Valkyria Chronicles II Marches Today – Multiplayer Preview

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Every time we post anything on Valkyria Chronicles, someone pipes up about how they never got past Chapter 7 in the first game. That battle threw a late-level boss and a massive (but by no means the game’s massive-est) tank at you – at the same time. It separated the men from the boys, if you will, and if you beat that chapter, you probably went on to beat the entire game.

SEGA has heard your pleas. In Valkyria Chronicles II – out today – you can bring a friend or 3 for the ride. I tried out the multiplayer recently, and it didn’t behave how I’d expect; even though this is a turn-based Strategy RPG, the you and your colleagues move at the same time, in real time. SEGA’s Aaron Webber tells us more:

Valkyria Chronicles II is out today, both on UMD and via the PlayStation Store.

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  • The demo was great. Now I need to find a place that sells PSP games.

  • Let me restate that. I want the UMD, so I have to find a local retailer. Living in the sticks has it’s downfalls.

  • Loved the 1st am getting this for sure.

  • Now, just update the PS Store and I’ll be golden :)

  • Finally, life is good. :) Can’t wait.

  • Will the Gamestop DLC be available on the ps store?

  • u guys know u want to give me a free code for this game off the psn store come on u know u want too :D

  • at least someone is considering people by putting their game on PSN

  • I love VC (got all the DLC). Logged countless hours through multiple playthroughs. I’m happy it finally caught on, all be it a year later for some. Still, this franchise doesn’t get the respect it deserves.. I think if you own a PSP, and are a fan of VC1, getting VC2 is a no brainer. I’m such a huge fan, I’d probably purchase a PSP solely for this game.. Thankfully, I already own one. :) Thanks for bringing this to the PSP… Counting the hours until the store update.

  • Onvertic: ‘Will the Gamestop DLC be available on the ps store?’

    Boy I hope so.

    Also – horaaaay Valkyria Chronicles! And horaay, Vanquish demo today! Eeee it’s like Christmas!

  • It would be better if it were on PS3… I can’t play games with those tiny little PSP screens, and when you put it on a TV it just looks terrible, not to mention without the PS3’s PSN system I can’t see MP being tolerable…

    As much as a loved VC, I just can’t tolerate playing it on a PSP… Just doesn’t fit right for me…

  • Considering two exclusive missions offered from Gamestop is exclusive to physical UMD disc, right? Will we see them as “Paid DLCs” a few weeks after its initial release on PSN Store? Please say yes! (Which in that case, I hope so!).

  • This post better get nothing below a 5!

  • @Onvertic, all pre-order maps should be made available for everyone on PSN on September 28 in the US… from what I’ve read.

  • Sweet! Now I am waiting for Castlevania Lords of Shadows :)

  • @Blkant, PSP games scale pretty good on big screens from my experience with them.

    As for playing MP, if you can’t play local and own a PS3, that’s what Adhoc Party is for.

  • Oh, also:

    I love when you guys call out the fan support for giving Valkyria Chronicles a resurgence. We appreciate it :)

  • Sucks I don’t have a psp, but hope to see the next one on the PS3.

  • YESSSSSSSSSSSSS WoooHOOO!! I’m so freaking happy we got more Valkyria Chronicles goodness!! Thank you Sega!! :D

    (Can we hold off on the beefing about it being on the PSP just for today? Please?? It is what it is. I’d love to have a console release too but come on… don’t rain on our parade here!)

  • Jeff you are so great at these blogs, and I want to thank you for them. But here is an idea, have Sony have a set time when the store will update! I hate to see the store update at different times. I would have the store update on Fridays knowing it it update every Friday at 1PST than on Tuesdays not knowing, and keep checking the blog, or PSN sotre.

    • Thanks for the compliment, but the Store timing is out of my control. And I doubt everyone would like to wait for Friday at 1 o’clock to appease you :)

  • @Ando

    Thanks for the info.

  • Love the new PS Blog intro! between Ys 7,VCII,and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep I’m gonna be busy!!! and my PS3 will most likely gather a bit of dust lol.

  • *F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5*

    Store updated yet? No.


    I want VCII. I bought a PS3 to play the first one and VC2 now justifies my PSP.

  • Can’t wait to pick this up when it gets released tomorrow.

