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We’ve received a lot of questions in regards to PlayStation Plus: How to use it, what content is available, and more. Today we’d like to present some answers to some of the common questions we’ve heard.

PlayStation Plus

Q: What is PlayStation Plus?

A: PlayStation Plus is a subscription service offered to enhance your experience on the already free PlayStation Network. It offers you, the user, exclusive services for added convenience:

  • Automatic downloads where select game demos and other content get delivered straight to your PS3 system, so you don’t have to think about it.
  • Full game trials which allow you to play up to 60 consecutive minutes of a game. When you purchase the full game (or when you insert the Blu-ray disc of that game), you will get the PSN trophies that you earned during the trial.
  • Special discounts on the PlayStation Store and exclusive opportunities like select betas and select early demos.

Our goal is to deliver a valuable enhancement to your gaming experience.

Currently, you can purchase a three-month subscription at $17.99 or an annual subscription at $49.99 with an additional three months free. Subscriptions can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store, or you can purchase PlayStation Network cards at a retailer near you now; dedicated PlayStation Plus cards are coming in October.

Q: How do I use PlayStation Plus?

A: After you purchase your three-month or one-year subscription, your account will be branded as a PlayStation Plus account with a Plus logo next to your PSN ID. There is a PlayStation Plus category in the PlayStation Store where you can see all the offerings available to you at that time, or you can peruse other parts of the PlayStation Store and you will be able to see discounts, exclusive content and games, themes and avatars that are available to you in each category.

Q: What is the PlayStation Plus release schedule?

A: PlayStation Plus has a monthly rotating schedule of content that we post on a bi-weekly basis or, to rephrase, we post new content every other Tuesday. We plan to feature PlayStation.Blog posts the following Wednesday so you will see what’s coming (and what’s being taken down) for the next PlayStation Plus update.

Some content that was posted will be removed from the Plus category but not from the PlayStation Store. As long as you have downloaded the content and are an active PlayStation Plus subscriber, you will be able to re-download your content, even if it is removed from the Plus rotation or if you have deleted the content.

Q: What happens when my PlayStation Plus subscription ends?

A: The content you have downloaded as part of your PlayStation Plus subscription at no charge is only accessible as long as you are an active subscriber. The exceptions are free themes and avatars, which you will continue to have access to, even if you are no longer a subscriber. Anything you have purchased (even if you purchased it at a discount) will remain available to you even if your subscription ends.

Q: My subscription expired, but I renewed it late. Will I get my content back?

A: Yes you will.

Q: What do I currently get with PlayStation Plus?

A: PlayStation Plus offers a variety of discounts, games and exclusive content. In general, you will have access to at least the following, which rotate monthly:

  • 1 PSN game or PSone Classic game
  • 2 minis
  • A monthly Qore single episode

Currently, there are categories from our partners at Midway and Tik-Creat Games that offer 20% off PSN games and free add-ons.

We will continue to regulaly update PlayStation Plus with XMB themes and avatars, exclusive items, select game demos and additional discounts. We will also offer exclusive opportunities only made available to PlayStation Plus members such as our current Hulu Plus Preview and the discounted two-year PlayStation Protection Plan.

Q: Is Qore included in PlayStation Plus?

A: Yes, the current monthly single episode is included in PlayStation Plus — the same episode found on the PlayStation Store (regular price $2.99 per episode). Annual Qore subscribers still receive their monthly subscription including their additional downloadable content.

Q: What about those exclusive game betas?

A: Betas have limited invites and based on selection criteria not every PlayStation Plus member will get access to every beta; however, we’re working with game developers to make qualified PlayStation Plus members the first to gain access.

Many game betas are done to test certain parts of a game or certain functionality (like previous game add-on integration) so that when the final version of the game launches, it’s the best it can be. Oftentimes, betas are extremely limited as well. We need to ensure that members of Plus meet that individual beta’s requirement to be issued an exclusive invite.

There are two betas for PlayStation Plus members coming up shortly and more details will be announced soon.

