Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One First PS3 Gameplay Video

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First off, I want to thank all of you folks who came out to visit us at during PAX 2010 in Seattle. It was great to see you at the PlayStation.Blog meet-up, the Ratchet & Clank panel, and the live recording of the Full Moon Show.

I also wanted to share with you the first direct feed gameplay of Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, along with commentary from North Carolina Studio Director Chad Dezern:

Make sure you check it out in glorious 720p high-definition. It’s a beautiful game.

Also: Many of you have been e-mailing, tweeting and posting questions on our message boards. Chad wanted to address some of your most frequently asked questions. Check out his latest “Backwoods Mayhem” blog from Insomniac North Carolina!

If you have questions that Chad didn’t address in his blog, I’ll be happy to try to answer them below.

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  • looking forward to it

  • This is so great. A friend of mine and I are always looking for games to co-op in exclusive for the PS3. And sadly we have played them all! D; I’m glad more are on the way and of course one of the best series out there.

    Keep up the good work guys! (Next you can show us some gameplay from Resistance 3 ;D )

  • This looks awesome!!! Can hardly wait for it to come out. Now if only i had friends to play it with…

  • Thanks James. It was great to interact with you at your Community panel panel at PAX.

    The full Moon live was a blast too.

  • looking really good. i’m lookin foward to playing this. I was also wondering if they’ll be extra modes outside of online and regular adventure mode. I was kinda lookin to see something like survival or time attack or score attack.

    On a unrelated note: it would be great to see another downloadable title from the ratchet series and made it a side scroller co-op (cuz thats first idea that came to my heard when they first announced this title)

    • While I can’t get into features we haven’t announced (for obvious reasons) – I will say the game has tons of plans to make it very very replayable.

  • Give us Resistance 3 gameplay. Oh and Hale better be the main character

  • @6 – Hale is def dead. Even if he’s not, he’s evil now so he wont be the main (or playable) character if he’s in the game at all I’m sure. But still pretty sure that bullet to the brain ended him.

    Anyway, the only thing I’m concerned about with this game is the camera angle. Will there be any other camera angle options? Or any other views when it comes to let’s say, one person playing on one console and playing online with others? I guess that camera angle is good if more than one person is playing on one console so everyone can be seen, but when it’s just one person…. Just wondering. :/

    • We’re focusing on the director’s style camera so we can really make the adventure seem cinematic. If you’re alone and playing online with 3 friends, the camera will bias towards you on your screen a bit, but generally we want you to be able to see you and your friends at all times.

  • looking great! me and my pals are always on the hunt for a good multiplayer coop (local), especially in high def.

    can’t wait for it to come out!

  • Why haven’t I seen any health or ammo indicators in the videos of all 4 one?

  • It looks fun and Co-op games are always welcome but i wish Insomniac would have announced a new IP playstation 3 exclusive.
    Anyway, looking forward for this and some Resistance 3 videos.

  • Looks really good, but I have concerns if this game will be fun to play by yourself as the other ones were… and how will the shooting mechanics work with this camera?

    • When you’re playing by yourself you will have an AI Buddy to help you perform all the co-op tasks in the game. It’s pretty cool actually!

  • What about Ratchet: Deadlocked? that had co-op. It’s not technically R&C, but it was still ratchet, even if it was a very different feeling game.

  • i love this idea, and cannot wait for it to release…

    but insomniac you have this track record of ditching your female characters, and while its fine that angela and sasha arent around
    its a shame that you did the same to talwyn, who is one of the best characters in the series

    do you have any plans for her, cronk, and zephyr
    or will you ever return to the “Apogee” story mentioned in tools of destruction?

    Also i cant wait to see resistance 3
    whether Hale is dead or alive, i know it’ll be frickin awesome!

    • Talwyn, Cronk, and Zephyr all are in the comic series which released this week and you can find in your local comic store.

      Not only that — but Sasha is back as well.

      Sasha, Talwyn, and Ratchet… can you say love triangle?

