PlayStation 3 System Software Update v3.42 Now Available

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Hi everyone! A minor update to your PS3 system is now available via system software update v3.42 that includes additional security features. For more details and instructions on how to update the system software for the PS3 system, please visit the PS3 System Updates page.

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  • Thanks for putting this now ill go update my ps3

  • Ha! Not updating! Give us something useful!

  • I think we all know what this update is really for.

  • Thanks for the heads up. Did the automatic download get this for me while I was at work or would I need to wait until tomorrow?

  • Can you confirm changes made to the internet browser? The font now seems bold and easier to read while browsing.

  • And crosschat nothing?

  • yes!!! love all the new features!

  • @2 Well you won’t be able to use your PS3 for multi-player unless you want to buy a new Slim 320 with Move controller. Runors have it that the security is to stay ahead of PS Homebrew and “hacker” community. I for one have already updated since I don’t need Homebrew or a hacked system. Keep fantasizing about Homebrew on the PS3 it won’t work with Cod MW3.

  • Good to hear it patches the you know what. I’ve updated :)

  • Oh, come now. At least be honest about the update. We all know it’s the first of an expected hundred-plus firmware updates to block the Jailbreak. Now you’ll be doing these every day like with the PSP instead of actually taking the time to give us updates we actually need or working on making the system/service better. You know it’s never gonna end, right? Firmware update, gets cracked, firmware update, gets cracked, awesome.

  • finally… no more jailbreaking from the low life basement dweller. Thank you sony for this update and keeping the integrity of the system.

  • this is to break the jailbreak madness that has been going around the webs.

    I don’t care what how many jailbreak progreams/ways they come up with, I wont jailbreak my PS3, but please sony, please, with the same speed you got a team together to come and test this patch to solve the jailbreak, bring us more userful features, like the ones we have been asking you for years now. [no need to list them agian, everybody at sony knows them by heart by now]


  • hahahhaha i updated before they posted this! I WIN!

  • Dose this fix the usb hack? I hope so….

  • yes! keep hackers off of playstation, especially on MW2. bastards.. thanks guys!! keep up the good work.

  • Glad you are patching the hack, but just a note the link in the story to the update page is broken

  • @8 I don’t care about ANY COD game and I already know about not getting online, and I know this special “security features”is for blocking the USB JIG.

    They aren’t fooling anyone. To everyone else, that’s all that’s in this update. No cross game chat, no in game music, no anything else some of you are constantly begging for.

  • I hope this fixes those greedy buggers for good. I’ll support Playstation by buying my games thank you very much! Developers work hard on their games.

  • You fine folks at Sony should check out that whole PS Blog Share thing. I hear it’s full of great ideas.

  • im getting a page not found when i click on the link for details

  • Give it a couple of days until the hackers find a way around the new firmware.

  • this update is for PSJailbreak. Nice!. will update, after work. :)

  • Like there’s ever been a security threat…

  • That was quick, hopefully this breaks the PS3 Jailbreak nonsense. The last thing the PS3 needs is piracy in the name of “homebrew”.

  • Finally lol

  • I hope this update will hold off hackers for some time

  • “Give it a couple of days until the hackers find a way around the new firmware.”

    If you read a few of the sites, they already have.

  • This update also added a Motion Controller calibration option in the Accessory Settings menu.

  • LOl @ you sheep. The homebrew community could bring you certain features SONY is not willing to. Such as cross game chat, in game music players, better visualizations, improved web browser, FULL unlocked Linux capabilities.

    You sheep fall for anything.

    Sony, Fail. Again.

  • i think sony should be worrying about hackers instead of anything else, really. if and when the ps4 comes out then i believe it’ll have the features we’ve been wanting

  • Good job blocking the PS Jailbreak. Pirates be damned.

  • I wish you guys were this fast in adding features that everybody in the community wants badly then with stopping security threats.

  • @11

    Be honest? They said it was for additional security features. How much more specific do they need to be? You want them to list every jailbreak device or something?

  • Glad that Sony is taking care of things. Hackers are wastes of space and need to be dealt with.

  • @demologik

    New Features, like, Pirating games, right? Lets face it. thats what you want.

  • hackers are smarter than you.

  • “LOl @ you sheep. The homebrew community could bring you certain features SONY is not willing to. Such as cross game chat, in game music players, better visualizations, improved web browser, FULL unlocked Linux capabilities.”

    and mkv file support! That’s the only homebrew I want. Unfortunately I’m also a trophy wh- uh, hunter, so I’ll have to update.

  • Word on the street is that Jailbreak will enable PS2 backward compatibility. So of course, that it offers a feature people would actually want, Sony is lightning-fast in killing it off.

  • @demologik

    i find it nice to see that that the Hacker Community is putting pressure on sony to push for new features that are possible on the PS3, but seriously bro, we all know the main reason why the haxors want to hax the system…To Pirate….

  • They got rid of that fast i just wish they would be that fast with PS Blog Share…

  • ummm to all the idiots still whining about no music during games there are still quite a few that let you play music while playing them instead of making it mandatory like 360 does sony says it’s up to the game developers and most just plain choose not to include the ability with their games for instance try marvel versus capcom 2 or street fighter they included with their games the ability to play music with them…but even if they don’t why do you whine about that??? I mean it’s easilly fixed JUST USE AN MP3 PLAYER DUH!!!!!
    oh and as for cross-game chat you can use a chatroom and allow mic functionality jesus you guys are stupid no wonder people hate ps3 online versus 360

  • Lol wtf would i need to pirate my games for? have a look at my effin library!

  • Also I commend sony at least unlike microsoft they try their best to keep ahead of hackers and keep the systems hack free. and to anyone whining about them trying to block homebrew among other cracks and hacks you only want them to stop so you can pirate and cheat online and cheating/hacking ruins your reputation as a true legitimate gamer just grow up and stop it already take what they give ya cuz it’s amazing enough as it is and cheap as [DELETED] if you’re so poor that you need to pirate games…then why they hell did you pay 300-600 bucks for a system >.>

  • @ otenko – feel free to buy me a mp3 player since you seem to be so rich and generous and willing to buy me one so i can enjoy music while i game


  • Ps online is free still. Xbox makes you pay still.

    I love my ps3….I hate my Xbox.

    Pirates make me a sad panda though.

  • @42 Do you even know what your talking about? “You can use a chatroom and allow mic functionality”

    You clearly dont know what you are talking about. It’s no wonder people hate ignorant people.

  • Thanks for the update , keep the pirates out

  • No more Jailbreak means no more Xbots buying PS3’s. Awesome news!

  • I’m not a pirate or a hacker, so sure, I’d be glad to download this new update :)

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