Q: Why did X country get this and we didn’t?

A: Different countries have different rights, release schedules and, as many of you know, have different things available in their PlayStation Store for this reason. We are constantly working to align our content globally, but to also ensure that our North American audience gets the content that is available to them as some games are released globally on different schedules.

Q: What about Cross-Game Chat (or other functionality)?

A: We are constantly working on new services and features to enhance your PlayStation experience; however, Cross-Game Chat was not announced as a part of PlayStation Plus’ features. We know that Cross-Game Chat is a functionality our fans are extremely interested in and we are always striving to improve the PlayStation Network experience and services.

We invite you to send us your feedback and suggestions using the PlayStation.Blog Share tool (located to the right of this post) and stay up to date on what we are doing by signing up for newsletters, our forums, and following us on the PlayStation.Blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

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  • @47 Right on all points.

    @48 You probably don’t own an Xbox 360 or have a lot of friends on your list? I want to talk to people on my friends list regardless of what they are doing.

  • @47 Agreed, they changed their terms. When I first purchased Plus I was told I would receive 1 PSN game, 2 minis, and one Playstation game. If it wasn’t already bad enough all they give you is stuff at the back that most people have already purchased such as myself. I already owned most of the stuff given away so far. I could have taken my $50 and spent it on new games if I had known this would happen.
    As for the betas one of the main reasons I signed up for Plus was because I was told I would get access into exclusive betas no where did it say I may or may not. I feel cheated by this.
    Add Cloud service for our gamesaves for people like me who have two PS3s which is already hard enough to copy gamesaves from one PS3 to another then you start copy-protecting saves so that I can’t back those up at all now to play on my other PS3. Cross-game chat is way overdue. So is a better messaging system. We should be able to message our PSN friends from your website but as of now the only way I can talk to them is by signing in.

  • I will not renew my Plus subscription, and I will never pay for a Sony subscription service again.
    Why you think that it was ok to mislead customers about game betas is beyond me. I for one will not tolerate being lied to.
    I am going to tell everyone I know how bad Plus is.
    Hopefully, Plus will fail, and you’ll learn to not lie to your customers in the future, because if people continue to put up with these lies and half-truths, Sony will just get worse.
    Things like Plus make me regret being a Sony customer.

    • I’m sorry to hear that danscloud9. We’re working on making Plus the service the fans want it to be. We’ll be rolling out more good stuff, so please stay tuned and check back often for more updates.

      Don’t forget to check your inbox for the Red Faction Battlegrounds beta opportunity.

  • Even with these FAQS I still see no reason to get PS+ granted its still a bit early to tell but judging from all these “content” you have been giving out “now” it really seem not worth it in my opinion. and again granted im mainly a Psp user and the only thing you guys have given them was a demo to GoW, so from a Psp point of view its definitely not worth it, but it wouldn’t matter any way as you guys dont even care for psp users.

    Ill probably end up waiting till about 2-3 years from now to see “IF” it gets any better, but from the looks of things now i can tell this wont last.

  • Customer service is quite a big deal these days where money is tight and consumers take some convincing to buy in to the latest and greatest.

    The number one thing that ANY company can do is keep its customer base informed. I feel like this post was a little late, but I’m glad things were finally made “official” with the PSN+ content.

    However, the “cross game chat” question really didn’t clarify a darn thing. Is this something you are working on? The customer base would like an official answer.

  • are you guys buy any chance thinking about adding extra features for PS+, like allowing users to save their games in a cloud???

  • i understand that the point of PS+ is to give those hardcore PSN buyers incentives to buy more stuff on the PSN store with massive discounts, but its lacking when it comes to features…

  • May I ask a question?

    While I am completely in support of your most recent firmware update (whose purpose is obvious), why was it made MERE days after the issue had arisen? And why are all the other suggestions ignored?

    What I mean is, why don’t you show such enthusiasm in implementing suggestions, the kind of enthusiasm and swift action you took with the most recent firmware update?

