ModNation Monday: Enjoying Double-XP Week?

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ModNation Racers for PS3: ModNation Mondays

Greetings everyone! Ramone Russell here with another ModNation Monday Tuesday update!

Double XP week ends Thursday!

Remember to take advantage while you can, it only lasts through Wednesday. By the way, some of you have asked so I wanted to clarify — the multiplier is not applied at the end of a race so you won’t see it there, but when you get back to the ModSpot and check your stats you’ll see that you’re getting Double XP. Enjoy!

ModNation Racers Dynamic Theme available on PSN

For those who can’t get enough ModNation Racers, the Dynamic Theme is available on the PSN for $2.99 putting you right on the racetrack.

ModNation Racers Dynamic Theme available on PSN for $2.99

Next Week: The Artist Spotlight Returns!

Tanner Foust: ModNation Racers Artists SpotlightTyler McQuarrie: ModNation Racers Artists Spotlight

Next week witness the return of the ModNation Racers Artist Spotlight! Professional stunt and race car drivers, Tanner Foust (2007/2008 Formula Drift Champion) and Tyler McQuarrie (2008 Redline Time Attack National Champion) grab a copy of ModNation and take it out for a spin!

ModNation Creations of the Week

Amazing creations in ModNation Racers get shared every day and we are playing a ton of them. If you are interested in submitting your mod, kart or track to be a future “creation” of the week be sure to visit up on the official ModNation Community site and who knows? You might see your handiwork on the PlayStation.Blog.

Mod of the Week

Mod Name: ”Biff Tradwell”
Creator: tjperez123

ModNation Racers for PS3: Biff Tradwell

Kart of the Week

Kart Name: ”Gary and Biff Kart!”
Creator: tjperez123

ModNation Racers for PS3: Gary and Biff Kart!

Tracks of the Week

If you have videos of your track, submit them to ModNation Racer’s YouTube channel ( and we will include them in the blog if your track is showcased.

Track Name: ”Forgotten Ruins Mountain”
Created by: Blind-Rush

ModNation Racers for PS3: Forgotten Ruins

ModNation Racers for PS3: Forgotten Ruins ModNation Racers for PS3: Forgotten Ruins

Blind-Rush says: “Forgotten Ruins Mountain is a former battle zone of a war held by three civilizations; desert, jungle and alpine civilizations. After the war, all was left in ruins making one of the best tracks in the ModNation world. To make this track, I used props from three themes, the ones mentioned earlier. I took advantage of this feature to make various passages, each one with a different theme.”

Track Name: ”Switchbacks and Stairs”
Created by: Harbringer

ModNation Racers for PS3: Switchbacks and Stairs

ModNation Racers for PS3: Switchbacks and Stairs ModNation Racers for PS3: Switchbacks and Stairs

Harbringer says: “A simple, yet not so simple track that takes you up a mountain through a series of switchbacks then flying back down a crate staircase. This is a unique track you don’t want to miss!”)

Track Name: ”Evolution City”
Created by: Stitchless

ModNation Racers for PS3: Evolution City

ModNation Racers for PS3: Evolution City ModNation Racers for PS3: Evolution City

Stitchless says: “This is Evolution City. After several people began gaining powers, the city was given to this population so they would have a place to call home. Heroes and villains roam these streets, and some even the sky. Even after the recent attack by Toxic, the city sprang back quickly. Be forewarned: there are many paths to chose from. Will you follow the sewer line like the crazed cyborg? Will you take a detour through town? Or do your powers take you to the top, soaring above all?”

YouTube “Show us Yours” Creation Contest!

Remember we are having a “Show us Yours” contest on YouTube. Contest rules are simple: submit a video or picture of your very best Track (original creations only) to Also, be sure to subscribe for all the latest updates to ModNation Racer’s YouTube Channel.

The winners will be announced in an ModNation Racers blog post in September. For more information including prizes and complete rules and details, visit the News and Updates section of the ModNation Racers community site at

Hot Lap Roster for this week

Continuing with the trend we started weeks ago, this week’s Hot Lap roster features all-new community created tracks.

Monday: S: Desert Burst, by Tecnoboy1
Tuesday: Juggernaut Cliff, by Harbringer
Wednesday: Panama Canal, by Blind-Rush
Thursday: Gobi Desert, by C_Smith
Friday: Sewer Surfin’ [BWB], by Barberian912
Saturday: Mirage Canyon, by Harbringer
Sunday: Hurghada Morning [DJTX], by DjTechnics

More news next week! Until then… see you in the ModSpot!

