The Drop: Week of Sept 6th, 2010 New Releases

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Any fan of Disney, Final Fantasy and RPGs are more then familiar with the Kingdom Hearts series. Sadly, being a fan of all three — I am not. With my upcoming travels to Japan next week to cover Tokyo Game Show 2010, I’m looking forward to jumping head first into Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep on my PSP to help pass the time on my long flight. Gamers with schizophrenia, and a lack of arachnophobia will be web-slinging on their PlayStation 3 when Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions hatches this week as well.


PlayStation fans can also put their hockey and MMA skills to the test when they’re given the chance to body check or guillotine their opponents in the rink or the octagon. The PlayStation Network and PlayStation minis also have some neat releases in the second dimension of gaming with galactic and terrain exploration. Come hither Keyblade Masters for this week’s The Drop.

Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions

PlayStation 3

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Blending together the many alternate universes of the world-famous webslinger with four unique take on Spider-Man’s history in comics. Spider-Man attempts to retrieve a piece of a tablet that’s been scattered across multiple parallel dimensions, and in doing so he crosses over to storylines famous to comic book aficionados as variant tellings of the Spider-Man mythology.

Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. 2 Plunge into explosive environments where you can become elite aerial soldiers in control of the world’s most technologically advanced aircraft. You will have the chance to control pilots trained to use cutting edge technology in aerial warfare missions.

R.U.S.E. This is a one-of-a-kind real-time strategy game, allows players to bluff their enemies to lead their nation to victory. Controlling the action using views that range seamlessly from the heart of the battlefield to the full theatre of war, players will be plunged into the action thanks to the exclusive IRISZOOMTM Engine which offers an intuitive interface.

NHL 11 Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the franchise, NHL 11 aims to to raise the bar yet again for hockey fans. With a real-time physics engine that brings a realism to the franchise, gameplay innovations — like broken sticks and a revamped face-off system — as well as the addition of the Canadian Hockey League, NHL 11 promises to be the most complete hockey videogame ever created.


PlayStation Network

TerRover TerRover’s gameplay is based on navigating a terrain rover through over forty stages of puzzling arcade levels in five different 2-D art styles including the icy vistas of Congelata. TerRover features three local multiplayer modes for up to four people, leaderboards and PlayStation Network trophies.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

PlayStation Portable

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep A tale of a new trio of heroes, told across three scenarios utilizing the technology of the PSP. With new features introduced on top of the traditional controls, game system, and visual style of its predecessors. Before Sora took up the Keyblade, there were other Keyblade masters. One of these masters, Xehanort, disappeared one day along with his apprentice. This event proved to be a foreshadowing of great disaster to come. Aware of the threat, another master ordered his three apprentices to seek out Xehanort and his cohort.

UFC Undisputed 2010 Players manage Octagon control with a variety of strikes, submissions, transitions, cage positions and more. In addition, players will have customizable freedom with created fighters by combining move sets from numerous MMA disciplines to become true mixed martial artists.

Ace Armstrong vs. the Alien Scumbags!

PlayStation minis

Ace Armstrong vs. the Alien Scumbags! This is a fast-paced horizontally scrolling shooter with a unique, slapstick take on the best of 50s and 60s sci-fi movies and cartoons. The game features a unique weapons system: instead of collecting power-ups, Ace must down enemies using the incredible power of the Recyl-o-Ray! before turning the Scumbags’ own weapons against them!

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  • Can’t wait to not play BBS on my PSP Go! Woo so exciting!

    FFXIV Beta for me.

  • i thought couple PSmove titles release this week

  • the verdict is tom. right? We’ll finally REALLY KNOW if it does release. Hopefully it does release, I’ll download it to my go. if not, I still have my GF’s PSP.

  • pre-ordered my Move bundle.. I know those at Sony will love me for shelling out on a 2nd system now that my original PS3 is dead twice over.. but i felt it was a good deal and so i will have it by the end of the Month of September… but no other games am i purchasing until GT5…

  • Yeah because if you’re a true KH fan you’ll totally pass up this game because you dont want the case, umd, and preorder exclusives.