  • I’m very disappointed with this. EU gets a PSN, a PSOne, 2 Minis, 2 dynamic themes, 2 avatars each month and we don’t anymore.

    The original Plus blog said: “free monthly PSN games, minis and PS One Classics” and “Each month there will be dynamic themes, premium avatars.” So now we are getting much less than what was promised?

  • As a plus subscriber i’m getting a little irritated our initial understanding of the service was

    1 PSN game
    1 PS One game
    2 minis
    Exclusive themes, PSN avatars, and betas

    So far the first month of the service was good and that was it. The 2 sequential months offered us 2 PSN games that were $10.00 dollars and under. As for the PS one games i’m sorry to say this but they were crap. We want real games like Gran Turismo, Crash, or Twisted Metal 2 for example or, why not give us PSN games like Fat Princess or Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. The bottom line Lex Scheuble // PSN Marketing Manager most of your paying PSN Plus users are not satisfied, as you can read from your own blog and your official forums and, giving us the beta for Killzone 3 or what ever else is not going to make the shortcomings of the service disappear. Also you need to keep in mind this is coming from an avid 27 year old gamer with a wife and kid not some 18 year old kid. I’ve invested tons of money into Sony, from TVs to a 7.1 surround sound setup to play your exclusive PS3 games as i’m sure many of your loyal customers have done. Basically the PS+ service has left a terrible impression on us one that needs immediate correction.

    • necroticart, we are listening to what you have to say, and we are working on getting you the content that you so desire. Stay tuned to the blog for the latest plus information.

  • I would like to see the XMB setup nixed and a whole new front end interface introduced.

  • If I may ask a serious question –

    if I buy inFamous on blu-ray will the game pick up from where I left off on the 1 hr. trial download or will I have to replay the first hour over again? (I know it’s somewhat sacrilege but I don’t really care about trophies, but since I am planning on playing inFamous before i2 comes out I want to know if I will have to replay the 1st hour over again?)


  • Hey LEX!

    Thx for all the replies, it is too often that our questions go unanswered in this blog. Dont listen to the haters, there will always be people complaining. Im a PSN plus member since the first week and im happy with it, all those minis and PS one classics got my PSP running hot for on the go gaming.

    And the betas, why not include all PSN plus members?
    I thought that was a done deal when subscribing

    • Thanks NoGodsOnlyMan. Happy to hear you’re happy with your service, and I am happy to answer as many questions as I can or hunt down the answers for ones I can’t.

      We are trying to get as many Plus members into each beta as possible, but again, the person in the beta needs to meet the developers required needs to execute said beta. Stay tuned for more details!

  • @52 I feel the same way. I was asked not that long ago at Gamestop about PSN Plus and if it was worth it. I hated to have to do it but I had to say NO it was a rip off and unless they change their ways I will not be renewing. I have always been a Playstation fan ever since I got my first one but lately I have been losing my faith in Sony. I feel they are trying to cheat their customers with bait and switch techniques by changing their terms after we purchase it and not listening to what the people paying for their services actually want. I have always stood up to anyone who said the “other” company was better and I was always able to change their minds but as of lately I feel I am slowing changing sides. :(

  • “PSN OR PSone game”?

    That is complete BULL****!!

    I love how you criminals can “change” the rules on the fly. We were promised BOTH PSN and PSone games each month. How can you just change the rules? Let me guess… it probably states somewhere in the agreement that Sony has the right to alter subscription details, terminate subscriptions at any time, blah, blah, blah.

    I’ll be contacting the Better Business Bureau to discuss this “service” and the seemingly endless alterations you make to the “service.”

    I guess Sony is just in the business of screwing people these days. First the poor PSP-Go owners, Linux users, and now the PS+ subscribers. Why don’t you just screw the rest of your customer base… release some firmware update that makes your software unplayable. Might sound ridiculous, but what else is left?

    Long time PS fan… but this **** is making me loathe videogames entirely.

    Sony… **** you!

