Blu-ray 3D Disc Playback Support Coming to PlayStation 3 System Next Week

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Hi everyone, I wanted to share some news out of Tokyo Game Show. We’ve announced that the PS3 system will be able to play back 3D content on Blu-ray 3D discs with the next system software update (v.3.50), slated for release on September 21. We know that many consumers have purchased 3D TVs already and more of you will be purchasing them as the holidays approach – so we’re excited to offer this firmware update that makes all 38 million PS3s worldwide compatible with Blu-ray 3D discs.

This new feature expands the PS3’s 3D capabilities – as you may recall, we added the ability to play stereoscopic 3D games with the 3.30 firmware update in April.

While support for Blu-ray 3D discs is the primary new feature within the 3.50 update, there will be a few additional features. We’ll post more details on the blog prior to the firmware’s release, so check back here on Monday.

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  • Great, thanks for the update, heres hoping you guys will next let us have the ability to change our PSN ID names. i mean Japan has that already so its nothing new, even if for paying a small fee for it. pretty please :P. great job tho amazing game announcements TGS had for PS3

  • Awesome news……can’t wait to hear about the other features. When do we get to have our hands on the new Qriocity media service!

  • Very nice! I like I like.

  • Netflix on the XMB finally?

  • crossgame voice chat? wink wink

  • good i made the best choice in buy a ps3 amazing console and have the best exclusives

  • “there will be a few additional features”

    Noteworthy features in a firmware update? Bah gawd!

  • I don’t expect big additional features but i do always welcome and enjoy any simple additional features like sorting content or making things load faster. I hope there’s at least one other cool feature with 3.5 other than 3D blu-ray support.

  • Wow PS3 is already Up to 38 million sold??? With around 200,000 sold per week and the Holidays just around the corner… will the PS3 dare brake 4o mill by years end?

  • awesome news! now to get a 3DTV….

  • How about a feature that 100% of PS3 users can used and not only the ~5% that own a 3DTV

  • i hope this is not mandatory because i updated my ps3 a couple of days ago

  • great news! now if I had a 3DTV :S

  • hmmm if 3DTVs were cheaper…


  • netflex for ps3 plzthxbye

  • Why can’t you just tell us the feature now please?

  • Except a hand full of people no one needs 3D support NOW.

    What’s about a real web browser? The browser is really the worst browser solution I know. With a felt no-support of Javascript and any web standard.

    When my pc crashed I needed to use my mobile phone with Opera Mobile to access my D-Link router to enable the new pc, because the PS3 browser was not able to do it.

    It is not usable as I never know if the page I’m visiting is behaving in any kind I expect it.

    So please integrate some real browser engine. Have you ever heart of Webkit?

  • Enhanced trophy features will be nice.

  • So when are you guys gonna post up the details on whats been announced at TGS?

    You know like The Last Guardian Trailer
    The ICO & Shadow of The Colossus trailer
    Project Dark trailer, etc.

    I must know more about the Spiritual Successor for Demon Soul’s, Project Dark!

  • they are holding out on the OTHER details because they are just tiny bug fixes, thats all they have been pumping out lately.. Seriously Sony, how many of us do you think Have $4,000 laying around?? 3D-HDTV’s are a waste of money, for $4k I can get some teeth worked on.. for $4k I can buy a Kia Rio, crappy as the car may be, at least I could pay it off. Just saying Sony, the MOVE and 3d HD are a waste of time. I am NOT getting the Move. I had a wii, I don’t need a HD-Wii..

  • Goodie goodie good good good!

  • im waiting till after the holidays to see how 3d tv ‘s sell . wouldnt be the first time technology was killed by a slluggish economy, compounded by the fact that many people are still enjoying their in warranty HDTV’s … great technology … but the timing couldnt have been any worse … should be an interesting christmas season , given all the talk of a double dip recession . guess we’ll have to see .

  • Can you please. please… take a look into the major problems affecting FW 3.41 and 3.42!!! a lot of people is reporting console freezes where the console stops reading BDs and PS3 Games on BDs —

  • I’m one of the bunch who is affected by this issue, I have a PS3 80Gbs CECHE01 and all am getting while trying to play BDs in return from the console is 80029906. and no is not a problem with the disc as it plays correctly on a regular BD player.

  • I like the sound of ‘new additional features’. Looks like we may have something that is actually worth GETTING EXCITED ABOUT for everyone.

  • I’m praying for a codec update to play MKV

  • I don’t really care about the 3D feature (as I don’t have a 3dtv and wont’ be getting one in the near future, unless I hit the lottery) but I am interested the few additional features.

  • Categorized Download List PLEASE!

    I have exactly 911 items downloaded in my history at this moment and it’s annoying having to scroll and find what I want to download again.

    As for 3D, I haven’t gotten an HDTV yet (i’m playing my PS3 on my PC’s monitor in 720p) but I won’t jump on until the prices of those 3DTVs go down some more. They’re too expensive!