    If you bought a GO for 250 bucks then you already have problems.

  • cant believe spider-man: shattered dimensions is out this week & still not a single review!! the game must suck- ppl already have it, most saying its very repetitive. why does activision put out a review ban, till the game comes out?? even the hype died down..
    there was hype when they were revealing the diff dimensions.. then it died down, they seem to be focusing on black ops, since moh is out soon.. they tryin to take some moh buzz away..
    sucks.. i really wanted spider man to do well..

  • I actually kinda forgot about Spiderman SD, did they ever reveal the last dimension? Well, if I can ever get a job I’ll be picking this up depending on how well the reviews are.

    I’ll finally be getting my birthday present with the Kingdom Hearts bundle, any news on what movie is being included with it? Or was it switched to a music card thing, cause the playstation site says one thing, while gamestop says another….

  • no pes 2011 demo for ps+? or only for european ps+ subscribers? :(

  • I get my silver PSP tomorrow! :-D

  • @114: Yes, it’s the Ultimate dimension. This Spider-Man has the Black Suit.

  • Can’t wait to get Birth by Sleep, it has been a long time since I’ve played a Kingdom Hearts game. That’s mainly because it’s been a long time since they’ve released a Kingdom Hearts game, lol.

  • You guys really need to change the advertisement for KH:BBS.

    I mean first on the website it has a psn logo yet for now it wont be on the psn.

    At E3 you showed it being played on a psp go (this can be considered False Advertisement i know a whole bunch of people who saw that and went and bought a psp go because they way you guys advertise it made it seem like it can be played on a psp go)

    And now here you are saying its for the psp this would mean all psp when you guys should state its only going to be on the k series psp.

    And the people blaming Disney… You guy do realize here in the US that Disney has no problem with Digital Media right? heck couple of psn updates ago there were a ton of Disney games. So i doubt Disney has anything to do with it. Square and Sony really need to “man up” and come out and say whose to blame for this. This has got to be one of most anticipated games for the psp NO ONE should be left out on enjoying this great game.

    But again nobody said a full on NO to a Psn release. If you remember all Square said was “No Current Plans” they said the same thing for Dissidia when it came out and 6 Months later it was release. So if anything us Go users/K users who use psn will have to wait.

  • The game was made in Japan iTofuMan not in the US we don’t own the game tell that to Disney of Japan and you’ll get a whole different story.


  • Interesting blog. are kingdom hearts games any fun? I have a PS2, maybe I will get the first one before trying the PSP title.

  • This is horrible , For both Sony and i. i currently have the Psp go and love it, Except for the fact its not being supported the right way. Psp go is the latest model on the market, you would think that the psp go would have better perks and advancements. but as we can all see now , it doesn’t . the psp 3000 models and older have more games and even have an option of an add-on camera. what do psp go users have , smaller screens , no add-ons , 100% lighter feeling and barely any game support. im writing this cause im very very angry , i was really looking forward to Kingdom hearts Birth by sleep and now i cant play it cause i have sonys latest model of the psp ? like come on Wtf ! makes no sense . i have been supporting sony on my half as in buying the small option of games they have on digital. and the pricing on the digital games is just unfair. overall it seems like i get ripped off and the older psp users get the better experience.

  • OH man !!! This is horrible , For both Sony and i. i currently have the Psp go and love it, Except for the fact its not being supported the right way. Psp go is the latest model on the market, you would think that the psp go would have better perks and advancements. but as we can all see now , it doesn’t . the psp 3000 models and older have more games and even have an option of an add-on camera. what do psp go users have , smaller screens , no add-ons , 100% lighter feeling and barely any game support. im writing this cause im very very angry , i was really looking forward to Kingdom hearts Birth by sleep and now i cant play it cause i have sonys latest model of the psp ? like come on Wtf ! makes no sense . i have been supporting sony on my half as in buying the small option of games they have on digital. and the pricing on the digital games is just unfair. overall it seems like i get ripped off and the older psp users get the better experience.

