Blu-ray 3D Disc Playback Support Coming to PlayStation 3 System Next Week

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Hi everyone, I wanted to share some news out of Tokyo Game Show. We’ve announced that the PS3 system will be able to play back 3D content on Blu-ray 3D discs with the next system software update (v.3.50), slated for release on September 21. We know that many consumers have purchased 3D TVs already and more of you will be purchasing them as the holidays approach – so we’re excited to offer this firmware update that makes all 38 million PS3s worldwide compatible with Blu-ray 3D discs.

This new feature expands the PS3’s 3D capabilities – as you may recall, we added the ability to play stereoscopic 3D games with the 3.30 firmware update in April.

While support for Blu-ray 3D discs is the primary new feature within the 3.50 update, there will be a few additional features. We’ll post more details on the blog prior to the firmware’s release, so check back here on Monday.

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  • @Pirate43

  • I’m hoping that there’ll be an update for the Internet Browser with FW3.50, since now, browsing any site that hasn’t been optimized with the PS3 in mind is near impossible since there will always be at least one feature(read:usually every) that doesn’t work.

    Plz Sony!!!:)

  • Now this is the way you post a firmware update. More details would be nice, but you mentioned that Monday there would be another post with more details. So thanks you. We have the major feature and almost date details.

  • Great news it whould be even better if SCEA puts the Netflix on the XMB in the menu insted of putting in the disc.

  • I don’t get what to whole big deal is about 3D. I even it just seems like sometime that is too expensive. I’m not that favorable towards this old technology that is just gaining popularity. That’s probably because I have never experience a 3D film or game. I think 3D wouldn’t work for me since I don’t have perfect vision on both eyes. That just gives me another reason not to buy 3dtvs.

  • i wonder what the new feature is. CANT WAIT

  • Digital Comics?

  • Hope we can change are PSN Names

  • Guys Netflix app has already been confirmed for this fall…..last I read was October at the latest. Quit asking for details….what more details do you want? The Specific Date?

  • Please add the ability for us to change our PSN ids without losing trophies or our friends list even if for a fee. I created this account like three years ago and I don’t even skateboard anymore so it’s really annoying every time I log on. Maybe like $5 for a one-time change. I would be willing to pay that as I am sure many others would as well.

  • good stuff…even tho i don’t have a 3d tv and probably wont for a long time i am still happy to see sony add this to the ps3…waiting to see what else is added on monday.

  • Could you actually post some release notes for your firmware updates from now on? The whole “new firmware available” message with nothing else doesn’t tell us anything.

  • Wait a second… Sony just took your years-old PS3 console, remotely upgraded it for free to be a high-end 3D Bluray player, and some people here are complaining?!?

    I should submit a list of PSN IDs to be added to the English dictionary under the work “ungrateful”.

    Thanks for the upgrade, Sony. Keep them coming (Chrome browser… wink wink)

    PS: I have a theory that if I blink really fast (actually wink in sync) I can get 3D TV without the glasses… can someone at Sony confirm this? It doesn’t seem to be working so far.

  • word^^

    Actually 3DTVs are not that expensive. Most of them only cost a little bit more than other high end HDTVs of the same type.

    They just seem expensive because of the lack of low-end models. I wont be getting a 3DTV just yet as my HD is only two years old, but I might upgrade if this one dies on me. I’m also considering a projector… not sure if there are any cost effective 3D projector solutions on the market

  • Have the Panasonic Vt25 3Dtv and 3D Blu-ray player,but this ps3 update for movies is what I’ve been waiting from Playstation in 3D look FANTASTIC!!!!!

  • “We know that many consumers have purchased 3D TVs already…”

    Really? Really? Sony. Do you realize there are people out there who still use standard definition televisions? LCD and LED TVs are now just starting to get within the realm of affordability, and you really think that “many” people have 3D HDTVs?

    Come on, Sony. You guys know better than that.

    3D TV won’t go mainstream and to the masses until they get within the realm of affordability…not the $1000s it costs right now.

    Also, you guys are very late to updating the PS3 with 3D capability. I believe it was supposed to come out a few firmware updates ago.

  • “There will be a few additional features.”

    PSN screenname + crossgame chat = ‘kay thanks bbl

  • Der I bet the 5 other features are as follows:

    New store button to buy official themes
    New store button to buy official wallpaper
    Can now change the clock format
    (Insert any other 100% useless and never used feature guess here)

  • @64 3DTVs are expensive when you consider the average person like me probably just got a regular HDTV one a year or so ago and the 3DTVs only come in LED 40 inches and above. LED is $200-300 more than a LCD of the same size and then 3D is only in brand-name TVs and the brand-name market alone is not that big. (I personally wouldn’t buy a non-brand tv if it was over 22″ because of the obvious initial quality)

  • But I do see waaaay too many people going with these cheapy ones that quit in a year and apparently they don’t care that they only saved $200 vs paying over twice that for a new one

  • i really cant imagine what new features they will put out…i mean it could be voice messages…cross game chat (highly doubt it)….honestly all i want is for the in game xmb to not load at all

  • cross game chat please!

  • nice Im getting my 3D tv on black friday, so Ill be ready

  • Please tell me there is an updated browser included in this update. The browser hard locks my PS3 nearly every time I use it, and I can’t even watch most of the video on the blog any more!

  • MKV support? FLAC support? Maybe a way to turn off that annoying banner ad in the upper right corner (seriously, I paid $600 for a box to show me adverts)?

