This Week in PlayStation Home: Brimstone Poker, PlayStation Move Event, Kane and Lynch 2 and More

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This week we bring yet another classic game into the ever-evolving world of PlayStation Home. Brimstone Poker — a devilishly fun version of Texas Hold ‘Em, plucked from the deepest, darkest depths of Sin City — is the newest addition to the line of games custom-made to be placed in the personal spaces of your choice. Invite your friends over for poker night, throw some cards, and unlock special rewards. Brimstone Poker is available Thursday, September 2nd from the Exclusives store in the PlayStation Home Mall, and will be receiving additional updates in the near future (including a tournament mode).

Also coming to PlayStation Home this week is the hotly-anticipated PlayStation Move event space. Come in first thing tomorrow morning and step up to the PlayStation Move team challenge. Play games, unlock exclusive rewards, and gear up for the release of the PlayStation Move motion controller – all in the special PlayStation Move event space, available only in PlayStation Home.

PlayStation Move Event in PlayStation Home

We’re pleased to announce that IO Interactive’s gritty third-person shooter — Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days — is coming into PlayStation Home. Pick up the heap of Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days clothing and furniture items from the PlayStation Home Mall when they release this Thursday. While you are at it, head to the Sodium store to load up on the Lockwood “trance lights” (which are sure to turn your personal space into the premier party pad) then shoot over to Threads to pick up the brand new Top Gun gear (including Maverick’s bomber jacket) and the MAG SVER items (costumes and furniture — stay tuned for items for the Raven and Valor factions).

Sodium Furniture: Lamp in PlayStation Home

See you in Home!

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  • Great content

  • Is this new MAG SVER items besides all the furn and the costume already sold? Good update, can’t wait to get the Move costume.

  • Nice. It’s about time that the poker tables for personal spaces arrive plus the PS Move space.

    We still need to see more MAG love though. Still no public space available for the game or official game launching…

  • I Love Playstation Home for what it is, i spazz on it because i guess it doesnt seem to improve fast enough but when i thibnk back to closed beta it has come so far i just got so used to chatting in public and feel like i cant talk to anyone but the voice just helped so much but anyways its going great in Home and there so much things to do its crazy, i dont play my sodium game personal space much but its one of my favorates, lets go!

  • New MAG costumes??? SVER hockey masks?? i hope =]

  • Will the Hudson Space be coming to North America Locust? The European Union will be getting that this week.

    It’s such an awesome space it would be nice to know if we can look forward to getting it soon.


  • @3 Tell the Mag devs to get to it!

  • Hey Locust, you are doing a great job in PSHome, a lot of cool spaces to visit and have fun at, really Home has become really fun, I HOPE YOU REPLY TO THIS COMMENT BTW, because i would love to mention something to you and your team, dont take it the wrong way, in fact take it as CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, see, me and my friends, we always go on Home, and we are a BIG group, i’d say about 50 in total, we are the type that like the clothing like threads or Diesel, in the past weeks i realized that there really hasnt been any new clothing when it comes to Threads t shrits, threads shirts, new jeans, sunglasses or stuff like that, even worse, the Diesel store hasnt been updated for MONTHS or maybe a year? i been in Home since it launched and i really enjoy it, but i would ASK you to please, mabe by the next update you can have some new clothing for my friends and I (Not star wars, MAG, Indiana Johns ) etc. some casual clothing would be super nice, THANK YOU LOCUST! =)

    • I’ve passed this comment off to Magnus Keynes – who is feverishly working behind the scenes to get you more items (including speaking to outside companies). Stay tuned!

  • By any chance will we see standard Poker or other types of card game types?

  • lmao@that vid and the editing is hilarious she pointed to hang up hahaha

  • Also will any of the Top Gun items include female versions of the costumes. It was very disappointing to see that the special costume which was released with the purchase of the game left women out in the cold.

    Was this a mistake or oversight and will it be corrected. I know there are a lot of women who are not happy with that development.

    I specifically asked that question at the meet and greet and was told at that time there would be female versions.

    • Hi Joanna,

      The Top Gun items that are publishing this week are male-only. I have no updates on any additional Top Gun items for females to share at this time, but will be sure to alert the community if and when they come.



  • I think a Black Jack table would be money. But, please, keep it free to the public.

