Valkyria Chronicles II Marches Today – Multiplayer Preview

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Every time we post anything on Valkyria Chronicles, someone pipes up about how they never got past Chapter 7 in the first game. That battle threw a late-level boss and a massive (but by no means the game’s massive-est) tank at you – at the same time. It separated the men from the boys, if you will, and if you beat that chapter, you probably went on to beat the entire game.

SEGA has heard your pleas. In Valkyria Chronicles II – out today – you can bring a friend or 3 for the ride. I tried out the multiplayer recently, and it didn’t behave how I’d expect; even though this is a turn-based Strategy RPG, the you and your colleagues move at the same time, in real time. SEGA’s Aaron Webber tells us more:

Valkyria Chronicles II is out today, both on UMD and via the PlayStation Store.

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  • This is the first PSP game i can actually say i really want with the exception of some other games,cough* resistance retribution cough*

  • Sega I love you guys now! This and Vanquish have me salivating. But please do yourselves and favor and market the latter title, especially to PS3 owners. We love tps, quality, action adventure shooter type games! I’ll be there day 1.
    Platinum games ’til I die.

  • Loved the demo. I’ll be picking up this game tomorrow =)

  • I wish this was on the PS3,I love the first one, a mater a fact I pulled the firs one out yesterday and started playing it again. I don’t own a PSP, nor am I likely to until the give you a second analog stick. I will say this Sony has been making me tempted though, with Valkyria Chronicles II and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep coming out. I hope they announce the PSP2 at the Tokyo Game Show, with a AMOLED screen.

  • Valkyria Chronicles trophies please.

  • Man you guys are doing awesome with the editing and i also like the intro =]

  • great timing

  • kinda unrelated, but that intro was very nice!

    i really love that visual-style that PSN has in sony videos. i hope that we could get a complete overhall of the xmb with this visual style some time in the future. that would be great=)

    also great interview as always

  • I got addicted to the demo….

  • It’s awesome!

    If you pre-ordered from Gamestop, make sure you get your code! I had a bit of a problem, so don’t leave the store without it! ^^

  • I bought the first Valkyria Chronicles on day one and found it too laborious to get to the fighting sequences. There was too much dialogue and the actors spoke with an overly high pitched and childish voices. This is war, not care bears with guns.

    Wait… care bears with guns would be an awesome robot chicken game.

  • The store still hasn’t been updated. Does anyone at Sony loose get fired for not doing their job?

  • Beat the first game when it came out, now I can’t wait to play it tonight! My only problem is that I still haven’t beat Ys Seven yet….

  • @ 61: Go pplay Naughty Bear then. Its about the same premise as your ‘carebears with guns’ thought.

  • Props for the Sega Saturn T-Shirt.

  • so where is the PSN update I needs me some Valkyria Chronicles now! :P

  • Got a quick question, who’s going to bring the Valkyria Chronicles anime to US (I would like to see Aniplex USA or Funimation pick that up), and who’s going to get the manga?

  • Nice touch with the PS3 savedata unlocks :)

  • just downloaded the game on psn! but need to finish up the first one… was trophy support ever gonna be added?

    :( very upset. as i am a pspgo owner.. and.. kingdom hearts wont be available to me.

  • I like the intro. Great Job Rey.

    LOL. Jeff can’t stop playing VC2 during the interview. Shows just how great the game is, he can’t stop playing and conduct an interview.

  • I know that you have previously said in a comment reply that there is no DLC available at this time, however I think what we all want to know is if the DLC available from GameStop pre-orders will ever be purchasable for those of us unlucky enough to have not gotten it. It would result in more happiness for players and more cash for Sega, so there really is no downside.

    Also the “Valkyria Chronicles 2 Freshman Cadet Guide (PDF)” says that DLC content will be available on September 28th in the PSN. Will the GameStop pre-order DLC missions be available then?

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