This Week in PlayStation Home: Brimstone Poker, PlayStation Move Event, Kane and Lynch 2 and More

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This week we bring yet another classic game into the ever-evolving world of PlayStation Home. Brimstone Poker — a devilishly fun version of Texas Hold ‘Em, plucked from the deepest, darkest depths of Sin City — is the newest addition to the line of games custom-made to be placed in the personal spaces of your choice. Invite your friends over for poker night, throw some cards, and unlock special rewards. Brimstone Poker is available Thursday, September 2nd from the Exclusives store in the PlayStation Home Mall, and will be receiving additional updates in the near future (including a tournament mode).

Also coming to PlayStation Home this week is the hotly-anticipated PlayStation Move event space. Come in first thing tomorrow morning and step up to the PlayStation Move team challenge. Play games, unlock exclusive rewards, and gear up for the release of the PlayStation Move motion controller – all in the special PlayStation Move event space, available only in PlayStation Home.

PlayStation Move Event in PlayStation Home

We’re pleased to announce that IO Interactive’s gritty third-person shooter — Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days — is coming into PlayStation Home. Pick up the heap of Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days clothing and furniture items from the PlayStation Home Mall when they release this Thursday. While you are at it, head to the Sodium store to load up on the Lockwood “trance lights” (which are sure to turn your personal space into the premier party pad) then shoot over to Threads to pick up the brand new Top Gun gear (including Maverick’s bomber jacket) and the MAG SVER items (costumes and furniture — stay tuned for items for the Raven and Valor factions).

Sodium Furniture: Lamp in PlayStation Home

See you in Home!

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  • Nice update for Home, I like that ad you put up. Reminds me of Revenge of the Nerds.

  • Thanks hitman-merc, they stop replying cause they know what direction HOME blogs will take eventually. That would mean that even if they skipped you in replies they read it. I havn’t seen them answer these types of questions ever. Of course they won’t make it 21 and up, then no one would buy their pretend clothes.

  • any word when we will get to dress up as batman or any dc or marvel peeps?

  • They never answer the important questions. where is the updates for the 25 year olds n up group.. We want to listen to our own music in apartments,off our HDD. and video sharing, so I can watch you tube,things of that nature and have a good time with my friends.Have PLAYSTATION MOVE to be implement in Home, so we can use it for our avataRS to dance, and express ourself that what Home is about.. Party chat system, look how long it been Come one now .Enough with these Lame updates, all you do is throw out paid content every week. stop being money hungry, you got enough of cash. games in personal spaces is great, but two active items only WTF, INCREASE THAT !!!!. and give is Funtionality. this beta ish going on 2 years. without in real update that carterin to the older group. Get THINGS ON Home right like CLOSED BETA WAS !!!!!!

  • U kno wat fly-boi I be sick of u everyweek like wahh dey not add da music. no duh peoples want da music. think boi think derr if it wuz all bouts da money dey jus charge money 2 let u play da music i mean gawd think boi think how dumb is u jeebus u think dey ignore u and is lyke if i was dem i jus ban u fo fun cuz u so annoyin and I mean annoyin like adam sandler be when he is weddin singin in dat movie u kno like wahhh jebus. cant u jus repsec da thangs dey atleast be attemptin to give us i mean cmon u even be acknoledge dat u kno dis is beta so lyke u kno i only get angry wen ma gurl ms. spears gets angry but guy STFU omg lyke STFU gawd u should care about mo importANT HANGS IN LYFE is lyke guy if u put dis much effort into solvin da world hunger it probly be over by now serious wtf

  • Forget closed beta and your hippity hop music. The most important question I think we’de all liked answered is where is the Omicron Persei 8 space we’ve been promised since open zulu? It’s been 6 years already and still all we have is a half of a completed Teddy Bear Junction. Also I didn’t get my free poplars avatar item last week like I was supposed too. I even had a coupon. Don’t coupons mean anything anymore? If not this is madness!

  • anyway u kno is lyke if dey really gonna add da move space dats cooool dats really coool i just be happy wif dat i dont care about no kane and lynch wtf is dat game anyway is so random jeesh but oh wells. maybe next week we get dem giant hamster balls to roll around home in lyke fly boi been complainin about fo so long jeesh

  • Also with this move space I feel like I’m going to break my hip again. Only this time I’ll have a shiny light where my head used to be. Madness I tell you.