  • can you guys get rid of the stupid error message when submitting new ideas on the blog.share site its very annoying i hate it & im sure everyone else does i dont if this doesnt belong here i cant post share any ideas at all because it looks or sounds similar to everything else & there when i know my idea is not the same just because of 1 or 2 words which is really stupid & annoying please fix that

  • Oh, and I do plan on resubscribing next Oct. when my 15 months are up, not b/c PS+ is any good right now, but b/c by then you’ll be offering all the 1 year old games I haven’t bought yet – Joe Danger, Castle Crashers, Shank – that I would have otherwise bought but didn’t b/c I spent $50 on PS+ to get them.

    My other hope is these developers who are losing money b/c PS+ subs are NOT buying their games (as it seems most subs have already purchased many offered so far) they will be forced to offer sales sooner. PS+ subscribers ReVolt+!!

  • This is like the 8th time you guys have posted this FAQ lol

    Also very very surprised and happy to find out Plus continues my qore subscription so i can keep getting the subscriber goodies.

  • I would like a refund because Plus totally misrepresented the service to us. This is a new significantly watered down product and very unhappy about this. Wow.

  • Like others here, I was under the impression that it’s one PSN game AND one PSOne game per month. It’s pretty disappointing if that’s changed.

  • How about a PlayStation Plus Dynamic theme that europe got.

  • Getting less and less,

    first month I don’t get a PSN game, I will tell everyone not to buy plus membership…. That is very dissapointing.

    PS1 games aren’t worth the price. I can buy 3 year old games on ebay for $4 a month..

  • I’m just wondering if my Plus subscription will carry over to my other account. As an international student in the US (I come from Hong Kong), I am currently accessing the US version of PSN. I’ve subscribed to PSN+, but when it expires I’ll most probably go back to Hong Kong. If I register to PSN+ in Hong Kong (using my primary PSN account – Asia-Pacific region), do I regain access to my US PSN+ games?

  • I hate to be a complainer so I hope my criticisms of your service are taken with an understanding that I don’t do this out of anger or to be spiteful.

    You can check my profile, I buy a TON of games off the PSN. Now this service seemed like a good deal, with discounts and things on the store and hinted at future services. Yet all PS+ brings to the table are discounts on games I’ve already bought. Some I bought 2 YEARS ago. There is nothing about Plus that is “going forward”, only the vauge hope that when the store updates some game I may want will be discounted.. ehhh.. it’s like a slot machine. It’s a weird “service” that keeps the customer guessing & not knowing what is coming every month.

    PS+ needs to be a service that is going forward with new ideas, not a simple random discount service on things from the past.

  • I’m hoping to see new retail games on Game Preview spots on the PSN for PS+. The games now are cool, but it’d be nice to try newly released games.

    Other than that, I have no problem with PS+. I feel like I’m getting a lot for what I pay per year. I’d just like to see more features.

  • Lex, the service should be what you originally promised. Why are you now offering less? Total misrepresentation of what Plus is about on your original 6/24 blog FAQ that explained everything. This is not good business to treat loyal valued consumers like this by switching the service around in the middle.

  • well…im not resubscribing my plus subscription unless something changes soon…I do my best to support sony even in the most ridiculous circumstances…but theres only so much I can do.

    No ingame music playback and no XGVC even after years of asking for it? You guys really dont care anymore.

  • Lex Scheuble said
    What do you think we need to do to make it better for you, we really want your feedback.

    Stop changing the terms and details of the subscription service.

    Stop lying.

    Refund the money of everyone who is unhappy with your lies.

    Get more betas NOW, so that every Plus subscriber gets into one.

  • so i dont get the red faction play the tutorial trophy unless i give sony $$$? Im not downloading any more trials then-6 hour downlads for 60 minutes of “fun”and no trophies??

  • Hmm, so the add-ons being taken away was confirmed by this.

    Disappointing, because you guys said otherwise.

  • If PS+ had cross game chat I would buy it in a heartbeat!

  • Lex if you see this, get me into the KZ3 Beta!!

