”… honestly… As a multiple platform owner, This is 1 of the reasons why Nintendo is a better overall company than Sony to me when it comes to TRUE innovation; not the evolution that sony has been repeatedly claiming is revolution since the ps2 was announced…

  • is this just a port over of extraction or were the assets built from the bottom up?

    • It’s not a copy-paste port, it looked to me like the textures and lighting effects had gotten a major shot in the arm. It looks great.

  • Just spent like 200$ on Move stuff i got the champion sports bundle *the last one in the store* a navi controller and a spare move controller and eye pet it is amazing!!! By far more responsive then the wii *i know your not competing with the wii but obviously it is resembled to everyone else* but i think its amazing and the demo disk is sweet i can’t wait for time crisis or The Shoot. Great work sony i was so glad i rushed out at 10am to get it haha!!

  • @ Sid awesome news man, that’s good to hear :) I’m really hoping it’s decent, the movie looks awesome, I’ve wanted a cool Tron game forever.

  • Oh and thank you for being so on top of stuff Sid it means a lot to us gamers to know that not only are you dedicated but you listen to what we have to say, it’s a great feeling.

  • @ 35 to Sid Shuman’s reply:
    Oh alright that is cool, but still plan to get under the same Dead Space 2 disc. Thanks for the reply ;)

  • update the graphics a bit?

  • 2nd picture would look awsome in 3d lol.

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