  • I REALLY HATE SONY FOR THIS NOW…First they dont put Final Fantasy Crisis Core on the PSN and now THIS???….
    What are they thinking??? only because we like the PSPGO then we dont deserve the same as all the other customers????…
    I dont have money to buy another psp…and I love my PSPGO…I hate this…it’s not fair…

  • I don’t understand why anyone would vote this down. A “petition” like this shouldn’t have the option to vote nay on the possibility of purchasing a digital copy of KHBBS. Wouldn’t it take more money to provide the UMD and boxes etc instead of just keeping up a server to download the game once purchased? And now PSP Go users can’t buy a new game because it’s not available digitally. It’s unfair that they will have to buy another variation of a product they already own in order to play this game. Whoever can change this, Sony, Disney, or Square Enix, please make it happen.

  • i agree please convince Square enix and disney to put KHBBS on the playstaion network. Every one out there bought a psp go just for KHBBS now that you confirmed that KHBBS is not coming for Psp go we are now disapointed so please convince them

  • of all the games that were not released as a digital file this one takes the cake. kingdom hearts is one of the most popular games in the game universe, everyone plays it. I bought the psp go because it was alot easier to carry then by carrying a bunch of discs around. in the advertisement for it you all said that every new game you came out with would also be digital. as a buisness you are obligated to produce for the public to make money.

  • I suppose I’ll have to trade my PSPgo for a 3000 if this doesn’t work. I hope it does work, because it would be quite inconvenient to have to go switch them out. This game was the sole reason I got a PSP, and to find that I can’t play it on the one I have is most unsettling.

  • I been waiting for this game a long time, please Sony release kingdom hearts birth by sleep to the playstation network store. I BEG OF YOU! Does that mean I got a Psp Go for nothing? Does that mean I wasted 250 bucks for nothing.Please release it on the playstation store.

  • idk if this is the place to ask but…what ever happened to Blacklight: Tango Down? I didn’t think that was an exclusive…does PS3 ever get it?

  • Why is there not 1

  • @sman5922

    It’s not an exclusive, they said they were having technical difficulty with the PS3 version… But they did say it would come out by August, so I would like an update on that.

  • Kingdom Hearts BBS FTW!!! Getting my PRE-ORDERED copy 1st thing tomorrow morning!!!!!

    To all of you “Why isn’t KHBBS on PSN?”-ers:
    It has been said LONG AGO that it will not be released on PSN. Why? It’s because of a contractual issue between Square Enix and Disney. Disney just isn’t comfortable with online sales just yet. It isn’t even out on PSN in Japan. And also, Square is implemeting pirate-stopping code that can only be read by the UMD drive.

    That is the answer to settle all answers.

  • @Tjoeb123

    Ah, thanks for clearing that up. Phantasy Star Portable 2 is waiting for me, just can’t afford this one.

  • I would imagine they will release it on both as they have both the PSP logo, and the Playstation Network Logo on the game site.

  • AHhhhhhh please be on psn tomorrow xD

  • You forgot about these PS3 releases this week:
    Sports Champions
    Kung Fu Rider
    Start the Party
    How can you have a job posting the new releases for the week when you forget half of them???

  • @PlayjoyX16
    You’re welcome. I want to get PSP2 (the game) as well but I need to get a hold of a copy of Phantasy Star Universe and at least finish that first. (Started on it via rentals but never returned to it…and now that Movie Gallery is closed…)

    Also, by “Long Ago”, I mean it’s been known since, like, TGS 09. (There was a pamphlet that only had a UMD symbol and not a PSN symbol. The guy who had it later confirmed it with a Square (?) rep.)

    Most likely because either they’re not major games, or, in the case of Sports Champions, it is among the stuff that comes with the Move.

  • My only means of playing kh:bbs would be from the psn. If it is not released on the psn I can’t buy it. If I can’t buy it my money goes elsewhere, not to anything Sony or Square Enix related as I will be upset.

  • i just want them to release BLACKLIGHT: TANGO DOWN. what and the hell is the deal?

  • I also love my psp go but like many other users i’m starting to feel ripped off because the lack of support to it. No Kingdom Hearts, no Crisis Core, more expensive, same price for the digital games when they should be cheaper than the phisical version, no love from the special editions or diferent colors. I think that kind of stuff is what’s holding the go from selling what it should. By the way, KK-BBS has been pirated already. Can’t believe people with hacked psps get to play it without paying anything and psp go owners don’t!