  • @polo: I’ve suggested it multiple times sadly :-/

    Though I also suggested the making of Raven and Valor personal spaces… Those did come out so ya never know. It seems a little stupid to have to suggest platform exclusive titles going into Home. These titles should be first in line to receive some Home support.

  • Awesome Update, cant wait to experience the new stuff first hand!

  • ahh good and true the others did come out! Holla

    my twitter and psn r the same Hear me Rant/Hear me Rave :) :(

  • Great update! I probably wont pick up anything, but thats what I say every week.

  • Ah. Tomorrow is my birthday- Can you have your teams and you to send me a virtual cake at my apartment…? :-D I hope you say yes!

    But on another hand, I wanted to congratulate you on your fantastic job you have done with PS HOME- let alone my anger and disappointment in this lifetime- I mean permanent disappoint (REALLY!) on closed-captioning or subtitle that are not included in PS HOME when it comes to special events or special occasions and I felt I was left out – not only me, but others as well. Please make this work for everyone. So, that way, we can have that equal access like hearing people do. Thanx.

  • Awesome update!! Thanks! You guys are rockin’! Keep ’em coming!


    Now i can has all the ladies in my space :D

  • Locust any news on Plus content in Home? EU is about to get some more content soon.

  • hey, locust star, i bought the top gun game day one and never received my flight suit… what gives? also for some reason i can no longer sign in on the blog (to leave comments or visit my blogshare) via the Ps3 web browser. the sign-in screen pops up for a split second and disappears leaving no way to log in. just thought you guys should know, might want to look into that. i much prefer reading and posting on the blog over the ps3 as opposed to my computer. anyway, any info on this and/or the flightsuit reward would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

    • It was stated that the voucher codes for the Top Gun flight suits would be sent out within 10 days of the end of the promotion (which was August 24th). So there is still a window of a couple days for delivery. We thank you for your patience.

  • How about a FREE hat on your Birthday or a coupon to spend in the MALL… Something cool. My Birthday is Monday Sept 6.
    I’m going to buy the bday hat and some other items over the weekend to celebrate.

  • Hey Star,

    A long time ago, we exchanged emails when i complained about the Item Limit for our Spaces, was a paltry, 50 items.

    In my email, I also said that as HOME improves, and more Game related spaces come out, and all the items that come with them, game related furniture, and accessories for free, or bought, that the Item Limit MUST be raised significantly.

    When Picture frames finally came out, for most of us, had to remove an item or 2 to get it on the wall.

    This summer we got rewards up the wazoo, from the IREM Carnival, all those Star Wars items, the MAG stuff, not to mention the E3 items, the Gamescon items, and now we’re getting our own poker Tables, plus all the stuff i don’t know about and didn’t put here.

    In your response to me, you said that the item limit was IN FACT going to be raised too 100.

    Well that was over a year and a half ago, and here we are, Sept. 1, 2010, the item limit is STILL 50.

    So what’s the deal with the, “it’s taking way to long” to get the increased Item Limit from the paltry 50, to over 100??

    Thank you, as I know many, many, MANY people are still waiting for this, like myself.


  • In regards to your answer to Joanna, so women are just left out? The question was asked, and we were assured we would also get an outfit for our avatars. Why is it this just seems like you aren’t concerned? Doesn’t the fact that your users feel left out bother you as a representative of Home? I am not blaming you, but it just seems this is unimportant to everyone…..

    How disappointing.

    • I am sorry to hear that you feel left out. That said, we Community Managers can only suggest to our partners that they create certain types of virtual items. At the end of the day those that publish content on the platform make the call as to what types of items they create, and in what quantity. We’ll be sure to pass along your feedback, and will investigate the issue that you and Joanna have raised (that additional Top Gun costumes would be created for females).

  • last week Locust told me there was gonna be a new IREM update. But i logged in and there was nothing new ;( what happened to that update? IREM is way over due for an update.

  • HI Locust_Star are they any updates for NA irem soon? An last weel you post it we NA home are on that week a update. But you made a error it was on UK home update irem NOT NA Home. cuz last week i got happy you post we be getting a update, but i got sad it was a mistake.

  • Funny Video man! :D

  • What prizes does the MOVE space have? Is it all the colored MOVE suits? Including the color changing MOVE suit?