  • Only thing I can think that can help, is to get Mr. Kaz Hirai to have an international Firmware team, so America can put there features in without Japan (HQ) saying no.

  • How bout giving us a Trophy Room for PS Home already?

  • I sure hope that you guys are with holding a lot of those premium features that we were supposed to be getting until the holiday season. I payed for the subscription service under the impression that it would get better with each month. I believe it is month 3 and I have yet to see where it was worth my 50 bucks. The games included are nice as now i really don’t have the money to spend on games. I just want to know where all of those services are that you guys promised all the way back at the e3 that everyone has already long since forgotten about.

  • Q: What about those exclusive game betas?

    A: Betas have limited invites and based on selection criteria not every PlayStation Plus member will get access to every beta.

    This is just complete bogus. Your telling me, I paid 50$ for a CHANCE to get a beta invite. In my opinion this is just complete bull****.

    On the other hand, I’m decently happy with Plus. My only other complaint, stop giving us full trial demos and free games that are 2 years old.
    I know this has been said a million times, but most Plus users are loyal Playstation fans, stop giving us games that we have already bought years ago.

  • wow you responded!!!! thank you! ….one more question, can you guys PLEASE PLEASE GIVE EVERYONE UPDATES IN EMAIL? I haven’t gotten a email in ages from you guys and everything is opt and not tom iss updates….but i think it would be nice to have that update once a week like how EU psn gets every week about there store updates…i have a friend in the uk that gets an udpate everyweek adn some how my friend who lives in the us gets weekly updates and beta invites….i remember one time i had to call consumer just to get my beta because i know they sent me one..and i don’t get any junk can u guys please fix that issue..thats all i have to say :) but thank you for replying.. SORRY For bittnig your head off.. i do love the plus i just think JACK should of said about how the betas, were only going to be select members sometimes and SELECT betas for games or something like that for better detail…but thanks again for replying.. have a good weekend

  • CANADIANS: please stop asking for things we already have!

    We can already extend your PS3 warranty, AND you can do it for up to twice as long as the Americans can! And probably for cheaper, too!

    It’s called Sony Care, and it actually applies to a LOT of Sony product, not just PS3s. Call Sony and ask, or go to

    Please, do some research. And Sony, you should probably post about this so Canadians know and stop asking. And don’t waste any of your time and resources bringing this PlayStation Protection Plan thing to Canada. We’re actually far better off using Sony Care.

  • So betas are just as exclusive as they were befor PS+, good to know.

    We’ll get either a PS1 or a Ps3 game a month. Really? Either, or?

    A Total of 4 Dynamic Themes(3 of wich are just reskin of the same)

    2 “exclusive” Avatars from Fat princess and a Streetfighter Avatar pack which we have the gracious option of buying.

    Upon signing up for PS+ i said to myself “It can only get better from this point” and sadly i was mistaken. I dont know if its the Joke PlayStation Blog Share section(look at what they “implemented”) or the fact that when a Sony Blogger does his/her thing, they either let the blog get devoured by posters or make futile smokescreen response.

    For once id like to see some Answers instead of Frequently Asked Question

  • @ 23 Lex Scheuble

    Q: What do you think we need to do to make it better for you, we really want your feedback.

    A: I am a huge Sony fan. You can call me a fanboy if you want, and I will always defend Sony over any other system. I have bought every Sony system Sony has offered (with the exception of PSP Go, but I bought PSP 1000, and own PSP 3000 right now). I bought my PS3 within 2-3 months of release (was really hard to find in Los Angeles). Anyways, what Sony has to do with PS Plus is let Plus users have the ability to choose their own mini, and free PSN game once a month. Let’s just say there are 1,000,000 people that have subscribed to PS Plus within the year, and have purchased the 1 year plan: 1,000,000 * $50.00 = $50,000,000 with all that money Sony, and the devs have to get together and come with a plan to give Plus members FREE games of their choice. If we get to choose what games we get for FREE, I can almost promise that more, and more people will subscribe, and there will be less complainers like me. Come on Sony, give us the choice of what game I want to play. Give me like $5-10 back of the game I want to play on PSN. This is what I think PS Plus should be!!