    I love my PSP and I have no complaints about this game being portable… but I do agree with most people that I hope the next game in the series comes out on a home console.

    Oh, and I want trophies for the original. :) A man can dream, can’t he? :)

  • Can’t wait to get this game!

  • Glad this day has finally arrived ^^ I can’t wait to play it… unfortunately I have a million other titles to play before it. However I’m supporting this game day 1 with my purchase.

  • update the store soon lol


    Just seeing the characters and hearing that fantastic music makes the wait even harder :)

  • I loved the demo and the demo on the ps3 :P

    i’m just too broke to buy it right now. but it’ll be nice to see a new game on ad-hoc party :D

    also that last rpg i played 2 player was final fantasy ix, in fact still playing through when ever me and my friend can do it.

    But you know for now, more demos…i’m waiting. eagerly. for this update…

  • Gee… I hope this game comes out for the GO (don’t answer that)

  • Getting it, cant wait. you guys better release the next Valkyria on PS3 :D :P

  • Awesome! Thanks for explaining the morale meter! Was wondering about that in the demo.

    I just finished peace walker so VC2 came at the exact moment I needed it.

    Also, thank u sega for releasing this digitally! Jeff, what can u tell me about kingdom hearts????? Digital release or no?

  • I would gladly buy this if it were for the PS3. Also, when are we getting trophies for the first game?

  • I want the box and stuff but i think i may get it off PSN today since i cant wait :P

  • I bought this game, but don’t misinterpret: I purchased because I want a PS3 sequel, not a PSP one. Ok… also because the sequel is indeed awesome. I hate the younger characters and lighter, more childish storytelling, but where it succeeds is the gameplay. In that respect it somehow manages to improve upon the already perfect original.

  • I just started playing through the first game this week, I absolutely love it, and I’m gonna pick this one up as soon as I finish the first. Just wanna say, please release the next game on the PS3! I love my PSP, but I’d rather play on the PS3, or at least give us a trophy patch for the first game :).

  • I’m currently playing the first one, i got it on jan, and i’ve waited for a trophy, it never came, soooo i started the game anyway.
    Amazing battle system, great graphics, cool characters, the story (at least for now, chapter 11) it’s huge, but it’s entertaining and sometimes a little sad (poor darcsens at Fouzen).
    I’m getting VC2, i don’t care about MP.

  • Kyaaaaaa~ XD im so excited (sorry for the anime style excitment, but im HYPED!)

    Ive been looking at all the scores online recently and its really showing how good the game is on PSP.

    Just one question
    How much is the game going to be on PSN?

  • My copy was preordered, but the game still hasn’t shipped yet.:( Sucks that Amazon now says September 3rd, so I hope I can still get my copy this week from them.

    Ugh, I want to play so bad. :(

  • Still waiting for a trophy patch for the first one…..

  • That ability to get to know your squad better and unlock special potentials for them if you beat their special mission makes me super excited for later today.

    Also, can there be some sort of patch/update to add Freesia York in the second Valkyria Chronicles, if she’s not already in there.
    She was by far my favorite squad member and would love the opportunity to get to know her better :]

  • Is it only in Ad Hoc?

  • I will buy it when you put it up on the PSN tonight!

  • “SEGA has heard your pleas.”

    Which pleas were they again? Because I’m pretty sure EVERYBODY on the various VC blog posts pleaded for trophies while exactly ZERO people pleaded for multi-player.

  • @45

    Can’t you be at least a little positive?
    Check the reviews, it’s a great game that’s what matters.
    I’ve waited for trophies too, but i preferred to play the game anyway, and it’s a good one, trophies don’t make a game.

  • Out today!?
    Oh man….
    I have to wait 20ish days until I get back to the GaemStop I placed my preorder at. x_x

  • @Monetep
    I beat VC twice and picked up VCII last night at walmart :p I know they’re great games. The negativity stems from Sega’s “we hear you” act. Them hearing us hasn’t fixed anything from Yakuza 3’s cut content, to Sega All Star Racings lack of dlc, to Sonic 4 and so on. They hear us then go and do stuff entirely unrelated to what the people want lol.

  • I still need to beat the first game. MW2 has sucked the gaming life out of me.

  • Finished the first one just in time for VC2’s release today!!! Can’t wait!

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