  • I’ve been saying this a lot but ill say again i cant wait for this game looks awesome

  • My family is VERY excited about this game. Both my sons love the R&C series and are looking forward to playing together. With 4 playable characters, they’ve even asked me, “Hey – think we can get mom to play with us too???”.

    I’m thinking YES!

    • Definitely! Just don’t toss mom off the ledge with the Vac-U 4000 too often… you might end up on the couch for the night. ;-)

  • This game looks great! Can’t wait to pick it up. Fantastic job on the live-action Resistance 3 trailer too… glad to see Insomniac coming out with new games for the PS3! :D

    • Hah – we’re glad to be working on two really exciting PS3 games. Sorry it took us so long to announce -we were going crazy here. All this cool stuff cooking and we couldn’t share!

  • Its looking great and i am looking forward to picking this game up, my only concern from the video is that there is no punishment for dying, It looked like you just re spawned?

    • If you die during combat, you will have to be revived by other players.

      We don’t want to punish falling off ledges too much, as it’s really no fun to watch people play the game for long-periods (or for your friends to throw you off the ledge and then you have to wait to get back in)

  • I’ll be playing this game whit my 3 kids for Sure! Haha! all togheter on the couch. :D
    I bought all previous “Ratchet & Clank” games because my son’s a Big Fans!
    I love your style Insomniac!
    thanks for this great multiplayer games that what family wants/needs! ;)

    • We’re so excited to hear that. We have heard so many stories of families playing R&C together, and it’s cool to create a game that will allow everyone to have a controller in hand!

  • Please tell me the co-op involves more then one person has to stand on a switch.

    Those 2Xsackboy signs in LBP annoyed me to no end. They were needlessly preventing me from collecting all the bubbles in the level with a pointless “one sackboy stands on a switch, while the other gets the bubbles”.

    I’m kind of pessamistic, this game seems to be the result of the question “What can we do to get people to stop trading out game into Gamestop” instead of “What can we add to Ratchet to make the game better?”. The answer to each question might have an overlaping answer but I’m not holding my breath since Deadlocked is the worst Ratchet game and I fear this game will have a similar fate.

    • We have shown very little of the game at this point, and there will certainly be more areas.

      Furthermore – you can play the game and access all of the content alone (if you so desire).

      And finally, we’re focusing on making sure this is an awesome Ratchet & Clank adventure, with all of the humor, story, and exploration you’ve come to expect.

  • i want some more resistance 3! haha i (finally) just got a crack in time and its one of the best games that cameout last year i hope this is as good as that was!

  • Looks better than I expected. The all 4 on screen thing turns me off but I’ll keep an open mind. One of the best online experiences I’ve had was Resistance 2 co-op.

    • The best part is this whole game is designed around co-op. We’re having a ton of fun with it in the office and I usually think we’re a pretty jaded crew. :)

  • Looking good so far. Great graphics and looks like it going to be loads of fun.:) Can’t wait to see what other weapons there going to be in this game.

  • Will there be multiple PSN sign ins with the offline play (similar to Resistance 2)? and possibly each player earning their own trophies?

    Looks like a lot of fun, can’t wait to see more!

    • Yes. If all four players are on the couch together, they will ALL be able to sign into PSN and earn trophies and such.

  • @James Stevenson
    Of course I enjoyed the teaser :). If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be asking for more of R3

  • i have all ratchet games and im getting Heroes on the Move and Ratchet and Clank All 4 One for sure, i met Ted Price at E3 , he was playing Killzone 2 next to me , we talked about R3 and other things , hope to see the game coming along really really impressive , cant freaking wait to play R3

  • The one boss fight seemed decent although the co-op part was just when the weak point is exposed, use the player launching cannon to get at it. Couldn’t really see from the video but it would be nice if teamwork was also required to expose the weak point instead of just shoot it and/or avoid it’s attacks till the weak point is exposed.