  • Thanks for posting this. I had just asked about being confused about the schedule again :)

    So far I am a fan of Playstation Plus. After all, i would have never tried Mushroom Wars if not for it, therefore may have never known that I actually like RTS’s!

  • P.S. When I mean choice of games on PS Store, I mean all games! Not Sony Store back catalog!

  • terrible faq.

  • To Lex I got great idea how improve auto download for plus users. Can we please improve download time to added to PSN store let stay game over 2gig+ and we like download at 3am while system is off. Have that time frame be added to PSN Store plus users. I want download my stuff at 3am all stuff I buy at the store that way it won’t take up my time during the day download the stuff. So I can play during the day. This be great for movie idea too. Get it :)? As Plus user I also got annual Qore too it was a steal at 20 bucks in Aug when I renewal thanks :). Any word would we see DC Online beta? Game coming out Nov 2.

  • Ok heres my long feedback,

    I’ve been a plus subscriber from day 2 and i’m glad to say it’s already payed for itself. But, most of it is games I personally wouldn’t buy. Don’t get me wrong I love Critter Crunch, and Wipeout HD, but those games are a little more casual.

    Automatic updates are nice, but where’s my CGVC?
    I seriously hope it’s on Sony to do list :/

    I already subscribed to Qore, so it’s kindof a let down knowing that I basicaly resubscribed for no reason.

    PSone games are a fun walk through memory lane, but most of the Plus ones are descent bun no where near a Metal Gear Solid, or Resident Evil

    Discount and Free DLC are a very cool feature but I wish they would last a bit longer incase I ever changed my mind.

    Overall PS+ has been a confusing Subscription service, If i could request one change it would be to let us choose what games we want other than Sony wearing the pants in the relationship

    PS, sorry for the lengthy post

  • I signed up specifically because of the line in the “PlayStation Plus: Your Questions Answered” post that said…

    “Each month there will be dynamic themes, premium avatars and premium game elements/add-ons for you to download and many will be exclusive to PlayStation Plus members only. These are yours to keep forever once you have downloaded them.”

    I see two differences here. One is that none of that is guaranteed each month. Two is that the add-on content isn’t ours to keep.

    I don’t care too much whether or not I “own” the content since I signed up for Plus intending to keep the subscription for years. But, like I said, I signed up primarily for the dynamic themes, avatars, and add-ons as those were things I don’t usually buy. That’s what made me sign up. I normally buy games for $20-$30 so a $10 map pack just doesn’t have a comparably good value. Plus sounded like it would change that. This FAQ makes is sound like it is not guaranteed.

    With that said, I really don’t care what any FAQ says as long as I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth, so I hope all the comments here are sincere and not just PR mumbo jumbo.

  • I realize I came off a bit harsh with my first comment, and for that I apologize. I’m quite pleased with my subscription thus far, given the wealth of content I’ve received these past few months, and you guys deserve props for that, but I hope the higher ups see the benefits of making cross game voice chat free for all (the usefulness of such a feature when it’s available to all vs available to some, one more bullet point for free PSN vs paid XBL, etc.), and can come up with some other idea to improve the value of PS+ and increase the PS+ subscription base.

    I think betas will actually help the service quite a bit, whenever we finally find out what they actually are. LBP2 and KZ3 are the obvious choices, but it’s getting pretty late for the former.

    But yeah, CGVC is a feature that should not be walled off behind a subscription fee, and charging for it is almost as bad as MS charging for P2P online play. Once again Steam would be viewed as the superior online network, as it already supports cross game voice chat for free.

    That being said, I just want the feature at some point. I need some way to chat with my friends while co-op’ing Demon’s Souls!

  • Lex Scheuble is a corporate tool. Anything he says will just turn out to be a lie later.

  • @danscloud9 He sounds like a automated voice machine.

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