PlayStation Plus FAQ

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We’ve received a lot of questions in regards to PlayStation Plus: How to use it, what content is available, and more. Today we’d like to present some answers to some of the common questions we’ve heard.

PlayStation Plus

Q: What is PlayStation Plus?

A: PlayStation Plus is a subscription service offered to enhance your experience on the already free PlayStation Network. It offers you, the user, exclusive services for added convenience:

  • Automatic downloads where select game demos and other content get delivered straight to your PS3 system, so you don’t have to think about it.
  • Full game trials which allow you to play up to 60 consecutive minutes of a game. When you purchase the full game (or when you insert the Blu-ray disc of that game), you will get the PSN trophies that you earned during the trial.
  • Special discounts on the PlayStation Store and exclusive opportunities like select betas and select early demos.

Our goal is to deliver a valuable enhancement to your gaming experience.

Currently, you can purchase a three-month subscription at $17.99 or an annual subscription at $49.99 with an additional three months free. Subscriptions can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store, or you can purchase PlayStation Network cards at a retailer near you now; dedicated PlayStation Plus cards are coming in October.

Q: How do I use PlayStation Plus?

A: After you purchase your three-month or one-year subscription, your account will be branded as a PlayStation Plus account with a Plus logo next to your PSN ID. There is a PlayStation Plus category in the PlayStation Store where you can see all the offerings available to you at that time, or you can peruse other parts of the PlayStation Store and you will be able to see discounts, exclusive content and games, themes and avatars that are available to you in each category.

Q: What is the PlayStation Plus release schedule?

A: PlayStation Plus has a monthly rotating schedule of content that we post on a bi-weekly basis or, to rephrase, we post new content every other Tuesday. We plan to feature PlayStation.Blog posts the following Wednesday so you will see what’s coming (and what’s being taken down) for the next PlayStation Plus update.

Some content that was posted will be removed from the Plus category but not from the PlayStation Store. As long as you have downloaded the content and are an active PlayStation Plus subscriber, you will be able to re-download your content, even if it is removed from the Plus rotation or if you have deleted the content.

Q: What happens when my PlayStation Plus subscription ends?

A: The content you have downloaded as part of your PlayStation Plus subscription at no charge is only accessible as long as you are an active subscriber. The exceptions are free themes and avatars, which you will continue to have access to, even if you are no longer a subscriber. Anything you have purchased (even if you purchased it at a discount) will remain available to you even if your subscription ends.

Q: My subscription expired, but I renewed it late. Will I get my content back?

A: Yes you will.

Q: What do I currently get with PlayStation Plus?

A: PlayStation Plus offers a variety of discounts, games and exclusive content. In general, you will have access to at least the following, which rotate monthly:

  • 1 PSN game or PSone Classic game
  • 2 minis
  • A monthly Qore single episode

Currently, there are categories from our partners at Midway and Tik-Creat Games that offer 20% off PSN games and free add-ons.

We will continue to regulaly update PlayStation Plus with XMB themes and avatars, exclusive items, select game demos and additional discounts. We will also offer exclusive opportunities only made available to PlayStation Plus members such as our current Hulu Plus Preview and the discounted two-year PlayStation Protection Plan.

Q: Is Qore included in PlayStation Plus?

A: Yes, the current monthly single episode is included in PlayStation Plus — the same episode found on the PlayStation Store (regular price $2.99 per episode). Annual Qore subscribers still receive their monthly subscription including their additional downloadable content.

Q: What about those exclusive game betas?

A: Betas have limited invites and based on selection criteria not every PlayStation Plus member will get access to every beta; however, we’re working with game developers to make qualified PlayStation Plus members the first to gain access.

Many game betas are done to test certain parts of a game or certain functionality (like previous game add-on integration) so that when the final version of the game launches, it’s the best it can be. Oftentimes, betas are extremely limited as well. We need to ensure that members of Plus meet that individual beta’s requirement to be issued an exclusive invite.

There are two betas for PlayStation Plus members coming up shortly and more details will be announced soon.

Q: Why did X country get this and we didn’t?

