Dead Space 2 for PS3: Multiplayer Screens and First Info

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Hello PlayStation community! The Dead Space 2 team is excited to bring you something for the first time in the history of the franchise — the ability to strategically dismember your friends in our all new multiplayer feature!

Dead Space 2 MP

That’s right, Dead Space 2 will offer its own unique take on multiplayer, which is intensely gruesome and completely grounded in the Dead Space universe and fiction. Dead Space 2 will feature four-versus-four gameplay with an objective based multiplayer, across five unique locations throughout the Sprawl.

Not only will players have the chance to play as the Sprawl Security Team, but they will have a chance to see the other side of the coin and play as the evil Necromorph forces. Players will be able to play as four different Necromorph characters, each with its own unique gameplay style: The Pack, The Lurker, The Spitter, and the newly famous Puker.

In DS2 MP, the Sprawl Security Team will have specific, unique objectives across five different maps which will be focused on eradicating the Necromorph forces and restoring safety across the Sprawl. On the other hand, the Necromorphs must stalk, trap, and devour the Sprawl Security Team and prevent them from completing their mission.

Dead Space 2 MP

Dead Space 2 multiplayer will also feature an entire level progression metagame in which players will unlock new weapons, suit skins, weapon upgrades, as well as gameplay characteristics that will build on the core mechanics of each Necromorph.

The Dead Space 2 team is hard at work right now, and we’re focused on shipping a phenomenal multiplayer experience for all of the fans. We’re really looking forward to getting it in your hands on the 25th of January!

Thanks for your support!

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2 Author Replies

  • The point of dead space, is to make you feel isolated, trapped and scared. Multi player completely defeats the purpose of a horror/thriller game like this!

  • Wow i really can’t wait this game look’s awesome and multiplayer for get about it ;D

  • Please…

    1) DON’T have multiplayer trophies
    2) have a co-op side story mode

    I’d rather the game stay single player, but if you must add MP, please take those two things into consideration. Thanks.

  • I am a huge fan of the first dead space. everything from running low on ammo, to having no actual HUD, i loved it (virtually) all. i am quite saddened to see that in multiplayer, you play as necromorphs. it just seems really unnecessary, and seems like it loses the ‘dead space feeling’. if anything, can their be on online co-op ‘hoard’ style mode? that would make sense, and it would hopefully retain its original vibe.

    Besides that, the single player still looks AMAZING, and i cannot wait to get my hands on it :D

  • cool game cant wait for demo lol

  • i was sold on this game and trophys dont matter to me but they add to the challenge for me all these games and companys including multiplayer and specially now the game looks more action i think they lost my buisness cant someone FOR ONCE JUST ONCE not include multiplayer

  • 1st day buyyyyyy!

  • @3
    Go cry a river. Don’t like it, don’t buy it. As simple as that.

  • Will there be a multiplayer beta?

  • Awesome! day one buy with the move to boot!

  • its gotta get move support

  • wow,having DS2 with a multiplayer-content extends the game to an entir new level of gameplay and experience with the ability to play as the monsters cole fights in order to survive in that spaec-hell.amazing

  • Yay, going to can my pre order now.

    Thanks for adding MP again for the sake of adding MP. At least when you do it to Mirror’s Edge it will make some sense.

    Did not need it here. L4D is boring.

  • @15: Best comment so far. COuldn’t agree more. Enough of this already! Why do devs think they must shoehorn MP into every big-name title?

    @27: Great point. If they must add it in, make the online trophies like the ORIGINAL Uncharted 2 ones (before the DLC): Just get ’em for trying out the game types. I hate those “reach level X” trophies. Such a waste of time (Bioshock 2).

    @47: lol

  • Move Support! XD

  • This is one of my most anticpated games. Bah its driving me crazy waiting for it!

  • Huge fan!!


    Do something like Uncharted 2. Add all the trophies you want for multiplayer add-on packs. Thanks!

  • horde mode please :)

  • and 69th comment ;)

  • I couldn’t agree more with you guys that have a problem with multiplayer. Why add it to such a great single player experience. Dead Space is one of my favorite games and it didn’t need it. It would sell just fine without it.

  • Dead Space = Best Game Ever! Awesome Job Visceral Team! You guys make some seriously sick games! I CAN’T WAIT FOR DS2!

    • Thank you for the support ShatteredRaven, we really appreciate it!

      The team is hard at work, and we’re aiming to give you a phenomenal game come January 25th!

  • OMG guys, Whoever keeps complaining that Dead Space shouldn’t have multiplayer… BE QUIET! How can it possibly ruin it’s great single player experience? Tell me that!
    Guys… It’s just something Visceral games has given us as a gift, think of multiplayer as an awesome add you can do after you complete campaign. this way you can keep on playing dead space. plus, It dosen’t look half bad.


  • I’ll chime in as well, I think Move support for this is a MUST. Please EA, listen to your fans!

  • Ugh. Really wish they didn’t add in multiplayer for this game. Multiplayer and horror games just don’t go together. Why can’t we just have a solid single player without forcing a multiplayer element in? Use the time and resources to improve the core game instead of tacking this on.

  • really now? the lurker? the spitter? the puker?

    multiplayer basically looks like a l4d clone :|

  • Need Move support for DS2.
    Need Better scare tactics for DS2. I hope you raise the bar again.
    Please make more audio/video logs. I found myself skimming the text logs…
    Need customization for the suits. Like a color edit mode.
    Need the beta invite so I can play this quicker.

    thank you

  • Things I’ve learned:
    1) Never judge a book by it cover.
    2) Don’t knock it ’til you try it
    3) One man’s trash is another’s treasure

    I played Dead Space Extraction on the Wii, in Co-op. One of the best games ever. I was still scared. I still had nightmares. And this girl I was playing with screamed, made me turn it off and walk her to car so she could go home.

    I played Dead Space on the PC. I took the game slow. I peered around every corner with dread. I only played during my lunch break at work, so I wouldn’t be alone.

    I truly hope Dead Space 2 supports the PlayStation Move. This game rocked on the Wii. It was precise. Aiming was easy. This game would translate amazing to the Move. I don’t see why this game wouldn’t be just as precise as the PC

    I may not like multi-player. I may love it. All I can say is, let the developers do their work. Typically, I play alone, mostly cuz I suck at head shots. Which is probably why I loved Dead Space; stasis = I can actually kill something.

    To re-iterate what others have said though, “SUPPORT THE MOVE!”

    And also, “MAKE IT SCARE ME!”

    And last but not least, “GIVE US GOOD STORY!”


  • And one more thing, stop demanding from the developers. Sheesh!

    Ask nicely. Use “Please” and stop telling them what they need to do. if you don’t like the job they’ve done, go learn to program and make your own game

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