Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One First PS3 Gameplay Video

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First off, I want to thank all of you folks who came out to visit us at during PAX 2010 in Seattle. It was great to see you at the PlayStation.Blog meet-up, the Ratchet & Clank panel, and the live recording of the Full Moon Show.

I also wanted to share with you the first direct feed gameplay of Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, along with commentary from North Carolina Studio Director Chad Dezern:

Make sure you check it out in glorious 720p high-definition. It’s a beautiful game.

Also: Many of you have been e-mailing, tweeting and posting questions on our message boards. Chad wanted to address some of your most frequently asked questions. Check out his latest “Backwoods Mayhem” blog from Insomniac North Carolina!

If you have questions that Chad didn’t address in his blog, I’ll be happy to try to answer them below.

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  • This is a day1 buy.

    Now please give us HD remakes of old Ratchet games…Plesae plesae pretty please!

    • Talk to SCEA (or, show your support for remakes by buying God of War Collection and pre-ordering Sly Cooper!)! We think it’s an awesome idea for someone to get those games up and running again!

  • Well james you’ve been a busy man, I really love the next ratchet is leanning towards coop, I love coop but I just really find theres not at enough games out there that do it properly with the exception of resistnace 2, I pumped alotta hours into the online co op of resistance 2 and had a blast doing it, I was really curious as to why nefarious was working with ratchet and clank, that vid summed it up for me, thanks for all the info, I’ll be buying this game day one as well as resistance 2, i’m sure your multi plat title will be just as stellar, I have enough faith in you guys to day it will be a day one purchase as well.

    • At the beginning Nefarious is hatching his latest plan to destroy Ratchet & Clank & Qwark.

      Of course, it goes horribly wrong, and he gets the attention of a huge device called the Creature Collector which abducts the four. They are then forced to work together to escape the situation.

  • My goal in life….. is to now convince sony to produce ratchet and clank avatars.

    /me runs towards sony’s main office at full force

    Tee hee!

  • 52 comments, 52 replies. That’s Insomniac for you! Great fan support!

  • thx for the replies,could u plz give us a hint to whether resistance 3 will look better than killzone 2 or 3 or not?please!

  • James please we want to see Resistance 3 gameplay video , come on guys!!!!!!! Resistance 3!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome Video, Definitely liked what I saw there in the video. Bought all R&C games since the first one on PS2, and I’m definitely gonna pick this up day one. Can’t wait to see more gameplay and some of the stuff you have in store for us especially Resistance 3. Been waiting for this since the ending in Resistance 2. Sorta hope Hale is still the main character.

    One question though, will this be a Blu ray title or a PSN title? or maybe both like Warhawk & Burnout Paradise?

  • Hey James, game looks pretty fun actually. What is the deal with the 30 fps though? Why doesnt IG ever run their games at 60 fps? Especially games like R&C? Its not super realistically detailed so it should be easier then ultra realistic looking games I would imagine. Also, what was the motivation behind the live action teaser announcement? While the content is about what I expected I was looking forward to seeing in game assets, not live action which doesnt speak anything about the game in reality.

    • We actually did a test to compare what the game would look like at 60fps (with a bunch of the post-processing and effects turned off and/or toned down) vs. 30fps with all the effect cranked to 11.

      It was so hands down, not even a contest, not even CLOSE, like Nebraska whipping Western Kentucky 49-10: 30fps won hands down. We can just do so much more and make such a prettier game with all of the extra effects and bells and whistles.

      As far as R3 – the live action teaser does say a lot about the game and offers a lot of hints. Most importantly, it sets the tone we’re going for in R3.

  • well seeing how u guys have improved the visuals of r&c so much I’m expecting resistance 3 to be the best looking shooter on the consoles when it hits in 2011

  • Also, I like to see that you are responding to all the comments on here. I feel like myresistance has really fallen off the map so glad to see you guys interacting on here. When you say you are setting the tone for R3 with a live action teaser, are you implying R3 is going to be like twisted metal games and have live action cut scenes with no in game assets OR are you implying that your graphics in R3 are going to make the leap over the uncanny valley?

