PlayStation 3 System Software Update v3.42 Now Available

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Hi everyone! A minor update to your PS3 system is now available via system software update v3.42 that includes additional security features. For more details and instructions on how to update the system software for the PS3 system, please visit the PS3 System Updates page.

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  • Every time there is an update it’s a security patch I don’t care about that
    give me something that will keep me occupied like
    for example: more visuals on the music player, a way to delete trophies for a game I don’t have anymore, backward compatibility for ps2 games that I really like, a better video chat setup, a whole new redesign of checking out other players trophy stats and gamer card you guys don’t take to many suggestions from your players if you listen I mean really listen to the ideas you will be top of the list I love Sony I really do but you guys are screwing up big time…. You want ideas that will appeal to your fans listen and learn there are lots of fans out here… Talented ones at that

    Sony…… Make my experience worth while and I mean that with all seriousness

  • @lil_bear13 i agree.

  • Better be something good!

  • i was upgrading my PS3 hard drive 80gb to 120gb but now it ask me for 3.42 update file on my USB but i cant find it on on show 3.41! please update on your website too.

  • Good job Sony! Sucks to be those people who actually bought those USb exploits. NOT! They got whats coming to them!

  • Lol at all the people annoyed at the fact that a .1 update didn’t bring anything new.

    i think the whole piracy threat is more of a concern

  • I say sony fishy 8D

  • I completely support sony for making a mandatory update that blocks the jailbreak. I would hate to see my favorite console fall to rampant piracy.

  • Its not easy to add features to the PS3. It has a limited amount of ram, sony knows what it is doing you cant trust the system in the hands of hackers.

    It will be used for piracy thats all and versus will go multiplatform. Do you guys want that?

  • Any reason why this didnt download Automatically for us Playstation Plus members? Maybe too soon and the PS3 only checks at certain times for updates?

  • I really don’t care about any updates. It seems that Sony only takes away abilities and replace them with “security.” I am a Gamer but I miss being able to play music, hit the PS button and prepare the next song without stopping playback. Now if I want to listen to something else it has to be in either a play list or I have to stop playback all together. Don’t protect your equipment and force people off of it. Plus, I wish you could play your music while gaming like the Xbox. I am a Xbox hater but I may have to get one now for the media possibilities, gears of war, and the rush of turning it on without the “red ring of death.”

  • Here’s hopin’ you stay one step ahead of *them*.

    Lemmie start off by saying in no uncertain terms, I am more than a bit of a PS3 fanboy. I love my PS3s, with Valkyria Chronicles II I am now deeply in love with my PSP, and I’ll explain why to anyone who’ll listen.

    But, if I may offer one teensy suggestion: word is, *their* next update allows PS2 games to be played on any model PS3 via full software emulation.

    Now, we all know you guys also know how to do this…

    …why not give folks who actually support Sony with their cash money a feature that was stripped from later iterations of the hardware? (Because it’s not the most profitable strategy – I know – but still.) Every time an update comes, we ask for the same two things: PS2 backward compatibility and cross-game voice chat.

    I don’t know about the latter, but please give us the former. And please don’t give it to us in the form of purchasing PS2 games off the PSN.

  • Maybe the hackers will be able to bring xgame chat or real updates.
    Sony should hire those hackers, as they are more capable of bringing the features everyone asks, without asking for a cent!

  • @ illusion1430 – Amen man AAAAAMEN

    except for the RROD bit…cuz the new one turns off the system before it overheats…which is pretty much the same…except now when you’re in the heat of battle…shuts off…so im still waiting til a newer xbox finally arrives to fix RROD or something

    anyways Sony disappoints me….always taking away awesome stuff we loved and giving us BS excuses….its getting tiring and annoying…i mean seriously? why the hell do i have a ps2 memory card option in my slim if i cant even freaking play ps2 games anymore?

    and i always wanted to use OtherOS and now i cant…SONY loves doing whatever they want without any regard for us…the gamers….they just live to make money off freakin casuals :(

  • THANK YOU for getting rid of that jailbreak!

  • How about giving me full MKV support.

  • @shadowcrazy hey at least our online service is free unlike m$ who are raising xbl, plus i never used the os, and the ps2 memory card thats for everyone complaining that the price is to high now guess what its gone and people are complaining again

  • thanks!

  • the jailbreak is not gone, geniuses. people who don’t update can still use it. btw, that hack hasn’t been used in online games so stop blaming them. blame your crappy noobish skills.

  • banned all the users from PSN for using PSJailbreak. So they can’t play online games like MW2 etc.

  • they’ll be online later down the road and i’m a sit here and laugh at this blog while reading some of the comments of people crying XD

  • @ josh – you’re a sheep i dont expect you to understand

    ps2 backwards compatibility wasn’t taken away because of price…if it was why not still keep the expensive units for those that DO WANT them?….think about that while you understand how little you know about business

    and otherOS was removed because of the homebrew

    in the end SONY does stupid things and love to lie to us about it…so yeah stop being a SONY fanboy and learn that SONY fails…PS3 will always be my system…but SONY sucks…period

  • That page still lists 3.41 as the latest firmware, am i doing it wrong??

  • Hello, everyone. This may sound old news to anyone, but now that the new update is up and it has security to check on any PS3 that is hacked, is it safe to use a normal USB device such as Lexus brands?

