ModNation Monday: Enjoying Double-XP Week?

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ModNation Racers for PS3: ModNation Mondays

Greetings everyone! Ramone Russell here with another ModNation Monday Tuesday update!

Double XP week ends Thursday!

Remember to take advantage while you can, it only lasts through Wednesday. By the way, some of you have asked so I wanted to clarify — the multiplier is not applied at the end of a race so you won’t see it there, but when you get back to the ModSpot and check your stats you’ll see that you’re getting Double XP. Enjoy!

ModNation Racers Dynamic Theme available on PSN

For those who can’t get enough ModNation Racers, the Dynamic Theme is available on the PSN for $2.99 putting you right on the racetrack.

ModNation Racers Dynamic Theme available on PSN for $2.99

Next Week: The Artist Spotlight Returns!

Tanner Foust: ModNation Racers Artists SpotlightTyler McQuarrie: ModNation Racers Artists Spotlight

Next week witness the return of the ModNation Racers Artist Spotlight! Professional stunt and race car drivers, Tanner Foust (2007/2008 Formula Drift Champion) and Tyler McQuarrie (2008 Redline Time Attack National Champion) grab a copy of ModNation and take it out for a spin!

ModNation Creations of the Week

Amazing creations in ModNation Racers get shared every day and we are playing a ton of them. If you are interested in submitting your mod, kart or track to be a future “creation” of the week be sure to visit up on the official ModNation Community site and who knows? You might see your handiwork on the PlayStation.Blog.

Mod of the Week

Mod Name: ”Biff Tradwell”
Creator: tjperez123

ModNation Racers for PS3: Biff Tradwell

Kart of the Week

Kart Name: ”Gary and Biff Kart!”
Creator: tjperez123

ModNation Racers for PS3: Gary and Biff Kart!

Tracks of the Week

If you have videos of your track, submit them to ModNation Racer’s YouTube channel ( and we will include them in the blog if your track is showcased.

Track Name: ”Forgotten Ruins Mountain”
Created by: Blind-Rush

ModNation Racers for PS3: Forgotten Ruins

ModNation Racers for PS3: Forgotten Ruins ModNation Racers for PS3: Forgotten Ruins

Blind-Rush says: “Forgotten Ruins Mountain is a former battle zone of a war held by three civilizations; desert, jungle and alpine civilizations. After the war, all was left in ruins making one of the best tracks in the ModNation world. To make this track, I used props from three themes, the ones mentioned earlier. I took advantage of this feature to make various passages, each one with a different theme.”

Track Name: ”Switchbacks and Stairs”
Created by: Harbringer

ModNation Racers for PS3: Switchbacks and Stairs

ModNation Racers for PS3: Switchbacks and Stairs ModNation Racers for PS3: Switchbacks and Stairs

Harbringer says: “A simple, yet not so simple track that takes you up a mountain through a series of switchbacks then flying back down a crate staircase. This is a unique track you don’t want to miss!”)

Track Name: ”Evolution City”
Created by: Stitchless

ModNation Racers for PS3: Evolution City

ModNation Racers for PS3: Evolution City ModNation Racers for PS3: Evolution City

Stitchless says: “This is Evolution City. After several people began gaining powers, the city was given to this population so they would have a place to call home. Heroes and villains roam these streets, and some even the sky. Even after the recent attack by Toxic, the city sprang back quickly. Be forewarned: there are many paths to chose from. Will you follow the sewer line like the crazed cyborg? Will you take a detour through town? Or do your powers take you to the top, soaring above all?”

YouTube “Show us Yours” Creation Contest!

Remember we are having a “Show us Yours” contest on YouTube. Contest rules are simple: submit a video or picture of your very best Track (original creations only) to Also, be sure to subscribe for all the latest updates to ModNation Racer’s YouTube Channel.

The winners will be announced in an ModNation Racers blog post in September. For more information including prizes and complete rules and details, visit the News and Updates section of the ModNation Racers community site at

Hot Lap Roster for this week

Continuing with the trend we started weeks ago, this week’s Hot Lap roster features all-new community created tracks.

Monday: S: Desert Burst, by Tecnoboy1
Tuesday: Juggernaut Cliff, by Harbringer
Wednesday: Panama Canal, by Blind-Rush
Thursday: Gobi Desert, by C_Smith
Friday: Sewer Surfin’ [BWB], by Barberian912
Saturday: Mirage Canyon, by Harbringer
Sunday: Hurghada Morning [DJTX], by DjTechnics

More news next week! Until then… see you in the ModSpot!

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4 Author Replies

  • Was yesterdays Hot Lap track Desert Burst? Wasnt the Rome track on Hot Lap sunday AND monday?

  • PhillyTheCat – I’m in Virginia

  • I’m also in Virginia. /shrug

    /just entertaining self until store update

  • I dont know why but I just never get the urge to play this game even though its fun.

    At the people complaining about Store update… you seriously need to get another hobby

  • This update better have Tomba! you bunch of robots,hurry up or else!!!

  • you know what would make double XP week better? if the amount of race XP we normally received was exponentially higher. level 28, 142,000 XP left to hit level 29, about 3 – 80 XP per race…. c’mon.

    and that’s not even counting the 250,000 i’ll have to get to reach level 30. we should be getting XP in the hundreds, not teens. perhaps adding an XP bonus if you finish in the top 3 spots in a race like in an XP series would help.

  • lmao @ “or else!!!”

  • BigPoppaB….i have plenty of hobbies just on tuesday i want the store to update in a timely fashion. And im not in cali im in illinois, just saying its past work hours in cali and still no update? whens it gonna update 8pm pacific?