  • @Iswanson1
    I believe by tone, he means more about survival of the last of the human race, more dramatic than ever, more emotion, and much more darker.

    • Right – more the emotions and feelings than anything specific. Though of course, there are some specific hints in the teaser too.

      But that’s all I can say about R3 right now!

  • we want Resistance 3 !!!!!! lol , you have to understand me James Fall of Man was my first FPS game EVER and because of its greatness i now play the genre , love the series even though R2 wasnt as great as RFOM i expect you guys to improved all the things we ( the fans ) want to see on R3 !!!!

  • I “All 4 One” the the final title name? Joystick had article(with a poll) up and had a couple good alternative names.

    • Those were names we had previously rejected. All 4 One is final… unless of course there’s like some amazing petition, a California constitutional amendment and an executive order from President Obama… ;)

  • A big freakin YES from me. Day 1 Ratchet & Clank buyer here, always there to get the news games. I have a couple questions, hopefully it’s not too early to be answered. :p

    Will this game be 3D compatible?

    So will this game be story-driven like ACiT was? I mean, the teaser here has them jumping all over the place, doing I don’t know what. It looks fun and I do realize it’s still over a year til release, but will this game be cinematic like the previous games?

    • We are still considering 3D. TBD.

      It’s very much story-driven and is a full-length Ratchet & Clank adventure w/ cinematics and story and the whole shabag.

  • I’m so ecstatic for this game. Since R&C: All 4 One comes out Fall 2011, will R3 come out next year too or later?

  • It looks awesome ! I had a great time with you guys at PAX Prime ! I can’t wait for PAX East 2011 ! Please tell me you guys are getting a booth & some swag for your fans ? ^_^

  • I am getting really excited for this game! I’ve only casually followed R&C (mostly in the PS2 days), but the co-op has me intrigued. I love gaming with my wife, but she’s pretty picky about what we play (nothing too ‘hardcore’ or difficult to play), so the approachability and potential for fun with this new title has got me excited!

    And of course, I’m salivating at the thought of more R3 info….I think I love you Insomniac…

  • if this game isnt gonna be also just single player its gonna be A TERRIBLE RACHET AND CLANK

    • You can totally play the game by yourself, if you’d like, and you’ll have an AI buddy to help you do all the cool co-op stuff!

  • You guys should do A open world zombie game with realistic gameplay, read the walking dead comic that now being adapted into a tv series and you’ll know what i’m talking about, its very emotional for a zombie story and has great character depth and I think you guys are the perfect devoplers to bring this game to life.

    Pitch this idea, it would be the coolest zombie game ever!

    • Haha – well, we can’t accept outside ideas due to legal issues or pass them to the team. But get a job with us and pitch something!

  • Well dudes, I’ve got to run. Been fun answering questions, will try to log on later and catch any others!

  • Looks great, but when are the Ratchet and Clank comics coming to psn?

  • Nice job guys! Have always been a huge fan of Insomniac ever since I got introduced to the first Resistance game which lead me to buy a PS3!
    When’s the demo for this coming out?

  • I have loved every R&C game ever made. I am sure this will be great too.

    Will the Max Apogee storyline from Tools of Destruction be resolved in the comic books or this game?

    • Talwyn / Cronk / Zephyr will appear in the comic books – though I’m not sure if we’re going to fully resolve Apogee right now – TJ is still writing the later issues!

  • Thanks for actually showing extended gameplay. It shows a LOT of confidence in a product when developers don’t rely on CG targets or quick cuts to make their game look exciting. The mechanics on your game look incredible. I’m a huge Ratchet fan, but was concerned with the new co-op announcement. But after checking out your video, you’ve convinced me otherwise, I can’t wait for this title!