A: Different countries have different rights, release schedules and, as many of you know, have different things available in their PlayStation Store for this reason. We are constantly working to align our content globally, but to also ensure that our North American audience gets the content that is available to them as some games are released globally on different schedules.

Q: What about Cross-Game Chat (or other functionality)?

A: We are constantly working on new services and features to enhance your PlayStation experience; however, Cross-Game Chat was not announced as a part of PlayStation Plus’ features. We know that Cross-Game Chat is a functionality our fans are extremely interested in and we are always striving to improve the PlayStation Network experience and services.

We invite you to send us your feedback and suggestions using the PlayStation.Blog Share tool (located to the right of this post) and stay up to date on what we are doing by signing up for newsletters, our forums, and following us on the PlayStation.Blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

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  • Oh, and one way to improve PS+:

    Make it more useful for PSP owners! Yeah, the free ps1 classic work on PSP and occasionally we’ll get an early demo like God of War, but that’s it. Where are our PSP themes? Discounts on PSP games?

    And on a somewhat related note, why the hell is Patapon $15.99 on PSN while Patapon 2 is only $7.99? I’ve been waiting for a price drop on the original for months! I already have the game on UMD, but if it drops below $10 I’d gladly rebuy it through the Network just to have it on my memory card. C’mon, drop the price! The game was released for $19.99 three years ago as it is! It’s long overdue for a price drop.

  • Can we get some exclusive stuff for Playstation Home?

  • ill just wait and see until PS+ will offer more stuff…btw Lex will there be cards to like subscribe to ps+ like the PSN 20$ and 50$ cards in retail stores like gamestop?

  • I am getting more than I thought I would with the service. I typically wait for most games to go on sale since my backlog of games to play (both disc and PSN based) is getting larger every week. The discounts on games/DLC is what sold me into the service initially. The added bonus is that I didn’t expect to enjoy the minis as much as I do, but so far, I love every one! Qore monthly episodes are a nice benefit as prior to hearing about this service, I had been debating on getting an annual subscription.

    So far for me, on the free PSN games/minis/DLC, Qore & discounts, I’ve saved a little over $70! I knew I’d get my money’s worth after a while into the yearly subscription, but I didn’t expect it so quick! Even though I owned 3 of the 4 free PSN games (Critter Crunch is the only one I didn’t have, but am enjoying it), it’s been a major win for me. :)

    I like the set schedule as to when you provide the PS+ update & the blog posting on the content two weeks down the road. At the start of it all, I was only expecting a monthly update. Spreading it out like this I find better, rather than have to wait for all the content to come out at the one time.

  • Tell me LBP 2 is one one the Betas you speak of.

  • @El_Hoardo
    i suscribed for the exatly the same reason free add-on contnent,
    for me to keep even if i don’t re-suscribe.

    Me, what i want, is to always have the opportunity to buy our “free” games.
    exemple: mushroom wars was free for PS+ users but in sale for PSN users 1 week later. Give PS+ the chance to ALWAYS buy the Free games at 50% at least.

    you’ll make Collectors like me VERY HAPPY!

  • I never preordered games until Gamestop started doing the specials when you preorder and giving you items no one else can get. It would be awesome if you guys could get in contact with the developers and maybe get us some of those items or items made just for us. That would certainly be a plus for Plus.

  • Great to see this post finally. Should have been up much earlier though. I signed up the first day and have enjoyed the lineup so far, but I started buying PSN games late so I haven’t had a lot of them. Think the biggest thing that will be nice to see in the future is some discounts to new PSN games. If it doesn’t I am probably going to start holding off in buying them in hopes they become discounted later.

  • Also, never watched Qore before, but I am now a fan.

  • @ztheskater
    yeah nice idea!
    like sending PS+ T-Shirt to Top 1000 Best BUYERS!!! XD

  • I also wanted to add a few more things. I think there needs to be a greater variety in monthly Plus content. For example, the previous month had a Warhawk trial, Warhawk add-ons, and a Warhawk theme. Warhawk fans already have the content. Non-Warhawk fans don’t care. Only those that didn’t already have the game and end up liking the trial will get the most enjoyment out of the previous update.