  • I was really disappointed about the IREM thing too. they got neat clothing I’m seriously doubt we’re ever gonna get.

    I’m also so jelous of Japan’s Hatsune Miku costume. I’d buy it if it were 15$ but I’m certain we will never see it.

  • Price on the poker tables?

  • “(including Maverick’s bomber jacket)”

    uhhhh….. is someone confusing an Navy F-14 pilot with with an Air Force bomber crewman?

    It’s just a “flight jacket”. =]

  • Giah, its obvious you guys are marketing to the young teen male population with your video there. Which is sad making them think they’ll get guys pretending to be girls in their personal space. Poker is great, I’ll give you that, but I’ve still yet to see things promised from the beginning. Where’s the video streaming from our own HDD? How about are own streaming music in our personal space? What about Move? Are we going to be able to use move to play in Home? Instead of canned animations why don’t you let us use Move to express ourselves? (imagine the dance parties then.) Let me know when you guys are serious about Home and I might log in. I love the PS3 and I WAS excited for Home at one time.(Its weird, Home was better when it first came out. I could actually start a real conversation with someone.)I really want Home to work, but I think you’ve stopped marketing it towards the 25 and older crowd.

  • anything else besides the constant flooding of paid content?
    are there any updates/upgrades/features COMING SOON to PlayStation HOME
    do you guys purposely set it to 2 active items per space to force us to buy other spaces?
    are you guys broke or just greedy?

  • That is the best Home advertisement yet! Congrats on that, haha!

    Looking forward to the PS Move Event Space tomorrow! :)

  • really give us MAG stuff free im a hardcore gamer Valor

  • i approve this message…..
    We still need to see more MAG love though. Still no public space available for the game or official game launching…

  • how about fix the age problem over 21 only in ps home

  • That Was Funny XDDD

  • Locust_Star? Question: Will there Ever be any NEW Street Fighter or TEKKEN costumes added in 2010 or is it a loss cause?

    Please add some New ones those were my Favorite costumes for 2009. But there has been none since 2009. 2010 is almost over and there are plenty of characters that haven’t been released yet for both those series.

    Let us know what gives on these?

    By: DCS

  • stop everyone under 21 from being aloud on ps home

  • WTF?!

    MALES-ONLY content AGAIN this week?!

    If this keeps up I want my money back for the items I`ve bought in the past on Home so I can delete it. I don`t want to play anything that`s so blatantly sexist.

    I`m not saying you should stop giving guys cool things, but give BOTH guys and girls cool stuff. You know, be FAIR.


    You`re gonna cause a massive walk-off from the girls next. I thought you guys wanted to earn money, not lose business.

  • how much will the move controller costumes cost that will be in the store

  • Hey Locust. Great update for tomorrow. The Trance lights look absolutely awesome. I’m glad to hear that The Move Event and Hudson are coming tomorrow as well. Brimstone Poker looks incredible also and I’m sure it will be fun getting my friends and club members together to play. Its great to see all of the surprises you guys have in store every Thursday. Anyway, like usual, You, Glass and the whole team, keep up the good work and keep us coming back for more. Thanks again.

  • Vex_Doppel has the idea so lets get r done age limits!!I really want Home to work, but I think you’ve stopped marketing it towards the 25 and older crowd.

  • Hitman-merc: I just saw you in home telling everyone that home was going to be age 21 and up. I do not like you lying to people about things like this. Btw the age limit should be at least 18 and up, I agree with you. Or age segregated, only kids will find a way around this anyway.

  • Gran Turismo space?? yes, no?? how about your current car in GT5 game shows up in GT Home space that will be kool.

  • Coyote-Trickster i to am a bit jealous that that Japan got that hatsune Miku costume as well as the Black Rock Shooter costume. I know those are exclusive costumes for Miku’s Project Diva Game and Black Rock Shooter’s new anime and all but no reason why we shouldn’t be able to get em. I purchased both those costumes on my Japanese account but i would gladly purchase them again in NA Home even if they were more expensive.

  • KoalaAteYoBaby Btw the age limit should be at least 18 and up, I agree with you. Or age segregated, only kids will find a way around this anyway.
    you agree with me a wasnt lying

  • Hey Glass, is there any chance we could get some more facial hair options for the male avatars? I would like more than one style of the STANDARD goatee. Thanks in advance.

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