Dead Space 2 for PS3: Multiplayer Screens and First Info

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Hello PlayStation community! The Dead Space 2 team is excited to bring you something for the first time in the history of the franchise — the ability to strategically dismember your friends in our all new multiplayer feature!

Dead Space 2 MP

That’s right, Dead Space 2 will offer its own unique take on multiplayer, which is intensely gruesome and completely grounded in the Dead Space universe and fiction. Dead Space 2 will feature four-versus-four gameplay with an objective based multiplayer, across five unique locations throughout the Sprawl.

Not only will players have the chance to play as the Sprawl Security Team, but they will have a chance to see the other side of the coin and play as the evil Necromorph forces. Players will be able to play as four different Necromorph characters, each with its own unique gameplay style: The Pack, The Lurker, The Spitter, and the newly famous Puker.

In DS2 MP, the Sprawl Security Team will have specific, unique objectives across five different maps which will be focused on eradicating the Necromorph forces and restoring safety across the Sprawl. On the other hand, the Necromorphs must stalk, trap, and devour the Sprawl Security Team and prevent them from completing their mission.

Dead Space 2 MP

Dead Space 2 multiplayer will also feature an entire level progression metagame in which players will unlock new weapons, suit skins, weapon upgrades, as well as gameplay characteristics that will build on the core mechanics of each Necromorph.

The Dead Space 2 team is hard at work right now, and we’re focused on shipping a phenomenal multiplayer experience for all of the fans. We’re really looking forward to getting it in your hands on the 25th of January!

Thanks for your support!

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  • Thank you for giving us a reason *to* support. Well done!

  • This is awesome news! cant wait to try it! demo anyone?

  • Honestly from a HUGE HUGE HUGE Dead Space fan….meh to be honest. From early impressions of the game, this has become more of a “action” game rather than a horror game like the first Dead Space. Way to noob the game down to appeal to a larger audience. Honestly, what the hell is wrong with you developers and making Multiplayer a priority over single players. I am honestly looking forward to Extraction more than Dead Space 2 base on impressions of Dead Space and the lack of horror.

  • Can’t wait to play this, looks like its gonna own RE5’s online component , thats for sure.

  • Any official word about this supporting move? I’m trying to decide if I should get this for Ps3 (I want to pre-order for extraction) or pc (Mouse and keyboard all the way!… if we can’t use move). Pleeease just give us a straight yes or no answer!

  • Dead Space 2- New BIGger story, awesome guns, limited edition extra game, and now multiplayer! Can this game get any better? Awesome!
    Demo perhaps later in winter? ;)

  • Awesome, can’t wait to pick this up.

    It would great if you can answer some of my questions,thanks. 1. Will there be any multiplayer trophies?
    I really don’t like multiplayer trophies, they’re a real pain especially when people don’t play multiplayer, (Bioshock 2).

    2. Will Dead Space 2 have Move Support?
    I think playing Dead Space 2 with a Move controller would awesome and would help deliver a sense of immersion.

    3. And will the limited Edition Dead Space 2 come with a slipcover like Dante’s Inferno Divine Edition did?
    That would be awesome, I really liked the slipcover for Dante Inferno.

    But I’m definitely picking this up. January 25! Day one.

  • I want to see cinematic cutscenes!!!

  • Dead Space 2 was my most anticipated game this year, shame it was delayed, but yeah the MP looks good.

  • The only thing that could make this better would be Move support for DS2

  • Please tell me there’s a regular co-op mode in DS2 cause i dont like the L4D style crap. i just want to play with my friends while killing those ugly things not trying to go from point a to point b and killing other players as well. if i want to do that ill just go play that over-hyped cod series or that other game that comes out tomorrow that’s also over-hyped to death.

  • does the multiplayer have some extra narrative above and beyond the single player campaign’s story?

    this might be interesting, I just hope it remains firmly rooted in the horror genre: no running and gunning. I really like the feeling of stealth and slowly turning corners to not run into something scary.

    any co-op play?

    also, please please please don’t use awful sounding MP3 for the music and ambient assets this time. the bad sound quality was the biggest let down in the first game. Please give us audio tuned for the HD experience that only the PS3 and bluray-afforded capacity can provide. I’ll gladly take a larger install size if it means not getting dumbed-down audio assets from the 360 version.

    already got mine pre-ordered on Amazon, don’t let us down! :)

  • Hope its not dumbed down for the ADHD idiots.

  • @11, I agree with you on preferring co-op. playing the co-op multiplayer in Ghostbusters was the best, most fun online experience I’ve had with my PS3 so far.

