What’s on the PlayStation Move Demo Disc: 11 Game Demos Exposed

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Last week saw Jeff and I unboxing the first PlayStation Move Bundle, which contains a PlayStation Eye camera, PlayStation Move motion controller, a full copy of Sports Champions …

…and a demo disc. A rather mysterious demo disc. Today, Rey’s latest video masterpiece gives a tour of the 11 game demos you’ll find on the Blu-ray disc tucked neatly inside your PlayStation Move Bundle or PlayStation 3 Sports Champions Move Bundle come September 19th.

Cool detail: You can install each of the demos onto your PS3’s HDD and park the disc on a shelf or lend it to a friend, if you so desire.

And hey, if you don’t have time for the video tour, direct your eyes to the full list of demos below. Which demo are you most interested in trying?

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  • echochrome ii.


    Want to try Beat Sketcher too. Why is there a demo for Sports Champions in a bundle that only comes WITH Sports Champions? :P


  • That’s a great selection of demos.

    Will, prey tell, the demos above be made available on PSN for download?

    I hope they all are, as I’ve already got a PS Eye and will therefore just be buying a pair of Move controllers, come next week. I hope that I we can access the demos even if we don’t have the demo disc.

  • for sometime i thought jeff mistakenly said 11 demos since the EU disc has 9 demos :p thanks a lot for proving me wrong man !

    • So many demos (^__^) It is kind of the all-time ultimate demo disc…can’t think of one that had more content off the top of my head.

  • I’d have liked to seen Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition on that list!

  • @kueritos

    Newsflash… you don’t represent the whole PlayStation community, even if you type ‘louder’ than other people with your capital letters.

    My nephew and I are waiting for Move and Resident Evil 5 with bated breath

  • Sid –

    Just wanted to tell you and Jeff that you have been doing a fantasic job lately with the Move info. Not that your earlier work was poor, it just seems like you stepped up the content design and presentation.

    Kudos for that.

  • I care a lot about the MOVE and can’t wait to get one. Keep the new info coming.

    John Daly’s ProStroke!

  • Is there another way to get a demo disc without the bundles if we already have a camera?
    Oh and #2, kueritos…you like men.

  • do you only get the demo disc with the bundle?

    • Yeah, either of the bundles (there are two: one with a PS3 included and one without). But many of the demos will likely be going up on PSN at some point as well.

  • Well I already planned to get most of those games anyway and I am getting the 320GB next week as well so this is just a little added bonus to keep me until some of the games release :)

    Thanks for everything SCE and here’s to a fruitful worldwide MOVEment!

    • Thanks! The cool thing about the demo disc is that it gives you a chance to check out games you otherwise might have ignored. Beat Sketcher, for instance, is seriously weirdo-cool. Glad that people will be able to try it out.

  • @Sid

    Sorry to spam an unrelated thread, but I wanted to ask you about PS.blog.share

    Is it just me, or do ideas seem to be disappearing into a black hole? I’m sure the Share team are working hard to sift through the huge stack of ideas, but I myself have submitted ideas that seemed reasonable but never got posted. There’s not even a status page to say which ideas are pending or have been rejected.

    Some get through, but a lot of non-duplicate ideas just never get seen again. I wouldn’t mind, but some insane ideas get posted all the time (“ps4 with 4-d glasses” springs to mind), as well as obvious duplicates too.

    What’s up with that? My ideas may have been bad, but not “4d glasses” bad, surely?

    • We’re going to check in on Share shortly, I believe there may be a tech issue but I’m on the case. Sorry about that — your submissions aren’t vanishing, likely held up in some kind of queue. I am investigating this.

  • Bring the Demo to PSN please. I have no use for another Eye camera.

  • Maybe this has been addressed before, but do I have to buy Move compatible versions of the games I already own, or will there be an update?

    I own both RE 5 and LBP and Heavy Rain, and all 3 games are supposed to be Move compatible. I also own DLC for each game, so if I HAVE to buy new versions of the game, will the DLC carry over to the Move version?

    The answer depends on whether or not I will be getting a Move controller at launch. If the move controller works with my current games, via an update or something, and with the DLC, then I will definitely get 2 controllers. If not, then I’m on the fence and may wait til more Move exclusive games are released.

    • RE5: Gold Edition is getting a patch, Heavy Rain is getting a patch. LBP is not as far as I know — though LBP2 will have Move features.

  • No The fight demo : ( i am a sad panda : (

  • Id like to try the “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11” with MOVE, if its tracking is as good as it claims than virtual golf might be more fun than sitting naked in a bean bag chair eating cheetos.

  • What about the people that already has the PS Eye???
    How we get the Demos?

  • Thanks for the updates. Will all these demos will be on PSN store for download? I already have have the eye so I don’t need a bundle.

  • So is the US Store getting the demos or do we have to all download them from the EU Store? Europe is putting all 11 demos on their store, surely the US is too?

  • I think demo disk should come with stand alone move? I allready got my hands on Eye Pet sadly can’t play with out Move once comes out allready got my Move preorder :D. PS I allready have the Ps Eye :D. to number 17 I herd demos going be on PSN Store for the mMove Demos

  • Socom 4 demo would have been an awesome surprise on this disc. Theres no ‘hardcore’ game at start so at least a demo would have been nice.

  • I will be waiting for my PS3 bundle later this month… my 60gb died, so i figure the move bundles packed a good deal… while im not really sold on Move just yet, maybe it will prove me wrong… I will definitely try the Tiger Woods demo for sure.. but what does it really consist of? like any normal demo for that particular game, only utilizing Move? just curious..

