What’s on the PlayStation Move Demo Disc: 11 Game Demos Exposed

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Last week saw Jeff and I unboxing the first PlayStation Move Bundle, which contains a PlayStation Eye camera, PlayStation Move motion controller, a full copy of Sports Champions …

…and a demo disc. A rather mysterious demo disc. Today, Rey’s latest video masterpiece gives a tour of the 11 game demos you’ll find on the Blu-ray disc tucked neatly inside your PlayStation Move Bundle or PlayStation 3 Sports Champions Move Bundle come September 19th.

Cool detail: You can install each of the demos onto your PS3’s HDD and park the disc on a shelf or lend it to a friend, if you so desire.

And hey, if you don’t have time for the video tour, direct your eyes to the full list of demos below. Which demo are you most interested in trying?

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  • I want move now!!!!

  • For those with the PS Eye… Gamestop is giving $11 for a used PS3 eye (traded mine the other day). If you are getting Sport’s Chapions anyway you save a buck by trading in your old eye and get the demo disk also…

  • I want The sack boy Shirt :(

  • Any demos that aren’t released as full products should be put on the PSN. I don’t really care about an EyePet demo, but if there are cool tech demos that don’t have to do with actual releases, I’d love to try them out.

  • Being a Marketing grad myself I can’t help but notice the small things like the hosts often sitting down while playing the Move. It takes a shot at the competition and you guys know your community, we are lazy.

  • Don’t you think it’s kind of unfair that we’re being penalized for picking up an eye toy before move? It’s lame that those buying the standalone controller/sub controller aren’t getting the disk. The fact that those who purchased the eye earlier are forced to buy it again if they want the demo disk is absolutely absurd; whose idea was this?

    Is there any estimate as to when ‘some’ of the demos will be available? Congratulations to those who will be getting all of them; I’m a little disgruntled at the fact that I’m not getting demos because I bought an accessory before it was necessary for the PS move.

  • How long are the demos?

  • Damn. Stop making me want to get this so badly!! I was planning on waiting until Christmas time, but I might have to pick this up a few days after launch..

  • I’m most excited about echochrome ii, by far. The mechanic is truly inventive, and a great innovation on top of the already amazing echochrome experience. I can’t wait to hear the music, and I hope it’s 24-bit HD audio this time :)

    I had pre-ordered EyePet on Amazon before it got delayed for the Move release. I may still pick it up. Tumble and Beat Sketcher also look really interesting.

    I’m already planning on doing another playthrough of Heavy Rain once the Move patch comes out. (Why isn’t there a demo on the disc?)

    I really hope more of my favorite games get patched with Move support, especially Ghostbusters, Alone In The Dark, Brutal Legend, and Siren: Blood Curse!

  • damn no socom4…???!!! they are being soooo stingy with that game wtf gives…o well, thanks for all the info and i will definitely be getting the MOVE

  • Amazon 2 Move controllers and one nav controller pre-ordered. Now I just need to decide which game. Will Time Crisis be available at launch? Also the Demo Disc may help me till it is if it’s not at launch.

  • Like others THANK YOU for the steady stream of news updates!!!

    I’m counting the days till launch…

  • You guys are making it hard with these videos. You are making me want Move more. Even though I already have enough to pay for. :-p

  • You guys should polish the Move tech demos and release them on the Playstation store. Then it would be a definite buy.

  • I love the way that they are playing Move with half a dozen TVs behind them… as if to say “Look! It even works with all these bright flashing lights”

  • How come PSeye owners keep getting punished? There are no bundles for them.
    This should come with every move.

  • Ooo.. Will there be an install option for future games as well or is this just for the demo disk?

  • @Kueritos

    You would be surprised how many people want Move.
    Anyways, can’t wait to get it!

  • Why would the disc include a demo for Sports Champions? You already get the full game with the bundles!

  • *sigh* feeling slightly screwed… I don’t need the bundle because I bought the Eye of Judgement bundle and have a PS Eye already… If only Sony could see that on my account and give me early access to those demos! I’d like to try them day 1… I’m sure I’ll be busy enough with Sports Champions and Eyepet… but I’d still very much dig having these demos right away, maybe to adapt myself to the new controllers… ok, I’ll stop wining like a b!t@#… Can’t wait!

  • Why do you keep saying RE5 GE. Is reg RE5 getting patched with ps move. I already have all dlc and [DELETED] for RE5 I dont wanna have to buy RE5 gold just for move support

  • Infamous sound track banging hard in the background

  • as an early buyer of the PS Eye i feel kinda jipped by the Move bundles coming out. It would be nice to have a bundle that included just a game and Move controller, or a bundle of the Move and Navigation controllers.