  • PSP updates?


  • You can get a 3D TV for less than $1000 now, so anyone complaining how expensive they are give it a rest already.

    And you will see more deals soon. Also I think everyone is forgetting that new TVs are not only adding 3D but they are better in every possible way in comparison to your current TV set.

  • I have had a ps3 for about 4 years. I really couldnt care about 3D gaming or the blue-ray player I bought this systeam for gaming and this systeam really needs cross game voice chat. ps3 also should get in game internet broswer! ps3 can do everything but it doesnt come close to everything at once.

  • Will all blu-ray movies support 3D?

  • because cross game chat is a useless feature , just ask those in the 360 community where party chat is killing teambased gameplay because individuals are too busy talking to their friends to communicate with teamates … sony has addressed the issue NUMEROUS TIMES except the 360 brats just wont let it go . they will never be happy untill the ps3 is transformed into a clone of the 360 , like stupid sheep they want more of the same … want to talk to your friends as you game ? GET A DAMN CELL PHONE ! Sony is in the electronic entertainment biz , not telecommunications . might they get it one day ? perhaps. but untill then , stop acting like insatiable 5 year olds and STFU about it.

  • How about showing a list of what movies we can actually try this on. I know Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs is one. Any others or upcoming ones are there?

  • Nice update but only if the average consumer can buy a PS3. There so expensive, there like over 3000 dollars. I can just buy a HDTV instead for a cheaper price…

  • Woops my comment messed up. I meant to say only if the average consumer can buy a 3D TV not PS3 lol. Yay HDTV are way cheaper and more affordable which probably will be my decision.

  • Call when there’s 6-D. That’ll be twice as good.

  • I’d like to second this persons post…

    VenomUK | September 16th, 2010 at 3:44 am

    Hi Eric.
    It’s great that the PS3 can be upgraded in this way. Years after release the PS3 can become a 3D Blu-ray player for free.

    I know when you come on this blog and everyone makes a lot of feature requests, eg simple party system, cross-game voice chat, but nobody gets a direct answer.

    Could you please give an interview or make a statement and share with us the feature roadmap that you have for the PSN? If the PlayStation 3 doesn’t have the technology to do cross-game chat just tell us straight! Why have PS3 users constantly harangue you for features that are impossible? Tell everyone it aint ever gonna happen and we can all move on!

  • Eric you and your team need to stop s**ting the bed with these updates, look at share and all the awesome ideas people have put in. 99.99% of those ideas have been ignored or never had a comment on in terms of actual firmware enhancements. Auto updates for Plus (which is useless by the way) and trophy sorting…. 3D movie support is all fine and dandy for the FEW that have or can afford a 3D TV right now and the IMO crappy facebook feature are not all that great for what should be a feature packed update. Almost halfway into the PS3 lifespan and not a hell of a lot to show for it.

    Time to start talking to us! If you cant or wont implement what we are asking for at least give us an answer and not the generic “we are always looking into new features and enhancements” one we always get.

  • For the love of GOD Sony this time add Cross Game Chat! PLS! I need to play demon souls with my friends while talking while the online its active!!! DID U KNOW THEY ARE CUTTING OUT THE SERVERS FROM DEMON SOULS?! NO? well now u do so pls make happen this update! I LOVE U Guys for ur hard work anyways…

  • l cant wait lol now all we need is a 3D TV that wont be hard but maybe alot of money tho

  • Please for the love of god gives us the following!!

    MKV,MOV and FLV support!!!

    And please support more WMV files!

    For crying out loud you say the PS3 is a Media device prove it!

  • Lets see what do people want and they keep telling you by the tens of thousands?
    cross game chat
    PS2 BC
    a usable browser
    OtherOS reinstated
    unified PS store with good service

    What are we getting instead?
    Useless 3D support for what all of 5 games and a whole 2 movies that can only be used on a shoddy substandard $4000+ tv. Yes you sony sponsored trolls go look and you’ll see. Stop lying to us since nobody believes you, NOBODY!!

    And those working in sony, Its painfully clear we your customers need to once again remind you who pays your salaries. Keep ignoring, harassing and treating us like garbage or worse and your gonna find yourselves out of work very soon.

  • Do not want. Will not be buying a 3D TV and I am tired of stupid updates that have zero use to me. Please cancel this or make it non-mandatory.

  • @68 lol!! and @93…soo true!! lol

  • Sony, start listening to your customers.

    -> Update the browser
    -> Add more video codecs to the media player

    I’m still on 3.15. Not upgrading until you’ve given me a good enough reason to remove other os functionality, and not buying any more Sony products until you apologize to all of the original PS3 customers with the form of a credit or refund.

    Quite enjoying my new Panasonic Viera TV as well. Would have been a Bravia had you not been such jerks about your useless updates.

    Eagerly waiting for the 3DS so I can replace my PSP too.

  • Make the Blu- Ray Player Region free plzkthnkz

  • 3D is useless technology, am not going to spent even one cent for it.

    Sony have to change companies interest to another way.

    A consumer product user doesn’t care this useless technology.

    We want MKV support in PS3 not 3D support…

  • Ps2 backwards compatibility. Please

  • I agree with the guys that say we need more insight, I don’t expect a strategic roadmap to be posted but something more concrete. XGC is probably the most requested feature, so can PS3 support it? Is it coming or not? Also new XMB?

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