  • This game looks great. Day 1 purchase. I’m going to tell my friends to get this so we can play it together. Will the game support voice chat during the game and maybe a chatroom in between levels or in the lobby? Also, thanks for answering all of the questions, there’s a reply to every comment :O. It’s ok if you don’t get to mine because I know you guys at Insomniac Games are busy.

  • The game’s looking outstanding guys, I picked up the new R&C comic that just released, I’m looking forward to this one!!! 8)

  • Sweetness. My father and I played through Resistance 1 together four or five times (no small feat, considering he didn’t start using controllers until a year or so ago at middle-age). You guys are our co-op kings.

  • Are the weapons only co-op related or will we have things like buzz blades and rhyno V’s or maybe Rhyno VI?

  • These game looks like TONS of fun! Me and my girlfriend will have a blast playing this together. I love co-op games that we can play together. Unfortunately, the best co-op games tend to be shooters, and she doesn’t like shooters. Ratchet & Clank is perfect for us! Glad to finally see it go co-op.

  • Will there be a beta test, or an official release date?

  • I’m looking forward to it. Love ratchet and clank series. Love you guys insomniac!

  • Will there be cinematic cutscenes like the other Ratchet & Clank games? And hopefully lag is very limited online.

  • Lookin awesome! The graphics, animation, and gameplay looks really good! Keep it up
    Plus, I can’t wait to hear some more on Resistance 3!

  • Love ratchet&clank, this is going to be a great game for the kids and me as well lol.

    keep up the great work. D1

  • OMG!!!
    I just read response #65.
    Reistance 3 will be a 2011 title!
    Hell to the YES!

  • Insomniac, you guys are amazing!! You have been doing SO much on the PS3 and more than I could ever image!! I hope this will be the best of the series!! But after this game, will you go back to the original game play? Or will there be another online ratchet and clank (I would perefer its online to be like UYA). keep it up Insomniac!!

  • can you PLEASE bring back competitive multiplayer (like R&C:UYA and R&C:D’s multiplayer)? it would be an immediate preorder from me if it did. also make sure to have online co-op play too =D I’m a reeeeeeeeally big R&C fan (the only game i’ve ever got a platinum trophy from was R&CF:CIT), and i can wait to play the game!!!

  • the game looks interesting, but it doesn’t feel like a R&C game, the weapons seem kind of bland. I do like banter & comments the characters make. I probably get it because I love the R&C series, but I won’t get it right away.

  • looks good but i want some R3 news! lol

  • PS Move Support?

  • I have a question will there be a heavy driven storyline like the previous ratchet games, examples such as crack in time or tools of destruction, because thats what steers me towards the ratchet and clank games.

  • Anybody else notice Emperor Tachyon (Sorry for spelling) I can’t wait this game will be amazing, will pre-order, anything for CE and it will be amazing!

  • So if I just wanted to play the game single player there is still a complete storyline? and it is possible to play it solo (i understand there is an AI helper)?

    • Yes. There is a full storyline, and you can play solo with an AI buddy. Totally possible to enjoy the game and see all the content alone.

  • So looking forward to this title. Also looking forward to hopefully getting an internship in NC. Insomniac is where I’ve wanted to work since middle school.

  • This game looks indeed beautiful.
    It looks much more sharper and much more detailed than the previous games.
    I’m looking forward to playing this game !!
    Looks fun!

    • Definitely really pushing the envelope in terms of effects, and the director’s cam lets us really focus on the cinematic views. Definitely feel like this will be the best looking Ratchet game yet!

  • Can never have too much Ratchet & Clank games!

  • Are the weapons in this game upgradeable like in previous titles? I really enjoyed the rpg elements in the other Ratchet and Clank games.

    Game looks great though. Looking forward to grabbing it next year (along with R3).


  • im loving what i have seen of R&c a4o and it will be a day one buy!

    oh and i cant wait for r3, do you know if we will get any news on it this year?

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