    I think the game selection could be better. Mushroom Wars is probably a quality game, but it’s an RTS and that’s a niche genre. Zen Pinball is a good choice because that has more broad appeal. I think Plus should focus on games like that that are more mainstream and not the oddball stuff.

    Next, PSOne Classics have been terrible, Rally Cross and 2Xtreme are terrible games. I’m not expecting Final Fantasy VII and Metal Gear Solid for free but please try to give us games that have aged better.

    And finally, please don’t make any future features (like Cross-game chat hopefully) Plus-exclusive, and I say that as a subscriber. I’d be happier knowing everything in the XMB is free, and what I’m paying for is content, not access to built in features, as is the case with XBL.

  • Yes, there are Hardcore Gamers.
    But dont forget Hardcore Collectors!
    who keep and cherish is precious all is life. XD

  • When can we expect the beta notification?

  • Playstation Plus has no use for me i like to buy all my games and keep them without the worry of how long my subscription has to go. most games i buy at full price way before a sale or even a playstation plus sale so getting it for the discounts is no good for me eather. not to mention all the games playstation plus has offered i have already bought. with as many games as i have in my system that i have bought you think you could offer us frequent buyers somthing free i mean take a look at my account sony i bought over 130 games already. now you want me to buy playstation plus? why? you should be giving it to guys like me for free just to thank them for keeping your company growing. seriously look at my account i have spent enough to pay someones wages in the past few years. So I Say Forget Playstation Plus Give Us Some Frequent Buyer Miles or Downloads.

  • @El_Hoardo
    you speak the truth!

    Warhawks fans already have ALL thoses contnent. (like me)

    PS+ should focus on mainstream games like, infamous, red faction, warhawks… (big REAL games)

    PS+ should give 50% discount for the mainstream game every month.
    (infamous for PS+ 14.99), (red faction 9.99), (warhawks 14.99)
    Not a Trial for old games…

    PS+ free add-on should be relative to the mainstream games,
    so we can actually “own” the Full patch game”

    in this case, I’ll feel VERY EXCLUSIVE!!

  • The biggest downside to Plus for me so far, is that I’ve owned every ‘free’ game. Also the trial games are so old, most people who would want them would already have played them. I bought infamous, red faction, warhawk all at release, so these trials are useless for me.

    It’s hard to know who Sony is trying to reach with PS+. A service like this is more likely to be bought by hardcore gamers, but on the flip side, hardcore gamers are likely to own all these games already.

    I buy games that interest me on day one typically, so PS+ has been a real letdown content wise for me.

  • @rbanke
    if they cant resolve that problem, they should change PS+ name to PSmarketing.

    i can already figure the PSmarket icon on the PS store. ahaha!

  • Thus far the service doesn’t offer much for me at all.

    I have little to no interest in betas or early demos, I don’t watch Core (nor do I want to), I hate the idea that “free” games aren’t really owned because you NEED to be subscribed to play them and the little I’d save on “discounts” really would take quite a while to add up to more than I have paid for my yearly subscription.

    Honestly, I’ll pay the $0.99 – $4.99 you want for minis or the $5.99 for PSOne classic so I can own it and keep it, or pay the extra $1.25 or w/e the craptastic “discount” on a title is before I consider getting PS+.

    That said. If you guys (Sony) announced tomorrow that a system is being put in place to offer a cloud like system for storing save game files and settings online with our accounts, with perhaps a little extra storage for things like videos, pics etc then I would be on board with PS+’s $50 price tag.

  • I really care is the last question… thats all.. if ps plus will have that feature then i will pay for the ps plus… please work on that many users will love that…

  • Well since we’re all giving our $.02 about Plus and PSN in general I will chime in.

    First of all, I am shocked to even see a post that actually gets more than 2 or 3 responses. So thanks for taking the time to actually ready and respond to us.

    I am not interested in plus because to me it is just a glorified rental service where PS picks the games for me. I do not want or like that. If I could d/l say a PSN game a month worth no more than x, I would be more inclined to get it.