  • Why does Dead Space 2 need multiplayer. Can’t we just get someone to finally stick to a strong, super immerse, single player campaign and be happy.

  • How about a co-op multiplayer for the main campaign? That way someone can here me scream.

  • @15 samuraix98
    That what I want to know. BioShock 2 suffer overall because of having multiplayer for the sake of having it.

  • I will maybe wait a week to let the servers settle out from the Dead Space fanboys before I get the game. I have seen in the past many Multi-player releases suffer from Murphy’s Law for Servers, if can fail it will fail and with a large SCREAM!!!

    And knowing Sony’s great team they will get it fixed within a week as seen on many MP Online games this past two years.

  • 1 question. Will Dead Space 2 be play tested at EA Canada (Burnaby) again like Dead Space 1 was? It was a ton of fun and sold me on the game. Already a day 1 for me.

  • @10 I think there is Move support for DS2 and extraction.

  • This is probably the last game I expected to have multiplayer. What’s next, Heavy Rain online support?

  • I have already read that Visceral games has one team working on single player and another team on multiplayer so it’s not going too hurt the single player campaign at all.

  • Not really that excited for the multiplayer. I don’t think Dead Space needs it. It will most likely end up like all the other tacked on multiplayer experiences; short lived and lame.

    Just make an epic single player game and forget trying to add crap that will be forgotten shortly after release. What a waste of time and talent that could have been used on improving the single player experience.

  • Can’t wait, LOVE this game!

  • @22 it’s not gonna hurt the single player experience read my last comment

  • @21 – gearhead32

    Imagine if both teams were working on the single player.

    multiplayer will be dead 2 months after release, watch.

  • I’m buying Dead Space 2 for the single player experpience, but the mutliplayer looks like it will be a lot fun. Just promise me one thing EA, please don’t make us get some stupid trophy like “reach max level” or “get x amount of kills”.

  • i like the idea of the multiplayer type they are putting on the game enjoy a great single player campaign then enjoy some ripping off body parts in multiplayer sounds like bloody fun too me :P

  • Awesum

  • Thanks for wasting development time on online PVP play in a series where it doesn’t belong.

  • I don’t really care about the MP, I want to know how the PS3 version will be different??! Will it have exclusive content? And how can we get the Dead Space Extraction with Move support? Will that be in a Collector’s Edition only? Will it also be available on PSN for direct purchase? This information will help me determine if I’m getting the PS3 or 360 version!!

  • I’m still skeptical about this, it doesn’t really sound fun to me, 4 vs 4 is pretty weak.

  • Looks like a stellar time.

  • Should be officer HAYS. Just sayin….

  • Quick question, any chance of a beta? Thanks, everything looks excellent. Can you please add info for the Dead Space Extraction that is being available for the PS3, any upgrade in visual or more content, etc.

  • This reminds me of Bioshock 2. What’s the one thing that fans wanted in Bioshock? Multiplayer. What’s the feature that was ignored? Multiplayer. Can’t you guys just stick some dumb generic reskined experience instead wasting resources on something we won’t play? I loved the first Dead Space. I just hope that the single player experience will get the polish and attention it deserves.

  • Omgggggg, I can’t wait! :DD

  • I shall add to the chorus of voices who want Move support for Dead Space 2. C’mon, EA! Announce it already!

  • Multiplayer…Meh…

  • this looks awesome , it would be nice if the devs would incorporate online co-op in it, but any way this game is a day 1.

  • look like F.E.A.R. 2 but half players on map…

  • Give the MP a chance people said the same for Uncharted and online for me anyways is my favorite for MP games.

  • @41

    But why play that when I can play BattleField

  • Will this game feature stereoscopic 3D like most killer games coming out soon on the PlayStation 3? I want more awesome 3D titles to play on my new 50″ 3D television!

    Come on EA, show us that the PS3 Special Edition is truly a special edition. :) Or perhaps we can at least get the Extraction port upgraded to use stereoscopic 3D. Combined with Move support, it would be stellar!

  • Playing as Necromorphs sounds very intriguing! Already getting this on PS3 for Extraction, but PLEASE PLEASE include Move support for the main game as well!

  • Looking forward to Dead Space 2!

  • Ewww multiplayer.

    It’s gonna suck balls.

  • I am looking forward to Dead Space 2! Already pre ordered my copy

  • 2 Dead Space games and Mass Effect 2 for a bonus, my PS3 will be on all January.

  • pretty awsome, must get money fast!

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