  • This update is complete BS. It’s been confirmed to brick PS3s with homebrew on it. Why don’t you be honest about something Sony? You’re going to lose customers this way. This better not turn into the PSP with 5 updates only being for homebrew protection. You will never get ahead of the homebrew community. It’s been proven with everything. Give us some real updates dammit.

  • I agree with Number 70 :\

    Gotta’ learn the hard truth these days… It’s all ’bout the money

  • WHERE’S MY FIRMWARE 3.50!!!?????

  • oh yeah… look at the bright side, sony will once again take features that the homebrew community put together on the ps3 and add it in their firmware, just like they did with categories, subfolders, comics, and sensme on the psp like friggin years later.

  • Let me guess…Since the jailbreak uses USB you have now taken the necessary precautions by removing USB functionality from all existing and future PS3 systems. :P

  • Great update. We all know why people were wishing this update wouldn’t happen, and homebrew isn’t it. Homebrew clearly isnt all that useful if the most wanted psp features still arent available via homebrew.

    You know, if some of these losers with no life gave up on trying to pirate the system, Sony wouldn’t have to take developers’ time trying to block stupid stuff like these mods and whatnot (to prevent piracy). Just saying.

    Good job Sony. Keep it up, I hope the PS3 never gets pirated. Even at the cost of some other features like cross game chat. It might lead to some of these pirate-losers to get jobs and buy games like the rest of us honest people. Either that, or switch systems. Either way I don’t really care, considering the options LOL.

  • Finally!!! 3.42 Update! A.K.A.: The Penitentiary Sniper!


  • Sorry, I didn’t make myself clear myself clear with my last question. Since this new update is up and running with security checking any PS3 being hacked, will this unable us to use the USB devices such as the Lexus brands? Please help. Sorry if this question is old or useless.

  • Cmon Sony, I expected you to learn from your mistakes. This makes me extremely sad as a Sony fan. At least take the “other company’s” approach and surprise everyone when a great game just came out. That way you sell more consoles too.

  • OnePiecefan117, Lexus doesn’t make USB devices, they make cars.

  • glad the did it now the cracking NOT hacking nerds can cry over all the time they wasted and the kids who spent 100 bucks on them.

  • I hate pirates as much as the next guy (possibly more), but it really does seem like they waste far more of my time through firmware updates building up their own defenses than improving my own experience with the system.

    If they did indeed improve the browser, I’ll call this one a wash, but I really wish they’d do more. There’s a ton of little stuff that could use improving and if their counter-measures can be performed this quickly, they should easily be able to give the system relatively marginal bumps up each time. Dog knows there are a thousand complaints, from the miniscule to the massive, to choose from.

  • Oops, sorry I mean Lexar, My bad Didn’t mean to sound dumb or anything.

  • Dear Sony guys, thought you should see this:

    That’s a PS3 getting hacked by phone, and a, calculator…

    Have a good week!

  • @ kiddo – ……you’re an idiot…hackers just dont update….simple…i wasnt forced to update and i wont…they havent forced the update on me so if i hacked my ps3 i still wouldnt have to update

    and im sure the hacking community has made it so you can still be online without those updates…but please keep posting you sound so intelligent :)

  • The funny thing about all this is that Sony caused it when they took away Other OS. They got all the hackers interested in the PS3.

    Before, you could already run Linux on it. Sure it wasn’t at it’s full potential, but you could do it and that brought a lot of great features and options to this system. It was boring to the hackers. They could already run Linux and whatever other OS software they wanted. Then Sony takes Other OS away and cheats EVERY SINGLE PERSON who trusted them with their money when they advertised that feature, including the hackers.

    Sony started the ball rolling. Now it is going to be Sony, hackers, Sony, hackers and so on until the next console comes out.

  • So now expect an update every other week only to block piracy. OKAY Sony, make the paying customer jump through hoops to block people who weren’t goin to buy games in the first place.

    Don’t punish the paying customer. Its a battle you will never win just let it go. So tired of this BS.

  • Folders for images, music, stuff…PS2 software emulation (backwards compatibility), cross game chat…I’ll sleep until those are released.

  • John, now that 3.42 blocks these USB devices, how about fixing things so that people can’t use proxy tools to bypass the mandatory firmware update?

    As it is, people running ripped copies of games are still playing online on PSN.

  • Trying to shut down the pirates? Good!

  • Get ’em Sony. Keep my investment strong.

  • Hopefully this kills off the jailbreak hack once and for all. Good luck to the firmware team.

  • You people that are glad Sony has patched the exploit are morons. Sony is just as bad as Apple not allowing you to use your console how you want even though you bought it. It’s like you are renting the console from Sony and you have no rights to do what you want. I don’t support piracy either, but I do support homebrew and I will not let Sony boss me around.

    I’m going to laugh so hard at you idiots who update your firmware and then realize Sony bricked your consoles and now you have to buy a new console or have to give Sony $150 to fix your PS3.

    Mods, go ahead and delete this because I know you will. You are all a bunch of robots that can’t think for yourselves.

  • Will this update prevent anyone from using a normal USB device like Lexar brands for example. I’m sorry that I’m being annoying asking this question a couple times because no one answered it. please respond and thank you very much.

  • Syn1st3r, you’re an idiot. :)

    Apparently you’re avante garde, well I’m sorry but it is stealing. You can look at it in any Hack the Planet sort of way you want, but you’re still a moron.

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