    I would also like a cloud system to do game saves where I could play them on other PS3’s or even just keep them there so I can put a bigger hard drive in. Locked saves are complete crap. Who cares if someone cheeses a trophy… not like you get anything for it.

    Also, why don’t we get games and themes other places have? I an dying to have Suikoden 2 and the Demons Souls dynamic theme. Why are we so unloved?

  • but i need video store for the middle east and arabic support.


  • I do not subscribe to Playstation Plus, but I figured it’d be constructive to tell you what would make me subscribe:

    1) Waiving of subscription fees for games like DC Universe Online to Playstation Plus subscribers. Paying over $200 to play a single game over a one year period is ridiculous. However, if I knew that, as a Playstation Plus subscriber, I wouldn’t have to pay the additional subscription fee for DC Universe (and any other subscription-based games, like, just for the sake of argument, Final Fantasy XIV), I would sign up for it.

    2) The return of PS2 backwards compatibility to the PS3 for Playstation Plus subscribers, perhaps through software emulation. I know that you probably feel like you would lose out on PS2 hardware sales if you did that, BUT I believe you’d definitely make up for it in PS+ subscriptions, and, unlike a one-time PS2 hardware purchase, this would be an ongoing fee you’d be collecting.

    Other things, like, Cross-game chat (in fact, I’d actually turn-off Cross-game chat if it was an option), or whatever, are not really things that would get me to give you money, but those two would, definitely.

  • 1. During the x-mas holiday, let PS+ subscribers choose to keep any game that was free during the year. They’d keep this game even if they decide to cancel their subscription.

    2. More DLC for free or at a discount.

    3. An extra discount for PS+ subscribers during PSN sales. I liked what you guys did with the Tik games sale. It was 40% off for regular psn members, but PS+ members got an additional 20% off the sale price. If this was the standard for psn sales I would be very pleased with my subscription. It was only a $1.20 less, but those dollars add up for frequent psn shoppers like myself.

  • The main reason I signed up for Playstation Plus was the promise of 1 PSN game, 1 PS1 Classic and 2 PSminis. I love how it gave me a chance to try a lot of games I would never try otherwise (Loving Mushroom Wars and Critter Crunch). I would be extremely dissapointed if the terms are actually now one PSN OR PS1 Classic game, and not sure if I would renew.

  • All this cool stuff makes me wish I had a PS3 (my got stolen)…

  • Firstly I want to say that I love sony. They are definetly better then that generic crap company that made that so called gaming system. You know the one, it’s about as useful as a cardboard BOX!

    Secondly, Sony wtf… I’m sorry but If i knew exactly what steps to take I would try and sue you guys for false advertizing. It was PROMISED that plus users would get 1 psn game as well as 1 ps1 classic game. NOT one or the other! And previous comments that other users made on this subject were just shot down by YOU GUYS, which I expect to happen here.

    I DEMAND, that you guys stick to what you promised, instead of changing the rules and screwing us over. That, or refund us our 50 dollars and let us keep the psn plus for free to make up for screwing us like that..

    I beg that you guy’s don’t become selfish and crafty thieves like microsucks…

  • Interesting read. Thanks for it.

  • The one thing that would make me want to use the PlayStation Plus service is if they added a online game save feature.
    That way if/when my PS3 dies again I will not have to start over from scratch with games that do not allow you to back up your save file. My last PS3 YLOD’d with a lot of the games that I had been playing not allowing me to save my progress onto a flash drive. I have not touched those games since.

  • Maybe you should change the name to Playstation Minus if you keep subtracting promised content. First the add-ons aren’t free to keep, then promised monthly avatars/dynamic themes (why is the word dynamic no longer in the FAQ?). Now instead of PSN games each month we’re only promised a PS1 game? And you ask what would make us happy with Plus? How about the things you’re taking away?

    I’m a huge PS supporter. I own all 3 systems and the PS3 is my favorite. I love Home and the Netflix access. I’ve convinced friends to buy a PS3, but can no longer recommend that they buy Plus.