  • Very excited about getting my move next week. That Time Crisis demo may sway me towards getting the bundle even though I already have a camera!

  • Can’t wait to snag this demo disc from someone who buys the bundle.

  • I want to buy a ps move!

  • This isn’t the best demo disc…. Those jampack demo discs had 12 games on them, with SECRET CODES when you press L1 or R1 haha.

    Those jampackers were the ish.

  • Now that is a good deal! I will be getting this PS Move bundle sometime soon and i’m looking forward to the demos. :)

  • So… Anyone in &/or nearby Tampa, FL for me to graciously borrow their demo disc long enough to install them on my PS3? If by some miracle there is my zip code is 33614 & I will gladly drive over to your place & bring back the disc the same day. These demos look great & I have no money for any launch Move games.

  • this reminds me of the old demo disks that came with playstation magazine for ps1 or ps2.those were the days I miss demo disks it was more exiting tearing through the package than watching the loading bar go.

  • Awesome stuff, thanks guys.

  • Awesome!

  • Lets vote Modern Warfare 2 PlayStation Move Support

  • No E3 Tech Demos yet? How about Move augmentation for video chat? Totally excited for Move!

  • Was the PS Eye capturing widescreen video while you were playing Beat Sketcher? I thought it only captured fullscreen?

  • Hey Sid,

    First off…love the avatar you got going on.

    Second, I cannot wait for the Move! Dont listen to some of the haters on here…I cant imagine why they would waste their time going on here just to bash playstation products, awesome ones even!

    Cant wait! Thanks for the great work!

  • I Really Hope they Put all the PlayStation Move Demos on the PlayStation Store as soon as Possible I for one am a PlayStation Eye Owner when it First Came out by itself after Eye of Judgement came out and PlayStation EYE came out as a Standalone on Day 1

    So I for one Stand Strong with my words of Wisdom and Stand as a Proud Owner of all PlayStation Products and sure hope Sony can Stand behind its Fan base and put ALL PlayStation Move Demos that is on the Demo Disc on Day 1 of PlayStation Move Launch Day because if you think about it SONY Demos mean more chances to WOW PlayStation 3 Owners that Own PlayStation Move and have them make a more Wiser Judgement on there Purchase with the Next Move Game.

    I for One is Going to be a Day 1 PlayStation Move so don’t do me and our Community wrong SONY.

    Thanks in Advance :D

  • Nice vid. Am very much looking forward to some Time Crisis. Also: I’ve fallen in love with Jeff’s vampire sackboy t-shirt. MUST HAVE!

  • Just an FYI. Xbox Magazine demo disks routine have that many demos monthly that are awesome, and so did Playstation’s very own magazine demo disks before being shuttered and going to Qore and then PSN exclusively. Also, I think Microsoft did sell game disks for the original Xbox and 360 that contained multiple game demos.

    Yet, still that is a great lineup you got there for launch, and I hope those tech demos shown in Qore and on the Blog a few weeks ago with the fidelity of the Move can be made available in the future also.

  • Yo, Sid.

    I’ve already got Eye Pet, Kung Fu, and Start the Party in my living room waiting for controllers next Friday. The games won’t boot without a controller:-( That being said I really want to check out Time Crisis. Also excited to check out MAG using move. Any chance you can get a Killzone 3 build on there real quick…I mean you have a WHOLE week, Dude. (Tee Hee) Question for you, sir…Will game demos that support Move ie RUSE be compatible along with PSN demos moving forward? If you don’t know that’s cool.

  • What if you just need the playstation move but not the camera will the demo disk come with just that to or just in the bundle? Im guessing it will.

  • kung fu rider gameplay was really short and it only showed the simplest part, not a good sign!

  • TV Superstars, filmed live from the Uncanny Valley.

  • I just got my hands on the ps4 with the new move second generation.

  • Wow, that’s a lot of demos for the Move. I got to get the bundle ASAP. Kudos to you, Sony for this bundle.

  • It was released here in Dubai a week early. Nearly crashed getting to the store!

    The Move Rocks the

  • wow it seems like the epople who already have playsation eye are being left out. how long do i have to wait for the demos to come to the psn store? better be at launch.

  • just a quick question from the UK, as I have 1 move controller, as I have a camera already, and 2 games, is there no way I can get the demo disc at all??, give-away in official playstation mag maybe an idea…:)

  • “Kung Fu Rider, one of the most unique and weird launch titles”

    You mean, broken looking right?

  • So just for the record, if i get the $99.99 PS Move, Eye, and Sports Champion bundle, i will get the demo disc?

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