    All the other teamwork stuff seemed unecessary which from one aspect is good because that means single player isn’t gimped, but on the other hand if I was playing co-op I might get annoyed at constantly needing teamwork to complete simple tasks like get accross a gap every 2 minutes.

    • There’s definitely a lot of co-op play being layered and designed into the game and other levels. Other elements (like the cluster cannon) require everyone to do it, but also add the competition to see who can do it first.

      Lots of cool things throughout the game, but I can’t spill the beans yet!

  • My wife and I are very excited for this game and R3…. Any chance the R3 trailer will go up on PSN soon?

  • I seriously love the Ratchet and Clank games. havent missed a single game across all the PS platforms. Crack in Time was my favorite. im getting this one day 1! please keep them coming to PS3

  • I can’t even describe how excited I am for this game. I came to the PlayStation family a little late and didn’t actually play any of the R&C games until….about a year ago this time. I finished them ALL by the end of the year. I was sad when A Crack In Time was going to be the last game, and although I loved the story, am fine with the fact that this game doesn’t continue that on. Games are first and foremost about gameplay, an amazing story is just icing on the cake.

    • Well… A Crack in Time ends the Future story arc. This still is the sequel, and stands alone as a brand new story.

      The comic books (issue 1 out this week!) help bridge the story from Crack in Time to All 4 One.

  • A quick question will it have an online co-op?? and Insomniac Games please release some new Ratchet and Clank avatars pretty please

  • I’m looking forward to A4O. If I remember Ratchet Deadlock had co-op too, but I don’t think it was really required. I’m glad that you guys an Insomniac are putting multiplayer into a Ratchet and Clank again. Any word on competitive modes?

  • Does this game have online Co-op too?


    • The camera will indeed bias towards your character if you are playing online – but it will still be trying to keep your friends on screen as well.

  • Will there be more R&C Future games coming?

  • Video Looks fantastic! Would look much better when it’ll be downloaded to my PS3’s HD from PSN… Hint hint, nudge nudge! :)

  • I have to say I’d been wondering if Ratchet and Clank weren’t getting a little long in the tooth, but this looks like a heck of a lot of fun. Great work guys, looking forward to it!

  • Thanks for answering my question! :) And it seems even better now that I know there is drop-in drop-out style co-op. Fantastic. I’ll buy this for sure.

  • i am pumped and cant wait for its release! guys, good job. i am really hoping to have online game modes like, capture the flag, and other various modes. i hope you guys do your very best on this game. im a big fan.

  • You guys are such great devs, I love ratchet and clank and the resitance series so much guys, thank you, also, i’m hoping your next IP will be more darker toned similar to resistance, and OMG 36 replies, wow, don’t think i’ve seen that on here before.

  • I need to borrow that time machine Kevin Butler has so I can go to Fall 2011 and play this ASAP! Looks fantastic!

    Thanks as always, James!

  • Please Please PLEASE !!! just tell me when are we going to get more RESISTANCE 3 details before i literally faint O____O PLEASE !!!

  • I was thinking will this game have STATUS updates like Modnation racers that tells you what your friend is doing on the XMB.
    eg….Ratchet & Clank A4ONE Playing Co-op on Lava Level.

  • That game looks awesome and a lot of fun…i wonder will it replayable like the other R&C games.

    • We have a huge focus on replayability. We’ll reveal a lot of that in the future, but tons of reasons to play the game many times.

  • haha very cool, also hope to see some resistance gameplay soon.

  • You guys have my wrench for this one! consider me very impressed :D

  • will this game be native 720p?

  • I love you guys, anychance we can get some resistance and racthet and clank themed avatars in the future, please say maybe just to give me hope.

  • @sgrtr: I believe all the R&C titles for PS3 are in 720p. As far as native, I assume you’re wondering if the resolution is native. Considering this game is most likely 30fps rather than 60fps (like the last two), I think it’s safe to assume it will be native 720p. Either way, it looks gorgeous.

  • thx for the reply , could never catch on the ps2 exclusive ratchets though,is there any chance we could get an hd collection of the first 4 ratchet games?

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