    1) Guarantee a PS3/PSN game each month (not PS1)
    2) Give us a free movie rental each month
    3) Give us a timed exclusive disk-free Netflix application
    4) DCU is your own MMO game and the servers need testing – let all Plus subscribers (not select ones) beta test the game (and don’t charge us like what happened with Hulu Plus – though that was outside of your control)
    5) Give us PS Home exclusive items (how about a bright gold watch with a dial in the shape of a plus sign)?

    I do appreciate the improved communication, but you’ve got to step up your game.

  • @ Lex

    Thanks for replying to a lot of comments including mine. I’ve been on this Blog since it’s first day and you are the first to reply to me.

    Thank You again. It means a lot when we see those red replies.

  • Why is it now a PSN game OR a PS1 Classic game when the original advertisement (and up to this point) lists that you get both every month?

    A few months into this would be a pretty terrible time to suddenly change your minds after people are in for a year subscription.

    Simply put, I was perfectly happy with Plus. After reading that line I’m definitely leaning towards not renewing when the time comes. That’s just shady business and I won’t support it.

  • Canadians – call Sony and ask for Sony Care on your PS3. You pay less than the PlayStation Protection Plan and you can extend your warranty by FIVE YEARS. Stop waiting for the PPP to come to Canada, which is a waste of everyone’s time and resources.

  • Sorry, by *four* years, up to a total of 5 years.

  • i have had a good experience with plus!!but i’m not one of the gamers that got all of the games that you gave out for free!!If you r going to charge $50 you need to stick to your true promise !we are paying $50 of our hard earned money !!!!as of right now we are not making the money that we are used to making! so your going to have give us a little more foe our buck!!if you don’t do this you will lose a lot of money!!some of us are true PlayStation fans!!! dont forget about us!!!! oh happy b day !!!!!!!


  • Wow, you guys really don’t want us to renew do you.

    1. We went from getting new content every week to getting content every other week.
    2. We were promised beta access and now it’s only for select members. Not to mention not even getting into the Dead Nation beta.
    3. We were promised ONE PSN GAME AND ONE PS1 GAME month and now it’s EITHER OR!!!?

    False advertising at it’s finest, worst $50 I’ve ever spent in my entire life. How will we get shafted next?

  • Sorry to be late to the party, but… it’s extremely irritating to make it only two months into the service before you start changing the rules. As stated in the first post like this one…

    “…you can expect to get your hands on free monthly PSN games, minis and PS One Classics from the PSN Store.”

    Yeah, I get you worded it so you can get out of it, but I see the word “and” in there before PS One Classics, not “or”. A poster already talked about the lack of dynamic themes and whatnot, I won’t cover that.

  • How about a free monthly or bimonthly video rental for plus subscribers? And let us choose what video we want to rent :)

  • This type of stuff makes you guys look like you came up with the idea a week ahead of time, and talked to the Tik/Create people and assumed everyone else would jump on board, which they didn’t. Plan stuff out more than a month in advance, and come to us when you’re ready to do what you say. The GO, now this? I bought the PS3 in the first month at “599 US Dollars” and didn’t feel hosed then, but I do now. I’m not excited at all. I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed…

    Show some more love for the PSP. Europe has the cool “Essentials” program that offers huge discounts. That would be pretty cool and would get people to buy digitally like you wanted in the first place before you gave up on it and screwed everyone with the GO.

  • You guys should make us use trophies as gamer points or something to purchase certain titles on PSN..

    I mean we work so hard to get such nice trophies, but what do we do with what we earned? Show of? lol

    would be an interesting feature, and would make psn real different..

  • Hey Lex I hope you keep reading this blog and answering questions this is really helpful! I am curious if the discounts offered will ever be available for PSP games. That would be very helpful for us PSP Go supporters who see games a lot cheaper for UMD in the stores then they are for download in the PSN. Take Assassins Creed: Bloodlines for example- 40$ on the PSN site and 20$ in any store and even cheaper on amazon.

    Thanks Lex hope to hear a response!

