PlayStation Move Bundle: Final Retail Unboxing

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You may have seen some new impressions of PlayStation Move recently. A number of sites, both gaming and mainstream, received their press kits last week, hence the new reviews. We’ve been linking out to many of them on the sidebar, and we’ll fully recap on Sunday’s What We Read.

But what about you, the customer? How will your Move experience begin? We just got in the final retail packaging for the PlayStation Move Bundle. Here’s what you get in the box:

Like we said in the video, the included demo disc is so stuffed with content – 11 games! – that we decided to make a whole seperate post on it. Look for that one soon.

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  • I had the opportunity to host a party through (pics posted at )featuring the Playstation Move and I must say(Oh and for those who were worried…the ball is not always pink!). This is one OUTSTANDING piece of hardware. The interface is so smooth and easy I wish the Move worked with even more of my games (Control stick for HAWX anyone?)!!! It even feels better in your hand than the Wii controller!

  • P.S. Kung-Fu Rider Will be the sleeper hit of the season!!!

  • Hey Jeff and Sid

    Did you guys seriously just do an un-boxing of your own product? :D Never seen that done before

    I’m struggling to choose what to buy because I already have the Eye. It’d be nice if Sony Style offered some custom bundles, like 2 controllers + game, or controller + navicon + game.

    Question: Yes it does look like the greatest demo disc ever… but how come you don’t bundle a demo disc with every PS3 SKU?

    It’d be a great way to introduce new users to great exclusive titles like Uncharted 2, LittleBigPlanet, etc

  • @Jet-Wash

    After playing it, I think that Kung Fu Live will actually be the sleeper hit of the season

  • I admit I don’t really understand all these people who are saying stuff like “I already have a Wii so I’m not getting Move.” Do they know that the PS3/Move is getting… different… games…? I have a Wii, too, but I can’t play RE5, Heavy Rain, Heroes on the Move, etc. on the Wii.

    I’m not buying Move just so I can wave my arms around and say I own a motion controller. I’m buying Move so I can play specific software.

  • I’m guessing the ship date is the 17th, and the street date (the day stores are told to sell the actual products) is the 19th. However, obviously, many of the stores will sell them as soon as they get them, ie: Saturday the 18th. But thats just my guess..

  • @PS Blog guys… I hope you read down this far

    I have a question for you guys, and perhaps for the brainiacs at R&D:

    Would a PlayStation Move Controller, with all its ‘ometers, work in space?

    I only ask, because there’s a funny idea on Blog.Share to donate a PS3 to the International Space Station:

  • Great post. Love the inFAMOUS soundtrack background!

    I enjoyed the un-boxing video! Keep them coming as it felt better than just reading a post and checking out snapshots.



  • Todays my birthday, can i have a free copy of something? preferably the Move. :o

  • Looking gooood… My Biggest Move Q? is: “How many can I connect at the same time?”??

    Does a set of one Move and one Nav make it up for one controller or will they be handled as separate controllers, allowing only 3 players to play with one item in each hand (as the system max for who-ever-in-the-universe knows reason is 7 controllers)?

    Buying it anyway though, but would still like to know :-)

    -Jam, Denmark

  • So annoyed with the current packages, had to comment for the first time on a blog I’ve been reading for a long time.

    Like many others here, I’m an earlier adopter of the Eye. So, why am I not getting a bundle for me? In fact, the should be 2 different packages aimed at me.

    1. Move, Nav, and Game
    2. Mov and Game

    Why should I have to pay $10 less for a move and sports champions than someone getting both of those AND an Eye????

  • Never been more confused about a release date in my life!

  • I have a PS eye already, but I plan I giving it to my buddy who doesn’t have one.. That way I can get the $99 bundle.. I just want a new PS Eye, mine is as old as The Eye of Judgment game.. I got it on launch day.. I want the move just to show my xbox loving friends its 1 billion times better than Kinect.. or Wii for that matter..

  • Dear Sony,

    Why in gods name would you design a charger that only works on 2 controllers at a time… and have the absolute audacity to charge $29.99 for the pos?

    Do you assume we wont buy more than one move controller? It just makes no sense. Please fix this asap. 4 charging outlets per charger at the very least.

  • I am interested to know if the PS3 is getting an update to where you can connect more than 7 controllers? Just wondering since I always have at least 4 Dualshock controllers synced/connected. If I would like to add 2+ PS3 Move controllers and 2+ PS3 Move Navigation controllers, do I always have to re-sync and swap between the Dualshock and PS3 Move controllers? Or does a Move and Move Navigation pair connect as one controller? It would be nice if we could connect at least 10 Bluetooth controllers (or more)

    Anyway, I am looking forward to get my hands on the PS3 Move setup :)

  • @166

    Currently, Bluetooth technology only allows for 7 slave devices in one piconet. As a result, I doubt that any update that you describe would be available any time soon.

  • is there a way i could get the demo disc since i already own the ps eye and i dont need a second and i want the demo disc

  • Redrox makes a point, I know Bluetooth is limited, but Sony being the genius’ they are.. could possibly rework the software to accommodate more devices.. I’m just saying don’t doubt what sony could do.. Imagine a household that does have 4 Dual Shocks, 4 Move Controller wands, 4 Analog devices 4 the move, a blu ray remote, and 4 mic’s (not used all at once but registered on the ps3) I can’t imagine sony not wanting to fix this issue.. AND why they didn’t fix it before Move was revealed?? I don’t know.. I have 1 dual shock 3, a bluetooth mic and a Bray remote.. so my demands aren’t as complex as Redrox…

  • what games are in the demo disc

  • Thanks so much for putting the demos on the PlayStation Store! I really want to play around with them until more of the Move games come out. I also plan on getting RE5 Gold Edition soon after release and shoot some Zombies up!

    Good times are coming!

  • I try to test the move out on house party they had too events with the move and the eye pet and sport but i didnt get the chance to try it so the kids mad at…but i want to know where i can get it chep becuz im not working to much and cant aford it relly if any one got it off of house party and want to sell it a lil cheper then get back to me thaks king26ss

  • I’m moderately disappointed in the potential of the Playstation Move so far. For what amounts to a $400+ system (in Canada), I’m only getting one controller and a token sports game?
    The Playstation Eye as an accessory has been a flop. What’s going to make the Move any different?

    I’d rather see the Playstation Move come with a coupon for a better game, a second controller and see the price drop significantly. Actually, I’d also like to see a better selection of games at launch as well.

    There’s just not nearly enough making this worth it.

  • Will Uncharted games be updated w/ playstation move?

  • i was thinking of buying it but it looks like you need 2 move controls for most of the games which is no good for me.

  • hi does any body know if mlb 10 the show will be compatible with move? if so will it need the navigation controller? thanks a lot

  • i am very excited about move any release date on 3d?

  • I’ve seen that there are to types of controllers but in the video you only get one, do all the games work withought the other controller and how much is it?

  • Anybody know if MLB 10: The Show will be compatible with Move? If it does, will it need an extra Move controller or a navigation controller? Thanks

  • Some games are going to require that you have two motion move controllers,and some games are going to require the motion move,and the motion navigation controller.So my question is…Is Sony going to sale a bundle pack with two motion move controllers and a motion navigation controller all in one.I already have the playstation eye…Or are you going to have to but all three of them seperarately..

  • separately i mean

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