  • I like the nerd’s revenge take with the Brimstone promo, but not sure if all the ladies would appreciate the insuinuation that they are that easy to convince to come over with a poker table. If only things were that easy, I would have bought a pool and poker table for my apartment ages ago. LOL.

  • Btw, i know that it may not get answered on the second page, but with regards to disel, why do the US not have the Captitalism bear? I think the USA of all countries deserve that item.


  • Hey i just wanted to say I think home is great. i join in june this year. Great job with all the new stuff. But when will the Star Wars cantina be finished. Theres still a spot that says coming soon.

  • Will the animations ever be better? Like better than a college freshman’s work?

    Im positive this service would be used more if it had better animations, seeing as how that a GIGANTIC part of who you are is how you move.

    If anyone sat on a chair in real life like they do in this game they would get punched in the face based on principal.
    Same goes for walking, running, everything.

    The animations are so shoddily done they had to have taken, at most, a day to make.

  • i wish you guys make cute clothes for girls
    i bought everything but its been weeks since i saw a cute outfit for girls
    im sorry but i went to japanesse account and it was amazing but i couldnt buy anything cos i have to buy japanesse pscard :[
    why i feel girls in us account been left out -again-?!! :/

  • lol excellent advert

  • This is truly pathetic, again people come up with legit concerns and instangly the “official” replies stop only to be replaced with shill accounts trolling and insulting evryone. You two are a laughing stock and should be immediately unemployed. Harassing your paying customers is truly abysmal.

    Such lackluster lack of any job performance at all is why home is in such a state of disrepair. It’s long become a silicon ghetto posted with sleazy adverts populated by perverts. Truly a run down lawless wasteland. When I started it still had some promise that it could be fun. It still had a few mods around doing their jobs & attempting to keep it clean. New items & places people enjoyed were trickling out. the many bugs were being worked on apparantly and there was hope HOME would be out of beta and ready to fulfill its promise. Now its long since become a truly gawdawful joke.

  • isnt that move space out for like weeks? i already have all the colors and the change color thingy so are there new rewards or is it just out for another region now?

  • How much of a guarantee do i have that if i buy the 3.99 poker game will i get ladies to magically come to me. On the contrary i would like to see you guys add more save slots to closet. Because i do not like the idea of having to take 10 minutes to look through my inventory for a pair of shoes. Is it too much to ask!?!? Tyvm

  • People still use this thing? Wow.

  • FINALLLLLLLLLLYYYYY!!!!!!!! After two weeks we get this Move space. No more having to go over to the Euro Home server to experience it, even though Euro Home has a lot of free stuff that you pay for here. Maybe Sony wanted us people from the US to experience Euro Home or something.

  • jamiesdls did someone hit you wit a hypocritical stick and a stupid stick at da same time or sumtin? U say people come here on da troll accounts insultin, den you come here on your troll account wit 4 trophies, insult da managers and complain about how home aint no gewd. show me where da officials has insulted anyone, anywhere at anytime. The only idiot I has seen on dis blog is YOU ME and fly-boi so i think u just need to shut up now ya hear me ya hypocrit jebus wtf

  • Sweet Zombie Jeebus. I’ve just fell into the pool of water at the move space and broken my hip. No one will help me. I’m writing this from what you would call a cell phone. Also send poplars.

  • I’m guessing you’re not an English major HollyWoodCeleb….I now have a major headache trying to decipher your posts. Fine example of the state of our school systems.

  • In the future school will be in the form of a suppository.

  • I am disappointed the females were left out of the top gun say buy the game and get free stuff..I bought that game and because I’m a girl I get nothing??..then why send me a code??..It would be nice if we could keep our chip money from the evil poker table..Can we get some type of Rating System like Xbox live for people…Could you develop a way we can have buisnesses and make virtual cash which we could use on Home.I am enjoting alot as well as HOMEstyle Mag..NorseGamer has nothing but good things to say about you and GlassWalls..plz keep up the good work.Sue

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