  • Best Dynamic Theme ever. Kudos to the designers on that one.

  • Racing is a terrible source of XP. You’re better off being social in the Modspot and going for downloads through advertising.

  • Ramone I need your help. I want to submit my track Urban Velocity into the competition, but I am not sure how to submit it!!! Can you please explain it to me?

  • @PuppetShoJustice~ I see you’re a fan of Megaman. have you played the PSP Megaman games? If yes, are they any good? Also, I read there is a Megaman online coming soon, know any news on that?

  • I hate when people advertise their downloads/ask for D4D’s in the chat. It annoys the people actually trying to set up races/chat. I actually have a mod and kart just to turn into when that happens, to say “No, spammer” or “Stop, spammer”.

  • stop playing with move or grabbing your ass and update the damn store damn it!

  • If you’re talking about Megaman Universe, it isn’t an online game so far as I’m aware. One can find a newer video of it that shows some gameplay. I’m not excited about it honestly. The only thing that even remotely caught my interest was the apparent inclusion of Metal Blades from Mega Man 2.

    I don’t actually have a PSP so that’s a no-go on those.

  • @Philly: There is a new “Megaman Universe” coming soon if that’s what you mean. I’m pretty sure “Megaman Online” is only in Korea or something.

  • megaman 2, the memories!

  • Hey guys I know that you may think it’s Monday based on the headline, but it’s actually Tues….so how about some new content for the store? I thankya.

  • Megaman Universe might be awesome. The art style really irks me though. They tried to combine old 8-bit style sprites with a silly (i.e. bad) looking polygon design for Megaman himself. He looks woefully out of place.

    With polish it might work. But as it stands it looks so awkward that it’s really off-putting. And that’s saying a lot. It’s really, really difficult to make me even remotely consider avoiding Megaman.

  • I liked the double xp week, but what does the higher rank achieve? There aren’t any mods awarded for higher levels. No tracks, no characters, no karts. Just a higher number. And…?

    Don’t get me wrong. I love the game. Without the metaphorical carrot, the RPG fan in me just lost interest very quickly in XP races. Even a game like Modern Warfare 2 has leveled rewards, which greatly enhances the multiplayer experience. If all MW2 offered was just a higher number with each level, I doubt it would have nearly as many people on it as it does almost a year later. I never would have felt the push toward level 70 and definitely never would have chosen the prestige option just to do it all over again. MNR doesn’t have the carrot to make me care about leveling.

    All I’m asking is that you give me a reason to care about increasing my level through XP races.

  • Any level-based rewards would have to be cosmetic. As you’d immediately alienate a lot of people just as soon as you start giving gameplay advantages to higher level characters.

    That being said. I’ve only ever seen one level 30 in game. I hit 30 myself but quit the same day. The only appeal of hitting the level cap for me was the gold trophy involved. /shrug

    UFG just wanted to make a timesink is all. And perhaps a sense of progression where there really was none.

  • hahaha going on 9pm EST and the store update still hasn’t happened yet XD

  • @61 grey_jeep Dont bother submitting anything , they pass up technically sound tracks in favor of broken ones (hughada morning ) , dont even waste your time .

  • yeh… that’s super… I don’t care I want the ps store update!!


  • Complaining about the lack of a store update on a post that has nothing to do with the store update?

  • we’ve been doing that. welcome to the blog newbie.

  • Where should I go to complain?

  • Update is now almost 2 1/2 hous late. No word still on arrival,

  • I’m not usually one to complain about update times, but, sheesh, it’s 9:15pm here. Seems like these update times get worse and worse each week.

  • @79 How can something that doesnt have a set time be late?

  • Easy. When Wednesday happens.

  • @79

    Plus….what a “hous”?

  • hours smart ass

  • so tell me players what exactly can we still do with a PS3? I don’t own one but will some day.

  • Oh i see!

    Well if wednesday comes and the store hasnt updated THEN start complaining. Last time i checked the update happens on tuesdays. Again, no set time has ever been stated.

  • @PhillyTheCat….Everything! Of Course.

  • all the comments about the psnstore crack me up hahaha.

  • guys chill, it gets updated as soon as they can.
    They dont just sit there “hmm…think we should update?”
    “nahh let them wait some more”

  • Nice, Sewer Surfin’ [BWB] is a great track. Glad to see it up

  • LOL @ NissanFlyboy. Suck it up! Suck it up!

  • This is ridiculous

  • hmm it’s like 830 an no update an no word on any site of it coming soon. I’m not expecting much since i got castle crashers last week but since i have plus i gotta look………i mean sony hasta be doing this on purpose with how many complaints they get each week of no set time……set a time cause after this week i can see more an more ppl getting on your case

  • is it tuesday today or what? Not getting the update makes me feel like i’m in the twilight zone. . . . what’s going on? Why is the PS store not moving? Am I alone in the universe….?

  • It would be nice to have a heads up if the store won’t be updated today.

  • @NissanFlyboy Actually, the stuff is usually put on the servers a day prior the actual update, so no… it’s not like it’s not “ready” it’s just they haven’t flipped the switch yet.

  • I have went to share to post my idea twice and it never made it to the board? who doesn’t like me @ sony hmmm? after reading some of those ideas, i either made a “WTF” smirk or laughed hysterically. My idea~ Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen PS3 Re~Make. hey Sony just to remind you I did buy “Blood Omen” through your network. please add my idea.

  • would yesterday being labor day have anything to do with it?

  • Fail firmware update and fail store update XD

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