  • Eh, if kingdom hearts birth by sleep doesn’t release on psn don’t stress yourself peoples. Don’t get me wrong or anything I’m as disappointed as all of you are because my psp-3000 broke and I thought getting a go would be a reasonable update ’cause I personally didn’t like the umd formats (just my opinion). But finding out the games I personally enjoy had not been brought out to the store did get me a bit frustrated. But they should at least treat us to a psn release to Crisis core: final fantasy 7. All i could say at the moment is looking forward a psn release of birth by sleep in psn sometime soon. oh, and looking forward to the psn update.

  • I really like my PSP Go, its very compact and can more easily fit in my bag as I go about my day. The lack of UMD doesn’t bother me too much but not having major release games is a bummer. If Square-Enix doesn’t release Kingdom Hearts on psn today, then I will just buy Valkyria 2. I feel a little better about buying the downloadable games because it is more likely going to be compatible with whatever comes next (PSP2), than a UMD would be.

  • It is Sony’s fault that Kingdom Hearts isn’t coming to the PSN. They could make Square Enix do it if they really wanted. But, Sony doesn’t really want to. Sony is too busy digging a hole for it’s own rotted carcass. The Playstation used to be THE system to own, now it takes a back seat to the Nintendo Wii. Seriously, Playstation takes a back seat to a last generation machine that was designed for kids and their grandparents. The PSP is the worst selling hand held in the country, getting a beat down from the DS. The DS! A machine that matches the power of twenty year old gaming systems. But Sony has really angered me with the Kingdom Hearts fiasco. I bought a PSPGo for my child because she loves the Kingdom Hearts games and I didn’t want to have too look for lost UMDs. I bought the Go because Sony (and Square Enix’s) advertisements showed the game being played on a Go. I bought the system for this one game and Sony can’t even get it on the PSN. I have read the numerous comments from Sony apologists that state that this isn’t their fault. Well, that is the difference between a winner and a loser. A winner fixes a problem, while the loser fixes blame.

  • I’ll still buy KH:BBS even if it doesn’t come to PSN. It has a data install option, so the load time issues that make PSN versions superior (in that regard at least) are alleviated. Doesn’t solve the PSPGo problem or the need to carry UMDs. I’d definitely prefer to make the purchase off the PSN and have it completely on my memory stick, but I’ll settle for a UMD version when there’s no other option for a must-have game.

  • I thought EyePet dropped today?

  • Why is it two big games come out in the last two weeks but not on PSN for download to the PSPgo….UFC and Ace Combat. BAD SONY!BAD SONY!

  • I cant wait untill birth by sleep

  • As a person that owns all the kingdom hearts games (and most final fantasy games), I am really dissapointed that I won’t be able to play Kingdom Hearts Birth by sleep. The only reason I bought a psp go was to play this game…and I used my bursary money in order to buy the go. I had no idea KH BBS would not be digital. If I would have known, I would have never bought this system.

  • I own a psp 3000 and a PSP GO and i freaking love kingdom hearts… but i hate the sound of a umd spinning so god damn much i would rather wait for this game to be available on the psn or not purchase it at all playstation does not give a rats @ss about its customers or fanbase or they would have atleast developed a device in which consumers can convert a UMD to a one time file onto the PSN. if you really cared about your customers and really were that innovative this would not be happening right now.

  • Also can someone please tell me how this sounds logical, i own the latest PSP gameing consol, the PSPGO, i even own the PS3 slim 250GB edtion, yet i cannot play THE largest and brand new game KH:BBS because i do not own the older version of the consol, thats the equivelent to Halo reach only being able to be played on the freaking XBOX 1, dont see microsoft pulling scams like this sony

  • ohhhh man at least im not along, I was anticipating the release date until i found out that it wasnt going on the PSN. disappointment.

  • ahaha i own an xbox and your right Khazef they would NEVER pull a scam like that, thanks xbox for never disappointing me. =D

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