  • Just a few true suggestions:

    You guys need to make a dedicated area for PSPlus subscribers on game news, videos, and updates that is irrelevant to the PS store and is directly on the XMB. Being able to provide these facts on the blog is nice, but everyone who owns a ps3 doesn’t check this… you need to make this info EASILY available on the ps3’s XMB WITHOUT a web link involved. Make it bold and shine too.

    These are just my suggestions though

  • well happy 15th PS . it’s been a fun 15 years . but honestly with PS plus , i wont be resubscribing untill real benefits show up like downloading purchased content faster . i have a rather large game i purchased awhile back that took about 2 hours to dl at purchase . however the unit i originally had failed and when attempting to dl on new unit … it wants to take 7 HOURS !!!! compleatly unacceptable given the original dl time . at the very least give us the option to designate items on our download list as scheduled dl’s , that way by the time i get off work or wake up i’ll have my game back .

  • what do you think class action law suite !!!! give us what you premised ! no more no less

  • Its great seeing all the replies on this one! You guys are well aware we want XGC! You know Sony knows what we want when it becomes a general question in the FAQ guide haha. As a Plus user you guys could run a beta for XGC through us first even to see how well it works and get feedback.

  • @Bcrichmark

    I completely agree with you. Everything you said I agree with. Playstation Plus is useless. I mean, I buy all my games too. I have well over 60 purchases. That isn’t cheap.
    So what does Playstation Plus offer me?
    Discounts? Wooo. I save a whole 2 bucks! GOOD THING I WOULD BE PAYING 50! Not worth the money.
    Oh automatic updates? Come on people, are you that lazy to not do it yourself. It takes all of a couple minutes.
    Free games? Most of the things you put up for “Free” on Playstation plus either were cheap to begin with, like 5 bucks. Or are terrible games and not worth the time. AND when Playstation Plus is gone, I would lose them all, unless I continue to pay. Screw that.
    Sorry Sony, I love your company. I full support your moves you take, but Playstation Plus is the STUPIDEST thing you guys have done.

  • I have pretty crappy internet so I don’t think it would do very good having to download so much stuff like games and add-ons and movies and such. PS+ doesn’t offer too much good stuff and features for it to seem “fair” to me. I think I’m gonna get the ps move instead (7 days!)

  • I hope you guys read comments this far down in the post… I am a Plus subscriber and was loving it when it first began. However, now I am starting to become frustrated by it. Let me tell you why… There have been MANY PSN games which came out recently that I wanted to buy on the first day BUT instead of this I opted not to… WHY ? Well because I’m hoping I get them later on down the road at a discounted price with Plus. I believe there are a lot of gamers like myself that will do the same. Isn’t this hurting the software developers and Sony by missing out on a full game price purchase ? I believe every PSN game which comes out should be 10 – 20% cheaper at all times to Plus members. This would allow us to not pass up and have to wait on many games new games.

  • so is it “or” or “and” for the psn ps1 games

  • Sony need to start putting NEW PS3 GAMES for trials. Not games that been out since the launch of PS3. The PSOne games are a joke. What about top rated PSOne games or what about start putting PS2 games.

    If SONY want to make everyone happy. SONY need to put both old and new contents so every can enjoy it. I’m afraid to buy stuff from PSN store now because I feel I might get screw. For sample …. If I buy CASTLER CRASHER & SHANK for $15.00 each now then come to find out that they will be put on PS PLUS month later with a discount price. Then I’ll be PISS as HELL. I got PS PLUS hoping to get these kind of discount for new contents. What the point of having PS PLUS if we don’t get discount on new releases.

  • You REALLY REALLY want to know what we want from the PS+ service, and how to make it better… but its just words. You AREN’T going to listen to what we say. You’re going to tell us you’re listening, and then turn around keep chugging along on your secret schedule of updates that doesn’t include one iota of what we ACTUALLY WANT.

    Look at how long it took to get the video store in Canada? And it was a half-arsed job at that.

    If you want to save PS+, I suggest you start delivering what users want with the VERY NEXT update. None of this “We will look into it! We want to make Plus the very best for you!”. You can count on a lot of cancelled subscriptions (including my own) if Plus doesn’t get its act together. Yesterday.

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