  • $4000 really. Bestbuy has a sony 46″ bundle for $2200. Move outta the west coast u pay to much. I suppose your rent is $5000 a month huh:)-

  • And then you can play the one 3D movie. Oh yeah, there’s like five of them total… but they only come bundled with exclusive hardware deals for each manufacturer. Because they want to make damned sure that 3D dies as quick as possible by splitting up that tiny tiny pie.

    Which is just as well, since 3D isn’t going to last in any case. Greedy company decisions that speed its failure are a plus in my book.

  • we need in game music
    also cross game chat would be nice to have;p

  • I hope the additional features are good, like why do we get disconnect from psn when we play DVD?

  • i bet some of those extra content for the update isn’t cross game chat and changing your name…….prob just 3D THIS AND SMALL FIRMWARE UPDATE…

  • @27 i hate scrolling down also bro! lol!! they need to fix that and other stuff but i don’t think sony will…because they don’t care about how we want our XMB and other things, they care about the 3D-TVS and bs…fuk!ing Sony you guys are funny.. lol

  • Netflix on XMB must be included because the CEO Reeds said he expects that before the next investor call which is in two or three weeks I believe.

  • How about the ability to play music while browsing photos on the XMB? Don’t understand why that feature was pulled the first time …

  • Hi Eric, could this update address these issues too?
    1.Please allow the option to choose the “system start-up” I want.
    a. Original “Sony Computer Entertainment/ classical music”.
    b. New “PS3/ neo-classical music”.
    2. Allow me to have the XMB icons/words stay visible or fade.
    3. Allow me to turn on/off the “adticker” in top right corner.
    4.Please allow me to choose which “media boot-up” screen I want.
    a. Original “PLAYSTATION 3/ jingle” splash screen.
    b. New “black screen/ no jingle”.
    The original splash is comfortable and heart warming!
    5. Please bring back basic black! I want the old black colour theme with my sparkles please! PSP has lots of colours to choose from PS3 doesn’t.
    6. Allow me to turn off the Whats New icon, completely removing it from my XMB.
    7. Allow multiple profiles to login on same console for each controller in use & earn trophies (just like 360).
    Everyone loves customization. Many PLAYSTATION 3 users would use these XMB options.
    Thanks for your hardwork, I appreciate that Sony is trying to make PS3/PSN/XMB better. Please stop removing features. I know SCEA may not be responsible for the changes, so please let SCEI know too.

  • I hope Netflix on the XMB is one of the new features too. I also STRONGLY want a huge update for the web browser. I like using the web browser on the PS3 but hate when it doesn’t work on a lot of my favorite sites because it is outdated. Please Sony work on this. I would be very happy.

  • Hi Eric.
    It’s great that the PS3 can be upgraded in this way. Years after release the PS3 can become a 3D Blu-ray player for free.

    I know when you come on this blog and everyone makes a lot of feature requests, eg simple party system, cross-game voice chat, but nobody gets a direct answer.

    Could you please give an interview or make a statement and share with us the feature roadmap that you have for the PSN? If the PlayStation 3 doesn’t have the technology to do cross-game chat just tell us straight! Why have PS3 users constantly harangue you for features that are impossible? Tell everyone it aint ever gonna happen and we can all move on!

  • You know how it is with Sony and their “new features.” Here’s how it goes:

    “You guys want this feature? Well, we’ll give you a completely different and useless feature then wonder why everyone is pissed off about it.”

  • Eric,

    When you post the additional details on Monday, can you please comment as to whether the trophy sync issue from the v3.40 update has been fixed? That update sped up trophy syncing by only syncing games in which a new trophy has been earned. Unfortunately, this means if you earn a trophy on one PS3, a second PS3 won’t sync that game. Owners of multiple PS3s that earn trophies on different machines can’t view all of their trophies on one PS3. I understand that you probably want to leave the faster syncing code in place, but an option to manually sync all games regardless of whether or not a trophy was earned would fix the problem…

    I’m excited about the 3D update, though. It’s one of the reasons I haven’t bought my 3DTV yet.

  • This is what I’ve been waiting for!
    Time to invest in a 3D TV :D

    3D + PlayStation 3 + Move = pure bliss

  • more of a reason to drop the big bucks on a 3dtv. that was one of the reasons I wouldnt buy one was having to get a new bd player with 3d, now i wont have to. Oh and not to mention the fact that 3dtv’s are to pricey still. but its a good update anyways. thanx sony.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! The wait will finally be over and I’ll be able to enjoy my 3D blu-rays. My investment will finally be complete! =) woo-hoo!!

  • can you guys please put the same enthusiasm and proactiveness that you are dedicating to 3D into cross game chat and the various other overly requested features?

  • Cool. And about the secret updates, Eric, This is a good idea. What are the other additinal features that are going to be in update 3.50, can you give some hints?

  • many consumers have purchased a 3d TV??? hmm.. thats news to me… i know i havent… and wont be for quite a long time, if at all…

  • This is stupid! Nuff said.

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