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4 Author Replies

  • I actually just traded this game yesterday. I did love it for a time but just have to many other games to play and since I haven’t played since the update decided I didn’t want it anymore. Hope maybe the next game they do can fix a few things like the cheap AI and maybe come out with some actual track DLC someday.

  • @97 if that were true the update wouldn’t go live at a different times of day every week.

  • @98 Would be a better idea to send an email to Crystal Dynamics with your suggestion.

  • i wish sony could be less lazy and more pro active when it come time to update the store…

  • I want my psn downlaodable playstation move gdi xP

  • wow just logged off of ffxiv beta to check to see if we got any new ps+ stuff this week … and nothing?

    prob because of the holiday but o well i got plenty of stuff to keep me occupied

    Sony and SE need to get FFXIV on PS3 before march .. seriously i hate havin to highjack someones pc just to play it when i should be playing it on my PS3! .. the system it was supposed to be focused on.

  • Store update post is up now, go there and complain about what you’ve been waiting for all day…to complain about!;)

  • look at all these people whining about the psn store update in a Mod Nation Racers post, seriously ladies, and gentlemen? This is such a disrespectful thing to do, for one MNR has programmers artists, and professionals that work hard to bring this stuff down the pipeline you all chose to ignore this factor and selfishly say things like “WHO CARES, BORING! etc.”, and secondly what are you doing? just sitting here refreshing the blog, and checking store repeatedly until it updates giving Sony and third parties of the like grief in the process? I’d like to say get a life guys, but you’re on the so you’re already at least half way there, we’re all somewhat mature here so start acting like it.

    On a final note, what if you were on the development team for MNR, do you think you’d deserve to read how people think you can somehow change the flow of time to make everyone in the world happy at once…?

    Just a little bit of respect is all I’m talking about.
    from one gamer to many others.

  • @108

    I agree. Their all just nerds with too much time on their hands and no patience.


    Double XP was/is great!


    Why can’t we have WEEKLY DLC, why is the DLC for a Play, Create, Share game so sparse? Let me say this is an AWESOME game and I love it, but the DLC has been very lackluster so far.

    LBP has gotten multiple DLC packs almost every week as well DLC on holidays, and STILL is getting DLC even with an impending sequel. And in LBP, you can edit it the licensed content. What’s the point of Sweet Tooth, Kratos and such if you cant use their parts? Almost NO one races with the boss and licensed mods and karts, everyone creates their own, which is the point of the game.

    Also the DLC you HAVE released has been hit or miss, the casket and fairy karts are kinda weak, hardly anyone uses those karts. We need more content like the Van Man and the pre-order DLC. Maybe you could release a few parts packs instead, with a bunch of mod and kart parts. More or less we need more content like the parts you unlock in the Career mode. Also we need track DLC as well.

    Again, I’m not one of those cynical whining fanboys nitpicking, we LOVE the game, we just want more of it. IS DLC GONNA START PICKING UP, OR ARE YOU GUYS MORE OR LESS SAVING NEW CONTENT FOR A SEQUEL?

  • Is Mod of the Week only for PS3?

  • The dynamic theme looks amazing. Is it available in all regions… if so then I’ll download it straight away when I get home tonight

  • I got the Dynamic Theme and it is great!

  • Hi Ramone, my track Bayside Blitz was supposed to be the hot lap for this Wednesday just gone, but it seems you actually put up another track of the same name by a creator called DeLive. You can check this because his track has 3000+ plays and mine has only 26 :( Could you look into this for me please? Thanks.

  • WTF I made a mod just like that!!! (Biff)

  • Thanks Ramone! I can figure it out from here, oh and I finally found out how to post our tracks on hotlap too. Ive been looking for that for about 3 months!

  • Just a suggestion, all of these tracks and mods of the week all look really amazing but for those of us just joining the modnation community of people who haven’t been able to download all the creations i think that having a download for all of them in the store or an option to automatically download them would be a great help

  • needs more region-lock removal! ;)

  • Hey UFG, can you put the lights that are shining in the sky for dlc in track studio because they would be perfect for my new track in the making :(

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