    I also hope that High Velocity Bowling will be utilizing Move at some point as well… or I will have to look for an additional bowling game… or maybe Hot Shots Golf… i dont normally care for golf, but video game golf isnt too bad… I just really hate to endorse Tiger Woods by buying his game…

  • Who cares about that demo disc? I want Jeff’s shirt!

  • I hope this will be available separately for almost free, as with many people I already have the Eye and don’t wish to buy it again in the starter kit :P

  • Since I already have the camera it wouldn’t really make sense to buy the full bundle that includes the camera and demo disc. Please make the demos available on the PlayStation Store for everyone to try. Thanks

  • @#2…your a narrow minded fool..stick to the one or two games you are good at.Me..im getting the MOVE day 1..why? because its different,challenging and alot more fun.yeah i could buy a wii..but im a huge PLAYSTATION FAN and they now how to take a GOOD IDEA and make it BETTER ;) @ 21..yeah i would agree with you 100% ..SOCOM 4 wouldve made that demo the “BEST DEMO DISC EVER” :p

  • I want that sackboy t-shirt

  • Hey Sid and co, just a couple of questions about the games:

    I’ve played the Start the Party demo, and I was wondering if there was any good reason why it doesn’t have real simultaneous multiplayer. Even the staff in Sony Style just assumed that it would be an option, and were surprised when we had to pass the controller. Those party games would actually be a lot of fun if two could play on the same screen at the same time.

    Also, will Kung Fu Rider have DualShock controls, or at least Navigation Controller analog control, as well as Move? I just can’t see any reason why what is essentially a driving game wouldn’t have analog input. It would make it a better game.

    Finally, I’ve already got it, but for those who want to check out the FPS Move+analog controls, any chance of an FPS/3rdPS demo being put on PSN?

    Thanks a lot :D

  • while keuritos may have been a bit hyperbolic.

    I think it is safe to say that not everyone is sold on Move.

  • looks nice but only getting the move

  • cant wait to pick up my 320 gig ps3 ps move bundle

  • If you sold this disc for ~$5 you’d probably make a nice little profit from it.

    There’s plenty of PS Eye owners looking to upgrade to Move who would pay for these demos.

  • Not to go off book here but my first thought from that video is that I want a Count Sackula t-shirt :P

  • Sid what about making the demos available on 9/17 exclusively for Plus members and then at a later date for everyone else? Of course I’d rather see everyone get it on day one.

  • Cool that you can install the demos then pass the disc on. Cool, that is, for us long-time PS Eye owners who have friends down the street who are picking up the move bundle which has this demo disc. My problem of how to get these demos has apparently already been solved.

  • sucks cuz my arms are REALLY sore and i wont be able to play MOVE for another 2 weeks :(

  • Hopefully ill get an answer here…Where is KINGDOM HEARTS BIRTH BY SLEEP for us PSPGo owners!!!!

  • 1:1
    if you say so Sony

  • @Sid

    Wow, thanks for the quick reply. My Share ideas probably aren’t that good, but I know a few people are complaining about their ideas slipping into other dimensions too. Maybe there’s an alternative reality somewhere where all the best ideas have been implemented, and the PSPhone is outselling the iThing :D

    I’m certainly not complaining about the Blog these days though. You, Jeff, and Rey have been really ‘hands-on’ lately, and it makes the Blog a great place to visit.

    I don’t know what the other readers think, but for me it feels very cool to have this amount of direct contact and feedback from you guys. It’s great for the community here.

  • i have Eyepet already but i cant play it because its only playstation move compatible ,bah , i guess i have to wait till next friday lol

  • @S-E-G

    I’ve tried out Move, and it is pretty much 1:1 tracking, honestly, at least on the X and Y axis.

    The augmented reality game “Start the Party” shows this really well. I tried to make the game lose the controller, but it just kept tracking perfectly. Even when I covered up the sphere, as soon as I uncovered it the augmented item just jumped right back onto the mark.

    X and Y are covered, and are really 1:1. I’m not so sure about Z though, because it is hard to judge the exact relative position of the augmented item and the marker along the Z axis when looking at an image on a 2D camera.

    Still, PlayStation Move is the closest thing to 1:1 marker tracking that you will find outside of a James Cameron movie set.

  • Query: Can you ALWAYS use the move to navigate through the XMB? How does it work when doing so, exactly? Is it an optional setting in accessory settings? Thanks in advance! Planning on getting MY bundle on the 17th, MAG w/ Move, here I come!

  • Sony, convince Capcom to patch Move into the regular edition of Resident Evil 5. Many of us bought all of the RE5 DLC to bring us to the Gold Edition equivalent, only to find out we still had to buy the new disc to get Move. It’s a real F you to their core purchasers, and I won’t buy the game twice.

  • Kinda wish I could try The Fight, but its still a pretty impressive demo disc, looking forward to it!

  • Don’t think I’m gonna get Move just yet…not till Killzone 3!!!

  • Wow Awesome disc, to bad you need to buy the bundle for it. If there were only some way that the PS3 could connect to some sort of… oh I dunno…. PlayStation Store on a PlayStation Network…. Maybe everyone could get access to these demos instead of a select few. Perplexing problem indeed. To bad no such thing exists :-P

    Hopefully this is the best and last demo disc sony produces. The age of Demo Discs is over and its a little sad sony took this route at all.

  • they could have put socom on there.

  • I can’t wait to buy the Move next Friday. Just a quick question. Will all Move games have Platinum trophies or just small trophies featuring only bronze, silver, and gold?

  • Almost makes wish I spent the extra $10 to get the bundle lol.

    That’s an awesome demo selection…

  • I can’t wait to pick up Move. Hey Jeff can I please have your shirt ^_^ I <3 Sackboy !

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